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  1. Yeah, considering part of the reasoning on why Steven isn't in the reunion was always how undependable he is, this "incident" surely won't help matters in that departament. Also, relevant username lol
  2. You do if you're stoned out of your mind
  3. Yeah, I would like an explanation as well. Somehow, after reading many books/articles about histories of bands etc. I've never been able to deduce from context what "master tapes" exactly are. So a band walks to a studio, and records some songs (let's say G'n'R with the lies album, for simplicity, because they purportedly recorded the songs in 1 session). I assume the "master tapes" are created then? If yes, what is the specific, physical difference between master tapes and, well, any other tapes made during that time? I mean, surely they would make more than 1 copy of this music, right? I understand that record companies own the master tapes, but if the significance of owning master tapes would be purely legal (like rights to use etc.), then this fire wouldn't be >that< much of a deal, since it would be just a problem of some legaleese. If we factor in the historical component (that these were the ACTUAL TAPES made during the ACTUAL RECORDING SESSION OF Lies) it becomes more serious, but not that it would be called “the biggest disaster in the history of the music business.” Because of that, I assume that master tapes are also significant because of what they physically contain. If so, what is the specific distinction between a "master tape" and a "xyz tape"? I remember hearing once that master tapes have all the separate tracks on them (like just Slash's guitar from Patience, for example). If this is true, and no other xyz tapes have them, and this is the reason why they are so important, can't they just get Slash and Mike Clink back to a studio and re-record it in 99~% the same way? The challenge with recording is not knowing what the final version will actually be, but when the songs are finished, surely Slash could "play it exactly the way it's recorded on the album" with 98-99~% accuracy. Don't get me wrong, I obviously know that I just don't understand all the particulars and this is a devastating loss for music history, but if someone could clear it up for me it would be much appreciated.