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    coming soon: UPDATE came up with the perfect name and what the site will be about. HINT: i don't think it's ever been done before but it will be AWESOME ;)

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    writing, working on my website, saving interesting things people wrote/say, not being as naive as i was ( like trusting the wrong people hehe they know who they are ) swimming, the night sky, astromomy. astrology (Cancer is a very interesting sign to me and i have found that someone i always thought was not supposed to be compatible is actually PERFECT. ) searching for the truth. and above all my fur kids first and foremost. thanks to my horrid ex he caused me to lose my baby (only 3 months along but that baby was MINE ) oh and then finding out that after he caused that i could never have a baby. but my fur babies are my own and they give unconditional love, don't lie to me andhave never screwed me over. ok that is more than enough...for now! :p

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  1. What Are You Listening To 2017

    funny how music can bring back a strong memory....this song was playing in Monterey the year we went to see the comet....
  2. The whining thread

    i think we all ate red meat. the escargot and the squid were like starters i guess? we'd also had some cocktails before hand so idk for sure! my friend's date dared me to eat the sweetbreads so i did. not my cup of tea bit oh i do love escargot! we had it at a Christmas party, there were only 5 of us ( it was a very small company ) but the boss was ordering all this expenstive stuff so i jumped right in! scallops, escargot, lobster and steak, cocktails, maybe wine ( i honestly don't remember! ) good times
  3. holograms of Tupac, Lil Sebastian, the greatest band ever MouseRat and sexy saxophonist Duke Silver. JUST KIDDING
  4. What Music Shit Are You Watching? (videos, interviews, docu's etc)

    Elvis: That's the Way It Is AXS
  5. The Dark Tower

    with mcconaughey in this wonder if this helps or hinders his chances for playing the Walkin' Dune in the 4 movies they are SUPPOSED to be making for The Stand. getting the towers books, just ordered them.
  6. What Are You Listening To 2017

    "You so crazy' "Does that mean you wanna have my baby?" "We ARE old"
  7. The whining thread

    the red wine was with the sweetbreads. i think. i was 17 and in SF on a date for the first time. does red wine go with sweebreads?
  8. Had a crazy dream last night

    brilliant! i had a dream i was on tour with the Monkees...see what you have done @Len Cnut!!! we stopped somewhere to see if they had a place for our RV hookups. the guy was nice and asked if i wanted to see the back. we went around and it was the bluest most gorgeous ocean! i saw dolphins and i ran up to one and was petting it while others frolicked. according to my Native American friend dolphin dreams are very special and can mean things that are not apparent but are psychic. so maybe the Monkees are GN'R?
  9. The T.V. Show Thread

    Speechless...bonus! rerun but i had not seen it. love this show! Modern Family The Goldbergs...when show this first started it was my favorite show but now i find it rather meh
  10. The whining thread

    mussels are so good! the war was why my dad never let us eat it at home, said he had it too much in the war. the squid was prepared in a way i have never seen since. they had cut it up to LOOK like it was little pieces of macaroni, it was served cold and it tasted like they'd made it like a pasta salad. i have had fried calamari which was good...not tough. it was jusr weird, i had the squid, the escargot, and the sweetbreads all in one meal. it kind of helped they were serving us copious amounts of strong red wine! but i have had escargot, mussels, and oysters many many times. we have a place here where you can eat all you want...the Peppermill Island Buffet. i was skeptical that a buffet would serve good seafood but everyone loves this place. i plan on going for my birthday, we tried the Atlantis last year and it was sketchy :/
  11. What Are You Listening To 2017

    oh southern man it's not over....it really has not even begun..the readings and pointing say it has so long for us to go
  12. All Slash Riffs In One Video

    sorry should have specifed not an ALL SLASH record, now an all GN'R i migth have ta disgaree with ya dude!
  13. What Are You Listening To 2017

    i know i have mentioned my cool older brother brother. he was 18 years old when left for the UT (University of Texas, son! ) he left behinds hundred of cool LP's but this one is dedicated to him... my older bro M.J. thanks for the music bro...
  14. Shameless Plugging

    anything for a gn'r fan
  15. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    "I saw the Light" 2015: Tom Hillestone Bradley Whitford. this is supposed to be the story of what "really" happened in Hanks's life. i don't believe there will ever be a "true story" of original Hank but at least this was tons better than the awful George Williams "Your Cheatin' Heart." anyway. just so some people know the truth..i was into Hank, Jr and Hank Williams Jr before you ever "discovered" them AND Hank III. been into country as long as can be... never doubt this Texas chick KNOWS her country music peeps! anyway this movie "I Saw the Light" is good and much better i mentioned before in this post. just sayin' it could be better and i hope someone just NAILS it!