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  1. Yep, that's the other Alpine one...great stuff! However, I think I'm more impressed with the Easton aluminum. I used to use that same stick!
  2. Love the Alpine poster...my first 2 Guns shows. I have both posters framed. I got my first night poster from a guy who worked at the venue but mine doesn't have the ticket info on it.
  3. They certainly used different ink on some arena shows. The Detroit, Chicago and Milwaukee shows were almost 2 months ago and the ink still smells strong on the ones I bought.
  4. Perfectly said! I saw the 2 UYI openers at Alpine Valley when I was 15 and Chicago 92 when I was 16, and never thought I'd ever see it again. I saw many NuGnR shows and enjoyed the hell out of them, but they just weren't the same. I went to 15 shows this tour, and no one up there was perfect but it's 23 years later...no one in their right mind could expect that. However, the magic between the big 3 was back and the shows were fantastic! They were anything but a lazy money grab. I had a smile on my face every minute of every show just like I did back then. I was able to take our 10 year old daughter to 9 shows and it was special to watch her sing some of the songs I did when I was 11 when I wore through more than one Appetite cassette! Seeing the smile on her face at the Staples Center when Axl waved at her and watching her catch Duff's pick when he pointed at her and tossed it was something I'll never forget. I've been to 450+ shows in my life, and these were easily the most special ones I've ever been to! Thanks boys, and girl, and please let's do it again down the road!
  5. That's usually up to the contracted poster artists. Pearl Jam sells a small run of unsigned and unnumbered prints at their shows and will sell them on their website after the tours if they held some back or had leftovers. The artists will then have 100 or so artist prints that they sign and number and sell themselves on their own websites for higher prices. The posters Guns sold were already numbered so it appears that won't happen, but it did with the Rocket Queen print from last years San Diego show. Bands usually take 30 or so posters off the top for themselves and sell the rest, which Guns did, and it's very obvious they wont have any extras since the douchebags out there were buying 20 at a time at the shows. These are limited edition contracted art pieces done by outside professional artists as opposed to just regular concert merch, so when the allotted number of posters are printed, that's it. Guns just should have limited the ammount that person could buy. It has nothing to do with band laziness like some are saying.
  6. Have a Chicago Jordan, Milwaukee or LA Slash to trade...thanks in advance!
  7. Looking for an LA Axl...have a Chicago Jordan, Milwaukee or LA Slash for trade. Thanks in advance!
  8. Have a great time to whoever is going...Fri and Sat were amazing shows!
  9. I also have an extra Slash that Id like to trade for an Axl if anyone can grab an extra. It was almost impossible to get a Duff on Sat with the amount of douchebags buying 20-30 at a time.
  10. Slash poster tonight...same size as Tulsa. Don't know how to post pics here...
  11. Nice! Wasn't Mccready involved in the first album?
  12. McBob Introducing GN'R Again

    I have to laugh at this! Complaining about a concert because they have no opening band, merch you don't like and a guitar tech thats not introducing the band? That's hilarious! I guess all the other complaints are used so you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find more! Complain about the prices all you want, but just saw my 11, 12 and 13th shows this tour and had good seats for no more than $100 a show. I'd be kicking myself in the balls if I missed these shows! My only complaint is lack of sleep the next morning.