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  1. Rank The Songs on LIES

    You’re crazy One in a Million Patience Used to Love Her Mama Kin Nice Boys Reckless Life Move to the City
  2. OP meant to say oldest.
  3. His mid range was better than ever on live era. Some of his best vocals are showcased on those re-recordings. Makes me want to hear appetite 99 so bad.
  4. I mean... he sounds like 86-87 appetite era on it.
  5. There is only 1 version. Axl had Paul just add onto the original slash track.
  6. I just realized that my old channel, “GunsNrosesUploader” is completely gone from YouTube. This must’ve happened just recently with the rest of he active youtubers. That channel had the highest viewed full concert of Tokyo 92, amongst the other pro shots we have. Haven’t uploaded on the channel in probably 5 years, or even signed into it, so I never even realized.
  7. Just name the titles of the tracks that exist in high quality in full please!
  8. New Work Tune

    Worthless? It isn’t released until tonight at midnight....?
  9. Shackler's Revenge Remix leak **NO LINKS**

    I have the 4:08 version. It starts off with 10 seconds of the street fighter samples. The parts where it sounds like Axl is harmonizeing sounds like brain just put the same vocal track over the original but put one a millisecond later.
  10. Vienna 2010 after show party. The recorder has been in this thread to confirm...
  11. I don’t think that’s ever mattered much to him.. or at least changed anything... didn’t change after VMAs... didn’t change after golden God’s... well besides a few decent performances in Vegas.
  12. Yeah, since the song doesn’t contain the words “Chinese democracy” I believe he wrote the lyrics after
  13. Wow those last 15 seconds you can pretty much here Axl... and he was going for it. Really want to hear this.
  14. OMG I’m End of Days was the song in its peak form, raw gritty and heavy. It’s just missing something. It sounds like a really rough mix or something, it just doesn’t sound like an official release.
  15. Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)

    Could’ve sworn I remember a quote from someone saying something along the lines of “it was magical. The guys all sat in a circle around a microphone and just played.” In regards to the lies acoustic sessions... anyone know this quote?