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  1. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    This is why I try to avoid expressing any personal beliefs regarding religion on here but rather question stuff I find interesting or else just not get involved because if you're asking, really and truly, what I feel about em, it ain't positive. I just use the term 'a load of bollocks' as a quick and easy way of saying 'I don't think its real'. But yeah, you're right, I agree with what you say though, its why I've opted out of such discussions in terms of actually expressing what I think of it all because I do think its a load of bollocks, apologies to anyone thats offended by that, if it makes anyone feel better I swear a lot, take it to mean 'i don't think any of its real' cuz thats all I'm really saying, I just have a foul mouth, it amounts to the same thing. It'd be nice if we could all be a little less sensitive and you could tell me what I thought or believed, whether it be about religion or music or society, is a load of bollocks and I could do the same without either of our feelings being hurt, cuz its none of it personal really, is it, I mean the Catholic Church is an institution and a very powerful one at that, I don't think anyone or any number of people on forums are powerful enough to make a victim of it. I feel like theatre, the arts, is as precious to me as anything, McLeod regularly tells me its a load of bollocks Its alright though innit, funny even
  2. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Well since we’re being honest they’re all a load of bollocks really arent they?
  3. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Cool, a dead body, is it real? That ain’t real surely!
  4. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Well, you'd have to slip JCs foreskin on first...rinse it off and put it back after
  5. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    To be fair i was just waiting for the sing-song bits Surely you’d whip something like that out for a DNA test. Or to just prove its fuckin miraculous qualities...then again it could be freshly snipped eh? Fuckin hell, still though, there’s a lot you could so with Gods cock sock surely. I wonder what colour it is
  6. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    If he was just some carpenters son when he was born then why would anyone know to hang onto it?
  7. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Yeah but...it'd go manky surely, wouldn't it?
  8. if i was in World War 2 they'd call me Spitfire..

  9. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Sorry, come again?
  10. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Like I said, the willy of God man, its all about the willy!
  11. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    Y'know what I read once, Bugsy Siegel I think it was, stayed in the same hotel as Goebbels...and planned to kill him when he found this out but didn't in the end for whatever reason. Wonder what direction history would've taken had he pulled it off.
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    Project manager just basically means like a fuckin’ foreman, the governor, the one who just fuckin makes sure everyones on their job and all the moneys going in the right direction.
  13. I'm really into guns I mean I don't have any cuz I can't but if i was a yank and I could afford em I'd be armed to the teeth. Wouldn't walk around with shooters but I'd love goin' down a range and shooting and that. Its like anything, appreciating quality cars, or quality clothes or quality shooters. A lot of people where my family are from go on like hunting parties and that and they appreciate a good shooter and its kinda passed on from there so like...y'know, there's an appreciation for the real mccoy, especially since they have a lot of knock off shooters there made by these gunsmiths that make third rate copies cuz there's not a lot of the real thing about. Its all your sort of double barrelled shotgun stuff there though. Its more handguns and rifles there, some people do have like machine guns but they're very rare cuz there's no practical purpose for em unless you're a nutter. So like, yeah, when you look at places with like a gun culture or whatever its a little reductive to think its just ALL about that, I'm not saying its not valid as a point of view in many cases, like these fuckin' dorky teens with AR 15s and all that but to say its ALL about that is a little reductive. Its like when people go 'oh sports cars are just for men with small penises' or 'guns are a substitute for penises', I'm sure it is for some people but at the same time, believe it or not, some people just do fuckin' like a sports car, they do enjoy driving powerful cars, not necessarily to take em to 130 everytime they go for a drive, its just...a particular kind of feeling, its the appreciation of luxury and craftsmanship and feeling that power in a car when you put your foot down. Its as reductive a comment as saying all long haired rock music listening kids are pussies, and believe me that theory is out there too. And in farms, rural areas, that shit is essential, nice shotgun and that (though I know the objection is more to do with all that Rambo shit), for foxes and in areas where there are dangerous animals about.