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  1. Alter Bridge

    Saw them live last years and they were amazing. Their last bluray (Live at Royal Albert Hall) is just incredible
  2. Audio Clip of ACDC in Studio 2018 (?)

    Still better quality than the leaked The General clip
  3. These new Slash songs are some really uninspired compositions
  4. The game gets separated tracks for each instrument, so you can play the guitar track, or the bass track, etc. These multitracks have been online for several years and have been used to make different remixes.
  5. Then you're talking about the Chinese Democracy multitracks from Rock Band. https://mega.nz/#!pk4mCQgT!U4UmuT_8LO3G0Wdb8dlV-xIU4B16zEk53pbAjK5iqCM You cand downlad the multitracks from Better on that link. The effects you're talking about will surely be on "Additional instruments"
  6. When Chris Pitman actually made the difference
  7. This video seems to have slowed down the actual performance (which is why it's also on a lower tuning). They didn't slow it down (unfortunately)
  8. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    Let me give you mine: In loving memory Come to life Life must go on Shed my skin I know it hurts Not really my top 5, just 5 standout tracks that weren't mentioned before
  9. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    A Chinese Democracy 10th anniversary tour with the 2002 lineup and a re-issue with all the outtakes and demos
  10. It appears the idles of March has leaked

    From 4 years ago. Already discussed. Fake.
  11. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    Having listened to the studio version, and now this show, I can't get Silkworms out of my head. Sound amazing on this show
  12. Maybe it's Axl playing those guitar licks? We know he played some parts on the album version, maybe he also did on the demo Edit: I just found out you were talking about The Blues. I was referring to TWAT, so sorry!