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  1. Setlist for 2020

    Fall to Pieces Shackler's Revenge Eye on you Zodiac Nightrain Oh My God Think About You Hardschool Estranged Atlas Shrugged Dead Horse Berlin (Oklahoma) Civil War Silkworms Perhaps P.R.L ______ The General Chinese Democracy Paradise City
  2. 10/25/19 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience

    I really wish Frank would stop trying to keep tempo on his hi-hat when he shouldn't be playing at all. It makes sense if they're using backing tracks, which I think isn't the case in Dead Horse. It's almost like he can't just keep quiet and stop playing.
  3. Axl´s music influence nowdays?

    I actually think it's much easier to find something interesting nowadays. Internet? There are literally millions of bands that you've never heard of, and there really is something for everyone's taste. I feel blessed to live in this era, to be honest.
  4. What second are you referring to? To me it sounds just like the album version
  5. Maybe Quicksong started as an Slash idea (the main riff it's basically Slither's intro cut to half). Hardschool also sounds like something Slash would write (the main riff/chorus)
  6. I don't there's anything GN'R has ever done that plays with time signatures as much as they do in Zodiac. Wonderful tune.
  7. Madagascar after Don't cry, according to setlist.fm
  8. It was a joke, no need for personal insults
  9. I just sent an email asking Fernando if Buckethead and Finck are returning to the band. He didn't answer. It's happening
  10. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    Axl sounds exceptionally good. Hope this gives him the confidence to try something new
  11. Silkworms, Eye on you, My World, Nothing and Billionaire
  12. I just went through all of the takes. I love the fact that Buckethead recorded so many takes on the same solo of just one song (that didn't even have lyrics at the moment). Imagine having every Buckethead take of the TWAT solo. Or having every take that Robin recorded for TIL. That would be amazing to hear.
  13. Well, the BBF version doesn't have the chorus, and it has BBF in it, so it's at least from 2006 (or whenever BBF joined the band).