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  1. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    Come on, man... You can't beat Nightrain verses sung 1 octave higher
  2. dddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnn
  3. wow... i wonder when people will stop trying to hope that axl will sound like a 20yo again... maybe in his middle 70s?
  4. hahahahahah axl speech in the outro is so fast in this bpm
  5. they're playing chidem songs in the tracklist order
  6. axl's current voice in contrast to the playback is like putting my internet pics next to my face early in the morning
  7. dizzy is most definitely having problems with his in-ear metronome
  8. the way you wrote that, you certainly don't sound like a dick
  9. if you're listening to youtube, set your clock at least 2 minutes behind everyone else
  10. youtube is just as stable as axl's voice