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  1. How much mention of Josh Todd and Buckcherry?
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    You’re a fool if you believe this to be any other band. It’s so obvious about Guns. Stop speculating. Only speculation is if it’s true or not. Time will tell.
  3. Rumor of a new album???

    Uhm... have you ever listened to the radio? GnR hits are played daily over every single rock and classic rock station.., sweet child and paradise city are played on the classics stations too.
  4. Rumor of a new album???

    It’s painfully obvious that this article is about GNR. The words about recent touring completely give it away. Let’s see if it’s true.
  5. Record company apparently didn’t have Axls back on this. He really wanted it, both other booklets were 99% ready.
  6. Not really any cracks here... a little of out of room vocals and Micky, though. There were some great rasp screams in there.
  7. I started this exact thread about a year ago with that same Pukkelpop clip.. mine got locked! But yes, every single High Voltage final scream in the breakdown had astronomical cracks. But they actually fit the song somewhat.
  8. Matt is by far the most underrated player in GNR history... Such a cool and straight forward guy. The guy who had the balls to stand up to Axl! Then and now lol
  9. Just ONE octave higher? It’s like 4 octaves higher!
  10. What was this? Already got removed..
  11. What is the worst UYI tour concert?

    I don’t understand how someone can say Tokyo 92 sucked.... Axls rasp was great. Yeah he was extra raspy and some might not like that... but it’s still Amazing and better than a lot of 88 shows rasp wise