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  1. This thread turned into a "should Adler be playing gnr material " but did anyone watch the video ? he plays the beat to paradise city better than Sorum, brain or frank ferrer . Adler isn't the most technically gifted drummer but when it comes to those afd songs he does them the best
  2. He played and wrote drum parts on one of the most popular rock albums of all time , he has every right to continue playing those songs. Stop hating on the guy Axl and co are still playing them too , as a matter of fact they are at the end of a huge nostalgia tour with no new album released .
  3. GNR should have reunited in 2005
  4. Interesting how he mentioned that after the SKMC tour he plans on working on a GNR record . So maybe by 2020/21 we'll have a gnr album
  5. Sounds like boring , generic , pop rock . i hate to sound negative but that's my honest opinion .
  6. Anyone got a link to listen to this ? Thanks in advance
  7. Technically speaking Myles is a very good singer . but as a frontman he is lacking. SKMC sounds like pop rock to me though which I dispise.
  8. I think the reason Slash's solo projects have done so well over the years is because there was a public hunger for GNR. Now that GNR have reunited and saturated every market in the U.S in the past couple years I think the demand for SKMC is going to be limited to diehard fans . i can see them as an opening act on an arena tour or small theaters in bigger markets by themselves . i don't think he will be playing many GNR songs this tour either. It would be cool if they played choice cuts from VR and Snakepit though .
  9. None of the links seem to work for me , can anyone help ?
  10. I think I found it , does it sound like it was recorded at a party or something with lots of people talking in the background ? its hard to hear but it def has that nugnr sound to it . Can't really offer an opinion on the song though because it's so hard to hear
  11. Got a chance to listen to the remasters in my car today . I've got a kenwood deck , Polk audio 6.5 components and Polk audio 6x 9s with an Infiniti 4 channel amp . for a budget set up it sounds pretty good . Anyway i was pleasantly surprised at how well the remastered version of afd came out . I can hear each instrument much clearer and it sounds like it was given steroids . It's not a new album but at least it's something new
  12. Someone tweeted how they would like to see sorum drumming did GNR again , he replied with "you never know what life has to offer" . Not sure if it means anything but it's kinda interesting
  13. I think Smkc was like a tamed , pop rock version of Snakepit. Apocalyptic Love sucked IMO and WOF had a few good songs , but nothing spectacular . I think the reason SKMC had as much draw as it did was because GNR wasn't active with the core members so the fans took what they could get . Now I think it would be hard for smkc to fill theaters. i think the earliest we're gonna hear a new GNR album is gonna be 2021/22