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  1. Thanks for your work Sid, always wondered about this AFD re-recording I'd never heard that version of SCOM, the vocals in full mix at the end are some of his best
  2. This idea of Axl doing low vocal on Locomotive is interesting though, i think it could sound alright, would be up for hearing Melissa do the high part too I don't think he's ever do it though because it would be admitting that he's not capable of doing high register anymore
  3. Some of the suggestions in this thread are nuts Open with The Garden? Add One In a Million? GnR fans be cray
  4. What is the best GNR opening song?

    Got to be one of the top 10 performance moments haha Even the fact that his voice was shot to fuck and scratchy as hell somehow adds to it ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT !
  5. I've never ignored what he wrote in "One in a Million." Far from it. It almost turned me away from the band for good. I've don't doubt that Axl held the sort of bigoted views that Trump has capitalised on, what he was a young scared kid from thew mid West hitting LA. that's exactly how he was describing himself in the song. The point is, I do not believe that Axl is an ideological racist or homophobe, far from it; and he has more than done enough to show this. If you want me to give my reasoning / evidence for this I'm happy to, though i think you probably know the answer and it's a subject that's been discussed a million times (pardon the pun) , so unless you do want to go into it I'll leave it at that..
  6. What is the best GNR opening song?

    On another note, It's so Easy is the perfect opener for a vocalist who needs a warm up to spend several hours doing or attempting a high-pitched rasp - the song begins on the low register and gradually builds to the high rasp. I believe this is why Axl choses to open with ISE and Brownstone so often. It's much easier for him to warm up on the low notes than dive straight in to a high register song.
  7. What is the best GNR opening song?

    The thing about this band is, with their debut album they wrote two songs that really are the perfect opening and closing songs for any hard rock set ! - But that causes is a problem in itself, because how could they ever better it ? Welcome to the Jungle is a definitive opening sound - the tense build up, the wailing siren vocal, the killer riff and the lyric that essentially says welcome to the spectacle of the show - how could they ever come up with a better opener? Paradise city is the perfect closer - it's a feel good song but still rocks fucking hard, goes nuts at the end in a kind of Bohemian Rhapsody headbanging way, and the lyric essentially says ok it's home time now, end of the show haha After you've written the two definitive opener and closer songs, where do you go (now) ?
  8. Drunken moments on stage

    Also: There is a bootleg (UYI era) where Duff has a 'rest' for about 5 minutes during Knockin on Heavens Door, that is he has to lie down on his back on one of the ramps for a very long time, lol. Can't remember which concert it is, would like to see again though.
  9. Drunken moments on stage

    Yep it was Matt's fault, not Slash. I've had this debate before. If you listen carefully to Slash's descending note intro and tap along to where the first beat of the bar should be, you can hear clearly that Matt's first hit is a half-beat off. It was his mistake. Then slash looks around alarmed, they have another go at it and Matt comes in on time the second go round.
  10. I like that he speaks his mind about his disdain for Trump and the Republican government, without caring if that potentially alienates some of his followers.. Of course he was always outspoken, but now his opinions are more well formed when it comes to politics and he doesn't hold back. none of the others are very vocal about U.S. politics as far as I know. Duff might have said some stuff in his columns, I'm not sure.
  11. What? That's a daft comparison. Manchester is Oasis's hometown, its where their biggest fan base and support is. The people of Manchester wanted "their" band back, in that time of sorrow. Why on earth would they be clamouring for GnR to play?
  12. I have always wondered something about the Lies album cover - it's clearly a spoof of a British Tabloid newspaper since it has the exact style and even contains mock headlines based on British T.V. shows ("Dinky Den in the Pen" /"Westenders Star" is clearly a spin on 'Dirty Den' from 'Eastenders'.) So given that these references would have meant nothing to an American, how come the design is based on a British paper and who created it? None of the band or people in Geffen etc would have known exactly what it was spoofing, except maybe Alan Niven, as he is a British ex-pat ? Also, when image searching for the cover I found these apparent prototypes were up for sale a few years ago. Are they legitimate? If they are as rare as the seller indicates then surely they'd be worth more than a couple of hundred dollars? http://www.rootsvinylguide.com/ebay_items/guns-n-roses-lies-prototype-original-album-artwork-insert-one-of-a-kind http://www.rootsvinylguide.com/ebay_items/guns-n-roses-lies-prototype-original-album-artwork-insert-one-of-a-kind--2
  13. Anyone noticed how Slash used to have that weird habit of rolling his t-shirt sleeves up over and over during interviews? He does it in this one too. Maybe it's a subconscious junky thing..
  14. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Look here at 9.36, you have now...
  15. This is a great interview, cheers sidman ! She has some classic stories and insights, from a unique perspective..