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  1. Ask Staff Anything!

    What do you guys think of the Discord servers? I think they are good for the leak stuff because it leaves trouble off the forum, but are you guys worried about loosing members here? Maybe not now, but in the long run? Thanks
  2. The voice cracks are here to stay. But nonetheless it was still a solid show. Mickey sounded powerful a lot of times. For this being the first show, it was OK I guess. He will get better but as someone above said, I'm not expecting 2016 vocals. The Austin City Limits livestream could be interesting.
  3. I loved this show. Honestly I think Axl sounded genuinely good for this being the first show in months. I think that this show set the bar pretty high, because from now on Axl will get better and better. My only critics are that this bloated 3hour-long setlist is getting annoying pretty fast. I wish they would rework a new one (I don't even mind them playing the same songs, but in a different order please), cut it down to 2 hours and remove all the bullshit covers and extended solos and intros. A pure 2 hour long setlist that suits Axl's voice is the way to go. And keeping a nice alternative list so things don't get monotonous. Leaving that aside, I think it was a great show. Ferrer was the surprise of the night for me, he sounded amazing. And Axl's hair, I liked it. He needs to loose the beer belly and that would be a badass look.
  4. You know it's a song that Axl is going to sound good on. I'll take it any day of the week
  5. Frank is stealing the show so far. Is he actually Frank Ferrer or WTF? And Axl is back to the hats and sunglasses
  6. Mayorevolution on Instagram is doing a livestream as well!
  7. Axl's killing it on Better! The bridge will be a test
  8. Axl has his hair like in that late 90s rollercoaster pic. Definitely seems more slim too. Bring it on!
  9. We have absolutely no proof that Axl is on the building. I think that's the reason why they're still not playing
  10. I'm afraid that Axl forgot who the McDaddy is...
  11. Down On The Farm is something I’d like to see this lineup give a try. Axl could still nail this one.
  12. Can't deny that I'm a little excited. Will be following tonight's show here in the forum. To all those going, have a good evening! I hope we get new songs and a good-sounding Axl
  13. Just when you thought that Silkworms was the worst Gn’R song ever, you get to hear this big pile of shit And for the record, I loved all the other leaks, but this one is just too much.