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  1. And that is likely the connection. He will blindly follow/support whoever Axl does. On the old forum operated by MSL - he was quite right wing and very critical on all things Islam. He detested Islam and caused a lot of upset to a Muslim member over there. As soon as Axl announced he was Democrat, he because a huge left wing anti trump campaigner. Literally, the day after Axl announced it. That is what you're dealing with here.
  2. Not sure what you mean?
  3. Believe it or not, a lot of this originated on Jarmo's forum. Jarmo ended up denouncing the guy as a fictional character.... "since you're now trying to use this site and also me to publicly validate this 'characters' existence, it's gonna stop right here. It's funny, I'm talking about this alleged person, but I might as well be talking about Superman or maybe Goofy. All of them are about as real as 'he' is to me." This was 12 years ago - he saw through the lies quite early on
  4. You would. He has pretended to be a studio tech from Malubu for over 10 years now, I think he almost believes it himself.
  5. Ask him on Nightrain but he won't talk.
  6. The level of fixation is fascinating tbh, and has been frankly bizarre for 20 years - since GNROnline days No offence taken, but no, my name isn't Joel.
  7. Unfortunately not. His fixation is Axl Rose, and to a lesser extent Jim Morrison
  8. He doesn't work for them. He does it at home, at his own free will, and doesn't get paid.
  9. The truth is it's one guy who started the copyright claims, years ago - as part of a quest to 'police the internet in all things GNR'. This started around 2003. 'Alfred' is just a youngster who latched on and copied.