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  1. Not sure Jarmo runs their social media? But i admit it looks Jarmo-ish 😂
  2. My thoughts? they’re referring to a photo taken probably 6 months ago and fishing for the exact response you gave them by hoping/wishing/thinking there’s more to it when there’s not! mind you, that’s not your fault! They’re just a bunch of #%@%*!s
  3. 100% agree I don’t judge anyone for their tastes or preferences when it comes to GNR anymore. I’m getting too old for those arguments 😂
  4. 1 x AFD (Compact Disk) 1 x Illusions (Compact disk) 1 x spaghetti Incident (compact disk) 1 x ticket to NITL in Sydney 3 x official t shirts I also bought a signed Guitar by all members of the current band from a charity auction for $1,500.00 out of Brisbane. They did 2 of these framed guitars and to be fair it looks fucking mint. I was conflicted though by the fact that fortus and frank were on it and not Steven and Izzy but then again it would have sold for a lot more than I could afford if that was the case. 😂 I’m still very happy with it and it takes pride of place in my lounge room. finally l... I never purchased CD. I downloaded it on limewire and hated it, so deleted not long afterwards, I have since tried it again and still can’t bring myself to like it lol
  5. I’ll take one unopened for $100AU i wonder how long I will have to wait? 😁
  6. I’ve never seen a group of grown men carry on like 12 year old school girls like this lot! I love this band, but telling things straight isn’t their strong point. they take the fans for idiots. When duff says things like he doesn’t really know what happened there (in reference to Izzy not being a part of it) does he think we are all stupid? just be honest, tell the truth and the fans can make their own decisions. It’s the same with the other elephant in the room (new album). what’s the big fucking deal in just being honest? Is axl such a bitch these days that no one can tell the truth on this topic? They carry on like a guns roses album is a matter of national security. It’s a rock band... a 30 yr old rock band, life doesn’t revolve around gnr!!!! who gives a shit??? stop being a bunch of jerks and just throw your own fans a fucking bone once in a while. The very fans who have lined your pockets and made you half relevant again! watching 50 yr old men carry on like schoolgirls really is embarrassing. Duff wearing punk as fuck t shirts doesn’t change a thing. I had massive wraps on this guy because I thought he was a stand up dude! The last 18 months especially has changed that. this band can do one! I hope Matt has some decent stories in his book, that’s about all there is to look forward to with this band right now.

    Definitely mate. when he first announced he was doing the book he made some big claims like not watering it down etc so hopefully he’s backed that up with a good account of that period. I’m the first to admit I’m not remotely interested in the cult but the UYI period and velvet revolver period will be of big interest to me, hopefully we hear some fresh perspectives on axl, Scott and everything that went on.

    Not sure where else to put this, but Matt Sorum’s autobiography is being released on the 7.04.2020 its called double talkin jive. I’ll be interested to see his take on the UYI period and if there’s anything in it we haven’t heard before.
  9. Who the F is mojo? have we got a name?
  10. As others have said, slash by a mile when it comes to GNR. bucket isn’t to my personal taste and whilst I can appreciate his technical ability, it’s just not my cup of tea.
  11. The notion that some fans on here have, that it’s ok to leak things because the band hasn’t released an album in over a decades is absurd. People can accuse axl and tb of lots of things (and they are probably right on a lot of those things) but to suggest they shouldn’t be annoyed by this, or that they have acted inappropriately by banning rick is also absurd. rick comes across as a little smart arse and regardless of whether he leaked that stuff or not, he was bragging about it and at worst he’s a shitty fan who deserves what he gets, at best a gullible “super fan” who still looks like a prat.
  12. Maybe, but if you understood what I meant it was simply if certain people are holding out hope of hearing other songs in the deep cut category (which judging on this thread alone suggests there’s plenty)that haven’t been pulled out for years then this gives them hope. Locomotive is probably the hardest one of all for axl and that’s why people were surprised they dusted it off.
  13. I personally think that GNR have enough back catalogue to fill out with “their” songs without filling in with covers... BHS witchita, seeker, slither (I’ll get some people disagreeing) but all those should be retired for the short term imo. I still have no issue with LALD or KOHD as those have been staples for 30 years. Locomotive being played should give every hardcore fan hope that the band still have some setlist tricks up their sleeves in the future! Personally I’d love to see an acoustic set or something later on down the line but for now I’m certainly not complaining. As for the rick situation, I think there is definitely 2 sides to the story here and id personally be interested to hear from rick on the forum answer a few questions. Someone in this thread alluded to the point that rick was paid 10-15k by TB not to leak the songs??? Can anyone confirm if that’s true? Can rick confirm or deny that point? For me personally if he had an agreement with TB and took the money and was then responsible for the leaks then that’s a fairly average act if that took place.
  14. My take on this song, the intro is a bit meh, it doesn’t really stick in your mind, it’s a bit run of the mill. I feel like it needs something else. The chorus while simple works a treat and is classic gnr imo, axl nails the lyrics for the chorus, at 2:22 when it slows down it also has a very gnr feel but I’m not sure if it works that well. To be honest the song has some great elements to it and as others have stated already, with slash on it and a bit of polish it’s probably better than anything that made CD. If axl does have another 10 or 12 of these with maybe one absolute gem in amongst it, then any album that sees the light of day might just do the catalogue justice after all... Im not holding my breath for a release though and if axl is aware of what’s gone down in the last 24 hrs (which I’m sure he is) I bet he’s pissed as hell.