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  1. Fly GNAIR

    Lol "comin soon"
  2. Hi Fernando. Welcome to Norway jul 19th. For 30 year i have been a gnr fan, but, the Oslo show this summer, is sold out, damn! So, i have two questions for you: 1: Can you hjelp me in? 2: Why not? Well, have a nice european tour, and, enjoy norway. Regards Norwayillusion
  3. Now that "the whole world" know about the Box set, what's that countdown for? Still the Box set? Could it be more? It's Just strange.......
  4. So, if this is a Box set, with vinyl and cd and dvd, i Will need spend 5000 dollars before i open the Box. Or a timemachine. Back to the future. Well, i knew a cute girl back then.....
  5. I hope they release a cassette too. I don't play vinyl in my car!
  6. Sorry, but where do you find the map/dots? Have to share on Twitter/fb first?
  7. Axl just decided to open the vault
  8. I have those photos. Did buy them back then. The best thing about the 1991 Gig in Oslo, that never happened, is a party with GNR and the band Go Go Gorilla. The GNR show was cancelled, Axl Rose went to Paris, leaving the rest of the band, and crew in Oslo. GNR was in this bar, and suddenly Go Go Gorilla came in. Overloaded of Joy because they signed a record contract that Day. The two bands bonded and celebrated the contract. Slash payed for all of the liquor. The Go Go Gorilla's singer, was a funny but poor guy. Had No money, had no car, but he had an older bicycle. When they did leave the bar, they tried to escape the paparazzis. On a bicycle. The singer, slash and matt sorum, all three on ONE bicycle, and a Duff McKagen, allready way out of shape trying to run after them, together with the paparazzis and bodyguards. The singer has a very loud laughter and half the City could hear him coming down the street with "50%" of GNR on his bike, and a Long tale with photographers, bodyguards, fans, and a exhausted Duff back There somewhere. Those Were the days, haydays

    2006, when he bites the hotel security guy in sweden. Arrested