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  1. When Michael Jackson tries to do some GNR...
  2. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    SEEN IT !! NOBODY NEEDS TO PAY OR SHOULD PAY FOR THIS! Just leak it...lit's the least good of all the leaks of late, I can imagine... If the teaser is a good bit, I'd love to see the shit!
  3. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    Angus checked out some of Axl's recent vocal performances and decided - FUCK THAT !
  4. As a little nod to the fans of C.D (I'm one) Why not...But really... NEW MUSIC PLEASE !!!
  5. Trunk finally got an interview He was fairly careful with his questions, I hope as Slash goes on the promo trail, some will be more brave with questions !
  6. Great thread! I love stats and recorded data of stuff like this as we go through these times... Stormy waters atm, but this will (most likely) all level out in the next year or so and these things will find there way back up, as inactivity comes from the label, in terms of the band being active. As long as releases are on the table and touring is on-going, it seems to be a big focus.
  7. Listened to all available in full thanks to the kindness of sending in full for review. Great job on all. Particularly enjoyed Prostitute & SOD !
  8. With the whole "unfinished business" tagline being put about, of course most of this album was written before the reunion, so makes sense...but after some promo and a bit of touring, i suspect as long as Guns is on the table and potential of new music is coming (hopefully) then SMKC will come to it's conclusion after this era...
  9. also, it's 10.30 over there, one hour behind UK
  10. Also would it be typical of Axl to give a little interview right at the (popular opinion) end of the tour...Or is this just the half way point. I know what my opinion is. This was a testing the waters interview, I believe a few more will come in the next 12-18 months as the tour comes for another swing. Like it or lump it.
  11. Nothing to talk about...The fact Slash and Axl are on a stage is still a miracle and Rolling Stone and any big magazine would put them on the front cover in a heartbeat just have the exclusive on what went down and why they're back...No questions. No new music or future would even need to be discussed
  12. The fact Shadow is still relatively new for Axl, invigorates him. Something that feels a bit fresh. I think performing near enough the same set for almost 20 years most get pretty old these days and hard to REALLY be motivate and bring the energy. Although this leg he's certainly looked in good spirits and happy, even when the vocals haven't been quite there. Shadow proves, although not perfect, he's in time now and it sounds pretty much like the recording, just an aged version of Axl. It's now a big highlight in the set, a quick fire rocker, is exactly what the set needed, now just add "Pretty Tied Up" or "Don't Damn Me" to the second half! Or should I say it - PERFECT CRIME!
  13. GNR are on the biggest reunion tour of all time... They have played only 3 dates (one a festival, the other same venue twice) in the UK since 2012. The UK is a HUGE market for GNR. The only reason I can imagine they only booked London in 2017, is cause they planned to do a second swing down the line. I'll eat my hat if there's not a UK Arena tour with - London x2 Manchester x2 Birmingham Newcastle Liverpool Glasgow United Kingdom Great set for that era. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/2012/capital-fm-arena-nottingham-nottingham-england-53df93b9.html
  14. This threads question will have been answered within the next 12 months... Oh and the answer is - YES.