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  1. Also, it's worth pointing out a massive amount of the 240 or so reported songs are duplicated. I.e, Chinese Democracy (standard drums) Chinese Democracy (drums up 0.7db) Chinese Democracy (drums up 01.5db) Chinese Democracy (drums down 0.7db) Chinese Democracy (drums up 1.5db)
  2. There are discs that are presented as the following Madagascar (old Josh drums) Madagascar (new Brain drums) The Blues (old Josh drums) The Blues (new Brain drums)
  3. I don't know. This user said 'no more leaks, nothing else to see', or something like that, as if he knew something.
  4. Hearing some interesting info. The discs contain 'I'm Sorry' which is almost identical to the album version. I think a lot of us thought this song came later. Also contains Shanklet's Revenge, (spelt ShaNkler), which is very different. Thyme is a one and a half minute orchestral pieve, which is then used in the song PRL
  5. I don't believe this to be true. I used this anaoligy somewhere else, but If I buy a house belonging to David Chase and we agree I can have the contents/furnature - and I find a DVD of his upcoming film 'The Many Saints of Newark' - it's not 'my film' to do as I please with
  6. It's still his Twitter. He posts Classic Rock articles from it now
  7. Simply put, in his view, leaks/unreleased tracks are ok among his circle of friends, but not the wider fan-base. This is true. The takedowns used to come from 'UziSuicidalLlc' which is his Twitter handle. Here is a thread from 5 years ago Back then, people mistakenly thought Warchild was a girl from Florida.
  8. Yeah, i know. I mentioned it just in case the other guys were wondering.
  9. Joel, or the other guy?
  10. Some of this is accurate. Jarmo's hands are tied, and for what it's worth, he's doing a decent job over there -seemingly refusing to let Mojo's 'insider' status pass anymore. Jarmo has years of experience moderating a forum with this guy on it (he was a regular on HTGTH).. You've got to remember - this guy has been loyal and defended Axl for over 20 years now, and Beta loves that. During the downtime, there was a very much a siege mentality of 'us vs them'. Us being the Brazil family, them being media/press/public and 'demanding' fans. He enlisted a few super fans and create an unflinching team of support for Axl, with the view to shut down lies and rumors, and remove bootleg material. Unfortunately, he's been living a fantasy life (I guess spurred on by excitement of having a direct source in the band) and he pretends to be something he isn't. He pretends to be a musician from LA, instead he is just a guy from Alabama. In public, he has stated he was born in 1962, he is bi-polar, he is a musician, he lives in Malibu etc. In private, he has told people he is Axl Rose. This has led to impressionable female forum members over the years to be at his beck and call. This famously led to a female member from Florida being outed as him, and being completely ostracized from the fan scene. Ironically, this female member and him supplied a ton of info for the book 'Guns n' Roses: The Band that Time Forgot' (she was thanked in the acknowledgements - he couldn't be, due to leading a pretend life) As for the quote above - I don't think Beta involves Fernando. Jarmo understands this guy is liked by the camp and moderates the forum accordingly.
  11. Just for avoidance of doubt - this wasn't Mojo, this was an associate of his. A young guy, banned from all forums, who has formed a friendship with Mojo.
  12. Live Nation put a Tour Manager on every tour they promote. That person will (amongst other things) manage the relationship between band and venue, in close association with the Tour Accountant. The promoter will agree venue hire fee and the inclusive services that fee includes. The Tour Manager will be involved with the overall 'settlement' - the exchange between venue and promoter. If the venue has an in house ticketing platform, they will have sold a certain allocation of the house. This will be paid over to promoter - minus venue hire, collection royalties, and any additional services agreed on the rider (additional backstage security, additional confetti clean up etc etc). This settlement is typically done after the main act as taken to the stage and both parties are satisfied the concert is happening. It is signed there and then (on the understanding there may be some dilapidations or overrun penalties) then paid the following working day. Indoor venues typically take all of the bar, a percentage of the merchandise sales and charge a hire fee. If they sell their own tickets, the venue takes the booking fees. Live Nation take the face value of the tickets minus the associated costs, and pay the bands guarantee out of that. All of the above is handled by Live Nation and the venue. Del James role as 'tour manager' will be from inside the GNR camp, and not the actual Live Nation tour. He is likely acting as a PA for the artist, liaising with Angie from Live Nation to facilitate the artist requests. The band will likely request a cash advance each time they arrive at a destination. This is generally spending money for the artist and to pay their own people (outside of the Live Nation payroll). This can cover sightseeing, masseuses - basically anything the band want to spend cash on. Rather than carrying a huge amount of cash on tour, Live Nation will likely arrange with each venue to cash waiting on arrival. It's likely Del collects this from Live Nation and uses it for whatever Axl, band and TB deem necessary.