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  1. Nice! Wasn't Mccready involved in the first album?
  2. McBob Introducing GN'R Again

    I have to laugh at this! Complaining about a concert because they have no opening band, merch you don't like and a guitar tech thats not introducing the band? That's hilarious! I guess all the other complaints are used so you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find more! Complain about the prices all you want, but just saw my 11, 12 and 13th shows this tour and had good seats for no more than $100 a show. I'd be kicking myself in the balls if I missed these shows! My only complaint is lack of sleep the next morning.
  3. 8:15 last night, 8:00 in Detroit
  4. Been in a standstill for an hour in the express lane in Indiana because of an accident and it looks like at least another hour...any chance someone can grab me a litho if they get in early? I'll throw a few beers in as well...doesnt look like I'll get there early like I planned.
  5. Exactly, there's something in there for everyone. I dont understand how the constant complaining doesn't get boring and old. Every day it's the same 'people don't know the CD stuff' and 'people don't want that stuff' and 'play other UYI stuff'. I've been to 10 shows so far and there are as many people that don't know Coma and DTJ as people that don't know the CD stuff. I'd love more UYI stuff, but I'm quite happy with what they're doing as well...but I guess I'm one of the few who really likes CD.
  6. Please don't let the litho have anything to do with the Red Wings!
  7. Does anyone think they'll release some pit/good floor tix before the show? I'm coming solo before my daughter's tourney this weekend and would like to get something good since I only have to buy 1 this time.
  8. Because Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River were on fire at one time because of pollution. It's not a bright spot in Cleveland's history, but it is something Cleveland was known for and the print is pretty well done.
  9. That's actually a pretty good poster for Cleveland
  10. Great review...glad you had a good time! I have a buddy out there who's not a die hard fan, but digs the band and went last night. He said Axl was 'surprisingly good' compared to what he expected. He really enjoyed the hell out of the show.
  11. Rumors like these are better than nothing. Axl seems to be having a ball out there, as do Slash and Duff. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.