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  1. Who's at pigs eye ? I'm up on the patio right now
  2. You going to the pigs eye pub for the tail gate party ?
  3. Do you know where you are ?! Your in the jungle motherfucker, you're gonna die! siked for tonight ! Anyone know how much the tour programs are? And how much for a litho ?
  4. Yes it's on mobile for me . 1 of the ads says "you've won a spin " or something like that and it redirects me to another site. The same kind of stuff I see on clickbait bullshit on social media. And besides htgth (can't stand the fanboy, nutswinger vibe over there) what are other good forums for GNR news and info ?
  5. Does anyone else get these when visiting this site ? Is there another forum to visit that is similar to this one that doesn't have that stuff ?
  6. I believe the band was sued over this song , apparently another band wrote and released a song sounding very similar before VR did . And yes parts of it sound similar to it's so easy
  7. Snakepit - ain't life grand VR - contraband Slash and friends - self titled there's scattered tracks that are good amongst his other albums but the ones I listed are his best IMO
  8. The fact that they stayed apart for so long is what kept them big, it fed the public's hunger for a reunion year after year. If they reformed in 06 there popularity would be down substantially by now. Slash and Duff have a cycle of doing a solo album and tour or 2 and than back to the mothership (VR was the mothership from 04-08). The only reason Axl did well the past 15 years is because he was touring under the GNR name , otherwise he would of been playing theaters and arenas in select markets . This tour is a cash grab for sure, its a nostalgia act now but as a fan I'm happy to see them. The way they are milking this tour and oversaturating every market makes me think this may be there last ...
  9. I doubt it, I think they are just gonna be starting earlier and ending earlier. More than likely it will be the standard NITL set. They can't change it up too much, the casual fans want to hear the hits and could care less about the deeper cuts.
  10. Slash's girlfriend just posted a sound check video, oddly it says it's from New Jersey though ?
  11. And the extended intros are terrible . When a band is really on and gel well and they improv some stuff it really makes things magic. When a band is loose and struggling to stay together and they throw in extended solos and improv jam sessions on songs it makes a bad situation worse .
  12. Maybe we watched a different show but what I saw was terrible especially for a top tier band . Watch some shows from 92 or from VR in 04 and compare to current shows. Franks drumming definitely screws things up but slash's playing has been getting sloppier and sloppier as well. Some people don't know what a proper rhythm section is supposed to sound like ...
  13. I've gotten used to Axl's voice , he's in his 50's had a persons body changes over time. If he could sing strong and raspy every night I think he would , I don't think it's a matter of conditioning. I accept it for what it is. the band on the other hand is really getting weak. VR was amazing live. SKMC was tight and had groove . hybrid GNR is loose, weak and disjointed which is sad because those guys were very tight and a force to be wreckoned with for a long time. Franks drumming certainly doesn't help matters much , he fucks up simple drum beats and plays them all his own.