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  1. Sounds good cause he was getting ready for ac/dc and cared....now not so much. But sweet video man. Awesome job
  2. It's calculated for 74 shows which would put that half way threw the Europe shows. At the end of the last leg of the American tour we have had 99 shows plus the troubadour and apollo shows (I don't count those as they wouldn't have any effect on grosses). So that would be 25 shows not counted yet. Say rough estimate is 4 mill a show gross would equal an additional 100 mill.
  3. I can't see them being over $500 mill. The Wikipedia page is calculated to the end of the European portion of the tour. Once the NA numbers are in their probably around $400
  4. That's cause people singing along/cheering will alter how axl sounds. Sweet child sounds awesome when 20000 people are singing it to
  5. 09/08/17 - San Antonio, TX - Alamodome

    I believe this show isn't selling that well. From the pictures I've seen and the soundcheck video it looks like the entire upper deck is tarpped off. Not sure how the lower bowl/floor are selling. In buffalo they moved all the upper deck tickets to the lower bowl and their were still some empty seats. Probably still going to be 30k there. So it's still a big crowd
  6. Duff on Talk Is Jericho

    Woah woah woah. Isn't their a media blackout
  7. I'm pretty sure slash is just a highly paid employee who can offer insight if asked
  8. Edmonton Soundcheck

    I assume they are rehearsing an old tune they want to put in the set or working out some kinks in one of the songs. Based on duffs playing it will be something super slow. If they were working on new stuff with axl I assume they would rent a spot in private.
  9. Guns N' Roses Claymation

    The clinic guy sounds like Bill Burr
  10. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Can't agree with you on Vince Neil. He sounds like shit when you're there. But I get what you're saying and agree. My Michelle and better were really the only song I thought sounded like crap being there
  11. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Anyone see the older lady in the VIP section just rocking out
  12. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Just got back from the show. They still rock. Except slash looked super bored during Better
  13. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    I am able to see tickets still
  14. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    Wasn't denying the policy. Just found it weird that this was the first time they enforced it to me when I've done it probably a dozen times before when they've discounted tickets