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  1. Don't Cry w/ Shannon Hoon

    Not the greatest performance of that song, but goddamn what a show that was. I got grounded for weeks for coming home extremely late on a school night but it was well worth it!
  2. Not sure if this was posted yet...its a hell of a lineup! https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/music/pearl-jams-mike-mccready-to-be-honored-with-all-star-concert-in-seattle/
  3. It's a fantastic album, but I'd also put Shout at the Devil in that category.
  4. Major Collection Update!!!

    They did have a litho shirt at the Cincy show...I bought one. It's crazy how valuable the shirts and lithos are from that show...they were both still available at the merch stand when my daughter had to go to the bathroom during the encore break.
  5. He's playing 3 free shows at a casino in Milwaukee this weekend with Alex and I'm planning on going tomorrow night. Does anyone know of he's selling his album at these shows? He didn't last month with Hookers and Blow, but it wasn't released yet at that time.
  6. 2016 Detroit litho shirt

    I May end up going down that road

    My buddy has the 2 Lemmy's and they are very nice quality...im not saying they're worth $125 each, but they are fairly heavy and are numbered.
  8. Long shot, but does anyone have an extra, or know where I can find, the grey shirt from the Ford Field shirt in XL or maybe L? I didn't like the grey shirt and didn't buy it at the show, but it's the only shirt from the 15 I went to that I didn't get so I'd like to complete the set. Thanks in advance!
  9. Major Collection Update!!!

    Amazing stuff! Is that Los Angeles 2016 shirt official or bootleg? I was at both shows as soon as the gates opened and never saw that one.
  10. I've been in contact with Knucklebonz about doing Gn'R pieces and they've constantly said that they are working on it. They posted a pic of Axl on their Facebook page on his bday so I know that they are working on them.
  11. I'm looking for any 7 or 12'' singles available....thabla!
  12. I'll certainly read it, but is there really anything we don't already know about the behind the scenes mess that the UYI era was?
  13. Pearl Jam only sells non-numbered posters at the shows and the artists then sell numbered artist prints on their websites days after the shows. If Guns did this, it would probably avoid the confusions...however it would also make them easier for people to make fake prints. PJ's posters are silk screened, so they pretty much can't be copied like lithos can.
  14. Rumor of a new album???

    Come on, that's just silly. Angus is AC/DC and will do nothing but that.