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  1. Live Nation put a Tour Manager on every tour they promote. That person will (amongst other things) manage the relationship between band and venue, in close association with the Tour Accountant. The promoter will agree venue hire fee and the inclusive services that fee includes. The Tour Manager will be involved with the overall 'settlement' - the exchange between venue and promoter. If the venue has an in house ticketing platform, they will have sold a certain allocation of the house. This will be paid over to promoter - minus venue hire, collection royalties, and any additional services agreed on the rider (additional backstage security, additional confetti clean up etc etc). This settlement is typically done after the main act as taken to the stage and both parties are satisfied the concert is happening. It is signed there and then (on the understanding there may be some dilapidations or overrun penalties) then paid the following working day. Indoor venues typically take all of the bar, a percentage of the merchandise sales and charge a hire fee. If they sell their own tickets, the venue takes the booking fees. Live Nation take the face value of the tickets minus the associated costs, and pay the bands guarantee out of that. All of the above is handled by Live Nation and the venue. Del James role as 'tour manager' will be from inside the GNR camp, and not the actual Live Nation tour. He is likely acting as a PA for the artist, liaising with Angie from Live Nation to facilitate the artist requests. The band will likely request a cash advance each time they arrive at a destination. This is generally spending money for the artist and to pay their own people (outside of the Live Nation payroll). This can cover sightseeing, masseuses - basically anything the band want to spend cash on. Rather than carrying a huge amount of cash on tour, Live Nation will likely arrange with each venue to cash waiting on arrival. It's likely Del collects this from Live Nation and uses it for whatever Axl, band and TB deem necessary.
  2. He appeared early 2000s and has portrayed this character pretty much ever since, with some slight adaptations. I don't like to see people implying he is all of the multiple accounts. He genuinely does have followers behind the scenes who defend him and act on his instructions. Usually female, who think they are doing the GNR camp a favor based on what he's implying.
  3. Haha, who is this guy referring to?
  4. It's all very well you feel like that. It doesn't change the fact that if you post an opinion that he disagrees with on the official GNR forum, you run the risk of being stalked, doxxed and your family and work getting bothered.
  5. I think it's worth pointing out that although Beta is appreciative of this guys support, her or ANY Gnr associate ever publicly acknowledge his existence or communicate with him. This suggests IMO that they know his behavior is questionable and they want no association. On Twitter, he follows Axl, Beta, Fernando, Dizzy, Slash, Duff, Fortus, Jarmo, Adler, Tommy, Frank, Andy Copping (Live Nation), Merck, Nik (worked on official site). Not a single one of the above follow him back! That to me seems very deliberate. There are many of us on here who are being followed by some of the above, it's no big deal. Anyone of any note in the GNR camp have very much declined the option to follow that particular account. That should be all the proof his followers need but he'll be feeding them some elaborate excuse behind the scenes, about him needing to stay incognito for whatever reason.
  6. Yeah, although he's not exactly Tony Soprano lol.
  7. That's why it's so concerning and speaking about it relatively openly helps. If you do/say something this guy disagrees with, he and his little army will analyze every post you've made on that forum, and every other forum, then find your Twitter/Facebook etc. If you've said anything remotely controversial, they'll inform your employers, you're family, you're spouse etc. This isn't an exaggeration - people posting on the official Guns n Roses forum run the risk of this happening to them! And it's tolerated and a blind eye is turned. It's happened to you. He doesn't like your podcast, so this girl (his 'muse') is now slandering you saying yo sent porn to her phone, despite it not being your number, your location, and the screenshot clearly showed it was spam sent to multiple numbers. Others are starting to come forward (in private), so talking like this is helpful to collate peoples personal experiences with this guy.
  8. I know for fact TB appreciate his history of support. There is every chance mods have been told to go easy on him. I doubt they know half of the claims he has been making behind the scenes. Talking about getting people to do his dirty work for him - remember when Kevin Skwerl released his article? Read the paragraph The Investigation http://www.bandmine.com/news/63/the_full_story_behind_our_chinese_democracy_leak/718435 He persuaded the girl from Florida who I mentioned earlier to go to the FBI about the links, whilst keeping himself firmly out of it.
