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  1. Yeah definitely. I mean that 93 nightrain performance is honestly one of the greatest performances of that song but you can tell when it comes to songs like rocket queen, ycbm or even November rain that his voice thinned out although I liked the clearer voice in 93. Imo, mid 92 around the Freddy tribute concert was peak axl with the perfect amount of rasp and control. Ive always wondered how much damage 91 did to his voice, yeah it sounded really cool for songs like perfect crime but it also sounded like he was gargaling razor blades for an entire year. Theres 2 things I’ve always wondered about his voice and it’s what happened between 94-99 as, like you said, the transition from the classic axl voice to his hybrid falsetto rasp and also what in the actual fuck happened from 2010 to 2011. He sang so effortlessly and with crazy power in 2010 and then I watch 2011 pro shot performances like Los Angeles or 2012 at the o2 and it’s literal night and day.
  2. he still had the uyi voice but you can tell it sounds a lot thinner. It reminds me of the 94 rock n roll hof performance, although he did sing that unprepared. Whats weird to me is how different he sounded 5 years later on the live era record with the re recorded vocals
  3. Favorite post 93 version of Axl

    i think it just might be a weird picture. He pretty much looks the same in 2006 as he did in 1994 minus the cornrows
  4. Will there ever be "new" Guns and Roses?

    No I don’t think so. I feel like gnr made it at the perfect time where people were getting tired of glam metal and needed their ass kicked with gritty rock n roll. However, even with that, nirvana came around and sort of changed the game in 92 so it wasn’t like gnr had this huge decade long run of music domination. Despite all that, there will never be another duo like Axl Rose or Slash imo and I don’t think any band in the future can even come close to replicating the lighting in the bottle that the original 5 captured. As far as rock today, it’s not “dead” but it’s fading away fast. I don’t see the typical rock n roll lifestyle ever seeing the light of day again because it’s easier to control 1 artist than 5 for people in the industry as I think Guns N’ Roses was indeed the last old school rock n roll band. Right now, music is dominated by pop, edm, pop country, and commercial rap which ironically has turned into the equivalent of the glam metal scene of the 80s in terms of stale, redundant club tracks being spammed. So maybe there will be a “gnr” type music artist down the line, just not in the rock genre.
  5. The most Epic Videos of Gnr post 90s

    I just remember how crazy the forum was when gnr played at the troubadour in 2016. I’ll never forget the chills that went down my spine when I heard the bass of it’s so easy kick in and see Axl, Slash, and Duff running on stage
  6. I think this demo shows Axl’s best voice imo where he’s able to combine his “naturally voice” with the rasp that we all know. That and 1993 axl was probably the best versions of him as far as a vocalist https://youtu.be/qb8uPfhmfYM
  7. Maybe he should get a voice lift or some sort of vocal restoration surgery. It’s obvious that the past 2 years have drained his voice from constant touring to not practicing for months after. And tbh, even though 2016 axl/dc was fucking amazing it still doesn’t hold a candle to him in 2010. Something must have happened to his voice from 2010 to 2011 because that was such a huge change. I think Steven Tyler had a similar surgery and he sounds the same as he did in the 80s now.
  8. 06/15/18 - Firenze, Italy - Firenze Rocks

    Crowd looks real loud and lively....how did axl do?
  9. How did axl sound this time? Better or worse?
  10. unfortunately I dont think his voice will ever be the same. I’m pretty sure after 2016, he started struggling and by last summer, he sounded terrible, especially in those Europe shows...I think vocally, this show is the worst performance by Axl besides bridge school 2013 when he was sick....I guess Father Time is catching up to his voice. I hope he can rehearse and warm up to preserve whatever is left in the tank, but I’m not expecting any more 2016 gnr or AC/DC performances at this point unless if he has vocal chord surgery like the one Steven Tyler did or a voice lift procedure...
  11. 06/03/18 - Berlin, Germany - Olympiastadion

    i guess i consider myself lucky i got to see them in 2016 when axl was killing it....he sounded like dog shit tonight.
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It’s korean I think