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  1. Axl Rose's 2011 Vocal Style Started in 2010

    Then why the fuck can I hear raspy Axl on every single 2010 / 2016 Axl/DC video? You're delusional. So basically, 9 year old cellphone videos are able to capture Axl's real voice, but modern ones can't? In 2017 Axl didn't sound nowhere near to his 2010 voice, period. And before you start talking shit, I've seen them 3 times on the NITL tour. And even if I didn't, YouTube videos don't lie. That's his true voice right there, unless Team Brazil has some alien technology that changes Axl's voice on NITL videos but not on the ones from previous years. Go listen to the fucking Apollo or The Forum soundboard recordings and compare them to YouTube videos. It's the same shit.
  2. For all we know, Axl's been sitting on his arse for more than 3 months and counting, because he really doesn't have much to do ATM. We know he's the one who takes most of the time when it comes to making an album, so that's A LOT of time (8-10 months if you count this past 3 months) to work. He totally could've been working on it if they are planning a late-2019 release. It's not impossible, Axl has proven more than once that he's not the same person he was before the reunion. Everyone but Slash is basically scratching their balls (minus some stupid little projects like Richard's), so they could all be working on it as we speak. Then Slash comes back from touring and does his thing (which we know he does INCREDIBLY fast). It's not impossible, and also not that hard to think given how professional they all were during the NITL tour. Of course, I expect a 2020 release for obvious reasons, but I would say that the chances of a 2019 release are far more than just a 10%.
  3. Is it what I think it is?
  4. Strange days indeed! But then again, nothing happened in 2014 I hope we get both this time!! And the Cat leaves once and for all
  5. But they are not starting fresh if most of the songs are going to be 20-22 years old when the album drops A different album name wont change that. I’m totally OK with them calling it CD II. At the end of the day this is nuGNR v4.0
  6. Well, obviously not sleeping for TWO DAYS with the Troubadour rumors the night before, and the show itself the next day! Following those 2 days from the other side of the world was pretty much the most hardcore-fan I‘ve ever done for this band. And also a friend of mine who camped three nights before a show to get to the rail, and fainted before the support band even started playing!
  7. Chinese leftovers ?

    I’ll love to read the comments about how Slash is a musical genius because he re-recorded something that Buckethead wrote in the first place!
  8. You could argue that the Apollo show was “private”. I think it was only for SiriusXM subscribers and a few contest winners. And the Troubadour show, but only because of it being in such a small place. It wasnt “private”
  9. Tons of GN'R pictures!

    Hey guys, i'll leave this link that contains thousands of pictures. It's divided in eras and there must be like 5000 pictures or more... http://vk.com/albums-19069363