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  1. Nope. Only Prague and Buffalo. Sad we didn't get it in any of the soundboard performances
  2. If you compare 2017 to 2016, it definitely was bad... I mean, if you can't tell that he sounded much worse this year than last year (specially in the 2016 NA run), then we're in a problem. Yes, he got better in the last shows, he gave his 110% and we got longer setlists, but he was better in 2016. Those are facts. 2016 My Michelle vs 2017 My Michelle, or Rocket Queen, or Nightrain, or WTTJ, every single song sounded worse this year than last year. The only good thing were the Chinese songs and the long setlists (that also were this last months but not all the year). This year his voice was in 2011-2014 levels, because the last shows don't save a whole year. Axl sang BAD in 2017, and got better in the last shows. 2016 voice was miles ahead and that's a fact. Go and check the same songs from one year to another...
  3. Was going to post the same thing Close the thread, please
  4. And laziness We need a new AC/DC rehearsal so papa Angus gets Axl in shape again
  5. I don't get why people are angry about this... we know Axl is a lazy fuck and we won't listen to a new Guns record ever (or maybe in 3-4 years). BUT, in my opinion, it is huge that Slash and Duff are back in the band and can aswell go and do their thing. I think it speaks volumes of how are the things in the band. Axl seems to have changed too, I mean he guested (something weird from him since 2000) two times Billy Joel and the AC/DC thing was just huge. Axl seems to trust in Slash and Duff again, to let them go and do their thing and still be Guns N' Roses members. Hell, even Dizzy is releasing a new solo album. I like the present of Guns N' Roses. Despite of the vocal condition of Axl this year, the whole thing made Axl feel more confident with himself, and reconnect with Slash that also makes me really happy. When Axl feels ready to release a new album, he knows they will be there. Sure, we would all love Axl to release CD2 and CD3, the Perfect Crime Documentary, the fucking whole vault. But we know that won't happen, and this scenario is not that bad actually. We may not get new music, but atleast we know that they have worked past their differences. For me, Axl being Axl again (in a good way ), and Slash and Duff doing their thing while being GN'R members (and that there aren't problems about it) is far more valuable that a new song or two. If we do get something new in the future, I'm sure it will have a more sincere value because of all this things that happened since NITL started. However, I'm not crazy about a Guns album. I can live without it. An AC/DC album with raspy Axl on vocals would be far more insteresting for me. What I would LOVE to see in 2018 would be: a NITL bluray with the best performances of each song, a new SMKC record, and a new Axl/DC record or atleast a Rock or Bust bluray (something that also would be huge).
  6. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    Nobody's comparing it to the old days... You said that it's unfair to compare his actual voice (the one he had at the Forum show) to the Tokyo 2009 one because there are 8 years in the middle. And I'm telling you that he sounded better than 2009 when he was with ACDC LAST YEAR. It's not that hard to understand
  7. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    All the anticipation before the Troubadour... I live here in southamerica and I literally was up all night listening to LA radios. There were some rumours about a press conference in Tower Records, that they were setting up a stage in the back... then we knew that some people were unpacking guitars and shit from a truck. Here on the forums, there were people saying that Guns N' Roses would be playing a secret show at the Troubadour, some others said the Whisky... And that's were CSI GNR came from. People started looking at the Whiskey's and Troubadour website to see their schedule, and I remember there was a band that didn't exist at the time Guns did eventually played later. That has to be the best time I had on this forum. People were flying from all over the world FROM RUMOURS. That night... I can't fucking believe how exciting was all of that back then. And then our friend @Fede streaming the show from across the street. And seeing the first pics of Axl and Slash together. Shit, man. It's sad this won't happen ever again. Nothing compares to this 2 days.
  8. I mean, don't you think they need to stay relevant all this time? They are one of the biggest bands again, they can't just walk off and come back mid-2018 as if nothing happened. Sure, Duff and Slash can go and do their thing, but we are talking about 6 months with absolutely no news... This isn't nuGNR anymore. There's a lot more at stake now. Do you think some interviews (Slash, Duff or even Axl) would be enough?
  9. Tokyo 2009 VS Los Angeles 2017

    So what? Axl did even better than that 2009 voice LAST YEAR with AC/DC... What's your point? 2009 is miles away of this LA performance we got last week. It's good, I admit it, but it still is an average 2017 show...
  10. Hey @IncitingChaos i could never ask you what do you consider better. The european or US leg of Axl/DC, related to his voice
  11. This is the best vocal performance of Axl since the 90s. That’s why every time someone tells me that 2006 Axl is the best, i show them this show
  12. I was listening again to the Forum show, and I can't believe how weak Axl sounds on some songs. I mean, he's 55 and all, but he did a lot better last year... You Could Be Mine lost all type of epicness with this Mickey voice, it's not an "agressive song" anymore... Just listen to this I post it here because I don't want to ruin people excitement on the show... I think it was an average 2017 show, and that is dissapointing for me atleast
  13. Nope, they are Guns N' Roses songs. Don't you know Guns N' Roses discography? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guns_N'_Roses#Discography What does it say there? If that's not Guns N' Roses, then the one who made that cover should be having serious legal issues...