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  1. This is a great interview, cheers sidman ! She has some classic stories and insights, from a unique perspective..
  2. British Politics

    I was a bit tentative opening this thread for the first time as I thought everyone would be talking shite, but thankfully it seems there are some fairly knowledgable contributors here.. Nice one keep it going
  3. Hi all, A while ago I remember watching a concert bootleg in which Axl starts talking about how he met Chuck D of Public Enemy, and that Chuck said he was into the band and they had a discussion about doing some shows together (which evidently didn't materialise.) - I thought it was interesting in the context of all the post-'One In a Million' accusations, considering how forthright Chuck D is on race relations and so on. I guess one of the reasons Axl brought it up was to make a point about this, just as he seemed to make it known that he was down with the N.W.A. lot too. - Unfortunately I can't recall which concert it's from. I'd like to check it again.. I think it was shot from the right of the stage on an upper tier, late AFD or UYI era, and the audio isn't great but good enough to listen. Does anyone know which concert video that was?
  4. 1991 UK Documentary

    That's odd, I specifically remember being bummed cos I couldn't watch it as we didn't have satellite.. to make things worse, I could *hear* my neighbours watching it next door, but I couldn't go round as I didn't know them..! -- Maybe the Channel 4 showing you mention was a repeat, I dunno. I did manage to get a copy of Ritz 88 recorded from the UK version of MTV Headbanger's Ball I think. But I don't think that concert was shown on terrestrial either. Man it really was hard work following bands back then, even when they were at the top of their game!
  5. 1991 UK Documentary

    Paris 1992 wasn't on terrestrial, it was on pay per view satellite.. maybe you're thinking of the Freddie Mercury tribute? That was on terrestrial.
  6. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    I agree, the album version isn't that good compared to live versions. The mix on the album version is just not right. the live version though - one of my favourite parts in the set, time for Slash to really shine on a nice fast rocker. Favourites would be Argentina 92, Tokyo 92 is good too. A few interesting points about the live versions: they often played a riff section of Metallica's 'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)' during the intro. There are also some versions where they play a bit of Led Zeppelin 'Communication Breakdown'. (I've been trying to find the videos for that, post it up if you remember which one/s it is.) The outro on the album version sounds almost identical to Pink Floyd's 'Spanish Piece'. The whole outro solo Slash does live is played in something called 'Phrygian mode' so I've been told by guitarists. Gives it that Latin feel. The NITL version have been interesting, Slash's intro is updated, he starts off with an interesting sort of 50s rock n roll type riff near the beginning, that's the only way i can describe it, if you know what I'm sayin... (Home fuck?)
  7. 1991 UK Documentary

    Raw Power, lol. That was on about 2 a.m. on ITV.. I was about 11 years old at the time and used to sneak the TV on very quiet to watch it as I wasn't allowed to be up. It was basically the only chance of seeing any GnR on TV if you didn't have satellite, which we didn't. Most of the time I'd watch the whole show only for there to be no GnR feature. But at the very least there was always the snippet of Axl chucking his shades off from the Paradise City vid, which they including on the intro montage to the show, with the Aerosmith 'Love in an Elevator' solo as backing track. God the lengths we'd go to to catch anything at all GnR related. Ah those were the days. here it is!
  8. Rubber maid has got to be a slang term for a woman with whom one has sexual intercourse, surely? Using a 'rubber' (condom)? Fuck knows, tbh. Anything goes is a really good track though. I was listening to people's guitar covers on youtube, and the whole thing is great with several different sections and different tempos. The only thing that detracts from it a bit is that the vocals on the chorus are a bit cheesey, sound a bit too glam-rock, but I can live with it. The guiro percussion on the intro more than make up for it!
  9. I've been wondering about the lyric on Anything Goes "panties round your knees with your ass in.." Is it "your ass in da breeze" or "your ass in debris" ? It could be either, like her ass waving around in the air, or parked in a load of trash (debris) while gettin it on. GnR sleaze, lol. When I google it I see both listed on the various lyrics sites. I don't actually have a copy of the album inlay to check what the actual lyric is, can someone who does have a look please? It's of utmost importance, ya know.
  10. 1991 UK Documentary

    I do remember around 1991 I saw a GnR documentary advertised in the TV listings for the night, and I frantically tried to tune my TV and VCR to record it but couldn't get them to work and was really annoyed. There wasn't much GnR-only stuff on terrestrial TV at the time. This is most likely that documentary. The one I saw listed was on a station called Channel 4, I think, if that helps.
  11. Well as it goes, apparently Axl was very enthusiastic to hire a woman as a member of the band. (I read that on this website in the last few days but can't remember where to reference it, sorry.) But the point is, he at least was keen on the idea of there being a woman as a member, so he had obviously 'philosophised' on it somewhat.
  12. Some RIR show observations

    One thing's for sure, this RIR show will never be a DVD I've said "so what" about under par vocals for most of the tour, but listening to this is making me cringe tbh I actually breathed a sigh of relief when Duff took over for "Attitude"
  13. Some RIR show observations

    The funniest ever Jungle intro for me is back in '88 when Axl goes "Do you know where you are? .... Good, then go home" lol Then he says "I'M JOKING!" as if to pacify the crowd in case they take it the wrong ay and riot, haha.. check it -
  14. Watching it on youtube, a recording from 'Rock in Rio Multishow'. Not sure where the audio feed is coming from, there is something up with the sound though. Slash is very loud in the mix and his tone is very rough. Can't hear Richard at all. Axl seems to slip out of sync with the band a few times on ISE and Brownstone, not sure why that happens. His voice is shaky to say the least on high parts. The intro to DTTJ seems unusual and very improvised. I noticed Axl makes a signal with his hand, possibly to Frank, to say "I'll come in on the next verse" ? Better intro is awesome as usual, is this riff take from the song or has it been written since by Slash and Duff? If so it should be extended into a new song, it's great. Well I'm up to Estranged so far, will see what else of note happens. Did you notice any of the above things?
  15. The swearing and loud guitars tbh and the sex bit in Rocket queen