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  1. It sucks because they won't, but they should begin with Southamerica. We are the only ones that didn't get the Rock Or Bust tour. They did Europe twice, USA twice, and NZ/AU in late 2015. They haven't been here since 2009.
  2. Significant band locations in LA?

    The Limp Bizkit video was shot on the World Trade Center south tower.
  3. @RussTCB i was recently watching again the official Locked N' Loaded unboxing video, and the UME dude said at the 0:20 mark, and I'm quoting: "All of the audio that is included in this boxset is directly from first generation analog masters". Is this any different to what you were saying on previous pages of this thread?
  4. Yeah, because giving him the same cut as Slash and Duff isn't ridiculous.
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Yes, this is what I'm thinking aswell. As long as they end touring by the end of november or earlier, and not start touring again until april-may 2020, it's all good. That's plenty of time to make a new record, specially when most of it it's already done (CD2 songs). Even with this dates and the rumored southeramrican ones in november, it's still a "mini-tour" (the one that Slash kept talking about in recent interviews).
  6. Lol @anyone who doesn't believe that Axl will kill it on studio. He may sound like shit live nowadays (can't disagree to that TBH), but recording is a completely different beast. It's up to him though. In the China Exchange interview he said that he knows most people didn't like the clean voice he used on CD. I think that an album with basically his AC/DC / Rock The Rock voice + The Seeker voice + Wichita Lineman voice would totally kick ass. If he, being 57 years old, can do shit like that on-stage, in a studio it's going to be 5 times better. He needs to stay away of the clean voice because he obviously doesn't have the power that he had in 2002/2006 to make it sound good. It's going to be a Mickey fest.
  7. I'd love to know if he actually showed up to record it or if he did it from his house. Any stories from the recording process would be amazing
  8. The Best chinese democracy songs performance

    How can you possibly say San Diego 2016 TWAT when you have Hammerstein 2006 TWAT... Please don’t share any YouTube links here if you don’t want them to be deleted
  9. And people were complaining about the Austin City Limits lineup
  10. @RussTCB your buddy got to Billboard https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8513866/slash-says-guns-n-roses-working-on-new-album
  11. Is this the first Slash interview where he talks about new music since his visit to Axl's house? I think it is, and that would mean that they did some serious work when he went. Otherwise he would've answered pretty much like he was answering a month ago or so...
  12. Hi guys. This discussion came up in one of the groups I follow on Facebook. Everyone got mad when some dude called Slash an “employee”, but I don’t think that it is that crazy. From what I understand, Slash and Duff are getting paid per show, right? The rights to the name is still owned by Axl, but the Partnership of the "company" is in the hands of Axl, Slash and Duff. Is this correct? Has this changed since they returned to the band? Where and when does this Partnership work?
  13. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    They did “The One You Loved Is Gone” yesterday This is my video: