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  1. Yep, I got Ghost tix for the Chicago show and fees were almost 40% of the price.
  2. Fly GNAIR

    I don't see how this is so anger inducing. It's a massive band selling silly merch because they can. It's no different than when Metallica sold expensive coolers with their names on them, AC/DC sold expensive coffee table books and neckties and Kiss selling anything they can with their name on it. Hell, Pearl Jam sold backpacks and toys at one time. It's stupid merch that I would never buy, but to call fans idiots is pathetic! We all want new music, but this venture has nothing to do with that.
  3. I agree. My wife bought me the box for my bday after I told her not to, and it pains me thinking that it'll probably drop that much! I'm curious to see what Gene Simmons will do with his extra $2k box sets when his dumb little tour of them is over.
  4. That was not 'just Mickey' at all!
  5. Looks like a huge crowd from Del's Facebook picture
  6. Got ya, that's different than what I thought.
  7. Ghost

    It's a hell of a show, definitely go if you can! Last week was my 5th time seeing them since they came out and it was on its way to being the best one yet. I was sceptical going in without a Papa being up there, but Tobias is a brilliant frontman, and had the crowd in the palm of his hands!
  8. Ghost

    Yeah, I'm all good. It's just certainly something you don't want to do witness, especially at a concert.

    Can anyone going to a show grab me an Uzi Suicide shirt? I'll pay extra and make it worth your while. Thanks in advance!
  10. Ah, thanks for the info...I didn't realize that. Are the lithos just not as popular over there? It's weird that the print run for US arenas was twice what they are for Euro stadiums.
  11. I guess that's a start, but still too many for one person to buy with such a small print run, but it does cut down on the crap that went down before with people buying entire stacks at tables. Pearl Jam has only allowed 1 per person for years.
  12. Last full album you listened to?

    New Ghost
  13. Did they cut down on the amount of lithos people could buy like Fernando said? 150 is an extremely small number made for a stadium show.