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  1. I'm 100% ok with them playing on the record...I just want something that includes Axl, Slash and Duff.
  2. I'm not a fan of it, but a majority of large bands do the same thing.
  3. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    Exactly right...I've been collecting vinyl my whole life and used to be able to walk out of a record store with a dozen albums for $20...now you can barely get one for $20 because the hipsters have driven the prices through the roof and the bands caught on.
  4. Ghost

    Seeing them 3 times again next week...cant wait, especially for the make up show in Milwaukee!
  5. Hillbilly Herald rules! I was turned on to them by Steel Panther and they blew me away...just balls to the wall rock and roll!
  6. Ghost

    They're coming back for ticket holders of the original show only and doing the second set and encore, not doing a full show. The poster is Cardinal and the guy dressed as Michael Myers, and all the money made off that merch goes to the family. It's a very cool thing for them to do, and I cant wait for that finish. It should be an emotional show. That'll make 3 Ghost shows in 4 days for me that week.
  7. I have about 75 Pearl Jam silk screen gig posters, a few Soundgarden, Sabbath, Jane's Addiction, Stones...all are silk screened as opposed to lithos
  8. Yep, his show is fantastic...I listen to it on my phone almost every day and certainly every time I'm in LA.
  9. Damn, I love Jonesy's show...wish I didnt miss that.
  10. I thought that when I read it, too but this interview was done in June. He seemed more open to the possibility of at least the discussion of new music a week or so ago during the Trunk interview.
  11. You're kind of going against your entire point. If these guys don't do press or interviews, why would there be any info leaked on the planning of a new album? Personal social media posts mean nothing, and they're personal for a reason. They're really not band related. There's been plenty of time in the 2 1/2 years for them to discuss and spitball ideas of new music. We just wont know anything until they're either sighted in the studio or they make an announcement. Slash said that they've talked about doing new stuff, and I'm quite sure he wouldn't lie about that knowing that the 'boss' would find out.
  12. I agree, I dont get any vibe that there's no chance of new music after reading this interview. Of course Axl hasnt done anything in years, but times and the band are different. I totally believe that some new music will be recorded an released.
  13. He did also mention to me that he believes Angus had a big part in Axl's professionalism and punctuality on this tour and Axl really looks up to him.
  14. Good time last night...Richard is a legit nice guy. He mentioned that he talks to Axl every day, but would only give a sly smirk when I asked about new music. He said he had to make some changes in his settings and playing once Slash came back because of his different tone. He mentioned that it was Axl's idea to play 'marathon shows', and the fact that he runs in actual marathons helps him get through the shows. He said that the 2 Soldier Field shows were on top of his list for favorite shows on the entire tour. He said he has nothing negative to say at all about Axl, and is close enough to him that he would say if he did. He talked about his motorcycle crash and said that Tommy Stinson is his best friend. Not much besides tech talk was discussed and I've never played a guitar so it was way over my head.