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  1. Show Opener and Closer

    I wouldn't mind them switching the intros up, Nightrain was such a great opener back in the day; especially with the the loud ass train horn. I do kind of wish they went back to the Scarface intros, or My Way, or People Who Died
  2. Live statistics original GnR and new GnR

    Sad looking at the bottom of the info graphic; songs like TWAT, Dust N’ Bones, Yesterday’s, You’re Crazy, Pretty Tied Up-just not played as often as they should have been.
  3. Live statistics original GnR and new GnR

    That and “One” by U2 are my favorite pre-song intros. Something about SCOM makes it perfect for a song intro; same thing with patience.
  4. Copyright Strikes....

    I audibly sighed when I read what Beta wrote.. when you think it can’t get worse with this band, it does. It’s a shame, and keeps adding to the “What could have been?” narrative with this band. what could have been if their management wasn’t a bunch of capricious, shallow, infants, who could even try show a modicum of interest or respect for the fans? I’m not asking for anything extreme, but courtesy isn’t a hard thing to give.
  5. I think he sounded better in Charlotte last month than he did in '16. I'm just wondering why he sounds "worse" than he did in 2009/10 and during the Bumblefoot days? If Axl and the band went an octave lower, Dead Horse would sound a lot better i think
  6. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    I really like he aggressiveness and grit of the UYI versions, but it doesn’t have that feeling the studio did-maybe the closest is the Ritz ‘87 version. Man it’s fantastic
  7. Live statistics original GnR and new GnR

    Dust N' Bones in 1992, does anyone remember or know from the bootleg in Memphis at the old pyramid who sang lead vocals? I'm assuming Duff and Axl did the vocal fills? That's probably my all-time favorite GN'R song, and it's sad to me that Izzy probably won't ever be back to sing it :/ Welcome to the jungle was NOT played in 1992 at the Oklahoma show, I guess they forgot haha. Also memorable because it's one of the best GN'R proshots out there
  8. ‘87, for me is the lost year of GN’R live. We have such great performances like the Marquee and Ritz; it sounded effortless, like a gritty band that had been together for years. Really wish was more was released from around this time. I absolutely love Izzy during the Ritz show, I don’t think he gets near enough credit for his live playing. Honestly almost all of the early (‘86-‘89) live stuff just teases out how great this band was. Really wish we could find the first half of that Ritz tape
  9. Axl could be top 10 just based on potential alone, but when you take into consideration what his career actually turned into, he falls short of such a high spot like that. Axl didn’t have good technique at all and was blasting along on the merit and power of his voice. His voice is dynamic like Mercury’s, but he never showed the same level of control. Granted his reckless abandon on the stage helped transform him into one of the greatest frontmen ever. But in terms of songs like Patience, Don’t Cry demo, November Rain, Estranged, He definitely has to make the top 100.
  10. Likelihood of Alt songs this leg.

    I think at this point I just want songs that sound good or new tracks. Granted, I’d love to hear them play Bad Apples or something super rare like Anything goes. But I don’t really wanna hear a song if it’s gonna sound bad with Frank/Axl. Although Locomotive surprised me with both of their performances
  11. Your favourite live era

    ‘91 was definitely the most volatile of the UYI tour, but when it was going, it was really going; although you could say that about ALL of this bands history 😂 it’s peaks musically are ridiculous, especially live. I honestly love all the eras except for ‘11-‘14 really. ‘91 ’93 ’87 ’10 ’16 ’06 if I had to choose
  12. I did that with If The World's vocals on the 2009 rehearsal and it sounds fantastic, definitely how i'd prefer the studio version to be. I think 3 dollar pyramid sounds good though!
  13. I thought the UYI II CD booklet says “Cool ranch dressing”? Guess it doesn’t. Always just thought of it as a mix of food and sex 😂 but it is at the part “it’s days like this that push me over the brink”
  14. most definitely the Slash and Duff versions; i just love Slash's tone with the opening riff. I think it pairs better with the rest of the set than the live 2009 and 2010 versions. From leaks, its the version without the doubled guitars; although i have to agree that the 2008 studio version sounds more modern and not stuck in 1999 like the earlier leaks. Just needs a big bass boost
  15. GNR songs ranked by popularity (streaming)

    Disappointed that The Garden and Move to the City are so low :/ but I dig the fact that DTJ and Dust N' Bones are popular 😁😁😁😁 Also happy Don't Cry Alt gets a lot of plays. I prefer that version honestly. And just a side note, You're crazy got left off of Appetite