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  1. When I heard Myles announce they were gonna bring out a friend, I had a small sliver of hope that it would be Slash, but it turned out Tremonti's bands guitarist
  2. Theres a good chance Slash was at the Alter Bridge show tonight in LA. Megan (his GF) posted clips of the concert on her story
  3. Watching a rerun of it on fox. Its a pretty good "bad" performance from axl. Hes at the very least sustaining the falsetto/grandma notes. It wasnt embarrassing.
  4. I tried findin the philly 2012 performance couple months back, but seems like it has been taken down. I loved that performance
  5. I think Myles would be able to connect more consistently with Slash if Slash ditched his typical blues progressions. Slash writes a mean riff, but the verses usually consist of your typical blues rock progressions. I will say sometimes it works
  6. R.I.P Kobe Bryant

    Bro WHAT THE FUCK Heres to the NBA milking all the $$$ they can get out of this
  7. Sons of Apollo (Bumblefoots Band)

    Just saw them in Pomona. It was great. I do think they need to mix jeff a little higher when hes not screaming, because on fall to ascends verse, you could hardly make out his vocals over the band. King of Delusion was awesome. Dereks keyboard fell during the song when he wasnt using it(one that was set up specifically for the piano parts only for that song) I will admit i left when they started playing coming home, as i knew it was their last song, and i dont like that song
  8. We did "Oh My God" He thought the drums on the original sounded badass btw, and that they gave it a totally different feel
  9. I also had him listen to and drum to State of Grace, IRS, TWAT, Shackler's, Scraped, Prostitute, and Madagascar. With all of the tracks, I sent him drum and bassless versions so any rhythmic-locking-in that the bass track may have done would not influence them, while keeping all other instruments and vocals intact so he could feel the song Was curious how an outside entity would drum to songs that we more or less know without any influence of how the drums are supposed to sound. Recently a bunch of old demos of these songs leaked online but with a different drummer. He played the same rhythmic parts but with slight variations. so that made me think: how a different drummer would play the songs from scratch Soundcloud wouldn't let me upload the original instruments with vocals, so excuse my cover edit: replaced the cover, with an improved cover Thoughts? Update:
  10. Sons of Apollo (Bumblefoots Band)

    I like Wither to Black. Some parts remind me of Soundgarden-era songs King of Delusion is nice and heavy. BBFs solos around 6:30 is probably the best hes done, right next tl Labyrinth, and Turn Around (from his solo albums) Resurrection Day has a cool prechorus/chorus
  11. Sons of Apollo (Bumblefoots Band)

    Dont really like Desolate July. And they need to hire a good lyric video guy, bc that one kinda sucked
  12. The Gear Thread

    Havent actually tried to "dial-in" a sound yet. Heres what it sounds like using the emulated output on the amp itself. I'm slightly disappointed in the PDI-03, sounds a too dark/muddled but maybe I just need to mess with the 6 options that it has. (or just apply EQ in on recordings). Even so, that sounds better than GuitarRig modeling. I like it. At some point I need to get an actual cabinet (or a different cabinet simulator)
  13. The Gear Thread

    His Ernie Ball String Theory spot convinced me to get one
  14. Slash In A Maiden Shirt

    Well he likes Metallica, who were heavily inspired by Iron Maiden, so it wouldnt be far off to think that he likes them. Tey (GNR) opened for Iron Maiden back way back when. And Slash was a guest on Bruce's radio show in 2010 to promote his Slash solo album
  15. The Gear Thread

    Nice tones from the TSL for sure! Im excited
  16. Knowing Axl, the only thing he probably had Caram do was put samples over his kit like they did with the village sessions
  17. The Gear Thread

    I just bought a used JCM2000 TSL100 and a Palmer PDI-03 cab simulator for it. It arrives in 2 days
  18. Oh yeah didnt even think about that! The "save me" part is probably what im hearing
  19. Makes more sense that way, but i still have no idea what he says. Phonetically to me, it sounds like he says "shine/shy like more than a bomb no ooor" but that makes no fucking sense lol.
  20. Perhaps chorus lyrics: it is definitely not: You could start A fight you know you were begging for It's something like: You could start about the others you were begging for alternatively could be: you could stand up by the others you were begging for but it sounds way more like an 'r'
  21. probably $500. two tickets to the LA show (one for my dad), one ticket to the san diego show, both in 2016. The CDs I already had, except for Chinese, which was probably $10 at the time
  22. Right? I was mildly inpressed by him for doing something weird out of his bluesy rock bubble that actually was pretty decent. Guess he wouldnt be so out of his element playing on Axls weirder CD songs
  23. Anyone listen to Slash's Universal Horror Album? Its surprisngly cool. He does some not very "slash" guitar parts there, maybe because he has to restrain himself since he is just a cog in the machine, as opposed to being the main driving mattwr in the music "The Danse of the Dead" is probably the best "song" as a whole "We Belong Dead" he does some very unusual (for him) arpeggio after the whole dubstep thing, starting at 2:00. At first I thought he sweep picking lol but hes just picking everything "Sweet Licks" he does some cool ambient guitar lead echo in the intro and throughout
  24. What would be your ideal GNR tour?

    The "Rough Mixes" Tour need i say more?
  25. It's a real damn shame. I would privately message you to describe my feelings of disappointment, but it seems your PMs are full