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  1. He said 'No'? 100% Izzy lol
  2. Woah there 'sup, pardner? You got a problem with red headed singers who might be a little overweight? (Ed Sheeran is fuckin shite though, yea)
  3. Happy 30th anniversary to Lies!

    Lol, that actually happened to me aged 11 Reckless, Nice Boys, and Crazy all became firm favourites.. and yeah OIAM spun me out and made me question my devotion to the band for some time before getting perspective on it.. I would have said Mum not Mommy though, cos I'm British. (Guess I shoulda said "Mama!")
  4. Versions of "Shadow of Your Love"

    the Sound City tracks are different to the ones on Live Like a Suicide. I just listened to Nice Boys and it's definitely different to both the LLAS and the ultra fast version on that 'roots of gnR' CD (which is the best one, imo)
  5. Versions of "Shadow of Your Love"

    The crowd overdubs are from the Texas Jam festival, if I recall correctly.
  6. I disregarded Buckethead when I first saw him in nu GnR, just thought what the hell is this ridiculous cunt doing wearing that on his head, I can't take this seriously Then I saw a couple of his Nightrain solos and thought holy shit, this fella can play..
  7. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    How else do you expect Axl to do wardrobe changes
  8. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    That would work, the vocals are mid range so would be fairly easy to sing. The band could do an extended bit at the end to give Axl a breather. Bring back the 976 horns too, lol
  9. Put it this way, on the album version the bridge section we are talking about is 10 seconds long but buried under a shit guitar fast as fuck noodle that sounds like a synthesiser going mental, which leaves the riff indiscernible. So it was a good decision to bring it out as used in the new intro. Also the intro on the album version is weak, so the new intro adds some suspense.
  10. Axl's Magnum Opus

    Dude, the phrase you were looking for was.. All things considered
  11. Ok so Slash and Duff didn't write a new piece for the intro, but they did manage to identify the best riff of the whole track and rework it into the intro, so that it actually gets some prominence. That alone deserves credit, because before they did this I didn't even notice the riff in its original place, buried under all the 'layers'. So what this shows is that they are able to bring the best out from stuff that is already written. Now imagine what they could do with all the shit Axl has unreleased.. chuck the best of that with a couple of VR / AFD style straight up Rawk n Roll and they could have a nice UYI style album with all the diversity of songwriting that makes GnR great.
  12. This is exactly what I thought about Slash's new album, lol... woulda been a better title...
  13. I think Axl will definitely release new music and it will most likely be with the (semi) reunion lineup, since any other configuration would be risky. It might be a while before it emerges, but it will. One of the driving factors will be that like all musicians, Axl is concerned about his legacy, and won't want to end his career having not produced anything else. I also think negative fans are speculating too much that Axl is lazy/unwilling to release more stuff; the reason for no music since CD is likely to have a lot to do with legal problems and issues with the record company, I reckon.
  14. When critics accuse GnR music of being sexist, they really miss the whole point of the band. GnR is all about the full spectrum of emotional balance, hence the name "Guns n Roses" - an expression of the human experience; from anger and violence, as manifested in the word 'guns', to love and tenderness, in 'roses'. If GnR's musical catalogue only contained songs about how women are a lesser sex, there to be used and dominated, then yes it would be a sexist concept. But it isn't. Their biggest chart hits, which are the only songs that the majority of people will know of as GnR music, are not angry diatribes about the evil of womanhood - they are epic love songs, tender declarations of appreciation for femininity: Sweet Child, November Rain, Patience. If the catalogue only contained such songs, it wouldn't be a proper representation of the full balance of human emotions in relationships. So that's why there are also songs such as Back off Bitch, or Used to Love Her; and they are basically throwaway ditties about temporary moments of anger anyway. Rocket Queen is a great example of how the band describes the range of emotions in a sexual relationship. The first part is lustful, bold and sleazy; the finale is one of the most beautiful expressions of love and wish for commitment. "All I ever wanted, was for you, to know that I care"
  15. Christ they both sound pretty dosed up and you can hear Slash's sinuses are fucked.. different to when they're really just drunk and boisterous like in the Lakeland interview the same year. Yeah that does seem to be Phil Alexander, he hosted the Raw Power TV show in the UK, that was one of the only shows us British GnR fans had if too poor to own a satellite dish picking up MTV. It came on about 2 a.m., I would stay up late (on a school night) to catch it just in case there was a couple of minutes with a GnR feature. Usually there was nothing, but at the very least you got to see a small clip of Axl chucking his shades away in the Paradise City video which they used in the show intro with the Aerosmith Love in an Elevator solo as audio. Exciting times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXRtM6idi-U