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    You really missed the point. I had a whole lot of points typed but then deleted them because you honestly wouldn’t get it anyway.
  2. I’ve thought the same thing mate. I think any of could manage this band a billion times better.
  3. It’s over. and it’s been over for a looooong time! This was just final confirmation for many!
  4. No. Fernando is too busy writing his next book to be bothered with this 😉 I’ll be serious though, what difference would it make if he showed up here with his usual attitude??? We’ve been down that road with him many times in the past. Quite frankly I don’t want to hear from him, it’s like trying to argue with jamo on steroids, they’ve got their mandate and it is what it is.
  5. I am late to this thread as I’ve been off the forum a couple of days.. so I apologise if my sentiments have been echoed in here before, but..... im all for marketing the “brand” that guns n roses is. I’m all for the band making money and setting themselves up with merch and a big tour... but that’s where it ends. there is so many things wrong with this, firstly in regards to the book itself. Fernando is a leach. The absolute worst kind. Firstly if he was into helping produce a children’s book, cool, I’m all for that. Go write 300 of them. But he’s done it as a money making idea off the back of the gnr “brand”... which leads me to branding itself.. wtf does a children’s book have to do with this band? It’s dumb. It has no place during covid 19. It doesn’t sit well with me that him and his family refuse to achnowledge the fan base and try and mend bridges and provide some clarity without all the bullshit while trying to fleece the casuals. this band stopped being a band a long time ago. I like getting drunk and remiscining by watching old videos of the band and I marvel at just how great they were 86-93 and never in my life did I think this band would end up managed by a nanny and her boy who’s an arrogant little twat who holds the lifelong fans like us who sat and waited through the wilderness years in hope that something great may happen and still wait for that... only to be continuously let down with bullshit like this while the band themselves stay mute, can’t even provide a frigging update is not only embarrassing but a concerted effort to basically ignore us whilst happily trying to take our money because they know damn well a guy like me will still pay $200 a ticket just in case it’s the last time I ever see them. that’s where we are at. my advice... fuck current gnr! Fuck duff and slash for selling out and going along with this bullshit. If ever there was a cluster fuck of how to self sabotage your own career, look no further than axl rose. This guy was literally my hero! Like many of you, I live in the past of how good this band was in it’s pomp, and I only wonder what it could have gone on to be had someone with half a brain been in control of axl or the band. instead we get this crap. so fuck it lady and gents, sit back and put on one of those old vids on your computer that no longer resides on YouTube, grab a beer and just pretend none of this current shit is happening and enjoy what they were, cause it ain’t ever gonna be like that again. Rant Over
  6. Always enjoy your posts mate.. but one thing.. "times like this"... doesnt affect them mate... it would not make one iota of a difference whats going on out here in the real world to them, they dont release anything.. they dont look after their fan base and they wont start now! If Fernando truly wanted to make things work, hed have done so a long time ago. anything he says is just lip service until we see some real intereaction with the fans about what we can ALL do too to bridge the gap between the band and the hardcore fan base. How fucking hard could it be to simply get 30 of the best questions that everyone on here wants to know.. and hand them to axl and he could answer them, hell it could just be posted here as a post, not actually conversing live etc.. its would be a great start.. it would take axl an hour to do it, and would provide a lot of clarity to a lot of issues. or at least show there was some effort to get back in touch with the fans .but No... the standard answer is, we dont owe you anything... that has ALWAYS been gnr's answer to anything. Hell.. Jarmo sprouts that answer to everything. I was on that forum for 5 years and anytime you question anything thats the standard answer, axl doesnt owe you anything. Its complete bullshit. I reckon in my time on this forum, ive seen the betta/fernando/team brazil thing bubble away and become a huge issue being discussed at least a dozen times.. nothing ever changes with them. they dont owe us anything
  7. i am not that interested in a new album (not that i think it will happen anyway).. i didnt realise Guns did a song with NWA back in the day that was never release (apocalypse) or something like that... now that's something i would i would love to hear if i could pick and choose what i could get my hands on.
