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  1. From what I've read Slash is in studio working on songs with the conspirators right now , Once they have an albums worth of material it will be presented to Myles im assuming . I see an SKMC tour and album happening in 2019. GNR tour (with or without new album ) in 2021 or 22
  2. Looked like a great show from the vids, Axl sounded the best I've heard him since 06
  3. Sorum was in Vegas yesterday , wondering if he'll sit in on you could be mine or attend the show .
  4. Didn't get a chance to listen , I would appreciate a private message as well 🤘
  5. Who's at pigs eye ? I'm up on the patio right now
  6. You going to the pigs eye pub for the tail gate party ?
  7. Do you know where you are ?! Your in the jungle motherfucker, you're gonna die! siked for tonight ! Anyone know how much the tour programs are? And how much for a litho ?
  8. Yes it's on mobile for me . 1 of the ads says "you've won a spin " or something like that and it redirects me to another site. The same kind of stuff I see on clickbait bullshit on social media. And besides htgth (can't stand the fanboy, nutswinger vibe over there) what are other good forums for GNR news and info ?
  9. Does anyone else get these when visiting this site ? Is there another forum to visit that is similar to this one that doesn't have that stuff ?
  10. I believe the band was sued over this song , apparently another band wrote and released a song sounding very similar before VR did . And yes parts of it sound similar to it's so easy
  11. Snakepit - ain't life grand VR - contraband Slash and friends - self titled there's scattered tracks that are good amongst his other albums but the ones I listed are his best IMO