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  1. Yeah, GNR is a lot better than this... lol
  2. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    Well not sure about sound quality, but best vocals were the first 3 shows in Europe, and philly. Philly has the best audio bootleg but it’s not on YT
  3. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    No way. That’d be too weird. Best hope for an Axl dc fans like myself would be an album half Brian half Axl
  4. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    Axl dc would have to be either Lisbon, marseille, or Philly. I was at philly so would love to see that!
  5. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Honestly, this is how I see it. It happens if Axls voice is up to par with 2016. It doesnt happen if Axl has serious detiriation in his voice from the constant touring since 2016. All these back and forth rumors are making me so anxious. Do these admins on the Acca Dacca forum even have inside info lol?
  6. Where are you Axl Rose?

    We will now never hear Axls studio voice post-2010. Such a shame
  7. Where are you Axl Rose?

    Fuck Yeah! Best Axl we've had since 2010. He even was tweeting photos of himself! It might have been your profile pic!
  8. Where are you Axl Rose?

    I really thought angus was so happy to get Brian out... I always got the vibe the last 10 years that he’s just been sick of Brian being so drastically less than what he was. He’s god awful sometimes...
  9. Where are you Axl Rose?

    GNR album! I lost hope for that years ago. This is something that seems so possible.
  10. Where are you Axl Rose?

    If it’s Brian and not Axl I will be so surprised and let down
  11. I’d love to hear that evader version... definitely more exciting than the NITL tour is now lol
  12. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    He’s Axl Rose... he wore that flannel around the waist decades before it was cool. Now everyone does it. He always wears Mike Amiri jeans amongst a few other things but he don’t have no wardrobe manager...
  13. Rank The Songs on LIES

    You’re crazy One in a Million Patience Used to Love Her Mama Kin Nice Boys Reckless Life Move to the City
  14. OP meant to say oldest.