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  1. What's up with all the pop up ads on mygnr now ?

    Yes for past 5 days I've gotten them on mobile every day
  2. Attitude New Rose and YCPYAAM are the only songs where Axl is missing. 10/13 tracks he's on
  3. Not watchable? Cmon now... better editing than the original YCBM music video... A+ video.. nightrain and It's so easy both are amazing
  4. Best sound quality Axl/DC recording

    I'd love to hear !
  5. WTTJ Scream

    Chicago 92 is definelty damn mean. As an opener, rio 01 is up there for its length and some rasp.
  6. It's obvious that there are 3 main reasons for his voice at Rio... 1. Lack of preparation and rehearsing 2. He had a cold ( was rumored before show started and having cold always results in his voice being strained and just bad. ) 3. He's losing control of his deteriorating voice due to AC/DC and all these NITL shows.
  7. Estranged is an easy song to sing...
  8. The only way that this is a lack of effort by Axl is that if he didn't rehearse, which leads to the voice cracks. But it's most likely just wear and tear on his voice. If he sang AC-DC last night it would've been the most voice cracks in the history of a performance
  9. What did axl first say in the Jungle intro? He didn't just say "Do you know where the fuck You are?" And he used his demonic voice too lol
  10. His rasp is fucked... he's cracking already :/
  11. So in eastern time when do they hit the stage?
  12. The Pretty Reckless and Buckcherry! Buckcherry is so under rated... josh Todd is Axl of the 2000s
  13. Edmonton Soundcheck

    What songs?
  14. CD demos.. most of his vocals from CD are from around 98'.. oh my god, silkworms, Live Era over dubs.. no one knows.