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  1. You knows what sad guys. I was going over the concerts I've been to with my friend, he mentioned Metallica. I actually looked up the location of the show and date- and sent him a gift of the soundboard from the show. (This was a 2004 show btw) 1. GN'R would never do this unfortunately, although I must admit if they did, I'd buy every UYI show probably haha What's even more sad is that we began going over some of the live statistics you can find on Setlist.fm for Metallica. Which peaked my curiosity, and I began looking at the stats for GN'R. GN'R has performed more cover tunes than original songs from either UYI album, and more than all the songs from Lies. I said to him, "Man, we need a new Guns N' Roses album", his reply was "really? Do we actually need one?" My response was simply, "YES, there are less than 50 songs in which Slash, Axl, Izzy, and Duff appear on together when you take out covers". Less than 50.. :/ and yet the band has sold more than 100 million records. I'm desperate for a new album, I think we all are-even the NuGNR fanatics who think Chinese Democracy is their best album. BUT, it might not happen till the end of next year. Could you imagine touring for 3 years, then releasing an album and trying to tour the world again? They would have to do what Metallica and other big successful bands do, residency at some place until they actually release the album-then tour internationally after. I think this is what they're planning, and it might be 2 years until a new album. Progress is beyond slow from this band. I can't imagine they'd tour the world release an album and then attempt to tour the world within a year after the reunion tour. I'm sure people would see them, but no way is it at successful as the NITL tour
  2. You mean the 8 or 9 tracks with actual live vocals? Yes he sounds amazing on You're Crazy, Yesterday's, Paradise City.
  3. What would be the best NITL compilation?

    This i love HAS to be from Nashville
  4. GNR Tribute Album Coming Soon

    Rocket Queen isn't too bad. Just wondering WHY do an album like this. Was wondering the same thing about the metal GN'R tribute album as well.. what's the point. Where the major bands showing the GN'R influence?
  5. I think Guns would need to wait a few years before touring again. They could release either a double album or 2 albums and have a final goodbye tour.. hopefully with Izzy and Steven around 2020. I don't think Axl has the voice to be like Robert Plant or Rob Halford, or soem of these other guys who just keep performing and writing. Financially it would make the most sense,... Along with releasing UYI and Appetite tour tapes 😋😋
  6. I hope it's not a live album, simply because with the first Live Era, that would mean we have mickey and the NITL album (maybe 6 or 7 good tracks amongst 30) and we have rerecorded shit that ruins all the killer UYI and Appetite tour tracks on live era. Guns N' Roses would have the worst live catalog of any major band ever.. besides maybe Pink Floyd.. that can't be their live legacy!
  7. I think it's difficult for us to predict what will happen, if anything, what will be done is probably going to be based on what will get the most attraction from the most people; they cant just cater to us, not just to casual fans, not to only music critics. I know they should be extremely loyal to us, but US, the Guns N' Roses fan base, in their minds at least, doesn't just make up the people on the forum unfortunately. If they thought that we knew what was best, not saying they think were stupid, they'd already release a blu-ray of every concert from '86-'93 that was professionally recorded. I'm not feeling too cynical, but i think they're either going to do something for the sake of musicianship, which is what this T-Rex cover rumor sounds like (a tribute album that might not gain too much attention) or they're just going to do what would sell the most records, either a new album or live album. I mean millions have just seen them on tour, in their minds i'm sure they think people want a musical memento.
  8. Surely they've passed Bob Dylan on KOHD, but what about Paul and Live and Let Die?
  9. Thoughts on Axls' essay "Fear N' Freedom"

    I think the most important thing to take away from stuff like this, is almost no countries hands are clean. Criticizing government's for their actions, even if we are also guitly is what's responsible; as long as you're willing to do the same for your own government. A murder can still be correct in telling you murder is wrong. Although in context to Axl, I think Axl is well intentioned but a product of the cold war and his time.
  10. How did you forget the Seeker??
  11. Chinese Democracy Audio from 2009 Rehearsals Leaked!

    god Frank sounds way better than he does today .. what the hell happened?
  12. Thoughts on Axls' essay "Fear N' Freedom"

    Tibet, Taiwan. Predatory loans with higher than normal interest rates to get African and South American countries indebted to them, violating EEZs of nearly every country around them as they claim the sovereign territory of other nations to benefit Chinese exports. No one is saying that the west is perfect or doesn't have it's oppressive past or isn't oppressing people currently. youre straw Manning people. I didn't even have to bring up the tiananmen square incident.. low wages, child labor, factories that have suicide nets to catch workers who can't make a fair wage.. Beneath the governents control IS a deep culture that is largely misunderstood by the west. But most of the economic progress they've had is due to turning towards captialist practices (for better or worse). If you really wanna know more about china, I can link you to the email of my native Chinese undergrad professor who I wrote my graduation paper for. She can point you to dozens of monographs that detail china, in the past and now. Don't just assume everyone is an ostrich or a nitwit mouthbreather who only listens to the BBC or Western news
  13. Thoughts on Axls' essay "Fear N' Freedom"

    You obviously havent paid attention to what China has been doing in the last 30 years... Granted, the US and west aren't free of crimes or anything like that. But you're painting china in a very, "we can't understand them" light. I don't think Axl knows china at all. But man, they have some bloody hands, even relatively recently; doing some shady things
  14. Man oh man, the idea of Madagascar-IRS esque material with Slash and Duff contributing (hopefully Izzy too). That would be a great set of material; more politically charged and with an infusion of blues with CD sounding songs. I'd be pretty damn happy. I just Axl to be able to actually sing the stuff 😂
  15. I hope it's not a live album. The recording at the forum and Apollo, just sounds wimpy. The drums and guitars just sound like they lack punchy-ness and depth. A live album could probably change that, but do we really need one when there's no new songs? I'd empty my bank account for some UYI live material or for a new album.