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  1. When does Izzy sleep ?

    I think the first verse suits casual usage rather than full blown habit because of the "I don't worry about nothin" line, which suggests being dosed up on smack
  2. When does Izzy sleep ?

    Woah. Are you sure? If that's correct then this completely resets the fundamentals of the GnR clock. We need to holler that guy who runs the a-f-d website with all the archived old interview transcripts, a great endevour. What's his name again? Not Browstone, somethin else
  3. When does Izzy sleep ?

    Oh Len. Relax, the question is tongue in cheek and yes, I had the genius to notice Izzy was referring to brown, hence the sentence in the original post that he probably catches up on sleep during the day with a few opiate induced nods. I am familiar with the lifestyles of junkies, having known a fair few. But - @King_Johnny makes a pertinent point: the getting up at 7 thing seems to be Izzy referring to the early, 'honeymoon' stage of usage, when he has a regular sleep pattern - but then descends into the comparative chaos of a serious habit and getting up whenever..
  4. When does Izzy sleep ?

    So, let's assume that Mr.Browstone is an accurate depiction of a day in the life of Izzy Stradlin, circa 1986. He gets up around 7 am, which is fairly early for someone with not many responsibilities other than paying guitar and occasionally selling some drugs. He has a lie in, and finally gets out of bed around 9 am. He then potters about the house, for about nine hours, until say 6 pm or a bit later when he has to set off for the show, which starts around 7 pm. He and the band go on stage around 9 pm, finish up and get on the bus around 11 pm. By this time Izzy has been awake for 16 hours but apparently still feels fine. So, assuming he gets home at midnight earliest, that means he either goes straight to bed, which is a bit early for a rockstar, or stays awake for a few hours until say 2-3 am, in which case he only has around 4 hours of sleep till he has to get up again around 7 am. So he definitely gets less than 7 hours sleep a day, probably about 4 or 5 hours, yet someone managed to feel fine and not worry about nothin. How does he manage it? Okay I think I've worked it out, he makes up for lost sleep by occasionally nodding off on heroin during the day. That's got to be it, right?
  6. I can't see this page because I'm in the UK, would someone be able to copy/paste the text of the article please? EDIT: Ok I accessed & read it through Tor Browser but can't do a copy/paste for some reason.
  7. Much as Buckheat is clearly one of the most talented persons to grace the GnR camp, I can well imagine that for someone like Tommy it would take a lot of patience to work with someone who insists on wearing a mask all the time and having a chicken coop in the studio. There's only so long he would tolerate that kind of oddball behaviour, become sick of pandering to it and eventually snap. It may not be classic rockstar egotism but in practice it's not very different to be making such bizarre demands. So if Tommy got sick of it and became assertive I can see that could then be characterised as bullying, even though he might have just been trying to get some discipline into a group of semi functioning musicians each with their own often unreasonable demands. I don't know though, it's not like I was there, it's all speculation for most of us.
  8. Thanks, an informative reply there dude 🙂 So The General's Chicken is presumably a rip off of The Colonel's KFC. (Colonel Sanders.) I think I recall seeing a vid of Tommy making 'angry faces' at Ashba, maybe that's when I started to like him, lol. Rio being first show of the season would explain Axl's shitness, though bad monitoring would not help this. Tbf he sounded pretty good in 91 there, despite it being a patchy year for him vocally with a lot of rough performances that he later said he was unprepared for but blamed Slash for making him tour before being ready. The mic goes completely dead during YCBN on one of those Rio 91 shows and only Izzy can be heard singing. It's interesting actually as you can sort of hear what it would have been like as an Izzy led song.
  9. Chicken? Ok so it's a Buckethead song, not Tommy, ha. Anyone see see that moment in the China Exchange interview where Axl mistakenly says "Bumblehead" instead of Bumblefoot (or Buckethead?) Now that was rad
  10. I know it's been much discussed, but having tortured myself with a watch of this show recently I still really can't fathom why on the name of suffering fuck Axl went ahead with this show. He must have known beforehand, and during, that he totally was not going to be able to pull it off. It's almost like someone has threatened him into performing, like he had absolutely no choice but to make a complete twat of himself. Is there any reliable backstory, or any clue on why on earth Axl went ahead with this shambles? Because I don't think it was just complacency.. he must have known.
  11. Just watched a fucking good performance of Crazy, from 2012. Seems to go against the usual consensus that the voice wasn't good after 2010, at least till 2016..
  12. I've always thought Tommy was one of the more likeable members of the Nu GnR period and so watched the Eric Blair interview to get an idea of his character. He comes across really well, a humble and thoughtful dude. Here are some of my observations on the conversation: -He denies being a 'musical director' for GnR but says he played a role of keeping all 6 together, being 'the general'. So is the song of the same name a reference to that? -He mentions the revolving door of guitarists they had and that some of them were not so easy to get along with. Who is he talking about? -He says Rock in Rio was an epic experience but that he and the band could barely hear anything in front of the immense crowd. Could this be a fair explanation for why some of Axl's Rio performances have been total shit? -He looked kinda drunk/high possibly on some opioid, scratching himself etc (not judging him for that, just observing) - He is very commending of Axl, describes him as highly talented and loyal. So, 'all things considered' I can see why Axl was drawn to Tommy and brought him into the band, I think he was the best person for the job during this time and would be interested in listening to some of his work outside GnR. Any thoughts?
  13. Obviously it was staged, it's a really funny episode though The bit right at the end where the presenter pretends to get knocked out by that huge wooden frame thing is hilarious 😁
  14. I also came across a rare-ish interview with Slash and Duff from the late 80s or early 90s where Slash is saying the usual "We're just a rock n roll band, we haven't murdered anybody but people are always saying we're bad boys" - then right on cue they both simultaneously chime in together to sing the chorus of the Charlie Brown / Peanuts song "Why's everybody always picking on me?" - it's a proper funny moment, made me do an actual lol but I can't find it again now, if anyone knows the interview I mean then link us up please 🙂
  15. The GnRontour listing above says the show was recorded in audio only, so this video is probably not in the hands of traders, and only owned by a TV station is my guess.