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  1. The truth, and the end.

    I know 100% that Beta communicates with him via email every now and again. She told him when DJ left, she told him when Ron left, she told him when Axl met Slash. He in turn told a group of 6-7 people, and they all knew way before the fanbase. He doesn't have a direct line in for 24/7 info. He basically gets some of his emails answered by Beta. There isn't really much more to it.
  2. The truth, and the end.

    He grossly over-implies his association with the band. His 'association' is that Beta tells him stuff every now and again - that's it. He's not an insider, he doesn't go to shows. One hilarious example of him not being in the know what when Rose pulled out of Jimmy Kimmell interview. Basically, Downzy announced he's received an email saying the Kimmel appearance was off. - but this guy said "don't worry, all is well. be sure to tune in" His ridiculous followers replied and said (and I quote) "I'd be inclined to side with Jim here", "If Jim says all is well, then I'm gonna be as chill as a motherfucker!” and “Don't listen to mygnr ever just look at past threads and you can see they are not to be trusted.” However, no worried that the show might actually be cancelled says “Will get clarification ASAP- heading home now.” (as if some clarification would magically be at his house) He then appeared with “The rumored show that was never officially confirmed nor officially announced is not going to happen” (which Downzy had already confirmed. Users asked if he has more detail, he replied “No other details to publicly share at this time” (although he found out nearly 3 hours after everyone else, he seemed to have acquired all the information, but cannot publicly share it) He then went on to say “The difference is, if it is news that could potentially be disruptive or damaging, it won't be reported here- or will be timed where it can do no damage” (now implying he knew all along – forgetting he raced home to get the news that we all already had). He later said "not able to discuss at present, sorry” So you can see, he's not always in the know. He gets little bits of info every now and again but grossly overplays his 'insider' status using implied wording. He claims to be in Malibu and he is nowhere near.
  3. The truth, and the end.

    The profile was set up on the forums, and 4 users had access. The 'character' was essentially this individual, living out his fantasy life online. 90% of content was done by him. Another user posted occasionally, I don't think the others bothered. He claims now it was a collective effort, but it was pretty much a one man band with a very devoted (at the time) sidekick.
  4. The truth, and the end.

    You are referring to his younger sidekick.
  5. The truth, and the end.

    That's ok. To be clear, I'm not an insider, I don't know what the band is doing, I haven't heard Atlas Shrugged etc, but I think it's fairly clear I know what I'm talking about in relation to this issue. Again, to summarize - this is what went down A fan from the GNROnline (active from 1998) days struck up a 'penpal' type relationship with Beta (before Team Brasil) was an actual entity. This individual was/is a loyal Axl Rose fan and defended Axl against any criticism online. Beta appreciated the loyalty and support and an informal arrangement was made where this guy and a few other select people would 'police' the message-boards, stopping the spread of mis-information The character profile was created (and shared between a very small group of users) and registered on all major forums, and this individual started removing vids from YouTube citing copyright The character profile became quite confrontational. Also, entered into a lot of personal bickering with members The profile never claimed to be Axl Rose, but (subjectively) typed in Axl lingo. Any personal info released matched up with Rose (living in Malibu, being nocturnal, being born in 62 etc, etc - could all be coincidental but were all incorrect) The drama got too much and the profile was banned A female member from Florida was wrongly accused of being behind the character and several alts (and still mentioned to this day) The individual leading the profile returned on MSL's forum, then later went on to moderate the forum (now not associated with MSL) This person took exception to comments in a recent podcast, and decided to enlist the help of another member of the forum he moderates and took down as many unauthorized videos as possible This person has toned down his on-line behavior somewhat, but still claims to be living in California which is untrue
  6. The truth, and the end.

    Because the communication has been shared, more than once by more than one person. Usually in an attempt to prove this individual is 'legit'. Clues were dropped on their site, such as 'hell froze over' the very day after Axl and Slash first spoke. This is one example of many.
  7. The truth, and the end.

    Because there is a small circle of people he shares these communications with, and drop tidbits of news prior to the fanbase knowing. They were all aware of Ron's sacking, DJ resigning and Axl reaching out to Slash as it happened, rather than when everyone else found out.
  8. The truth, and the end.

    It would have been nice. Ultimately, it's being done by a longtime contact of Beta (and a member of his forum).
  9. The truth, and the end.

    What? You don't think Beta is involved with the day to day management of Axl Rose?
  10. The truth, and the end.

    She is very much involved and hands-on
  11. The truth, and the end.

    Agree, and my post above reflects this. Beta isn't a CEO from a commercially responsible company with a PR team. She reacts emotionally. This causes people to then in turn react by saying TM are unprofessional and it goes round and round
  12. The truth, and the end.

    In my opinion, during the downtime (94 onwards) there was a lot of criticism and ridicule thrown at Axl Rose. This affected him, Beta was there for him on a personal level and a bit of a 'siege mentality' developed, us against the world. They are both sensitive, emotional people and they reacted accordingly. Criticism (some valid) has always been rife on these forums. Of the way the band is managed in particular. This has led Beta to become rather bitter and distrustful of the fanbase and she welcomed the unflinching support of this guy in question. I know she values his loyalty. Comments like the above, although in jest, will mount up and there has become an 'us vs them' theme, in regards to Axl/TB vs fans, which is a shame. I doubt Rose personally knows who this guy is. He is maybe vaguely aware of an arrangement between this fan and Beta where copyrighted stuff is reported and lies are exposed, but I'd guess that's about as much as he'd know.
  13. The truth, and the end.

    Exactly. I wouldn't use this as a reason not to like the band or listen to the music. No disrespect to the original poster, but he will certainly listen to any new music GNR will put out, despite what he says. It's very frustrating, and I sympathize with anyone who lost videos or can't watch their favorite live performances anymore.
  14. The truth, and the end.

    They don't 'represent' GNR - in the extent that GNR could distance themselves from this individual should anything go wrong. They (or Beta) seem fine with this guy removing the unauthorized videos and it's seen as a win/win in their eyes. A rogue fan doing their dirty work. Beta supplies this guy info. Del keeps him at arms length. Neither will ever discuss him publicly.