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  1. Well, for GnR it's actually 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 2008. Even if some of that was re-release and covers.
  2. Yikes, that's a weird mindset for Slash to have - to be giving the benefit of the doubt to MJ due to being friends with him, but keeping his son away from him just in case. I get that's it's hard to digest terrible accusations against someone you know, though.
  3. I'm pretty sure the first time I read about Desi was in either Slash or Duff's book, but don't think it mentioned her age.
  4. Hm it kinda is a bit obsessive over minor detail, though it's also the sort of thing that band members talk about in their autobiographies, indicating that they consider such things part of the narrative I guess.
  5. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Sure, there might be audio mastering issues, I was just saying that isn't something that would cause skipping on a new pressing, if the tonearm etc is set up properly.
  6. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    If an LP is skipping, that's going to be because it has a scratch, has collected surface dirt, and/or your stylus or tonearm need adjusting, not because of an error in the original pressing
  7. So have they used my "Sorry folks, show's cancelled, the Surgeon general says it's hazardous to breathe!" line yet? Fernando if you're reading this, you know what to do All I ask is a %37.5 cut
  8. Fortus doesn't have the back catalogue or iconic stature of Slash, but he is undoubtedly on a par with him in terms of skill, to the extent that I'm actually surprised Slash is comfortable being in a band with another player who could easily match him playing lead. They've got a great symbiosis though. Hey, as the Fox News slogan should be, "No news is good news"
  9. Hm I don't think that's quite fair. It's not so much that by proofreading interviews he was looking to censor stuff he'd already said, more that he was looking to flag any article which had taken quotes out of context, or omitted things he had said, in order to create a sensationalist 'scandal' piece as some unscrupulous journalists do. Happens in politics all the time, we will have seen examples of that.
  10. Is Rock in Río 2011 the worst concert of Guns n' Roses?

    Apparently RIR has always been a difficult venue to play, with multiple sound issues. 2011 was atrocious, 2017 was vocally bad and even in the 1991 shows Axls mic cuts out and he messed up lyrics. Part of this might be the band's fault but it is also because combined with technical problems and a deafeningly huge crowd, it is difficult to play a good show.
  11. Separate rooms has been the case since UYI tour though, any major band will be the same. They're middle aged millionaire rockers, they're not all gonna be squeezed into a single backstage room are they lol
  12. Slash In A Maiden Shirt

    It's like, Maiden tried to be all scary but came off as cartoonish metal, cringeworthy. GnR by contrast actually were quite edgy. Only Axl could manage to look totally psychotic singing a love ballad too (SCOM)
  13. Slash In A Maiden Shirt

    One of the things that attracted me to GnR was the song subject matter being totally not all of the goblins and wizards bollocks of Maiden. GnR was sex, drugs and the perils of urban life. Way more real and relatable.
  14. Wow...My World!

    The beat is near identical to that Björk track too, haha