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  1. Probably an interview with legendary rock star Melissa Reese
  2. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    That is correct. However, posting links of the 1985 demo that is in the 1991 single isn't allowed as it was officially released. The 1985 demo from Mystic Studios is allowed to share (even though they are the same song ), as it's just a bootleg. So let's say I didn't send you shit hahaha
  3. [REQ (FLAC ONLY)] 2010-10-14 The O2 - London, England

    Thank you so much dude!! I really appreciate it
  4. GNR Videos Now in 1080p

    There is no "Yesterdays" video in the official Guns N' Roses VEVO YouTube channel. You are probably watching it in another channel with an obvious quality loss. Go to any of the old videos in the OFFICIAL youtube channel, and compare the same video in 480p and 1080p quality. You won't notice a single improvement.
  5. People asking for "Shadow Of Your Love". Do you even realize the trainwreck that would be with Axl's current voice? I would prefer something like "Bad Obsession", so he stops butchering songs he can't even sing
  6. GNR Videos Now in 1080p

    There is no improvement. They are just upscaled. Above 480p all look the same.
  7. I'm trying to find the FLAC version of this bootleg (I have it in MP3). Does anyone have it and can upload it to a fast server? MEGA, Google Drive or WeTransfer would be perfect. Thanks!!! GUNS N' ROSESOctober 14, 2010 - The O2, London, UKSource:Sony ECM DS70p Mic -> Sony MZ M100 [Minidisc, LP Mode @ 16bit/44,1khz] -> SonicStage -> PC (raw WAV-files)-> dED -> FLAC frontend 1.7.1 [level 8 with verifying; align on sector boundaries]***seeded first on the GN'R-tracker Ocober 15, 2010***Setlist (168:56min):01. Intro (1:46)02. Chinese Democracy (3:31)03. Welcome To The Jungle (5:19)04. It's So Easy (3:13)05. Mr. Brownstone (5:44)06. Sorry (6:32)07. Intro + Shackler's Revenge (4:01)08. Richard Fortus Solo/Jam "James Bond-Theme" (4:22)09. Live And Let Die (3:20)10. Instrumental Jam (1:42)11. This I Love (5:43)12. Better (5:08)13. Rocket Queen (7:27)14. Band Introduction (1:06)15. Dizzy Reed Solo (4:00)16. Street Of Dreams (5:37)17. You Could Be Mine (w/ Duff McKagan on bass) (6:55)18. DJ Ashba Solo "The Ballad Of Death" (4:00)19. Sweet Child O'Mine (5:55)20. Jam "Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)" (4:26)21. Axl Piano Solo (1:04)22. November Rain (9:13)23. Axl Talking + Bumblefoot Solo (4:56)24. I.R.S. (4:55)25. Nice Boys (w/ Duff McKagan on guitar) (3:33)26. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (w/ Duff McKagan on guitar) (10:15)27. Nightrain (7:54)Encore:28. Intro + Don't Cry (6:31)29. Jam (1:34)30. Madagascar (6:08)31. Intro + Patience (w/ Duff McKagan on tambourine) (6:52)32. Jam + Whole Lotta Rosie (5:14)33. Jam "Waiting On A Friend" (2:31)34. Paradise City + Outro (10:22)Notes:- First Duff/Axl live on stage appearance since July 17, 1993 Buenos Aires!!Duff was in town on business and stayed at the same hotel and on the same floor as Axl. Then Duff joined the band on stage. Nobody planned anything in advance.- Axl right after "You Could Be Mine": "There was this guy at the end of my hallway playing all this loud music and shit....Who the fuck? Oh, It's Duff!!"- During "Patience" Duff and BBF swap instruments.