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  1. The only thing I’d want now is Chinese leftovers. Since they were written anywhere from 15-20 years ago, there’s a better chance I could relate to the material. I think at this point, Axl’s probably tapped lyric wise.
  2. They’re all pushing 60. GNR has a terrible track record when it comes to releasing music. There won’t be a new album of original material. They’re too old. They’re too rich. No incentive......
  3. November Rain Instrumental?

    All of his stuff is good....really like locomotive
  4. November Rain Instrumental?

    Check out Tyler Rosen on YouTube. He has killer instrumentals of GNR songs. Just listened to NR. It was good.
  5. AFD - best: night rain, worst: My Michelle Lies - best: One in a Million, worst: Mama Kin UYI1 - tough but I’d say tie btw dust n bones and the garden, worst: bad apples UY2 - locomotive , worst (excl my world) get in the ring SI - ain’t it fun, worst I don’t care about you CD - best tie better-twat, worst tie - Citr or if the world
  6. This guy’s letter is pathetic.....talk about kissing ass
  7. Too bad Shattered Ilusions never came out....I would’ve read that
  8. Who do you think plays guitar on the checkmate clip, Robin or Bucket? I love the riff....if they’d just release that song I would be satisfied
  9. Remember when there was a rumor that a girl guitar player was joining?
  10. 20 pages on a cartoon....wow!
  11. What’s the deal with the bathrobe? Odd look....
  12. Ain’t It Fun

    I’m not a huge new person per fan but down on the farm is prob my 3rd favorite on that album. I like Buick Makaine too
  13. Ain’t It Fun

    Easily the best song off of spaghetti in incident. Blck leather would be a close second for me
  14. No F’n way!!! They played the Seeker????? Best show ever.
  15. No one would complain if the dropped all CD songs from the set. The tour is billed as a reunion. They pretty much only show Axl duff and slash on their social media pages. They should only be playing classic material.