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  1. How did you come up with your forum name

    I came up with my username when I made a youtube account in 2008. Slash because Slash, and 23579 because I wanted an easy number to remember, but thought 13579 was too obvious.
  2. November rain live vocal question

    He does it here too during one of my favorite performances of this song
  3. Tom Petty Pronounced Dead

    Terrible news. Such a great musician.
  4. WTTJ Scream

    Totally agree. I feel like that might be the closest I get to hearing 90s era Axl in person.
  5. What about iPhone? My laptop isn't working right now so all I have is my phone
  6. 08/02/17 - Denver, CO - Sports Authority Field

    I'll be there.
  7. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    So the stream is gonna be audio only, right?
  8. Better Call Saul S3 (Gus Teaser)

    Imo McKean deserves it more after that courtroom scene
  9. Better Call Saul S3 (Gus Teaser)

    Was I happy with the latest episode of Better Call Saul? Reasonably. Seriously though, best episode of the series last night. Give Michael McKean an Emmy.
  10. Izzy Stradlin' Lyrics

    I think you're confusing Patience with Sweet Child
  11. Axl kind of talked about that here
  12. CitR is like the best song on the album though