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  1. Axl's raspy technic between the years...

    Some of the vocal coach react videos go into the techniques
  2. GNR references in pop cultutre

    In around 90 or 91 the British children's comic The Beano had a strip about naughty boys called The Bash Street Kids, and one of them professed a liking for GnR.
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    Haha, you've gotta be from the UK.. only us Brits got that fixated with Aussie soaps to that extent 😬 Come to think of it, I can see your taped episode of Neighbours and raise you, the 4 hours of Prisoner Cell Block H that I made my Mum record so I could catch up after a 2 week holiday in Ireland with my Dad. Came home and watched the whole lot b2b whilst eating jam Wagon Wheels. Rock n fuckin Roll 🤓 Back on topic though: much as it's annoying being deprived of live GnR material in this day and age, there was a certain charm about having to track down bootlegs etc back in the 90s. The main source for me was record fairs where you could get cassettes of live shows and EPs of demos etc. Even as a 12 year old with limited pocket money I managed to get a load of stuff; the CBGB concert, various UYI bootlegs, the demos of Ain't Goin Down, Shadow, etc, loads more. The Internet has made us complacent about accessing material now. But the removal of the few decent ish AFD live videos we had really fucks me off, I can't see any justification for that.
  4. i don't think he's bored with it, playing in front of huge audiences is far too intense an experience to become 'boring', and he admits he still gets nervous, but still it's his favourite thing. However you could say it had lost its spontaneity because it's all done by a regimented system now. They would say that's just mature professionalism probably.
  5. Copyright Strikes....

    Neighbours, ouch! 😅 Speaking of neighbours.. When the Paris PPV show was aired in 1992, we didn't have satellite TV at home, and I was sad I couldn't watch it. As I roamed about in our front garden I suddenly heard the show magically begin - our next door neighbour was watching it. I didn't know them to ask if I could join them. So I ended up listening to it in our front garden, occasionally catching a glimpse of it through the window of our neighbour. So frustrating, but what ya gonna do, lol.
  6. But are Tool playing the same size venues as GnR? Surely the sheer effort of employing security to confiscate phones at the gate would slow down entrance and be massively complicated, not to mention that trying to get security to wade into an enormous crowd to grab phones from anyone who'd smuggled them in would potentially be disastrous, especially for a band with GnRs history. Olympic stadiums etc are not the Troubadour. Ultimately I think Axl has mellowed, and had come to terms with it. Also probably under strict contractual obligation not to fuck with the crowd, by order of Slash. "Shut up and sing and don't violent assault people with cameraphones." Sign here please Mr.Rose. Thank you here is twenty zillion dollars.
  7. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    Why wasn't Cobain happy with Grohls drumming though? It was pretty awesome. Maybe he caught wind of Grohl's hankering to be frontman of a mega big pop rock band.
  8. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    I thought this thread was going to be about eradicating the Foo Fighters, I'd be down with that I've never seen the appeal, it's pretty bland bubblegum rock That said, I've not listened to their whole catalogue, maybe there are gems. But I'm guessing it's just ten albums of the same radio friendly unit shifters (hat har)
  9. Which cover do you prefer to the original?

    Good question. Amy Winehouse's 'Valerie' (by the Zutons) Joe Cocker's 'With a lityle help from my friends' (by the Beatles) Aerosmith's 'I'm Down' (by the Beatles) They're all songs which were better when covered imo. Loads more but those spring to mind. As for GnR: I think they made Mama Kin, Nice Boys, Heavens Door (80s live version) more enjoyable than the originals. Sympathy For The Devil and Live n Let Die are fucking awful, in my humbly outrageous opinion.

    Listening to more than a few Floyd songs in a row makes me want to top myself tbh Fearless (off Meddle) is a great song though, I love that, it's one of my go-to inspiration songs Also, the "no one's gonna bother me anymore" bit in Coma reminds me of Floyd. Serene.
  11. I suppose on the flip side, without these annoying cellphone people we wouldn't have any live footage of the concerts. Not that any of it manages to stay up on YouTube for very long. All the more reason for them to release official pro shot videos I guess. People might be less inclined to film it themselves.
  12. They did ban cellphones at the first Troubador gig didn't they. It would be logistically impossible at big venues though. When I saw Velvet Revolver, Slash looked out at the crowd, got on the mic and said "it used to be a sea of fuckin' lighters in the air but now it's a sea of fuckin' cellphones, man" 🙂🎸
  13. I think the reason Slash is doing more speedy shredding these days is because: a. He is sober, so can concentrate better b. He has had several decades more practice than in the 80s/90s c. He feels he has to compensate for not being as 'technical' as other guitarists in the past. Although in the 80s/90s he presented himself as a Hendrix type bluesy emotional 'feel' guitarist than a speedy Van Halen copy, part of him probably wants to show us all that he can shred if he wants to. But actually he doesn't have to, because his old style was fucking awesome and still contained some fast playing in measured doses. Argentina DTJ from '92 is better than the NITL performances, imo. Despite his sometimes 'sloppiness' in the old days I'd still rather watch a low quality video of him fucking up and restarting the SCOM intro three times (like in Ritz 91) than Ashba completely butchering the same song with an out of tune guitar AND having the cheek to wear a top hat, on whatever shitshow than was in the nu GNR era.
  14. That's very possible yeah, though the band were generally resistant to outsiders suggestions weren't they. Niven got them to take out the second "And when you're high.." from WTTJ though ..
  15. If there's nothing written about this I guess it would take someone with a comprehensive 86/87 bootleg collection to narrow it down..