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  1. That IS a decent performance. One where he got the timing almost right too
  2. Need to get in the studio as soon as possible before it's too late!! Axl Still, it was a BETTER start than the last run. Germany June will NEVER be beaten
  3. Axl Rose the man of many voices and he exhibits just about them ALL in "Better"...Seriously, it's like he works out how to sing it as he goes live, so many different tones and attacks. It's become the norm of how he sings it.
  4. Ya, sounding for the most part like he did where he left us 4 months ago...which considering how Axl is after a break, is an improvement! Rocket Queen will be my barometer.
  5. Better than that first gig back in June in Germany (so far) That's for sure!! Need to see how he handles songs post DTJ though... Sounds ok so far.
  6. TIME TO DIIIIIIIIIIE! ...And like we never moved on from 2016, we're BACK!
  7. Checkmate Jackie chan

    Thought it was the "Who Am I" JC film ?
  8. Exactly! This time next year the new Terminator will be out, Jim Cameron heavily involved, T2 reunion with Linda Hamilton and Arnie. Would be a perfect time for a GNR song to be included almost 30 years after YCBM! Also a great first re-introduction for the band as a recording unit, it would get double publicity too from movie and music world. Then Album/ or EP in summer/late 2020! #Wishing
  9. Is this festival shot for TV or online streaming?
  10. Does Absolute have a replay of their streams "On Demand"? If so and you can remember roughly when, we could check?
  11. GNR playing Hawaii on December

    Dec 14th - 23rd UK arena tour dates. London. Manchester. Glasgow. Just a guess but who knows at this point. People have said touring is over so many times now, only for it to continue. Including people involved with the band
  12. GNR playing Hawaii on December

    More dates to follow I'm sure...
  13. YA! He could ask him where Axl got to in January 2016!?!