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  1. Patience cough bullshit

    I always presumed it was a jibe at Izzy, that it's bullshit he left the band and went off and did his own thing.. But hearing that Axl also does this ad lib 'joke' in the 2000s makes me think it could be something else? I guess if we knew the date of which concert it was first heard, that might give an indication as to the meaning...
  2. Funniest lyric

    "Look at the fear Trump's feeding" "I know how you feel inside, I've been there before" "..cause I'd rather be alone [cough] bullshit!" "and now we're happier this wayyy"
  3. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Lyrics wise, the line in It's So Easy doesn't cause me much alarm, I take it as moody but not actually endorsing non-consensual sexual assault (unlike 'grab em by the pussy,) I do think the lyrics to Attitude are off though, they literally mention physical assault on a woman, so I do think it's weird Duff still sings that. I guess he doesn't make the connection, doesn't see them as literal. Admittedly there may be holes in his moral position but overall I think it's good he is showing more maturity. The lyrics to OIAM caused me most bother, they turned me off the band someehat when I heard them, and reconsidered my fan status. It was only really with the advent of the Internet (including great sites like yours) that I was able to form a better backstory to OIAM and see more of a rationale for it. I did always suspect Axl was not an 'ideological racist' as that didn't fit with the wider picture of him.
  4. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    So they don't have any actual problem with any of the lyrics, or the allegations of improper conduct by the band, they just want him to be honest about it? Sounds very tenuous.
  5. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Re age of consent in the US, it might be worth noting that Elvis dated a 14 year old, Jerry Lee Lewis married his own 13 year old cousin, etc.. ! If people are getting indignant about Duff's supposed hypocrisy over some lyrics, then why were they ever fans of GnR in the first place? If they think the lyrics are that bad, then they're hypocrites themselves for being fans of the band whilst calling Duff out. Likewise for Raz Cue, he wants to call Duff out for these alleged incidents, and at the same time whitewash Trump's pussy grabbing and declare him 'punk rock' and 'anti-establishment'? What a fuckwitt.
  6. I remember the UK debut of YCBM on terrestrial TV very well. We didn't have satellite/MTV so it was a big thing, I was hyped for it as they had shown small clips prior to its first full airing on 'Top of the Pops'. The band looked cool, the song had a great driving riff, though when I deciphered the lyrics I realised its kind of a bitter song.. Sorum's intro is great even though I preferred Adler overall..
  7. Yeah they are, check the bootleg of Ritz 91, they're wearing the same stuff, doing same moves etc
  8. I was thinking someone might want to interview him. I could get hold of him again I guess. I don't know if he would be okay with talking about things like disputes though, considering he's an employee of Universal. He lives in London btw.
  9. I was round at a friend's house the other day and she said hey look at this, and showed me a mint condition box set - the first one I've ever seen, so I was going nuts saying "whose is it?" She said it's her housemate's, so I went to speak to him all excited, saying "hey wow you own a box set" and he just goes "yeah I designed it", all matter of factly. He works for Universal. I only had a few minutes to ask him about it, but here's what he told me: during the design process, there was a lot of discussion and dispute between the band and the record company about what should go into it. The band were less keen on having all the gimmicks go in, the merchandise etc, but were insistent on including as much music as possible including the rare demos. The dispute about what should go in went on for so long that eventually the record company just put their foot down and said well we've run out of time so this is what's going in. What struck me was that he wasn't a fan as such, just some designer dude who got the job. I asked him about the non inclusion of OIAM but he'd never even heard of the song, so knew nothing about that aspect. He said he was gonna sell his on eBay lol.
  10. It's pretty bizarre that so many fans have obviously stuck by the band despite the One In A Millon lyrics and the rest, but then get all enraged now that Axl and Duff have matured and are expressing healthier outlooks on life and the world. If Trump means that much to you then get another band, because face it they don't like him at all and at least have the honesty to say so, unlike some other artists who would keep their mouths shut in case they lost fans over their political views.
  11. What? We're not debating whether that lyric is related to sex. I am drawing a distinction between it and Trump boasting of outright sexual assault. The 'turn around bitch' lyric is far from being politically correct, but I always understood it as about someone in a fiery pissed off mood wanting (consensual) sex with their girlfriend, not about raping her. It's not by far the worst lyric Duff has sung anyway. The worst must be the line in Attitude 'if you don't shut your mouth you're gonna feel the floor, bitch' - now that IS about assault, and I don't see how he could defend it, or why he still sings it.
  12. I get what some of you are saying, but there is a difference between the GnR sleaze snd what Trump was saying with 'grab em by the pussy.' Trump was boasting about being able to regularly commit actual sexual assault and get away with it. I don't get that from GnR lyrics, however debauched and sleazy some of them admittedly are.
  13. Moments of clarity as a GnR fan

    GnR are undoubtedly my favourite band. Like most fans, I've always thought that what makes them special and unique is how different they were in their heyday to all those shitty hair bands like Poison, Warrant and whatever. That's a generally accepted and orthodox view for us fans. However.. Sometimes, I get a moment of clarity when I watch a video of one of those shit hair bands, and I realise that to a non GnR fan, when they see a video of GnR playing live in the 80s, what they see is no different to the crap like Poison. To them, it's all just a mulch of cheesy hair, leather and screaming, and there's nothing special about GnR at all. So I get this moment of 'realisation' that actually it's just my nostalgia making me think GnR were special and different, and that actually they are barely any different to Poison or Warrant etc, since from an outsiders perspective it's all the same. A total embarrassment lol. I suddenly doubt my entire love for the band. Are GnR actually shit, objectively speaking? Proper moments of doubt. But then I'll stick the Ritz 88 video on, watch it for a few moments and think, what the hell am I on about, these boys were MILES ahead of those other crappy hair bands. A different league. A different species. And, breathe. That ever happen to you ?
  14. I remember seeing one of his old interviews (90s) where he's talking about collaborations and he says "yeah I've done Carole King" and then realised that sounds like he meant he had sex with her, and he gets a bit embarrassed and laughs and says not 'done' her but you know what I mean... Anyone know?
  15. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I guess my unpopular opinion is about Izzy... Now I would love it if he toured or recorded with the current band, but let's face some facts: 1. He hasn't toured properly with a band of GnR's size since 1991, excepting a few other appearances when Gilby broke his hand and years later making a few guest appearances with nuGnR. 2. Even when he was a full touring member the tech crew apparently had to turn his amps down because he wasn't playing his parts correctly. 3. He and the other 3 still can't come to an agreement after all this time (that might not be his fault but we don't really know.) 4. He is well known for disappearing unannounced, like when he did after jamming with Velvet Revolver. 5. Sad to say perhaps, but Fortus is just a better guitarist. 6. Although it's totally true he played a big part in the songwriting, I think his contribution to the actual sound of the band is over stated sometimes. He was great at coming up with the bones of a song but it was when these songs were given to Slash and the band that they became the heavier hard rock tracks we know and love. If it was solely up yo him, AfD would probably have sounded more like his Stones type stuff, Dust n Bones style. 7. I just don't think he's that bothered about resuscitating his GnR career. Maybe we the fans should stop wishing so hard he would return. It's his life, let him do his thing and be glad he made the contribution he did in the 80s. now don't flame me please Izzy diehards, I love the guy as much as you do! He probably had the best character out of the lot of them. More quiet, clever, unassuming than the ego maniacs.