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  1. what was that full show from the Skin n Bones tour that went up recently, has it gone?? i can't remember the venue, Saskatoon or something ?
  2. Yeah, what the hell's this Sleaford guy on about? Axl only asked his girl to put her clothers on and take her credit card to the shop and get them a few bottles of shit wine, and ok Axl gets twice as much as she does, but c'mon, that's hardly the worst thing to say to a lady is it
  3. Given that people seem to like Adler's performance of it at Farm Aid, it's difficult to see why it was considered such a bad performance, especially considering he apparently barely knew the drum parts at the time. I guess it was his almost falling over at the beginning which made it stand out as shoddy..
  4. Thank god for that - he can leave that to the likes of Iron Maiden, constantly trying to rewrite Led Zep's Immigrant song
  5. She released it in 1995, so at the very least Axl can claim it was Bjork copying his genius production, rather than the other way round.. It's a weird similarity though isn't it !
  6. Wait. Do none of y'all know the deep connection between Bjork and GnR music already? Okay listen to the opening beat and bass line of the track linked below; imagine it on a loop. Recognise something from UYI 2 ? (hint) Prepare for some mind = blown shit, my friends lol
  7. You sure about that? lol
  8. Best Version of KOHD.

    That one on the UYI tour where Duff is so drunk he has to lie down flat on his back for 5 minutes on a ramp on the left of the stage can't remember venue but it's on youtube
  9. You'll have to renounce your GnR fan status now lol
  10. It's So Easy is not exactly difficult to sing though is it So not really a fair comparison
  11. ISE has always been the ideal opener for Axl because it gives him a chance to warm his voice up, because it's mostly in the lower register. So he doesn't have to launch straight into a high rasp. That's why it's been used at the beginning so much.
  12. The thing about people complaining Frank plays too fast is that they seem to have forgotten or unaware of how much faster some of these songs were being played in the 'classic' era. Take Brownstone, for example. Frank plays that at around 107 bpm currently. That's about the same as Sorum did on the UYI tour. But compare this to the tempo Adler used to race through the song - if you clock the tempos of Brownstone in 1988, you'll find that he gallops through it at up to 125 bpm! A big difference. So in short, anyone complaining that Frank's tempo is too fast compared to AFD era is not correct. He drums slightly faster than Sorum, but he is not exactly 'fast' if you compare him to 1988 standards. A couple of examples here, listen the intros and check the vast difference :
  13. Absolutely, Shadow has always been one of my favourites as I love their early era of fast as fuck punk type songs. But if you'd asked me a few months ago the chances of it being played on this tour, I would have said oh man at least 100/1 or something.. but this band always manages to surprise us even when we think they've become predictable!
  14. Favorite GNR Concert

    The problem with this question is that the answers will be tend to be based on which concerts happened to be recorded with good audio and pro-shot rather than which were actually the best. Ritz 88 is a case in point, most people will say that was a stand out show but the band thought it wasn't one of their best, what with having monitor problems etc on the night.