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  1. Why was Tokyo 1992 Chosen for the DVD?

    The show could have been much better if the audio mix was better. Bad bass mix, compressed as all hell, not just the dynamic range, but also the bitrate. Even the laserdisc audio is just terrible. I wish it would have had the mix that the LALD Wembley ‘91 single audio had, or maybe how Oklahoma ‘92 is, even if you can’t always hear the rhythm guitar
  2. Coma is by far, I think, the deepest, most sincere, pervasive trek into the mental state of not only Axl, but depression, perturbation and heartache. For me, Coma has always been the bridge between the emotional state of November Rain and Estranged.. I swear Use Your Illusion could have been an amazing concept album
  3. 2010 Puerto Rico Proshot Discussion **NO LINKS**

    The only downside is no If The World my favorite CD song
  4. Roxy soundboard **NO LINKS**

    I think it’s like joaompc said, the second set list. But since the video was taken down I’m curious.. especially since it’s early GN’R and I haven’t seen much of that stuff taken down before.. we may be getting trolled this time 😂
  5. 2010 Puerto Rico Proshot Discussion **NO LINKS**

    That’s what it looks like, same thing as Saskatoon
  6. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    And don’t forget we might have some more 1991 and 1993 proshots coming soon ☺️☺️☺️☺️
  7. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    I believe from the Exorcist 3?
  8. okay for the love of god what is going on.. Mod edit: Yes, some new GN'R leaks have surfaced.Everyone is allowed to discuss them in this thread but PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR LINKS OR PMs.Anyone who posts a link on the open forum will be banned immediately. Anyone who repeatedly asks for PMs/links will be given warning points.
  9. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    Christ I just listened to it.. most powerful his voice ever was at least in terms of just full rasp.. man I need a full album like that in my life
  10. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    😞 my computer is broken, can’t enjoy all the new GNR stuff
  11. 2010 Puerto Rico Proshot Discussion **NO LINKS**

    damn he kills it here I hope it does, the few seconds that are leaked are wild, when Axl sings “she holds her pain insiiiide”, and holds that note; gives me chills
  12. 2010 Puerto Rico Proshot Discussion **NO LINKS**

    It’s frustrating, very frustrating. GN’R isn’t my life, but it’s a great-deal important to my life, as it was for my fathers life. Maybe we wouldn’t have gotten Use Your Illusion III; but, it just shows how frustrating to be a fan of such a huge, important band it has been. Axl from 2006-2011ish had a chance to bring things back together and be the hero. But, I guess the important part is that Axl did things his way. Isn’t that all he’s ever wanted?
  14. Has anyone taken a look at the It’s so easy video audio? It sounds it’s been remastered, not sure if there’s brick walking or not