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  1. They played bad obsession practically every night of the Illusion tour. Surely people would know that song? Axl could handle singing it too.
  2. Reminds me of Stabbing Westward....
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    Do any of the people mentioned post on this forum or is it mainly truth?
  4. slash went a little overboard on the loco outro...where’s Melissa with backing vocals too?
  5. I thought it sounded decent Pretty tied up next please!
  6. Locomotive

    This song is probably his best lyrically out of the entire GNR catalog in my opinion.
  7. Truth is everyone one would read them if they leaked......
  8. Totally agree - no one on the staff said anything. I agree on not sharing whatever the staff decides - this was more of a devils advocate debate. Have I listened to the leaks? Yes! Would I read the emails? Yes.... I just don’t think anyone can easily justify one being more ok than the other if both were intended to be private.
  9. I think it’s hypocritical for people to say it’s ok to leak music because it’s music but it’s not ok to leak emails because they are private. If GnR wanted none of it public, why isn’t it the same?
  10. Locomotive

    Not going to lie....I was impressed by this. Ironically one of the harder songs yet sounded like one of the best vocal wise. It’s always been in my top 5.
  11. Perhaps is the catchiest in my opinion. State of Grace is decent as is Atlas. But perhaps is best
  12. 1: estranged 2: locomotive 3: breakdown 4: one in a million 5: rocket queen