  8. I’ve read some stuff on here, this last paragraph is some other stuff. Each to their own though I guess.
  9. The last card is actually new music but we all know that ain’t happening 😉
  10. Geez this book is going to turn into a big shit fight once we’ve all read it for ourselves 😂 Duffs image at the start of the reunion was squeaky clean, hailed as the hero who got this whole thing going. Now he’s viewed as the master manipulator and putting that business course he did to good use to freeze out certain ex band mates. Duff certainly lost some of his good guy reputation, I can forgive him for most of it, I’ll never forgive him for wearing a “women’s march” singlet on stage though 🤦‍♂️🤣😂😉 his newfound leftist views and revisionist history on his own behaviour was the first signs that he can tell lies as good as the other 2. The interview he did with axl in Brazil did him no favours in regards to his reputation as an innocent guy. I can forgive a straight up c**t like axl for being a straight up c**nt, but I don’t like sneaky people. Duff is a major disappointment in my eyes these days.
  11. The stones for the better part of their career existed in a world that didn’t change all that much until the back end of their career. guns were volatile, all 5 classic members Had drug, alcohol or maniacal issues, times were changing quickly in the industry and no one would really know if they were ever going to release another album to stay at the top or not. I am one of the few on here who happens to be fine with what they’ve released. I do feel it was a waste of their prime how it ended up however.
  12. you can’t turn back the clock. the 80s and early 90s were a special time! going to a rock concert meant something! The band was dangerous! The music had an edge to it. Axl was axl, there was a feeling in the air that anything could happen. The crowds didn’t stand there holding mobile phones like zombies instead of enjoying themselves, You just can’t replicate that time or the vibe, it was a lot of different ingredients that made it what it was!!! The band was 30 years younger than it is now. As were most of us! As for 5 more albums???? I dunno, I think the tide had turned musically & socially and the world wanted to move onto a heap of different shit that imo was a backward step! Hip hop and grunge were exploding, As someone else said I think by mid noughties 06, there was a turning point where people missed gnr and rock in general and festivals like rock am ring were huge keeping gnr in peoples minds! Axl looked and sounded amazing! I am still shocked at the major body changes he underwent between 06-10 (four years) and he just morphed into an older dude in that time! So 06 was the opportunity to do it, imo. I’m a dinosaur, I hate most of the music from the last 20 years, people walking around on phones like zombies, the instant gratification era... whatever you want to call it. just give me every minute of footage of this band between 87-93 and I’ll die a happy man! 😉
  13. I think someone once said that waiting for Jesus was a better option, the payoff will be much greater. the name escapes me........
  14. I think it’s a 2 pronged issue. From what I can tell, massive frustration has built up regarding no new album for so long amongst this fan base, but it’s been compounded by the way the band has communicated information (or not communicated) with the fan base in a way that’s kept them in the dark. In recent times it’s not helped that the marketing strategy throughout the NTIL tour has been to basically mislead the fans into believing that things like new music was coming. that’s the first part of it. mths second part of it is TB and more specifically Fernando himself holding fans with such contempt in the way that they deal with this forum and deal with issues that the fans want and need addressed that essentially compounds my first point and has created a divide between us and the band. there is a few very small things that axl and tb could do to bridge that gap. In relation to duff and slash, I think interviews that duff have specifically have been very misleading. And it hasn’t painted Him in a very good light. Slash has always been aloof but I can forgive for him for that considering the divide between him and axl over the last 25 years so it’s probably not a big surprise that slash is guarded in respect to what he says publicly
  15. I think duff is essentially a good guy, but my god the dribble he cane out with during that Metoo time really made him look like a prat. I lost a lot of respect for him after that. And look, I get it, he’s a father of 2 girls now and so I’m sure he’s had to readjust his thinking but he was trying to re-write history with some of his comments. I love the music and the old band, the UYI era shaped my teenage years and no version of GNR will ever be as cool as the big three during that era in my eyes. I have said this a million times, and I’ll say it again. my biggest gripe with these 3 isn’t the fact that new music hasn’t been released. It’s just the simple fact that they don’t keep their fans actively informed of what the deal is. Telling the truth and being up front has never been a strong point for any of them. to this day, I will never understand why they operate the way they do. It’s pretty shit to say the least. But no... it’s nothing new so I guess things are the same as they ever were.