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  1. I don't want any leaks if there's a new album, let them do it organically, not with pressure like CD
  2. Duff's new single release: 'Don't Look Behind You'

    I like it! Very good change of pace from the other Duff stuff i've listened to
  3. New Proshot ? Stockholm 1991

    So in terms of the actual video, from all the TV reports i've seen posted and have been able to find on YouTube, it seems like this comes from the tape given to the studio to use for the report. You obviously see the intro to jungle before the first verse, and the bridge before the solo. But there were parts of the TV report fading in and out. For what it's worth, it seems like this is a part of the unedited video. HOPEFULLY, that means a release similar to Saskatoon, unless i'm mistaken. The only other proshot clip i've seen was the very beginning part of Jungle, right as Axl says "Oh My God".
  4. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Id actually like a compilation, Live Era style, obviously not with re-recorded crap. Otherwise, nahhhhhhh. Being there, in concert, is one thing. I heard even casual fans say "One of the best shows i've been to", but when it comes right down to it, the show doesn't sound good with Axl on tape. It's a shame, because he could turn on the jets when he wanted to-see This I Love from Memphis, Better-Houston, countless other examples. But, honestly i'd trade all the 2016, 2017, 2018 bootlegs-minus Vegas for a new UYI tour proshot
  5. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I wish, honestly we'd only get facsimiles of GN'R sound if an album drops. Yeah, I know Axl writes a lot, but Izzy and Steven gave those little touches or pushed writing in the right direction. It was always the collective of them that made the writing what it was :/
  6. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Something about Duff nearly dieing makes number 9 sound the most likely. He seems very no-nonsense at this point. Whereas Slash and Axl just seem like, "whatever..". I could honestly say the same about Steven. He lets his emotions get the best of him sometimes, but I feel like if he could have toured with them, he would have been the sharpest and most put together (which from every bootleg I've heard him on, still seems to ring true) ironically
  7. I wonder is there something to have such limited, albeit pretty good, material from the band? One of my other favorites, The Beach Boys, change Rock and roll forever with albums like Pet Sounds and Surfs Up. But projects like Smile fell apart. With Brian Wilson being away from the center of the band, a lot of mediocre material came out.. kinda put an end to the Beach boys being a huge band. I feel like I'd be even more frustrated if GN'R was prolific, but prolifically bad.. P.s. I'm doing this from mobile and it won't let me delete the quote
  8. New Proshot ? Stockholm 1991

    Sad face IFPI loser, double talkin love mother fucker. I would love a '91 proshot. I need some sweet Izzy guitar in my life.
  9. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Just because there were 2 fairly good songs on CD I, doesn't necessitate that the other 2 albums have equally good tracks or better tracks. It's purely speculation.
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    People who hold the opinion that the CD vault holds masterpieces like the Beach Boys Smile, or Surf's Up sessions, or some hidden Beatles or Buddy Holly album seem delusional. NOT because i think the album will be mediocre, but because it's unheard material for the most part. Holding your breathe and wanting to listen to tracks that couldn't beat out Riad N' the Bedouins or Scraped, to the point that i've heard people say they'd rather hear that then have proshots of GN'R concerts or rare tracks seems a little weird to me.. I get it, it's new music, but it seems that the CD extra tracks has this weird holy grail-Indiana Jones vibes. A siren song that draws these fans towards it like a cult. It's just strange to me. They're unheard tracks, i wouldn't mind listening, but based on CD, its probably going to be overproduced and about 10 years to late...for 2008, let alone today.
  11. UYI ILLUSION TAPESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Man oh man, I hope that gains traction. Make it happen Slash!!! ALL 87-88, 91,93 shows should be available. I'll just go watch Oklahoma or Chicago for 92
  12. If GNR headlined an important world event

    For a crowd much like the FMTC 1. Nightrain 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Live And Let Die 4. Chinese Democracy 5. Welcome to the Jungle 6. Civil War 7. Patience 8. November Rain 9. Estranged 10. Don't Cry 11. Paradise City Tight set, Axl would sound good on most of the tracks, no real cursing or controversial songs, high energy, songs most people could get behind.
  13. What's the best opener GN'R has ever used?

    Frankly Perfect Crime and Dust N' Bones need proper proshot releases, I know we have St Louis/Indiana and Live Era for Dust N Bones, but a proshot performance like from Philly, Toronto, Texas, the Forum would be my ultimate GN'R dream.
  14. What's the best opener GN'R has ever used?

    Well when performing the song live, there were no effects used, it's really cut down-much closer to a hard rock/metal track. LALD, Dust N Bones, You Ain't the First, Bad Obsessions DTJ all seem relatively intact from the studio versions to live performances. I just feel like retrospectively Perfect Crime would have been done a different way, that's all
  15. What's the best opener GN'R has ever used?

    I just usually hear a couple illusion toons, but I know what you mean, Jungle then straight in to Its So Easy, Nightrain, Brownstone. I want Nightrain to be back near the beginning of the setlist