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  1. More takedowns?

    I'm not sure how you can't post lyrics to the song? That can't be illegal in any form if you're giving credit to the artist... Wtf
  2. I wonder if Axl, much like he did with Only Women Bleed, if he'd do more SCOM intros? I loved The One, One by U2, Shangra - la etc.
  3. Axls just him. Which is what I want him to be. I'd rather him go through everything now and be happy than stay with the old band, make another album, not exactly have the heart in it. I know as weird as it may sound; if GN'R only releases one more studio album, but it's on their own time, with full sincererity, scope, and effort, I'd be happier than if they just ripped off similar sounding crap year after year. (Regardless I want UYI and AFD tour shows still) 😁😁😁
  4. Although I prefer the July 16th show to the 17th show
  5. What... The Saskatoon '93 show?? With The Garden, Nice Boys, great acoustic rendition of November Rain, great Paradise City??
  6. All of the above.. mainly a new album and UYI/Appetite proshot. Period.. this band should show the days when it ruled the world and was the dangerous band in the world; show they've still got it
  7. You're not wrong, I mean maybe the sound isn't doing the show Justice, I don't think we'll ever know. I just mean, of the probably 80 shows I've heard from the UYI tour, easily one of my least favorites, same with the Indiana show. I just desperately want to hear more Saskatoon esque shows. I love the Chile show, but the audio is meh, same with the last Argentina show. We just need more soundboards and I'll be a happy boy 😀 But on topic, Don't Cry is really a great performance from this show, I'd only put Don't Cry alternate from Prague and maybe one of the Appetite era performances above it
  8. Did Road Crew ever record something? I'd love to hear Duff, Slash, and Steven 😁😁😁
  9. Nah, that show is easily the worst of the 3 Tokyo shows from February of '92. Axl doesn't sound that good, the audio is brutally bad. Probably the worst sounding modern soundboard ever officially released; even the Laserdisc sounds bad. Whoever mixed it needs to never work in audio again 😂. There's 194 shows on the UYI tour, that show has to be in the bottom 10 or so.
  10. Honestly from all the pictures and videos i've seen on the Skin and Bones tour, i'm pretty sure he exclusively wore that.. The only thing i can think is the Argentina 17th show is where he wore different things, maybe 3 or 4 different outfits during the concert
  11. VHS and DVD, and where a large portion of Live Era comes from
  12. Don't Cry is really the only performance from the Tokyo show I can tolerate. Wish we had better audio from the show besides the Live Era re-recordings..
  13. Listening to the Spagetti Incident in my car yesterday (I have it on CD), and i really wish that KOHD, Live And Let Die, Mama Kin, Nice Boys, would have been saved for TSI sessions. I love all the originals and think they would fit well on the album together, plus the production value
  14. On this day 1988

    Yeah exactly. I don't think the Ritz is a strong showing for them. A lot of shows in '87 and '88 easily outclass it. It's just the one we have the best quality of..
  15. Battle of the acoustic re-recordings

    I think if MTTC wasn't as polished and 'new' sounding, it would win. The mastering sounds so modern, kind of like the November Rain piano version. It sounds a little too 'clean', does that make sense? You're Crazy and Patience just sound bluesy, couple guys jamming in a studio with whiskey in hand. Idk, i think both are strong tracks, but to me it doesn't sound like the tracks come from similar sessions. Just sounds weird to me, maybe im too picky