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  1. Someone tweeted how they would like to see sorum drumming did GNR again , he replied with "you never know what life has to offer" . Not sure if it means anything but it's kinda interesting
  2. I think Smkc was like a tamed , pop rock version of Snakepit. Apocalyptic Love sucked IMO and WOF had a few good songs , but nothing spectacular . I think the reason SKMC had as much draw as it did was because GNR wasn't active with the core members so the fans took what they could get . Now I think it would be hard for smkc to fill theaters. i think the earliest we're gonna hear a new GNR album is gonna be 2021/22
  3. I was waiting for him to do a book, if he has a good writer to help him it could be one of the best guns related books to come out. I'm sure Slash and Duff held out a lot of stuff in there books for fear of damaging future business endevors with the other members . Sorums could be a true tell all. he toured with the cult, he was in the recording sessions for uyi and the tour, he was there for the 94-97 period of writing and the breakup . He was there from start to finish with VR. He was in Hollywood vampires , and played some shows with Motörhead as well. It should make a great read for us fans
  4. Going to be visiting L.A

    I'm having some serious health issues and looks like I may be going crippled (possible ALS, progressive M.S, or CIDP diagnosis being looked at by Neurologist). I'm 31 years old and I've never been to Los Angeles , when I get my tax return I plan on taking a trip this while I can still walk and get around . what would be some cool places to see and visit ? Where would be the best place to stay ? I was thinking of staying at the "riot house" now known as the andaz hotel because of its historical value in the rock n roll scene since the 70's but is there any place that would be better? Keep in mind my budget is limited . im going to visit places like the rainbow and the roxy and the whiskey but what are some other places and things to see and do while there ? Anyone aware of any concerts from big name bands coming up in the next few months in the area? This might be the wrong section for this type of post so if it is my apologies i just wanted it to be somewhere it can get replies ...
  5. From what I've read Slash is in studio working on songs with the conspirators right now , Once they have an albums worth of material it will be presented to Myles im assuming . I see an SKMC tour and album happening in 2019. GNR tour (with or without new album ) in 2021 or 22
  6. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    Any links for soundboard ?
  7. 11/25/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    Looked like a great show from the vids, Axl sounded the best I've heard him since 06
  8. 11/17/17 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    Sorum was in Vegas yesterday , wondering if he'll sit in on you could be mine or attend the show .
  9. Didn't get a chance to listen , I would appreciate a private message as well 🤘
  10. Who's at pigs eye ? I'm up on the patio right now
  11. You going to the pigs eye pub for the tail gate party ?