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  1. Copyright Strikes....

    Why do you keep spreading this nonsense? You do know that YouTube is not the only place where videos are being removed from, right? Facebook fanpages with literally hundreds of thousands of likes have been deleted forever because of copyrighted videos that were uploaded to the pages (and not copy-pasting YT links, I mean by actually uploading the videos to Facebook). Instagram posts have been deleted, which also have nothing to do with YouTube (Instagram is Facebook and YouTube is Google). I lost the main Twitter account of my fanpage, with 15k followers, because they took down videos that were uploaded there (again, not YouTube links, by uploading them myself). So there you have Twitter that isn't Facebook's property nor Google's. Discord users have been banned from the platform (and Discord users that were owners of servers, so those servers are gone too) because "someone" reported them for spreading "illegal material". Just to name a few. So please stop trying to justify this. You are wrong. Thank you.
  2. Coma and Jungle Demos

    Because giving entity to this will lower the chances of trades getting done and thereafter, us getting full songs. These shouldn’t have leaked.
  3. NITL is over, finito?

    A good giveaway could be if we get a Blu-ray of the tour for Christmas (which is also heavily rumored). They won’t release it unless NITL is truly over.
  4. This thread needs a title change as they’re not only playing in Brazil
  5. It doesn't matter. If they, on the March shows, play the same setlist that they've been playing this last month, then it's still NITL. It doens't matter if the shirts they are selling say "Southamerican tour" instead of "Not In This Lifetime tour". Unless they debut new material and/or they completely rework the setlist, then it's still going to be considered NITL tour.
  6. What is this horseshit? What does "now" mean? Are you seriously placing the 2016 band and this auto-pilot bullshit on the same level? Even Slash and Duff look bored nowadays, a robot has more emotion than them. 2016 was almost a totally different band. Performance wise and also because they had another attitude on stage. Considering the 2010 year along with the 2011-2014 period as one thing shows how much you are wrong. It's almost an insult, and you are forgetting 2009 when Axl was amazing too. This is wrong on so many levels. I just have to lol if you think the 2017-2019 band is better than the 2010 band, when Ashba was still a bad-ass and Axl sounded like on his UYI days. Like, seriously.
  7. Lol, they didn't even swap Locomotive for Coma What a band
  8. It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome To The Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Better Estranged Live And Let Die Slither Rocket Queen
  9. I agree to a certain point. I keep seeing more and more "new music please" posts in their social media, and they aren't hardcore fans. I think there's huge demand for a new record, but yeah as you said, the will still sell-out stadiums and arenas no matter what. So if we do get a new album, it's because they really want to do it, for artistical reasons or whatever. They don't need to.
  10. Copyright Strikes....

    Any video that someone searched and posted here or on any relatively big Facebook group/page or Twitter account. It doesn’t matter if it’s NITL, CD, UYI or AFD era. The motherfuckers that are taking these down don’t even have to look for the videos because those places make it easier for them. That’s why there are some videos from this leg of the tour still online. If you upload a video and it stays online for the first 2 or 3 days (because on YouTube you can filter by most recent), then you’re good. It will be there until someone finds it and posts it on one of the places I mentioned above. After that, the video and all of the others GNR-related from that channel will be deleted (more than 3 videos deleted —> channel deleted).
  11. 4K Video Downloader Best and easiest way.

    The real GOAT turns 59 today.
  13. This comment needs to be pinned somewhere. It’s the ultimate description of what happened to Axl’s voice. No opinions, just facts. You couldn’t have said it better. And probably what most of the people can’t get, it’s the fact that his voice got to a point where it can’t get any better. Axl is 56 years old, the argument of “but he was shit in 2002 and kicked ass in 2006!” won’t last forever.