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  1. New song for the October shows?

    The Chinese songs are just a different beast. Vocally, those songs are much different from older stuff. Better is full Mickey, besides the chorus and breakdown, basically the same effort he gives on Jungle. Chinese is sung in a voice that just doesn’t require much effort from him. It’s more him just raising his voice. Similar to how he does the nightrain verse now. This is love is, well, you got me there. He does TRY to go all rasp on most of it. But it’s just a bad fail now. I don’t think he approaches the Chinese songs with any more effort or intensity. They’re just vocally different.
  2. Wow, definitely the most captivating listen yet. That part where Axl read the kilt line out loud. The room probably got so tense for 3 seconds! I felt like I was there, great story.
  3. Axl / DC Personal Favorite Moments

    Speaking of Shoot to Thrill (4:10) Bonus points because it was the last show and I was at it. But skip to 4:10... Climax of the song, and it shows Axl and Angus really have chemistry. How epic
  4. Axl / DC Personal Favorite Moments

    Chainsaw voice bro
  5. Axl / DC Personal Favorite Moments

    Just been bored with Guns lately so why not go back and watch hours of AXL/DC footage to bring back some recent memories. What were you guys' favorite moments from the 2 part tour? I think we all had moments of 'Holy Shit, this is amazing.' Like maybe the first time those rehearsals came up on YouTube, or a show you went to. For me, skip to 1:45 in this video. Axl, in one of the vocally better shows from the Euro Leg outside of the first 3, absolutely murdering Back in Black. At possibly the most badass part of the song, Axl meets it with a perfectly timed bad ass fist pump. Sick moment. 1:45
  6. You guys really believe this shit about slash going to Axl’s.... face it guys, they’re a machine, a machine that’s lost all of its steam.
  7. Brian Johnson will tour with AC/D.C. again

    I just found out the post office that I carry mail for delivers to Brian Johnson’s house in Sarasota... hopefully I carry the route soon, maybe could get an inside scoop lol