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  1. Hammerstein ballroom on the 15th 2006 , got into NY early and got close to front of line to wait . Had a few beers thruout the day and than a guy asked if I could hold his spot in line for him for a couple hours and when he came back he brought a bunch of bottles of nightrain . I got hammered drunk off that cheap wine , I didn’t realize how potent it was . By the time the doors opened I was so drunk security didn’t wanna let me in but I told them I would drink a coffee to sober up and behave myself. halfway thru GNR’s set security lifted me over the rail and Tryed to eject me from the show for being “too loud”. Fernando saw what was happening and let me stay as long as I would behave myself . Got to watch the rest of the show ahead of the barrier a foot from the stage. Awesome night 🤘
  2. Just read a piece about how Alan Niven said he spoke to slash recently and slash said Axl was in isolation going thru material that was leftover from the Chinese democracy sessions to use for a new album . This corroborates what Duff and slash have already said . I’m guessing we’re gonna get an album of Chinese democracy leftovers that are tweaked and reworked with slash and duff on em , and maybe a few new songs written now . i guess this is better than nothing but I think they should take 3 or 4 of axls best songs and than focus on making a fresh new batch of songs with Izzy involved as well . Get the original members together writing and get the creative juices flowing . i expect a new album sometime in 2020 with tour to follow