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  1. A Fortus interview by an actual GN'R guy?? I know you probably had to tip toe around questions... but this should be good.
  2. Slash’s story about him running around one of those golf resorts that Goldstein brought him to. He was tripping out so hard he had to escape out of his room because millions of weird little critters were chasing him. He ended up running around the golf course like a mad man avoiding the army of little shits of his imagination. So whacked out
  3. why was Estranged retired for many years?

    Because they mainly played just the big hits during the comebacks, mainly in early 2000s. The only 9 minute ballad the casuals wanted at that time was KOHD
  4. You can’t even group together his vocals from the years 86-94. In every single year, his voice was noticeably different.
  5. Guys, obviously the truth is in the fucking middle. Alan’s a fucking crazy intellectual bloke and Doug was emotionally over attatched as the manager
  6. First time CD tracks were played

    Trust me, IRS and If The World are two of the hardest songs to sing in the GNR catalogue.
  7. First time CD tracks were played

    Video? Which gig
  8. Is there any site that has all of MSLs reports, leaks and info? He’s obviously in the shadows now, but during this time seemed to love the attention. All I have seen lately is that weird video of him on a Chinese video sharing site with weird pillows.
  9. agree to disagree man. Have a great New Year!
  10. are you serious? GNR and Axl have the most missed potential of all time. 1994- now ring a bell? only ONE album.
  11. His singing in the second verse is the best of the song. The way he holds the rasp on the last word of each line..... such a shame is all I can say. This is all we get. So much missed potential with Axl ugh
  12. Pretty sure it was in the bunch of leaked emails from MSL around that time. Bunch of juicy tidbits were in those emails, you’d have to do some digging through past threads to find the info
  13. Fortus Interview KSHE

    Just add it to the list of BS statements from the hired guns....
  14. If your able to score one with The Pretty Reckless that’d be amazing! I can’t wait for their upcoming album. They rock
  15. We're in the minority, but damn right! The perfect mix of tone, range, rasp and clean highs with power.