- when burning to 3CDR good splitting point would be CDR1: 01-13 / CDR2: 14-24 / CDR3: 25-34editing:- fading in/out- adding 1sec silence in beginning & 2sec silence in the end- normalizing -0,05db---------------------NOT TO BE SOLD!!!!!!!---------------------FLAC fingerprints:gnr2010-10-14t01.flac:462f8ed3e8b66680997e364d8dcc9783gnr2010-10-14t02.flac:bf6f99e7e10ebd9d8c6f48bcb4cd7a6agnr2010-10-14t03.flac:43a8efb889c9c0e0a2a92ceaccc05734gnr2010-10-14t04.flac:98e1ded15ed2b0c936f62fffdb628406gnr2010-10-14t05.flac:651e4fcb73d38ad3268ab298ed2077d1gnr2010-10-14t06.flac:632866126b007b3e101827d699bdabc6gnr2010-10-14t07.flac:c95b04ea91ee80177ed70778a19ce223gnr2010-10-14t08.flac:93b2ae5a8d7cce3ed39b6f16381a258egnr2010-10-14t09.flac:2ca5ccd1bb8b9dbbc108e653875e0a82gnr2010-10-14t10.flac:abacfb282991abbb86f970b9ac322060gnr2010-10-14t11.flac:49ca53b7f0d53a27d7daab3ab10f5e03gnr2010-10-14t12.flac:3c0f65aae50fe007a649b7146f2be46agnr2010-10-14t13.flac:80f1f7772a635cfdd64ed0e30b619e09gnr2010-10-14t14.flac:f0c5f260cb97b8a49de11562599bab89gnr2010-10-14t15.flac:848531ee7f1d9099f36a5ce903dd3debgnr2010-10-14t16.flac:8a02af698ea7e270f0c06549fec87261gnr2010-10-14t17.flac:95e4c6117a6400d5e41b5c46099810a5gnr2010-10-14t18.flac:016a50c83bde5b0b626d6656c3ed9782gnr2010-10-14t19.flac:7cf7d2c9e5cf248618365f41d8763b0bgnr2010-10-14t20.flac:2306e9b4c86b1efb826153c60f520492gnr2010-10-14t21.flac:0b48644a68a9576728eef34295e5e078gnr2010-10-14t22.flac:c51c0ef629f8cb5bfdad55b3a200e6d7gnr2010-10-14t23.flac:2165fbfc78b8b1ec4ed9de4dff515a32gnr2010-10-14t24.flac:07e0845089d627f3c29d9b0a08409a25gnr2010-10-14t25.flac:004f78962d8c04d8775d79846dd03cb3gnr2010-10-14t26.flac:1ebc9c5ce5cfc62541e4018d9bc0c09bgnr2010-10-14t27.flac:3b48d61d82e9261eed24bcd151dd3e62gnr2010-10-14t28.flac:5a685709a7def5a4c00e2566089cc4f9gnr2010-10-14t29.flac:c795c8933b06ac89a89c4d377517c91cgnr2010-10-14t30.flac:11c0442d22f73332440af4b8f78a6a56gnr2010-10-14t31.flac:5395b5b202fb971c6be0ada9d978a88fgnr2010-10-14t32.flac:11153e73b8f17c241f8df0b2a5122525gnr2010-10-14t33.flac:125ada18bebe3692d1aab6d7e0f6d617gnr2010-10-14t34.flac:d7f55f3f4d855577a5c50fc58ddbdac1
  8. So... The NITL tour is now the longest tour in history? With this new dates, it surpasses UYI tour
  9. @fernomenoyde Podrías subir el setlist completo, con la fuente de cada canción? Ejemplo: Rocket Queen (Apollo 2017). Muchísimas gracias y enorme tu trabajo! Esperamos más y ojalá te animes a hacer uno completo de AXL/DC!!
  10. @Fernando What was the original idea about the reunion lineup? Were Steven and Izzy considered to atleast join for the AFD songs? Did something go wrong during the early-2016 rehearsals? Thanks for doing this
  11. Yeah, he liked my post too. The one I posted about the 'The Garden' music video. You can come and say hi, @Fernando! We would love some fresh info, so we stop being "so clueless" and spreading "that trash we call 'our opinion'"
  12. GNR Videos Now in 1080p

    The alternate version (colored) of SCOM has been uploaded also in 1080p. From the old videos, the only one that now has 1080 is Paradise City. Same views as always, but now in 1080p.
  13. WTF? Guns N' Roses YouTube channel has just uploaded The Garden's video. And among other changes, some of the older videos now have 1080p quality!
  14. [REQ] Don't Cry 1985 DEMO (from the 1991 single)

    I did! I have the demo, I finally found it Check your inbox