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  1. Read between the lines, he's clearly not happy about the current state of affairs. Seems like the news found their main take-away from it, as expected:
  2. My take-aways from this interview: I use an adblocker so I don't give a shit about if Rolling Stones gets extra clicks or not for their article Slash is extremely careful not to say something that will offend Axl or TB he thinks Fortus is good and Frank is shit considers himself more of a hired hand than a member of the band is cool with performing ChiDem tracks, OIAM's omission was a quick decision by the band would much rather talk about the new Conspirators album and Myles Kennedy than talk about GNR's history Sad part is if he requested no GNR-related questions for interviews to focus on Conspirators at least for a month, the dirtsheets will just take that as a "Slash distancing himself from Guns" story. I can see why he's frustrated.
  3. Sounds like a definitive "no" on a new GNR album.
  4. Whether it's medication or brazilian brainwashing, Axl's state of mind has been far from productive for the better part of two decades. It's why morale can't be anything but low for both the band and the fans alike. Wish 90's Axl had Twitter at his disposal, that would have been great entertainment compared to the bullshit he currently uses it for.
  5. Alice in Chains - New Album "Rainier Fog"

    Fresh single. Facelift-era AIC vibes from it.
  6. For anyone following Songs of Experience since its release, there's been a lot of remixes and EP's released since then not including the deluxe edition tracks, including one released today for Summer of Love: You're the Best Thing About Me Acoustic Version Get Out of Your Own Way Switch Remix Afrojack Remix Lights of Home Free Yourself / Beck Remix Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way Will Clarke Remix The Funk Hunters Remix Daybreakers Remix Acoustic Version Summer of Love Robin Schulz Remix TILT & Danny Stubbs Perfecto Remix 'Beach Me' Howie B Remix HP. Hoeger Rusty Egan Driftway Mix You'd think it was the 90's again.
  7. Playing a lot of Fortnite.
  8. I love Bucket's mask here
  9. Uncle Axl topped a new Loudwire list
  10. Put the fate of the album on Kickstarter; if the band can find suckers to drop thousands on tacky clothing and temporary tattoos, they can surely crowd-fund an album release.
  11. That's curious, especially with how secretive this situation is. Didn't Angus and Brian have animosity toward each other before the band started touring with Axl, leading to some candid interviews?
  12. The suspicious thing about all of this is the complete lack of Angus Young. One awful scenario would be another Queensryche, where Angus makes an AC/DC album with Axl and studio musicians, while Brian and other AC/DC members make their own album.
  13. What Are You Listening To 2018

    A very cool one-man-band project.
  14. Yes. I want the band to dump everything recorded in the Chinese sessions into a multi-disc box.
  15. Guys, GNR has always been about the fashion. Labels are expensive, and Fernando was feeling the pulse of the Guns community by making reproduced photographs available to the starved consumers needing more after impulsively dropping a grand on a box.