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  1. If the CDs were really sold at a public auction than it is 100% legal to own the physical discs, the only crime here is the illegal distribution of the files on the disc. The only reason I think they’re not taking legal action against Rick is that they would have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt in court, that Rick personally distributed the files on the discs. TB does not have a case, that’s why they went with a ban because that’s really all they can do
  2. With all the protests against the Chinese government in Hong Kong and demands for democracy it’s really making me look at the song Chinese Democracy in a new light. This was a song that I never really paid much attention to the lyrics really, but I kinda feel like this song more relevant today than it’s ever been. Anyone else looking at this song in a new light?
  3. As soon as I turn off the stream FML any videos of Locomotive??
  4. I think it's the east half of the country that uses W, and the west half uses K
  5. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Sorry is under Out Ta Get Me. I think that one might be So Fine
  6. The first change is YCBM coming in after L&LD, which hasn't happened yet
  7. This honestly might confirm a new album will be a lot of, if not all, Chinese democracy session material. No way those would be on the set if they didn’t plan on releasing them
  8. It better be a full fuckin album when we’ve waited this long. An EP would be fine if it follows a new album but if it’s just an EP that would be incredibly disappointing
  9. I checked out the reddit account and his only post is a picture of his daughter, and it didn’t pull up anywhere else when I did a reverse image search. I don’t know anything about Fernando but if he has a daughter, and that’s what she looks like then the account could definitely be real
  10. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    this one is still going
  11. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    If they do play locomotive Axls gonna use his higher register voice for sure. There’s no way he’ll do the whole song in his lower register
  12. I thought it would auto quote both of them. My bad
  13. I guess they are that shitty lol
  14. Yeah I doubt that Axl is as ignorant about these things as people seem to think, and honestly I also don’t think TB would hide it from him either