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  1. When's the last time Bucket toured outside the USA? I'd love to see him in the UK !!
  2. Any more multi-cams with soundboard come out yet? Saw Out Ta Get me and Prostitute...
  3. Perhaps Sirius subscribers can access it on demand??
  4. If Slash clicks his fingers, Myles would rearrange any/all of that to get SMKC back up and running ....
  5. Just need a nice person to put together a multi-angle with audience vids and the broadcast...I would , but lack of time ! I'm sure there's a brave gunner out there, to tackle this...will be worthwhile, with a strong SBD to edit to...
  6. & Definitely a fitting finale to a crazy year of touring !! Lots of highlights... - Longest Show Ever - Year Best performances from almost every song - Axl sounding like he actually gave a damn - giving it everything, 1000% - band on fire and such a jovial mood (Axl especially) so much else to say but for now, merry Christmas to one & all next month and thanks to G N F N R for a great ride in 2017...
  7. Yes ! Beat the record by almost 20 mins !! 4hrs
  8. And previous record was 3.37 I believe, so they completely smashed it!!
  9. Wait is this Axl on P.C ?? Sounding mean ! Ok TOP10 for me confirmed !!
  10. Seeker ! Fucking party time now guys
  11. Killing Maddy ! Almost killed the whole night...If he does a decent P.C...definitely will end up in my top 10 !
  12. The record is DONE ! It's gonna happen, WOW ! could add for fun now...
  13. Don't cry...kinda summing up the forums right now...hardly been a negative word all night. So nice to see...(and hear)
  14. Seriously, some chills right now...this year has been tough at times but Axl is sailing out on a fucking high note ! Beautiful !