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  1. Don't Cry (Alt lyrics)

    Did Axl write the lyrics for this one?
  2. Bad that for 1000 it’s not real leather
  3. If it’s not the band ( and it would be pretty ridiculous if it was ) anyone that would go out of their way to block videos on internet needs help....big time....like intervention help
  4. Axl is king of cool song titles for songs that don’t exist
  5. So basically, it’s the same.
  6. Man they were good back in the day.....Axl sounded so good live.
  7. Rumor of a new album???

    Agreed. This is funny. New music has been coming since November 2008
  8. Be interesting to hear what he thinks about good ‘ol Axl from the 90s. I wonder if he thinks “wow....I really was a dick back then”
  9. I think the breakdown outro is great despite the talking. That would have been a better comparison against locomotive outro. Locomotive would still take it though.
  10. Why I don’t think new music is coming.....it’s been 10 years.....
  11. Vocals - One in A Million guitar - outro on locomotive 1st, 2nd bucket solo on twat drums - end of sorry bass - rocket queen piano - nov rain
  12. Thoughts on Riad N' the Bedouins

    Thoughts? Noise....lots of noise that doesn’t make my ears feel good.
  13. Locomotive is a top 5 (prob top 3) GnR song. I love Breakdown but there is no contest. Lyrically, musically, Locomotive all day long. Side note- I like Shotgun blues and hate Riad.