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  1. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Always makes me wonder has anyone who’s gotten something autographed by Axl or ran into him or mentioned him on twitter or met him backstage at a concert ever actually asked him if he would release UYI or Appetite lineup shows? Surely he must know that he can make gobs of money off of people like me by releasing all those shows. Minus the repetitive ‘92 shows, id probably buy damn near all of the UYI concerts on blu-ray...
  2. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    In terms of sentimental value, Guns N‘ Roses was one of my dads favorite bands when he was alive; they grew into my favorite band. The energy of Appetite, The Spaghetti Incident, and some UYI songs like You Could Be Mine. But as I age, and expand my musical tastes, it’s the deeper cuts or singles that were popular years ago like Civil War, Rocket Queen, Yesterdays, Coma, Locomotive, Dust N’ Bones, Estranged, and even songs like If the World, This I Love, etc. that tune in to my experiences in life. You feel for Axl and the sorrow in Slash’s guitar in Estranged or the moving on in Yesterdays. Will I blast Appetite every day now or when I get older? No, but I think with all good music you need a break. I seldom listen to Nevermind by Nirvana, the Black Album by Metallica, Back in Black by AC/DC or anything really popular because it gets over-played to death. It’s the same thing with GN’R. I’ll pull those albums out when I feel the want to, and enjoy them. But, the energy and depth of the music will always have me coming back to GN’R over everything else over time.
  3. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    So the corollary question must be, what would be the holy grail of ‘92 and ‘93 shows?
  4. Reminds me of Wild Horses from he Chile ‘92 show where he holds “awaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy” for about 30 seconds
  5. More than likely what’s going to happen is they use CD2 material, re-write the material with Slash, fortus, and Duff; release-play Live on a supporting tour in 2 years. Retire.
  6. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    I’m behind the loop, I haven’t really used anything besides the old GNR tracker before it was taken down a few years ago. May have to be reintroduced to these new channels some time
  7. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    In terms of the TB and psychotic people claiming to run with them, we can’t really do anything about that at the moment. But, what about all the strikes going on on YT? Is there any chance YT is actually looking into these groups still? Seeing they’re a bunch of bullshit, and potentially re-uploading content? I’m kind of out of the loop on this P.S. I had a small YT channel, only 3 videos, but my Live from the Jungle Video was just taken down; that video was about 4 years old I think
  8. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Something from ‘87 or ‘91 ideally. Shows like the forum which were over 3 hours would be great; but for me I just want a show that shows great. Axl on point and not sounding like Indiana ‘91.
  9. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    Well damn, I tried searching and couldn’t find those threads looking for key terms. Either way, sounded a little too good to be true; but, at the same time it’s an oddly specific thing to be lying about? Not just having pro-shots, but mentioning dates, specifics etc. who knows
  10. Has anyone been in contact with Limulus or the fellow who said he had several hours worth of proshot UYI material? It was first mentioned in the original Saskatoon thread. Not sure if it’d still be appropriate to discuss given the copyright climate, but I’m so much more interested in this stuff than the HOB 2001 show or the VMA rehearsals 😂 “This has nothing to do with the actual topic here although I can't wait to see that footage. But if someone here (preferably in Europe as I live in Austria now so sending would not take too long) is able to digitize from VHS, Video8 and Hi8 I would have a few tapes that might be interesting for the fans here. I don't have a player anymore for neither of them so I can't take pics or videos of the TV but I'm not asking for money just for someone transferring the footage for free - a proper copy of the stuff would be nice though after it's done and obviously it should be shared somehow after for free (torrent, YT, whatever) The footage I'm talking about would be: Amsterdam - October 2nd, 1987 - VHS Unknown Gen, 20 minutes recorded by the venue with 1 cam, transferred badly to VHS but watchable. Manchester - October 6th, 1987 - Master Video8, audience shot of the full gig. Tokyo - December 10th, 1988 - Master Hi8, audience shot of the full gig. Helsinki - August 13th, 1991 - VHS probably 1st Gen, about 30 minutes pro filmed with 1 cam. No idea who filmed it but I guess a TV station. Got the tape from a finnish workmate years ago. Vienna - May 23rd, 1992 - VHS from the master tapes, about 90 minutes pro footage filmed by Austrian TV station ORF with 2 cameras as far as I remember. Not all from the gig though, there's a few interview clips with the band and fans plus maybe 5 minutes of the soundcheck, so around 60-70 minutes gig footage. Aside from a few interviews none of this eas shown on TV Vienna - June 2nd, 1993 - VHS from the master tapes, full gig pro footage, multicam, also by ORF with 2 or 3 cams. None shown on TV Lyon - July 9th 1993 - 2 Master Hi8 tapes (one shot from the side of the stage and one between fist row and stage) and 1 VHS badly cut together by both. Audience, full gig. All of them are legit as I watched them all. I would have a few other which I can't confirm as I haven't watched them ever but I would send them too, maybe they are real. Also I have some Video8 and Hi8 tapes filmed by myself from US and UK gigs but they are far from pro but maybe you want to see them. So if someone is able to digitize them properly I'm happy to give the tapes away." thats what was supposedlly owned, and someone said that limulus had been contacted about the videos?.. but it’s been a dead topic since then
  11. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    So this is what I’ve been hearing about for the last 9 years or so.. welp, maybe the 2012 proshot that people have been searching for as well is also trash, which it probably is.. because 2012 was 98% awful. Gimme that 91 proshots that guy mentioned in the original Saskatoon thread
  12. I’ve always thought it’s interesting song, I’ve always felt like Axl was singer from the perspective of someone else; despite I’m pretty sure that’s not the origin or view point of the song. It makes you question censorship, what’s right to say, would it be okay to write a song from the perspective of a racist? If you’re exploring their thought processes and view points. What’s appropriate? Etc.
  13. Izzy’s guitar tone

    I honestly think it was part of Axl getting over Izzy. They had a pretty close relationship, he wants out in ‘91 and Axl feels slighted or just abandoned. Bad mouthing Izzy, which he was known to do several times during the tour, was a way to break away from him.
  14. Izzy’s guitar tone

    That’s how it sounds to me on Estranged
  15. Izzy’s guitar tone

    Definitely can’t hear him on ISE, attitude, civil war when the chorus kicks in etc. he’s very audible on Chicago 92 and the Saskatoon bootleg