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  1. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    Give this a try: http://music.bucketheadpikes.com/album/twisterlend
  2. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    The last numbered pike came out in August, my man
  3. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    Since the album is sorta out there for consumption now, here's the post for it.. Bucketheadland 5 13 10 31 (email pikes service for a download code if you preordered the vinyl) I like it, for 31 minutes it's an interesting collision of styles and songs. No remarkable solos or moments in particular that stand out, but for a non-standard pike, it's about a 6-7/10. It didn't meet my expectations of what I thought the next "Bucketheadland" album would be, but it's worth a listen to any fan.
  4. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    Some good and bad news to people who preordered "Bucketheadland 513 1031"; the album was delayed until Spring, however if you email the pikes service (probably from the email you purchased the album from and including your transaction ID), they'll be able to issue you a download of the album to tide you over until the vinyl ships out.
  5. Bring Brain Back

    Finck is likely the best example of that
  6. RIP Malcolm Young

    Dementia & alzheimers are almost worse than cancer, robs you of your life for an indefinite amount of time. Malcolm could have had many more strong years as a musician ahead of him. Nevertheless, he left a huge impact on rock. RIP
  7. Should I have clarified the original track and not a remix of an unreleased track?
  8. Shit would be so cash if The General/Jackie Chan/Checkmate & Blood in the Water's full songs popped up Gotta give a shoutout to this remix to tide me over for the real thing, one of my favorites to listen to
  9. He deserves to be given a chance, like how Layne Staley had huge shoes to fill in Alice in Chains but William DuVall has been an excellent singer for the band since he joined years back.
  10. If the drums are programmed, bass was likely programmed in also to compliment it easily at spots where the rhythm is more subtle; but I can't pick apart the stems, so it's not for me to say It could be Finck, sustains aren't necessarily uncommon though for any guitarist, could be Tobias lol
  11. There's definitely fewer layers on this version of Madagascar. I'd be as bold to say there's only three musicians performing on it, Axl, Pitman & Buckethead (besides the guest musician for the horn sample). The drums on this mix seem programmed, there seems to be only one layer of guitars throughout the song and it's impossible to say who's performing the lead outside of the solo in the bridge, and the bass remains non-existent Minimal works a lot better for the song than the wall of sound slamming into you when the chorus hits.
  12. Loving it hoping there's more down the line