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  1. Maybe because he's on a break to get on studio whenever GNR takes a break, and doesn't want to spoil his other projects.
  2. lmao, you know the nazi "social" term definitely doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the economic and social systems of socialism, right?
  3. jesus, god knows how I missed listening to SCOM with rasp
  4. i'm so curious to discover what vibe axl is currently in
  5. yea, right, hahahahah if you don't see the difference between the seeker and slither, a song composed by 3 members of GNR's 90's lineup... damn.
  6. you can't expect germans to be like brazilians
  7. IDK man, to me, just as much as Lana Del Rey was
  8. it's funny how badly she wants to be part of the whole gnr thing, lol
  9. I meant they use the drum tracks with Frank too.
  10. But the video above your post is from Civil War