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  1. 32 songs tonight! Longest set of the tour...It keeps getting bigger. By the end of each leg they seem to be the longest...So perhaps we'll be at 33, 34 by then. Don't think we'll beat 37 for a while though
  2. What's with such a late start tonight? Or is it late curfew festival??
  3. Ooo has Fernando been on our message boards? Don't Cry is finally gonna be a regular again with Patience? Hmmm Never been this early since they reunited, has it?
  4. Ya but in all seriousness...it's the song Axl nails completely 100% front to back! It's perfect for his Patience voice...so for that reason, I'll give it a pass... but hope this is its last leg on tour ! God, it can't be a staple can it? lol
  5. "My Michelle....MYYYY MICHELLE" the crowd say... *Opening notes to W. Lineman ring out* "Nah nah" - the crowd go. Love the banter on streams
  6. Just joining guys...Can some stream link to the best we have please?
  7. Correct! After Duff's solo spot! Then said "Wrong song haha" ! That would of been fucking EPIC
  8. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    What's your 5, outta interest? I'm having an Alter Bridge Spotify binge.
  9. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    Ya I remember Blackbird. That was good live.
  10. SMKC Living the Dream tour New Album Sept 21

    Saw Alter Bridge at Download last year but forgotten it. What would fans of the band say are the top 5 songs of theirs to listen to?
  11. Ya! Hope he gets it eventually No such thing as a "perfect performance" but timing right would be nice !
  12. Just listened back, each time he seems to muck something different up! the whole vocal needs pushed up half a second or so...why is he rushing? Surely it be easier for him to take a little more time than try freight train mode!
  13. Yes...progression has been seen in the last 2 weeks! Tonight for me, Axl's most consistent show. I missed Shadow though, how was that? Did he remember the ending this time?
  14. Longest show of the tour so far! just 6 songs shy of LA's record. Add in OTGM, replace W.L with You're Crazy and you've got a nigh on perfect set and variety!
  15. Dizzy birthday sing song ! Dizzy birthday show is show of the tout !