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    coming soon: UPDATE came up with the perfect name and what the site will be about. HINT: i don't think it's ever been done before but it will be AWESOME ;)

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    writing, working on my website, saving interesting things people wrote/say, not being as naive as i was ( like trusting the wrong people hehe they know who they are ) swimming, the night sky, astromomy. astrology (Cancer is a very interesting sign to me and i have found that someone i always thought was not supposed to be compatible is actually PERFECT. ) searching for the truth. and above all my fur kids first and foremost. thanks to my horrid ex he caused me to lose my baby (only 3 months along but that baby was MINE ) oh and then finding out that after he caused that i could never have a baby. but my fur babies are my own and they give unconditional love, don't lie to me andhave never screwed me over. ok that is more than enough...for now! :p

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  1. ok so i noticed that a few of us have interest in soaps here and have been posting them in the TV Show Thread and ran it past Gracii that maybe we need our own thread! so @dontdamnmeuyi2015 @marlingrl03 and anyone else who watches soap please come post here! my first post is @dontdamnmeuyi2015 when you mentioned DOOL that got me thinking. i used to watch that way back in the day and i always loved the Bo/Hope story line. so i was watching some episodes on YouTube and saw that BO has DIED?? i saw the part where he dies and while it was very sad i thought it was kind of weird that they were full on making out before he died cos they both knew he was dying right then! but then i thought hey, there could be worse ways to go! so anyone who likes soaps, watches them or has watched them and wanna get caught up come on in!
  2. The Home Cookin' Thread W/ Recipes

    Mod edit: Have merged this thread with the comfort foods one. Here is @Dan H.'s intro: "So I guess most people in the world dont sustain themselves on Taco Bell and ice cream like me, and in fact they cook their own food. So how many chefs we got here on MyGNR? Whats your signature dish? What kinds of food do you cook? Do you create your own recipes. Share with me your best recipes and pics of your home cooked food, fatties." ----------------- when @Gracii Guns started her interior decorating thread it sparked an idea, home and hearth. and then i thought it might be fun to start a thread about comfort foods. this is the perfect time of year for me as soups and stews and such are so comforting in the colder weather. i thought we could name some of our favorite ones, share some recipes and things like that. the guys are welcome too, i know many men are into cooking these days! anyway, i will start off with the dish i have made for Halloween for at least the last 10 years. i don't have a recipe but i have some tips. i used shredded beef in mine and i make it in my slow cooker. shredded beef is so much tastier than hamburger in chili IMO. i also use several kinds of chilis to layer the flavor. i use cayenne, New Mexico ground chili, and those chilis in adobo that come in the can...one or two and about a tablespoon or so of the sauce they are packed in. i also use fresh garlic, cumin, sea salt and a few twists of fresh ground pepper. i use a chuck roast for the beef and cook it in the slow cooker til it is tender enough to shred ( i use two forks to shred it. ) my cooker is pretty old so i cook it on high for an hour then go down to low for like 6 hours. if yours cooks faster just let it cook until the beef feels really tender. and then i add 2 cans of pinto beans ( some people think adding beans is a no-no but i have made it both with and without and my people prefer it with.) then to serve i offer toppings. chopped onions, shredded cheese ( i use hot pepper jack ) sour cream and because i'm from Texas i offer Fritos too. but a nice homemade corn bread is good as well. anyway, i hope some of you will share your comfort food faves, maybe recipes, whatever! let's have fun with it