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  1. Ashba/Slash wouldn't work at all imo. Ashba always said that he was brought into GN'R more as a songwriter/producer rather than a touring member, which at the end turned out to be bs. Still, if he's working with the guys, it's probably on new music (as a songwriter, producer, whatever) and/or marketing.
  2. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    I totally agree. Those performances are Axl at his best in terms of vocal technique
  3. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    Prostitute and Madagascar for sure!
  4. Simple question, if you could only attend one of these shows, what would be your choice?
  5. Yeah, it's on the album and they do it live too. It's one of those things that usually can't be heard on youtube recordings
  6. Dizzy's playing has been really sloppy during most of the show. Definitely the weak link tonight
  7. Richard's tone is HUGE. I'm loving his solo
  8. If they keep adding stuff, they'll probably hit the record for longest GN'R show!
  9. Dizzy is completely ruining Estranged
  10. Dizzy always goes out of tempo in that Estranged interlude... How hard can it be???
  11. I love it! I think it's MUCH better than Slash's solo and probably the only thing I like from the current version of Better, compared to the 2006-2014 versions
  12. There's no way I'd miss a GN'R show if they keep Madagascar and Prostitute on the setlist.
  13. I'd really appreciate if someone could PM me the Madagascar Leak. Have been looking for it all over the internet but all the links seem to have been taken down. Thanks in advance!!!