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  1. Do you have any un named source that said axldc recording will happen? Or just educated speculation.
  2. This quote is so twisted from what he really said
  3. This is what peaked my interest.. WAR means something with Axl unless he’s trolling
  4. Paradise City Live Lyrics Question

    Thanks guys! Always preferred the live version
  5. At the end of PC when Axl says "I wanna go, I wanna know Oh won't ya, take me home I wanna see, I'm _________" It sounds like he's saying " I'm gonna get me" but I have read online that he says "oh, look at me" Anyone know for sure what he says? Ive heard PC live in pretty much every bootleg from 87-17 and still can't make it out. Thanks!
  6. Awesome. You guys fuckin rock and make being a guns fan even more fun
  7. Check the Rio 2017 performance... He does it then too for the first time.. also proshot quality.
  8. I care much more about what Axl will be up to in his 7 months off .. fingers crossed Axl D.C.
  9. Pretty tied up? On a good night he could knock that out of the park... verses are all his speaking voice... if he can sing jungle he can sing PTU lol
  10. Silkworms OLD leak

    You're trying to say that that isn't Axl? No... that's Axl and it sounds like 95-96 era more than anything else ..
  11. Rate: Garden of Eden

    Rocks fuckin' hard.. great lyrics and great guitar work.. suck on that!
  12. What's up with all the pop up ads on mygnr now ?

    Yes for past 5 days I've gotten them on mobile every day