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  1. It seems like, unless they we're teasing something new, they'd have to play something legal for them to play, i.e. Las Vegas, 1992 - Live Era The O2 arena show from 2012 (circulated to various outlets, I've personally watched it on VH1 classic here in the states). It's not Sirius or affiliated with them right? So no Apollo or Forum show. Unless these guys played something bootleg that's a gem, or perhaps GN'R is releasing a live album.. I doubt we wouldn't have had articles from crap websites like Blabbermouth already. Hmm seems perplexing. I'm not sure I've even heard live stuff like that, unless it was a special from a station or just popular single like Bob Seger's - Turn the Page
  2. If it was the UK, maybe it was the O2 show? From 2012
  3. Whatever happened to the GN'R biopic?

    Well the thing is they found multiple Freddie's, Sacha Baron Cohen was supposed to play him, he looks even more like him than the guy they casted. But I can't see anyone actually being Axl.. or Duff or Steven definitely not Izzy
  4. Whatever happened to the GN'R biopic?

    I'd love to see a proper, large-scale biopic for GN'R. I feel like they've been lost to time for a lot of people who listened to them in the early '90s and the late '80s. Most people i know don't know a single Illusion song, not even November Rain, or Live and Let Die; some might know Knockin' On Heaven's Door and that's about it.. Even just knows the three big Appetite singles, granted, those songs are huge and some of my favorite of all time, but the Use Your Illusion tour is one of the biggest in history. The Illusion albums have sold dozens of millions.. It's not like GN'R was a one album wonder. It's frustrating my favorite band doesn't necessarily have all the different albums, live albums, documentaries, and strength that it should. I'd give a great deal of money to see Perfect Crime, Illusion tour stuff, or even the South American tour documentary from 2010ish, i think, that was supposed to come out.
  5. Would you be okay with GNR tuning down live?

    Best case scenario would be a reinclusion of Izzy and Steven into the band, at least Sorum. Izzy could sing Dust N' Bones and 14 years, maybe a solo track. Add So Fine to the list. Remove You Could Be Mine, even in 2009/10 and 06 he struggled at times to sing it along with Coma and Rocket Queen. Add songs like You Ain't the First, Bad Obsession, Pretty Tied Up, Black Leather, and a solo Axl song before November Rain, something he can sing with his natural voice. Having other band members sing more songs, and having more songs he can sing with his baritone voice and removing the excessive times for each show could help a great deal with each show and tour.
  6. True Story Behind Shannon Hoon and GNR!

    Rest in peace Shannon! Loved his singing
  7. Has Frank gotten worse?

    I know this has been discussed in some of the NITL tour threads, but i'm wondering if someone with actual music composition understanding could help me understand. It seems like Frank has just gotten worse. Maybe he's playing the same and i'm just tricking myself, but he sounds so different to me from the 2009/10 tour, the 11-13, 14-15 tours. I'm not sure what it is, it seems like his speed, fills, tone, and lack of vibe with Fortus and Duff. No matter what you felt about Sorum, it seemed like he had a connection with Gilby/Izzy and Duff. Brain seemed great with Tommy and Fortus. Frank seemed fine to me early on from 2009-11. Maybe i'm wrong, but it seems like his connection with the band has diminished. I understand the first run of the tour it may be tough adjusting to no Tommy, no Robin or Ashba, or Bumble. But you would think after nearly 2 yearssss of touring things would sound better. But for most of the shows i listen to, Axl sticks out, either singing well or not, along with Frank playing like shit..
  8. True Story Behind Yesterdays!

    Another track that just need some love in live performances before they should have recorded it. If the Use Your Illusion albums were recorded AFTER the UYI tour, or at least in the later stages of it, man those two albums would be as great as Appetite, if not better.
  9. I'm just wondering, a soothesayer esque track with Slash and Buckethead together.. a track with Spanish guitar or classical guitar, If the World esque.. damn that'd be great. IMAGINE THEM BOTH PLAYING DOUBLE TALKIN' JIVE TOGETHER
  10. GNR Bootlegs On YouTube

    Don't give me the idea that I could select the best tracks from across time and compile my own damn live era 😥 ive always wanted to do that. I could make a better live record than GN'R could.. then the world would remember their greatness
  11. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    "Why don't we just.... Fuck-off it's cold!"
  12. The sound of the drums was always lacking for me though, if you listen to HOB or RIR, the drums are just drowned in the mix.. man wish Brain was here instead of Frank..
  13. GNR Bootlegs On YouTube

    These are just like on spotify, i feel like they're going to be taken down extremely soon. womp womp. I can't access them though
  14. I always liked Tommy, just felt like he never really meshed with everyone around him like Duff did earlier. Although I must say on NITL tour Duff has seemed just there, not really too too invovled. Either way, happy birthday! Love his bass tone and tight playing
  15. GNR Bootlegs On YouTube

    Get the hell out of here with that shit, nearly gave me a second heart attack this week with these thread titles..