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  1. No need to make fun of Axl's fashion sense.
  2. GNR Interview on June 11

    Finally, GNR Legend Dizzy Fuckin Reed breaks his silence on his iron clad contract with the band.
  3. NITL for all the ChiDem tracks, UYI for being a shorter set.
  4. He's performed Black Hole Sun enough times to convince me he isn't afraid to step on the toes of any grunge vocalist, especially the dead ones
  5. Axl can definitely do Velvet Revolver songs justice if the band ever chooses to play a track or two from Contraband or Libertad I'd say the same for Conspirators tracks, but it's hard to say if Axl can handle songs like You're a Lie..
  6. He's likely out of practice, but still good enough where he can perform those solo spots like Layla during shows. Maybe he's been wanting to belt out The Asshole Song during a show these past few years, but can't fit it into the bill Dizzy picks up the rest of the slack
  7. Boo-hoo, grow up and learn that people can have differing opinions I'm glad to hear the setlist is likely just an old one re-emerging as a rumored new setlist, the running order needed a shake-up to make the concerts less predictable. Maybe a little change in stage design as well?
  8. I'd be thankful I don't need to endure the eight minute piss break known as Estranged Yesterdays is just a boring song
  9. Street of Dreams/The Blues is the perfect song for this line-up to perform, painful to see the setlist not change at all In my opinion, Drop Estranged Catcher in the Rye Sorry This I Love Yesterdays Add Shadow of Your Love (promote the damn single) Bad Obsession (would be easy on Axl's vocals) Locomotive (awesome track) Street of Dreams If The World I.R.S. Goin' Down
  10. I'd rather just get the music, so the iTunes version. Couldn't care less about more bootlegs and DVD's Getting those pre-Snakepit demos would be awesome.
  11. What, no love for Downward Spiral? You'd probably dig the Broken EP and With Teeth, they're about as pop as PHM.
  12. Dave Mustaine took a heavy hit to his vocal range also in the past decade, there was a point where it became comparable to the worst of Axl's Mickey moments. Most of the time, bands will change up the tuning of songs so the vocalist can sing in a more comfortable range. I'd love to see GNR drop the tuning on some songs, make them a bit heavier so Axl can go a bit deeper and more forceful into his delivery I've noticed it a few times during NITL, where Axl will intentionally sing some songs in a lower register such as Better and YCBM
  13. Considering the fact Fernando considers SOTL a "new" single, no. Anyone who thinks newly recorded music with the band was confirmed is a fool. This is a fashion, posters and trucks band now.