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  1. Wacky World of The Ominous Ninja Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    "Izzy, were you going to tweet something?" "No."
  2. People still putting OIAM in their Greatest Hits suggestions, lol. C'mon be realistic, even if you like it musically, we know it will never get a re-release.
  3. Yeah, and the Tom Petty spot was better too, maybe they practiced that though..
  4. I must be one of the few who don't rate this as a particularly good performance.. He sounds too whiney and use of vibrato is overstated.. It's got nothing on say, his Salt of the Earth spot with the Stones. Steven Tyler's rendition of this song is far better. Still interesting to see though and ok granted it's an impromptu performance.
  5. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I don't think November Rain is a well constructed song, it's too long, doesn't have a catchy hook/chorus and Slash's 'solo' at the end is just the same 4 bars over and over. Also Axl's clean voice would have suited the intro better, as in Don't Cry and Patience. Then build to the rasp.
  6. I really don't get how Adler wasn't sure if it was his drumming on Shadow Of Your Love. I mean if you're a professional drummer surely you'd be able to tell if it was you or not, even if the track had been remastered?
  7. It struck me recently that although I've been a big fan since 1989, I haven't actually spent much money which would've gone directly to the GnR brand. I inherited second hand cassettes of most of their albums, and bought a lot of second hand singles and rarities records. Now I just stream it. So the only new purchases I've ever made of their music are: A cassette of Lies A CD of Spaghetti Incident One UYI live VHS A handful of singles Concert wise I've seen them twice. In 2017 my ticket was bought for me, and in 2006 I bought one from a tout last minute for something like £5. I bought a load of posters and t-shirts years ago but doubt much of the money went directly to GnR or if if the merch was legit. So basically, although I've consumed a massive amount of GnR stuff since 1989, the amount of money I've given them is very little - not intentionally, it's just the pattern of spending that's emerged. How about you?
  8. Yeah if anyone is to "blame" then it's Zutat for being negligent and slack with the unreleased material. Have the record company or management said anything to/about him, as far as we know?
  9. It's kinda ironic that some people are (understandably) annoyed that Steve Jones seems not to know very basic things about Slash in this interview, yet some of these people don't even know who Steve Jones is even though he was in an even more well known and seminal band than GnR, the Sex Pistols!
  10. I've long thought the Salt of the Earth performance was the highlight of Axl's career. Not just because performing with the Stones was clearly a "we've made it" moment, but his actual vocal performance is one of his best ever. When the song starts, Keith opens with his vocal. It's less than average, just a bloke singing. Then Jagger chimes in, and it's marginally better with more projection and force, but sounds more like a shout than singing. Then Axl sings, and it is astonishing. He has the rasp of a classic blues singer and astonishing control. The sheer range he shows throughout the whole song is amazing, and dances his ass off the whole time. He totally steals the show!
  11. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    My friend put the cassette of AFD on the car stereo whilst his Dad was driving. Eventually he went went into a panic as he realised too late that Rocket Queen was about to play in front of his Dad with the 'naughty' bit in the middle, so had to just sit through it in embarrassed British silence..
  12. I came here to write exactly this. In all of 3 years they only came to London once, (for 2 nights), and they played Download. Is that it? Why didn't they play more UK shows?
  13. Lies

    Also, if you like Nice Boys, check out the version from that 'roots of guns n roses' album. It's even faster than the LLAS version, Adler totally going for it full pelt
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    He can't do that, he will look as if he is trying too hard to channel Brian Johnson Not as much a crime as Ashba wearing a top hat though
  15. Q Sound mix

    Bob Clearmountain did the Q Sound mix. One of the band found a notepad of his. He was planning to add a load of drum hits over Matt Sorum's track. They fired him and hired someone else for the final mix. That's what I remember from Slash's book.