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  1. Wait we have night train from coachella on soundboard?? WHERE? Thought it was just Jungle, Heavens Door and NV from that ?
  2. HAHHAHAHA ! I love how Axl referenced it...I'm sure when they got off stage, Slash was like "Guys, I balls'd up !! " Axl - "NO you balls'd out !" On a side note - Half decent Coma !
  3. Well it would of been nice to hear Robin tackle it live at some point, no reference for that, sadly...
  4. One of the best Jungles this year...Axl looking so happy and joking but delivering on the vocals, just post the bridge, the longest he's held that raspy note for a while !! When you see stuff like that, you know he's got an on and off switch and chooses to pace himself over a 3hr 30 min gig !
  5. "Just a little................................PATIENCE"
  6. It's the building bricks...I have seen problems inside MSG before with other live streams... Wifi might be bad...if people were using data might be better but problem runs up a lot streaming an entire 3 hr gig !
  7. Same and I have high speed, so don't worry, connections are just bad in MSG it would seem...Same the other nights...
  8. Yea, I remember really enjoying it live in 2010, Axl nailed the different voices...Loved the Chorus with the meaty rasp ! Bumble's solos were pretty sweet too... So, If we're gonna add more C.D to see what Slash does, I'd say that, IRS and The Blues would all be cool...The Blues with Slash's solos and licks could be great, up his street....
  9. That and the fact it was recorded after his vocals changed and aged a bit...so not such a stretch to match ! Actually on the 2010 tour, most of the live vocals of Chinese songs sounded a lot better than the recorded vocals, If you ask me and I do love the record !
  10. Yes, good usage of the "deep voice", Axl actually sounds like he cares when he sings this...Just cause of these reasons, I'd like to see more from C.D, simply as Axl gets more fired up singing it, he must get a bit of kick out of having Slash and Duff play these songs, sort of like, "They finally came round to my way of thinking"... They never wanted to do that industrial album but here we are 25 years later, they're playing my songs... I wonder if that ever goes thro his mind ! It would be nice to see him sing a V.R track as a tip of the hat and thank you.... Anyways, definitely the best Madagascar...Hope it sticks around and that the middle riff/solo only get a bit more meatier.... To the person that said - Shacklers, would be interesting, that could have a complete makeover, I guess...
  11. Duff's a more well rounded dude these days...Maybe Axl will get there....(In the next life) "not in this lifetime"
  12. Axl sounding strong on better tonight from what I can tell (stream)
  13. Well tbf....what you gonna do with 3 mil a night? Dive into a pool of dollars post show?
  14. It's always a strong opening 5 songs or so....those suit Axl well...they should drop 5 or 6 songs from the set and add a couple of lower songs from UYI and with his continued tiny improvements, you would have yourself a respectable (vocal) set again !
  15. Is it just me or has Axl gained like 10 pounds and running far less all of a sudden, just in last month? He really was moving a lot July - Sep ! Just a thought that came to mind....