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  1. Lol this sounds like a funny story, tell more?
  2. Well.. the British neo-Nazi band Skrewdriver covered and released OIAM
  3. nobody can seriously think UYI has no filler if they had released an EP with just You Ain't The First, So Fine, Shotgun Blues and My World on it, would you have rated that?
  4. I used to have the instrumental on a bootleg double 7" vinyl called 'Baked on Mess', but the song was called 'Meat and Beer Jam'. It also had old versions of Shadow of Your Love, Anything Goes and Don't Cry. I've only ever heard the lyrics version of Ain't Going Down in really shit low quality audio.
  5. A British newspaper has this 'story about OIAM today - I say 'story' because they appear to have got their facts completely wrong, though perhaps it's not much of a surprise since the 'newspaper' is The Sun which is terrible (I think it was one of the ones that reported Axl killing his dogs etc in the 80s) though it's one of the best selling here in the UK. The music video is the one for Patience but with OIAM dubbed over it, and says: "CONTROVERSIAL LYRICS: Guns n' Roses music video for the controversial song One in a Million, Axl Rose got plenty of pushback for the first hit he wrote solo" WTF are they on about? https://www.thesun.co.uk/video/news/guns-n-roses-music-video-for-the-controversial-song-one-in-million-axl-rose-got-plenty-of-pushback-for-the-first-hit-he-wrote-solo/
  6. Someone should just ask Adler.. he'll probably know and won't give a fuck about the consequences of blabbing it all, lol
  7. One of my favourite GnR songs, glad it's getting hype in 2018 ! The new one as I've heard recently on youtube seems to sound different to the 2 old versions though, could someone please tell me what the consensus is on if it is from the vault, or with parts re-recorded? (It would take me ages to look through 17 pages!)
  8. Egocentric maybe, I think it was probably a lot to do with his absolute stubborn insistence that he should not be censored, so if / when anyone said "hey maybe it's not a good idea to say that" it would just make him want to say it even more.. The record company probably realised that too. There's also the question of whether they didn't challenge it because they hoped the controversy would sell records. That's possible. re Earl being under his control / on his payroll, I take your point, though the relationship between him and Axl would have been that Earl had a degree of control over Axl.. also as that guy from Bodycount said, it surely counts for something that Axl entrusted his whole safety and possibly his life to Earl, a black guy. I think there's an Earl interview about somewhere, might have another look..
  9. Musically great... the lyrics are just fuckin embarassing. At the time it almost turned me off the band completely, until I thought hmm there must be more to the story. Unfortunately the damage was already done, and still to this day I get people calling me up on being a GnR fan because of this, it's actually tiresome having to constantly try to explain the context. Was Axl a racist, homophobic bigot? When he hit L.A., yes he carried those prejudices. But he wised up very quickly. I think his biggest mistake was to be so naive in releasing that song and not forseeing the effect it would have, even to this day. In 2018 I'm still having to defend him when people bring it up. What can I say to prove he was not actually an ideological racist / homophobe ? - There was mutual respect between him and some of the most militant black rap groups, Public Enemy, NWA etc - He has since produced music referencing Martin Luther King etc - He is evidently outspoken about Trump's anti-immigration position - The Freddie Mercury tribute was a beautiful testament to him healing his past homophobia - His own personal bodyguard was a hench black dude named Earl (lol) ..and so on. One awful and little known repercussion is that here in the UK, the song was covered and released by an actual neo-Nazi band called Skrewdriver. (It sucks, but go listen if you want.) GnR should have fuckin sued that band for that. Being a GnR fan is tough, man... but "I guess I'll always be.."
  10. I saw a vid on youtube once from when UYI was released, the presenter went out and gave a load of random people in the street a copy of the albums and said Ok listen to them and then we'll ask you for your impressions in a few days. There was one middle aged oriental looking guy in a suit who came back and said 'yeah it's kind of depressing music' or words to that effect. First I thought that's a strange response, but then I thought actually if you look at the albums objectively they are kind of depressing, a lot of the content is basically one person's description of how fucked up his life and relationship is. And CD is even more so. Not to say the music and lyrics aren't good of course. p.s. if anyone knows the vid I'm on about post it up please..
  11. Pretty comprehensive interview, aside from the music stuff it was interesting to hear him talk about his politics. Tbh the bit of reading I'd done on him prior concerned me a bit; I'm against radical Salafist-type Islamism as is any sane person, though sometimes the kind of people that go into politics with an agenda of curbing certain aspects of immigration can attract all kinds of racists, even if part of the politician's message is correct. It seems clear from this interview that Angry is not some sort of white power type (as some have claimed.) I couldn't be certain that those sorts wouldn't support him as a representative though, and even if they did it wouldn't necessarily be his fault. The Syrian Muslim friend he mentions runs a group called Save Our Sons, and he takes advice from this person on these issues. Either way it was good to hear from him so thanks to Sid & Jeff for their contributions as always.
  12. I live by Camden, does anyone know more precisely where this billboard is? I will go and investigate if someone can tell me where it is
  13. tbf I wouldn't have been surprised if Axl had returned to the stage dressed as a Roman Centurion or something during one of his multiple costume changes in the UYI days, haha.. it's not a far stretch from appearing in body armour and biker shorts, is it
  14. Romans? Axl made reference to The Ramones, not some ancient civilisation.. lol
  15. I think a lot of his 'invisibility' is just due to the cameraman not focusing on him, possibly because he's more static. I don't think Axl had an issue about him having not enough stage presence. If anything he was more concerned about him playing badly, as he stated years later with the whole turning the amps down thing.