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  1. Hey guys, quick video lesson i did showing how to play the intro to the new Slash and myles kennedy song The one you loved is gone. Let me know what you think.
  2. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    Hey man, I'm really interest in this as well could you pm me? I need to get all the 86 club shows
  3. Use Your Illusion Box Set?

    They should finally release some of Robert John's behind the scenes tour footage or studio footage. Would love to see stuff like that.
  4. I only kind of agree with this thread. His Vibrato these days is too strong/fast compared to the Illusions tour. He is technically a better player now, but it's almost too polished and I prefer when he was slightly sloppier in the 90's, maybe due to the drugs
  5. Why is Axl so opposed to releasing music?

    Because his voice is awful, which is even more saddening
  6. Thanks Waemoth, glad you found it useful
  7. Hey guys, please check out my latest GNR cover/Guitar lesson on youtube. Knockin' On Heaven's Door, River Plate '93 Lesson. This is one of my favourite versions of Knockin' on heavens door, mainly because it's acoustic and from a perfect soundboard recording. Please let me know what you think.
  8. The shorter set wouldn't be so much of an issue.... If they hadn't have been given the longest headlining set in Download festival history next week
  9. Hilarious, but I can;t believe they didn't do shadow
  10. November Rain Acoustic Demo Cover/Lesson

    Thanks man, just lost interest in making videos, but now GNR are back in Europe, I'm back in the mood! Got a KOHD one coming out in a few days as well from Argentina 93
  11. Hey guys, please check out my latest GNR cover/Guitar lesson on youtube. Seeing as it's finally being released on the upcoming re-release of Appetite for Destruction, I decided to do the November Rain acoustic demo. Please let me know what you think.