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  1. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    They did “The One You Loved Is Gone” yesterday This is my video:
  2. They changed their social media guy apparently Now they got the lyrics synced! We're getting there!!!
  3. I think it’s pretty simple. If everyone (I honestly don’t know a single person that doesn’t consider it Gn’R) thinks that The Spaghetti Incident, being a cover album with only 3/5 of the AFD lineup, is considered a Guns N’ Roses album, then I don’t see why a new album by the NITL lineup (even being old songs written by former Gn’R members) couldn’t be considered a Guns N’ Roses album. Now, the CD era itself is a completely different beast. I personally consider it Gn’R, but I get why some people don’t.
  4. So he started the Chinese project back in 1991? Something doesn’t make sense here, or I’m reading it wrong 😑
  5. I've always wondered the same thing! That hand shake was fucking epic
  6. So now Del shares “illegal” Guns N’ Roses footage. I wonder if our little friend is going to take this one down too...
  7. Thing's have changed during that time. I'm sure he answered that way because deep down he knows it's all up to Axl. And then he got the call to do this recording thing at his house, reason why he has been much more positive about it on his last interviews . Nothing to actually be worried about now that we found out that the interview is not new. EDIT: i'm a native spanish speaker and the translation is true. But I'm thinking that maybe the reporter didn't hear correctly since the interview was done on the phone.
  8. I'm speaking without being super informed about it, but I think all Waters said is that Venezuela doesn't need any help from Trump (that actually doesn't want to help you guys, but we all know that). I mean, he was voted by his own people AFAIK... It's not like he irrupted into Presidency or something. He may suck as a leader but he was elected democratically. That's what I get from the outside atleast. I don't think Waters is pro-Maduro, he's just praying that you guys can get out of this without an intervention of the US, which you clearly can Stay strong!! Cheers from another Southamerican.
  9. They're playing both fridays.
  10. So It's pretty much confirmed we are getting a pro-shot livestream of this show? I beg they keep Slither and Shadow Of Your Love on the setlist, would be awesome to have those in proshot quality!
  11. Nah, if they make a best-of and choose 2016 vocals on the difficult songs, you get a live album that has better vocals than the 2012 Vegas BluRay. Estranged from one of the 2016 Mexico shows, November Rain from the 2017 Japan shows, YCBM Houston, Rocket Queen houston, Live and Let Die pick one of the early performances because of the long ass screams, etc. There were some really amazing performances of Axl, all together would make a really really great BluRay. Even SCOM sounded good on some shows (dont remember wich ones, but he sounded good even with his clean voice).
  12. It will be based on CD II, that's a fact. Duff said "Axl has some magnificent stuff" when asked about a the new album. And Slash also mentioned it in a few interviews. http://www.metalsucks.net/2019/02/25/duff-mckagan-says-axl-rose-has-magnificent-material-for-the-new-guns-n-roses-album/ https://www.nme.com/news/music/axl-rose-is-working-on-a-ton-of-new-guns-n-roses-tracks-2369703#ylWs16GTuFWxVqej.99
  13. He already went to Axl's house on October 2015. They met and had dinner, probably to talk about everything as they haven't spoken in 20 years, but also to arrange the reunion that ended up being announced a few months later. Why would Slash need to re-record live parts at Axl's house? It's much more likely that he's going there because Axl has the Chinese stuff... I'm not going to go crazy and say that they're actually going to write stuff there, because that seems too far-fetched. But him going to re-record (and give his own touch of course) to CD leftovers, now that makes a lot of sense.
  14. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    I’m starting to believe that this is related to some kind of official release announcement. This last takedowns look official and have been happening all over the world, not just on this forum. I know people from Argentina that taped both days of the 2016 shows, and got all their videos taken down within hours. And also people have said here that PRIVATE videos have been also deleted. So that can’t be Walk*r and his clown army manually reporting the videos. It has to be automatic. I think that this time the takedowns are being ordered by Gn’R or the label or whatever. They look official. It’s the same that happened prior to the AFD Remastered announcement. And for the record, I’m talking out of my ass here. I have no way to prove this.
  15. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    So basically 90% of Gn’R videos hosted on Youtube?