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  1. Copyright Strikes....

    Without her, he'd be talking to himself. But yeah - he may get some new members.....
  2. Copyright Strikes....

    I know she is. All I'm saying is she's ultimately responsible for GNRTruth still being active, and I think it's strange, given what most of us know about Mojo. You disagree, which is fine. I'm sorry - I don't want you to feel bad on here. You're obviously really nice and I'm not spying on you! All I know about you is your username! I'll never understand why you choose to be friends with this individual given what we all know - but ultimately it's your business.
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    Yeah, I've had it loads of times. And I'm not interested in publicly doxxing the guy. I feel it's important he knows that he's not able to harass members anonymously now and I think his behavior has calmed down a lot.
  4. Copyright Strikes....

    Agree, she's not being mistreated and I've never said anything personal about Cineater. But anyone in doubt, just take a look over at GnrTruth. Cineater is effectively the only one chatting to Mojo, thus keeping his forum clinging to life. I just find that sketchy. I guess it's not a crime, but given the nature of that guy it's baffling to a lot of us here why she does this. I'd agree with her though, she's never got involved in any of the forum dramas over the years. She's certainly not like his other disciples (EmoAnnie, Maribeth etc etc). Stalked is a ridiculous claim to make to be fair. I've no idea who she is, and have never cared. All I know is that she was his buddy on the MSL forum and a regular on Truth.
  5. Copyright Strikes....

    Not keen on the phrasing of this Until I got involved - you all thought Mojo was that woman from Florida. I have proven beyond any reasonable doubt who Mojo is and sent the info to the admins. I believe this has helped the situation, as he now understands he is no longer anonymous. Suggesting I am he isn't really helpful, and I think it's pretty unfair.
  6. Copyright Strikes....

    Which one was that ER? I remember him on GNR International with FaridBak Madness isn't it - to think this guy started this on GNROnline when he was still in his 20's!!!! Most of his adult life, he's pretended to be this edgy character from LA!! In reality, he's been in Mobile Homes in Tuscaloosa and Northport Alabama!
  7. Since you asked.... Always relatively right-leaning. Used a lot of sexist language, made plenty of comments saying he doesn't understand gay guys (basically like the old Axl). Very anti-Islam and clashed terribly with Iranian Lost Highway on MSL's old forum Until literally the day Axl said he was democrat. He made a complete about turn overnight and posts as many anti-Trump memes as Axl photoshops these days. Yes, that's right. A fully grown adult changed his whole political beliefs to match that of his favorite singer
  8. His forum is irrelevant now - it's only him and Cineater on it
  9. Solutions

    Cineater would personally recommend Mojo gets access. Then what?
  10. Copyright Strikes....

    You're reading too much into it. Fact is, if anyone goes to Mojo's (Warchild's) forum now, and look at the chatbox in the homepage - they will see it has only been populated by 2 people in the last 2 months. You and Mojo (Warchild). Then if you enter the main forum, there are effectively 3 members left. Mojo (Warchild), Contemptible and you. I think people just wonder what the hell you're playing at to be honest. Your participation keeps his site running. Without you, he'd be talking to himself. Either you are fine about this guys behavior - or you don't believe us. Worth pointing out - even Tiffany (the person who bought it from MSL) and appointed him as admin has completely washed her hands with it.
  11. Copyright Strikes....

    With respect, no. I think this guy's behavior needs highlighting.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    Am I related to Warchild? No. Or to MB? either way - no!
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    It doesn't really work like that though does it - who you want me on your forum if I'd gone out of my way to get you or your spouse sacked from their job, or contacted your wife to tell her thing about you? Or would you think I was a weirdo and remove me from your forum for your own safety and the safety of your members?
  14. Copyright Strikes....

    Respectful to you, yes. It wasn't much fun being MB when she was doxxed, and people called her house, and her work, and she was banned from all forums and ridiculed in every GNR community (and still is). All because she believed this guy was Axl Rose, and she believed that backing him and defending him at every opportunity would result in them meeting. It's fun, until this guy writes to your employer with posts you made 10 years ago that could be classed as controversial. Or contacts your wife on Facebook because you once said you'd bang someone you saw on TV. That's what you're potentially dealing with. It's also worth point out he was very right wing, anti gay, VERY anti Islam etc until Axl mentioned he was democrat. He immediately turned into a far left supporter, posting anti-Trump memes almost daily! Yes, this guy changed his whole political outlook to match that of his favorite singer!!
  15. Copyright Strikes....

    I'm asking you why you are 1 of a very small handful of people that keep Mojo's little forum alive?