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  1. What sort of music video would GNR do?

    It would be concert clips
  2. Nighttrain will always be best but I did enjoy the tease of jungle with the lights down. Thought this was a good way to start the show or an encore. It doesn't add to the show to have a 90 second tease for the 4th song of the night
  3. Watch "hired gun" on Netflix. It'll open up your mind about touring/session musicians
  4. Does Nikki age? he does not look like a man about to enter his sixties
  5. Sons of Apollo and the 2nd art of anarchy album.
  6. That could be true. I saw him earlier this year and their was about 40 people there. Can't make much money off that small of a crowd
  7. Any idea whose playing on this? Is it Dizzy singing?
  8. So does fortus not have a tech or was he the only one who agreed to do the interview
  9. 11/17/17 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    I wish that were true. See rock in rio or apollo for examples
  10. slash backstage without a hat....can't remember the last time we saw him without one
  11. It was on the other side of the stage. If this camera was on that side it would of been a perfect view
  12. Not sure who else saw it. But during the ending of November Rain the pyro made the backstage catch fire. Not a little one either like a nice camp fire
  13. They had a table set up just inside the door before you go threw security
  14. I was going to hit up hero burger