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  1. Extended Chicago 1992 Pro-Shot and some more

    Does anyone, with any technical know-how, know why the audio modes keep hanging during the Chicago and somewhat during the Oklahoma ‘92 bootlegs? It’s ruins estranged at the end of the Chicago show, which is my favorite performance by far
  2. Songs about GNR

    Pretty tied up anyone?
  3. Slash and Gilby

    Man, I hope not. Gilby has always been a cool customer, and he always sounded great with Slash.
  4. August 8th-1992. The Montreal Riot

    Do the riots say more about the band and how people feel about them? Or were these just happen stance, just bad luck that it evolved into a riot? I've heard of other artists doing shitty stuff, like Migos showed up for a show 3 hours late and played 5 or 6 songs if I remember what my friend said correctly. I love GN'R and I'd be absolutely mad if something like this happened, but I don't think I'd try to destroy everything. Maybe try to find the proshot stuff ;). But in all seriousness, it's strange to me that this has happened to GN'R so much
  5. Chinese Democracy hasn't aged well IMO

    I feel the same about CD that I do UYI. The early cuts and live performances of the songs were faaaaaaaaaaaar superior. For example the Hammerstein version of TWAT.. why didn't they just cut and produce the song like that? Why wasn't perfect crime played on the record like it was during the live shows, like Philadelphia, St. Louis, etc.? Touring and testing the songs a lot And theeeeen recording based off of live versions probably would have made CD and the illusion records better
  6. Man, I would really like this track if it had a better mix, the drums are really cranked up and it takes away from the guitars and Axl. I think the dynamic range is just bad, doesn't feel like there's any separation on the instruments and the track is brickwalled
  7. Live Era

    Paradise is most certainly not, I get lost on Jungle trying to figure out which parts are original or not
  8. Maybe CD II can actually use the grenade emblem?
  9. @axlrosefan4life Hey man, safe travels. If everything turns out the way it should, I can't ever thank you enough. My dad was a huge Guns fan, and passed away before Chinese Democracy ever got to come out, years and years ago. It's great to see people dedicated to music like you, and I'll easily donate what I can. I know he definitely would have wanted to listen to this stuff, as much as we all do. You're truly the best! Let's hope for the best guys!!
  10. GN'R is also one of the most bootlegged bands of all time. I can't think of a band with more "silver" and released bootlegs, notwithstanding bands like Grateful dead who tour for 40 years, record every show, and release them for free
  11. In the same way that an academic paper, which might not make money, is still considered someone's work-and plagiarism can still occur. Same thing with sketches by a painter, demos from an artist. They belong to the artist. It's still illegal
  12. No, only registered for when something is ready to be sold
  13. Indeed, it was an entire boxset. Had everything from mastertapes, demos, to instrumentals, Acapella tracks. It's different from his 2004 version that was a rerecording. Both are great though
  14. The person leaking all those pictures of the CD's is implying that, either he is in cohoots or knows someone so is with these leaks, just guessing