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    writing, working on my website, saving interesting things people wrote/say, not being as naive as i was ( like trusting the wrong people hehe they know who they are ) swimming, the night sky, astromomy. astrology (Cancer is a very interesting sign to me and i have found that someone i always thought was not supposed to be compatible is actually PERFECT. ) searching for the truth. and above all my fur kids first and foremost. thanks to my horrid ex he caused me to lose my baby (only 3 months along but that baby was MINE ) oh and then finding out that after he caused that i could never have a baby. but my fur babies are my own and they give unconditional love, don't lie to me andhave never screwed me over. ok that is more than enough...for now! :p

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    coming soon: UPDATE came up with the perfect name and what the site will be about. HINT: i don't think it's ever been done before but it will be AWESOME ;)

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  1. i just found out someone i used to work with died Sunday. he was on a motorcycle and crashed into the back of a semi. died on impact. he was 29 and a really great guy. funny, smart, kind...always willing to lend a hand even if his own desk was piled high with his projects. he was a loving husband and father...4 little boys and another baby on the way. he'd really hoped for a girl this time. so today when i am reading some very petty things here ( and being petty myself ) i thought why is this happening? not gonna be all cliche and say can't we all get along. let's just try and be nicer to people. you never know when your time is up...or anyone else's for that matter.

    1. highres


      Sad and tragic. Good points.

    2. AxlsFavoriteRose


      thanks so very much ! God bless...