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  1. That could be true. I saw him earlier this year and their was about 40 people there. Can't make much money off that small of a crowd
  2. I'm not sure I'd want to hear breakdown in falsetto
  3. Any idea whose playing on this? Is it Dizzy singing?
  4. So does fortus not have a tech or was he the only one who agreed to do the interview
  5. I wish that were true. See rock in rio or apollo for examples
  6. slash backstage without a hat....can't remember the last time we saw him without one
  7. It was on the other side of the stage. If this camera was on that side it would of been a perfect view
  8. Not sure who else saw it. But during the ending of November Rain the pyro made the backstage catch fire. Not a little one either like a nice camp fire
  9. They had a table set up just inside the door before you go threw security
  10. I was going to hit up hero burger
  11. Check out his rush covers. Kids got mad skill
  12. Sounds good cause he was getting ready for ac/dc and cared....now not so much. But sweet video man. Awesome job
  13. It's calculated for 74 shows which would put that half way threw the Europe shows. At the end of the last leg of the American tour we have had 99 shows plus the troubadour and apollo shows (I don't count those as they wouldn't have any effect on grosses). So that would be 25 shows not counted yet. Say rough estimate is 4 mill a show gross would equal an additional 100 mill.
  14. I can't see them being over $500 mill. The Wikipedia page is calculated to the end of the European portion of the tour. Once the NA numbers are in their probably around $400
  15. That's cause people singing along/cheering will alter how axl sounds. Sweet child sounds awesome when 20000 people are singing it to