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  1. Music to be Murdered By - Eminem

    Definitely a good change from some of his more recent albums, although I've usually found at least 2 or 3 tracks from each album i like (like Lucky You on Kamikaze with Lucas Joyner), he has been consistent in recent years. I like Darkness, You Gon Learn, Godzilla
  2. Open Letter to FERNANDO...

    I don’t think that’s Fernando.. how was it confirmed?
  3. Who looks worst, aged worst? Axl or Vince Neil

    If you compare him to the UYI tour, Duff has as well, you can tell his face is a bit aged; but, he looks and sounds 1000% better than the Tokyo show for example. Glad he lost all the weight and got in shape. Also Steven has aged well, too bad he had the stroke though
  4. 5 t shirts (that i remember) ~$600 in tickets All their albums on CD and Vinyl, minus greatest hits Appetite flag all told probably over $1000
  5. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    Wild Rivers are great, PS this is the official licensed music track for YouTube music from the band. Making sure i don't violate the policy!
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    It seems like, in a vacuum, maybe Axl feels like he doesn't have anything else to prove? He got CD out, and toured a great deal for that album and with the material on the album 2002, 2006-08, 09-10, 11, 12, 13, 14. So many tours and outlets. He just did a massive tour with Slash and Duff, something people said would never happen. I feel like with UYI they didn't want to be just seen as AFD only. TSI is a fun album of their influences, he drags through CD with members leaving, execs not greenlighting it. IDK, seems like Axl could probably still have writing and vocal chops in him, i'm not sure it's laziness (laziness would have made the NITL tour a stay in Vegas only, kind of like in '14). At least in my opinion, unless he wants to show that he can make another kickass record. I think Axl probably hold CD in even higher regard than people here do, along with 3 (2) monumental albums. Maybe he feels cathartic with his career?
  7. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    A tour with Izzy and Steven/Matt rotating. A shorter, tighter set with better songs for preserving Axl's voice. Set list would be whatever they felt that particular night, but featured a couple songs that haven’t been played in a while example: Perfect Crime Brownstone Dust N’ Bones Live and Let Die Attitude Its So Easy Bad Obsession DTJ Civil War new song Jungle November Rain Y CBM new song CD Sorry encore songs PC setlist 18-21 great songs with new tracks and a new album to support
  8. One in a million lyrics

    I don't understand the love for this song, it's somewhat catchy, but the lyrics seem so disjointed. The chorus sounds like a love song, and the verses are an angsty take on a person's life experience or viewpoint. Would have rather had an all acoustic version of Dead Horse, You aint the first, or the a cover of Dead Flowers on Lies
  9. *Top 10 GNR Moments 2019*

    Appetite/Lies/Live from the jungle remastered in the boxset GN'R show in Charlotte Leaks: I wasn't too impressed with everything, but it was nice to finally put all this to rest. Move on as a fanbase (although i'm not sure there's much to look forward to at this point) It's So Easy music video (or was that last year? I've lost track )
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    So what about some of the best performances of '06, '08, '09, '10? I get it, they seemed like a tiresome band, and Ashba is quite annoying; but, at times they sounded pretty good-especially for a band that only had a keyboardist and singer left from the original group. Not many bands could survive something like that, but i definitely agree with most of your ideas. It's an image marching to the corporate beat of money and branding--not nearly like KISS (who've been doing it since the mid-'70s), but still seems like they've sold out

    I had no problem with that; but when Rey thought she had murdered chewie and then 2 minutes later the film shows us it’s fine-kind of took me out of the movie. Couldn’t even hold that bit of suspense.

    I enjoyed it more than I thought, from a purely entertainment stand point. The entire film felt like it was digging itself out of the hole from the last two films; and it turned out better than I thought. But, much like TLJ, some minor decisions from Disney could’ve added a little more to the film. NO ONE DIES EXCEPT KYLO. Wtf.. no real tension at all. I loved Ian’s voice work as Palpatine, he felt so fucking evil. But the knights of ren disappointed, the reason for palpatine being back was sluggish, a couple of added deus ex machinas later and the film could’ve been better. still, I enjoyed it more than Force Awakens. Still, more planet killing things. Same old shit. i reallllllllly enjoyed the “be with me” Rey scene at the end. Getting more Mace Windew in my life is something I didn’t know I needed. Probably feel different with second viewing; so might edit this later
  13. indeed, the U2, in the round tour has ridiculous grossing numbers; over 6 million a show! Imagine if the NITL tour was like that? and had the huge number of shows that went along with it, 40 more shows, or even over 200 like the Ed shereen tour that's going right now??
  14. What Made Guns N' Roses Special?

    I, at least, thought the band was interesting between '06-'10. Afterwards it seemed bloated in all the wrong ways. Just tiresome.
  15. Best Live Recordings per era?

    Frans has quite the ability to improve sound and image; I just dislike not hearing Izzy and his great riffs. The mono sound, and Izzy's tone doesn't separate well from Duff's bass bleed. Still though, it does have some of the essence of the '91 tour that is killer i suppose. Just wish we had more '91 footage, all the '91 footage seems flawed in some ways; whereas '92 has Chicago, Oklahoma, Paris, '93 has saskatoon and the two argentina shows. '91 is my favorite section of the UYI tour and I'd LOOOOOOOOOOOVe a high quality proshot.