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  1. Strange to think someone reported all those years ago that the follow up to Chinese Democracy was going to be called P.R.I. and it was largely ignored!
  2. It's not a personal attack, but you frequent Truth and are friendly with Mojo1 so it's worth pointing out the context of your posts.
  3. Cineater is one of the few regulars on 'Truth' so it's little surprise she is talking like this.
  4. I would say they are quite possibly linked. It's an unusual title. Just like a believe 'Box' by Izzy to be 'Down by the Ocean/Sea'
  5. Also, it's worth pointing out a massive amount of the 240 or so reported songs are duplicated. I.e, Chinese Democracy (standard drums) Chinese Democracy (drums up 0.7db) Chinese Democracy (drums up 01.5db) Chinese Democracy (drums down 0.7db) Chinese Democracy (drums up 1.5db)
  6. There are discs that are presented as the following Madagascar (old Josh drums) Madagascar (new Brain drums) The Blues (old Josh drums) The Blues (new Brain drums)
  7. I don't know. This user said 'no more leaks, nothing else to see', or something like that, as if he knew something.
  8. Hearing some interesting info. The discs contain 'I'm Sorry' which is almost identical to the album version. I think a lot of us thought this song came later. Also contains Shanklet's Revenge, (spelt ShaNkler), which is very different. Thyme is a one and a half minute orchestral pieve, which is then used in the song PRL
  9. I don't believe this to be true. I used this anaoligy somewhere else, but If I buy a house belonging to David Chase and we agree I can have the contents/furnature - and I find a DVD of his upcoming film 'The Many Saints of Newark' - it's not 'my film' to do as I please with
  10. It's still his Twitter. He posts Classic Rock articles from it now
  11. Simply put, in his view, leaks/unreleased tracks are ok among his circle of friends, but not the wider fan-base. This is true. The takedowns used to come from 'UziSuicidalLlc' which is his Twitter handle. Here is a thread from 5 years ago Back then, people mistakenly thought Warchild was a girl from Florida.
  12. Yeah, i know. I mentioned it just in case the other guys were wondering.