  9. Beta has communicated with him for many years.
  10. It's a very complex situation. There is a long, deep element of manipulation in this story, which is why it frustrates me when people dismiss him as 'crazy' and move on. He has targeted impressionable female members for over 15 years and manipulated them into believing he is Axl Rose, or has access to Axl Rose (depending on how suggestible his subject is). Cunningly, he will avoid saying he is Axl, however, using a VPN, he switches IP to whatever country Axl is currently in, and will tie in whatever situation Axl is in (i.e. telling members he has injured his foot when Axl was singing on that throne). He has described himself as living in Malibu, being born in 62, being nocturnal and more creative at night, being a musician, being bi-polar (he stopped saying this when Axl said in chat he wasn't bi-polar), working in a Malibu studio, using pro-tools a lot, etc etc. This is all untrue. The reason I hate seeing it dismissed, or not being allowed top be spoken about, is that he always gathers a small army of followers who believe his lies and do the dirty work - such as doxxing, stalking, personal attacks etc, in the hope that is scores them points with Axl/GNR. Remember the girl on here who went to Marc Canter's restaurant to return the book in person and tell him it was all lies? She is his current 'subject'. She thinks he is an artist and she describes herself as his 'muse' - the extent of his art is lifting GNR photographs from the web, running them through a photoshop filter, and adding some GNR logos and mirrors. This same girl is now saying Brando from A4D podcast sent her an unsolicited text message, which is completely untrue. At his request, she will harass and find out info on forum members that he has a disagreement with. A woman from Florida had her life ruined over this. Her behavior was very naive and she should have been a lot more mature, but she was led into believing he was Axl and they were in love. She was incorrectly outed as being him by a previous mod on here and people contacted her at home and at her place of work - all because they had been abused by this guy for years. Speaking openly has helped, and his lies are becoming less frequent and his followers diminishing. He doesn't actually own the forum where they claim to speak the 'truth'. He was a member on MSLs old forum and convinced a female member to purchase it and appoint him as admin. This girl is a litigation lawyer from Atlanta and I'm guessing she is now realizing that wasn't the best idea! She has admitted on meet-ups that she has never met him. It's a real shame. He is articulate, knowledgeable on the band and the music industry in general. He communicates with beta and actually knows what he is talking about re. situations within the band. He'd be an asset to any GNR forum if he didn't spread his lies about himself. I believe the spotlight is on him now and and the 15 years of this fictional character is coming to a close.
  11. He doesn't. He goes to extraordinary lengths to hide it.
  12. Haha, let's avoid mentioning this guy. He craves the attention but is a lot less involved than people think
  13. Yeah, most people are. Unfortunately though, there are (female) members on other forum who know nothing about his history, who are believing his stories about being a nocturnal, Aquarius, reclusive, edgy musician from Malibu. Because of this, they are prone to attacking other members on his instruction, and harassing the podcasters at his request, because they think they are going to be rewarded eventually.
  14. If anyone is unclear about this, I'll reiterate what I said previously in the thread. An old member of this forum (who now posts on official forum and his own forum) is responsible for the takedowns. This individual has actually created a fictional character for himself, which started 17-18 years ago online. There have been numerous attempts by this person to impersonate Axl Rose, now he claims to be a musician in Malibu (which is a complete fabrication). This forum decided years ago it was better not to discuss this guy for reasons I think we can all completely understand. Unfortunately, this allowed him to infiltrate the official site and spread his 'truth' there, without anyone publicly calling him out for his lies. He has a habit of befriending some of the more 'impressionable' female members, and feeds them lies to convince them he is someone of importance to the band. Again, to summarize - this is what went down A fan from the GNROnline (active from 1998) days struck up a 'penpal' type relationship with Beta (before Team Brasil was an actual entity). This individual was/is a loyal Axl Rose fan and defended Axl against any criticism online. Beta appreciated the loyalty and support and an informal arrangement was made where this guy and a few other select people would 'police' the message-boards, stopping the spread of mis-information The character profile was created (and shared between a very small group of users) and registered on all major forums, and this individual started removing vids from YouTube citing copyright The character profile became quite confrontational. Also, entered into a lot of personal bickering with members The profile never claimed to be Axl Rose, but (subjectively) typed in Axl lingo. Any personal info released matched up with Rose (living in Malibu, being nocturnal, being born in 62 etc, etc - could all be coincidental but were all incorrect) The drama got too much and the profile was banned A female member from Florida was wrongly accused of being behind the character and several alts (and still mentioned to this day) The individual leading the profile returned on MSL's forum, then later went on to moderate the forum (now not associated with MSL) This person took exception to comments in a recent podcast, and decided to enlist the help of another member of the forum he moderates and took down as many unauthorized videos as possible This person has toned down his on-line behavior somewhat, but still claims to be living in LA which is untrue This guy attacks with memes and passive aggressive instagram posts. His friends were caught sharing an image of a non-white member on the official forum, with her face replaced with that of a gorilla.Then following a disagreement with this particular member, he posted a pic of a gorilla in a bikini, leading to the accusations of racism.