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  1. Here it is in IEM quality
  2. Maaaaaybe we get one or two shows, if they want to stay in the spotlight. But I don't think so. Slash wants to release music and he knows he can't do that with GN'R, sadly
  3. Do you guys really think Guns is going to announce more dates? November 29 will be the last Guns N’ Roses show in a long time... expect a SMK&C record for the end of this year. 2018 will be SMK&C and AXL/DC.
  4. Seems like we got a mini-Houston last night
  5. I really wish that after this video, or after every “I Feel Good” performance, we stopped saying that Axl’s mid range is gone... He’s just not using it. His voice is clearly shot and tired, and this performances show that he’s not done. He will recover with a long break. There WILL be a point in wich he won't be able to recover some of the voices he uses, but not now. This performances prove it. Awesome performance of Madagascar. Hope Angus guests tomorrow!
  6. Clearly not hitting the high notes, but it was totally enjoyable. That clean voice was strong
  7. That Jungle was strong as fuck
  8. Yeah, I guess you're right. I don't know why i thought he sounded worse on that part. Maybe RIR 2017 washed my brain or something
  9. Check out the You Could Be Mine outro i was talking about. Fucking amazing. 3:35
  10. OKAY. I’m home now, and after taking a hot bath, i’m ready to write my review. 🔹 Summary: The crowd was one of the most intense I have ever been to. We Argentinian fans are fucking crazy. Axl told us 3! times to step back. The band sounds better than last year (IMO) and Axl had one of the best vocal deliveries of 2017. 🔸 Song analysis: Axl was clearly into it because of the crowd. There was no doubt about that. The songs he usually nails, were as expected (ISE, Brownstone, Chinese, Jungle, Nightrain). One of the highlights of the night were the You Could Be Mine outro (it surprised me. You can see I tend to criticize Axl a lot around here, but he nailed this part), and Wichita Lineman. That is a very nice song to hear live. Coma was very weak, and Yesterdays too (even thought that Axl’s Mickey sounded a bit more strong tonight). Civil War is IMO horrible live, and also Rocket Queen. Those two should be re-rehearsed or left out. Paradise City is the cancer itself. Patience, Don’t Cry and Used To Love Here were listensbles, with Don’t Cry a step above. Black Hole Sun is played really good by the guys. 🔹 Curious things i saw: Axl wore again an ACDC jacket. He was CONSTANTLY (and i really mean it) talking to the band trough their private channel or whatever. It seemed like jokes because it was during songs and Duff and Richard laughed. He was very chatty with the crowd and he seemed happy. During Knockin On Heavens Door, when doing the sing along part, he said something like “You should sing this one because we really don’t know when we are coming back”. It was not like that, but he basically put some mistery to them coming back soon. And the stadium got frozen for a second. 🔸 Was it enjoyable? Totally. Was it worth the money, even thought it was the same show as last year? Totally. Specially when you don’t know if they are coming back. Can you hear Mickey live and tell when he’s rasping? Absolutely. If you can’t do that then you are deaf. But, it’s also true that the live enviroment makes Axl’s voice a lot more enjoyable. Okay, i think that’s an acceptable review. Going to bed now since it’s 4AM.
  11. Lol no... GN’R dies after this NA leg at the end of the year. New SMKC album + tour is coming early 2018 and Axl is expected to re-join ACDC. They will reach the 600M mark, but no more
  12. Can you move it to the main page? Thanks!! Axl has arrived to Argentina at 5AM