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  1. Footage of Axl in a limo making out with chicks and Erin bondage is in this iTunes one
  2. You guys should check out the video it’s up. It’s different from the one on YouTube and it starts with some pro audio. It has all of the Erin Bondage too... so I guess it’s the original video? Not sure but check it out it’s in amazing quality.
  3. GNR Videos Now in 1080p

    All about drugs dude. Being addicted and how it fucks with your perception.
  4. Paul Tobias

    Don’t really have a huge problem with the guy. Who can honestly blame him for the break up.... and I love his Sympathy for the Devil call backs on slash’s solo. @ me
  5. I know that’s why they came to my head lol
  6. Don’t damn me, garden of eden, my world, anything goes, some Chinese songs...
  7. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks Del!
  8. Tracks Missing From The New Box Set.

    A lot of disappointment with the missing tracks... why not just put everything out from 85-88 in this box set...
  9. Go to 1:52 in the song, axls last vocal before the solo. Listen to the “ooh” kind of moan he does. I’m 99% sure that’s not in any of the demos throughout the years. That’s a new ad lip I’m pretty sure.
  10. I mean, more consistently less impressive now...
  11. Took my chances carelessly Said I choked on my own cigarette What a opening line! Anyone else notice how Axl loves to end his notes with his really deep snarl sound? He really started doing that during the illusions. I never noticed this on any of the previous Shadow demos... could he have actually just re recorded 2 or 3 lines of the song or just dubbed on a few lines? I’m not sure.... obviously 95% of the singing was done in 86.
  12. It should’ve been remastered, and they should’ve included the demo with Axl singing in a softer register. Pity.
  13. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/1993/saskatchewan-place-saskatoon-sk-canada-23d67ca7.html Nice Boys and The Garden both played...
  14. Seeing a lot of new faces here today... cool