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  1. I think the breakdown outro is great despite the talking. That would have been a better comparison against locomotive outro. Locomotive would still take it though.
  2. Why I don’t think new music is coming.....it’s been 10 years.....
  3. Vocals - One in A Million guitar - outro on locomotive 1st, 2nd bucket solo on twat drums - end of sorry bass - rocket queen piano - nov rain
  4. Thoughts on Riad N' the Bedouins

    Thoughts? Noise....lots of noise that doesn’t make my ears feel good.
  5. Locomotive is a top 5 (prob top 3) GnR song. I love Breakdown but there is no contest. Lyrically, musically, Locomotive all day long. Side note- I like Shotgun blues and hate Riad.
  6. Speculation: Skin N' Bones 2018?

    I’m sick of the set list and I say no way hey do it
  7. First NITL line-up picture

    Looks like the photoshopped Dj ashba, Bumblefoot, and mother goose out of the last “official” photo and replaced them with Melissa, Slash, and Duff.....
  8. I went last night. It was fine....at this point you know what you’re getting. I wanted to hear Black Hole Sun. Luckily the setlist is so predictable. I knew when they’d play it. I left after that so I missed KOHD and the encore. No regrets going....no regrets leaving early.
  9. I’m heading to the show tonight. They’re going to open with Pretty Tied up!!! I can just feel it. Hahahaha
  10. I’m going Sunday and prob will skip the encore.
  11. I'm on the floor, section E row 8.....starting to get excited I went to the Hartford show in '11 too. That was a good show.
  12. Sorry...clearly you do...you're a regular del james