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  1. A talk about Brain & Buckethead's origins, to their time in Guns, to present day
  2. The AC/DC fans would be pissed. Axl/DC seems to be what's next
  3. Happy birthday Axl!

    Happy birthday Papa Axl, save a slice of cake for me will you?
  4. Street of Dreams not being in every setlist during NITL is their biggest mistake.
  5. Rockists simply don't understand the album, and therefore can't appreciate it.
  6. He manages to stay elusive enough where he remains a big deal in terms of rock vocalists having celebrity status, compared to people like Bret Michaels, Sammy Hagar, Sebastian Bach & Vince Neil who nobody really cares about if they show up somewhere.
  7. The obvious opinion, being mine of course
  8. Happy birthday Steven; celebrate it in moderation, please
  9. A case of people actually buying the albums, it seems however the original argument still stands, musically Radiohead is currently more relevant than GNR
  10. It's the old guard getting shook that a 90's alt rock band is more musically relevant today than an 80's cock rock band I'll just leave these last.fm listening stats here
  11. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's not true
  12. Radiohead is much bigger than GNR worldwide.