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  1. Can someone explain to me HOW THE FUCK are they going to have an album DONE by mid 2019? Are you guys crazy or something? Slash will be touring half of that time, and Axl will probably be endlessly tinkering 20 year old stuff. It's just not going to happen anytime soon. I can see a live album, then a single, and MAYBE a new album in late 19 - early 2020. But even those dates seem to be very optimistic when we are talking about Guns N' Roses. I don't know if it was the reunion that brought so many people that don't know how things worked during 2001 - 2014 or what, but I'd recommend you to not expect anything from this band.
  2. What would be the best NITL compilation?

    Not starting it with It's So Easy and Mr. Brownstone from the Troubadour would be a dissapointment. You just cant
  3. Yeaaahhhhhhh thank god they’ll keep touring with the same old setlist and no new material!!!!!!!!! THANKS GUNS N ROSES
  4. What would be the best NITL compilation?

    Was Houston’s Nightrain much different from what we generally heard on that leg? Coachella’s soundboard version sounds fucking awesome, is Houston really better than that one?
  5. Guys...that #doublealbum BS, that’s clearly an inside joke. Those other two in the picture are one of Duff’s daughters and her boyfriend. It’s probably them joking about going on a double date or something stupid like that. But it clearly looks like an inside joke so I wouldn’t claim anything based on that caption.
  6. I remember that rumor that LA night one (I think Steven played) was recorded
  7. Just finished hearing it. Great episode @Gambit83!! Thanks for asking him my question, I guess the 2016 SA lithos will still be a mistery Looking forward for the third episode. Cheers!!
  8. He’s also posted if anyone wants to hear Atlas. Omg I hope he’s not trolling. Someone answer him!!!
  9. That's the same impression I got from listening to it Can't get Mickey Axl off my head now
  10. From the show, daaaah It's very promising that they have the audio of every single NITL show. It'd be very stupid to not release a live compilation featuring their best performances of each song from this 2 years. I hope they make things right
  11. Concerts in 2019

    SLASH, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Greta Van Fleet and Metallica + Ghost are all coming to my city next year. I better start saving up
  12. I also remember that on their first night at River Plate (Buenos Aires), a plane was passing by really close to the stadium at the exact same time that Axl was singing the line “Flying like an aeroplane” during Nightrain. The stadium is located near the airport so it was actually close. He went and pointed it out to Slash. I was there, so it was a really cool moment. 0:20
  13. Ha! You just made me google it, you bastard!! You’re right BTW, he did it on Buffalo too. Too bad there’re no videos of it. I’ll see if I can get it from the show thread EDIT: so there’s no fucking footage of him singing OWB... not even on the old Facebook streams from the show thread. But it did happen because there are some comments about it And thanks!! I also remember the “SECURITY FUCKHEAD” from Paris during Better. That’s another epic moment as it is the closest thing we got to old Axl
  14. I don't know if I want to get that show on BluRay to be honest Axl's performance was horrible that night. I would prefer to get the build up to that show (rehearsals, the night before, the announcement, etc) as a documentary, or as an intro/extra to a NITL best-of BluRay. Maybe It's So Easy from that night but that's it
  15. We are only one show away from the end of the Not In This Lifetime Tour. For me it was something incredible to see Axl and Slash share a stage together for the first time in my life. I thought it was something that was never going to happen. So I'll be posting my favorite moments of the tour, feel free to share yours too! I'll try to go in chronological order This is an idea that I had for my Guns N' Roses Sudamérica page, so I'll share it here too! 1) The Troubadour: obvious choice. The first show of these 2 legends together since 1993. Back where it all began. They looked so happy And here's where Axl got his foot injury. 2) The two Vegas shows: the hardcore fans meetup. For me this are the true reunion shows because they were announced with plenty of time. And that's why there were lots of members from this forum and from all over the world at the show. I can't imagine your faces when you guys got to hear Coma for the first time You got some incredible Live And Let Die screams too. Great shows. 3) The first AXL/DC wink, Angus joins GNR for "Whole Lotta Rosie" and "Riff Raff": we know what happened after this. Axl joined AC/DC and absolutely kicked ass, shuting up the whiners and taking his Rn'R King throne back. 4) The return of Steven Adler: 4/5 of the AFD lineup on stage, legendary moment. Steven got to to play 2 songs with GNR, making this his short return to the band after 26 years. Plus Axl was singing the shit of both My Michelle and Out Ta Get Me. Steven's face is priceless. 5) The legendary Houston show: nothing else to say. Axl's greatest vocal delivery of the tour. Beast mode 6) Nice Boys with Angry Anderson on Australia: only time GNR played this song on the tour + Angry Anderson as guest. 7) Axl finally sings the Only Woman Bleed intro on the 2017 Prague show: it was the only time he did it on this tour, and obviously first and only time since the UYI tour. 8) Paradise City with no Axl over Slash's intro: it was also the only time he did it on this tour. It makes the song much better and gives him the chance to blow the whistle on time. I wish it's always like this. 9) Paradise City with Dave Grohl: even though we know that Axl and Dave were on good terms from at least 2016 (he gave him the throne when Axl injured his foot), this is the first time that we saw them together. The GNR vs Nirvana bullshit was over after this. And this year Axl Slash and Duff all played It's So Easy with Foo Fighters (but that's not part of the NITL tour so I wont post it). 10) Patience with guest P!NK singing the outro: I honestly don't care about this but I know she is a big artist, so I'm just going to post it. May be important to someone 11) GN'Rs longest show of the tour and ¿longest? show of their history: im not sure about the last one because of Inglewood 91 or Tokyo 2009. This one went for almost 4 hours and was streamed on SiriusXM. 12) Hell freezes over for the 2nd time, Axl plays Velvet Revolver's SLITHER: even though its a horrible debut (we know it sounds miles better now), this is something truly surreal. For me, that's another sign that this tour is more than just a cashgrab. It's Axl's way of thanking Slash and Duff for returning to the band and acknowledging Chinese Democracy. He didn't have to do it, yet he did. Cool gesture of Axl.