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  1. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Apocalypse Now - The Workprint Can't really even call it a movie in the proper sense of the word, I mean a movies complete after the editing process and all that crap and then you have whats released in the cinemas, which is what the film is, the normal version of Apocalypse Now is 2 and a half hours, the Redux is about 3 hours 20, this ones just over 5 hours long and, well, it is what it is, its a workprint, in very poor quality, I mean like the picture and so forth, very bootleggy and sort of a film nerd thing, like a very very very early rough cut that is nowhere near the film it ended up being but despite that, if you're as big a fan (and nerdy enough ) of the film as I am its got some great shit in it, there's a fuckload more Brando, a load more on the other characters, you get to see the character Colby (the guy sent on the identical mission) you get to see Dennis Hopper being killed, you get to see Lance the surfer kill a water buffalo, all kindsa cool shit Its also interesting (well it is to me!) to see a film pre-the editing process.
  2. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Full Metal Jacket (1987)
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I'm pretty sure its an American military thing but it was referenced in and around a lot of movies too, one of the Aliens ones i think, I wouldn't know, never seen em.
  4. Irrational fears

    Ya big girls bra!
  5. the beatles

  6. On a seperate note, fuck me they sounded lethal back then. Sharp as fuck. Listen to that and tell me Adler was superfluous.
  7. Its not an uncommon thing in general, to be fair, to cut dear ol' Axl some slack, bless his ginger locks. Monitors are the bane of singerses existence because you need to hear yourself back clearly to know how shit you do or don't sound, band biographies and filled with tales of '...and if that wasn't bad enough, the fuckin' monitors were on the blink all night, it had been a long tour and I finally lost it...' Its especially frustrating when you're a fuckin' million dollar concern like Guns n Roses, I imagine you see what your out-goings are for the entire rig and then for it to not work right, well, I can see how that would get on anyones tits.

    https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/698112/Arsenal-news-Man-Utd-Lee-Dixon-Gary-Neville-knocked-out-Fergie-Wenger-video We've all thought about it Lee!
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Billy Joe Saunders bullies a girl
  10. Irrational fears

    See thats the kinda dirty shit I’m talkin’ about, one or so I can handle but it gives me the fuckin’ feeling that somewhere close by there’s fuckin thousands of the little fuckers close by. I’d gladly be a fuckin rat exterminator, just do a rat holocaust and exterminate the fuckin’ lot of em, they’re all fuckin’ wrong. And furthermore I object to his fuckin’ humanization of rats too, they fuckin bring disease and plague and we got kids watching fuckin’ Mickey Mouse and Roland Rat and Splinter off the fuckin’ Turtles, its fuckin’ poisoning young minds and that . We need to stamp this fuckin’ vermin out, crush them with an iron fist
  11. If I wasn't so big hearted I'd charge.
  12. Irrational fears

    Thats like textbook vertigo, thats an actual condition dearie
  13. Irrational fears

    I don't LIKE heights as such, I mean like...they ain't my favourite fuckin' thing but I can handle em. I just do it, get on with it, deal with it. Unsecured heights though, like big fuckin' fire-escape type staircases where you look down and you can see the drop through the grate, that ain't my favourite position in life to be in. But its OK. I'm of the opinion that if you got a phobia of anything, if any shit bothers you, you should run to that shit immediately and go and deal with it and see whats there, see what the problem is. Cuz if you submit to that shit constantly you cripple yourself, I seen it in people, I know people who fuckin' won't get on the tube cuz they're afraid of escalators, so instead of a 5 minute train journey to Euston they take like a 40 minute ride on two different buses. Won't walk certain places cuz you might go over a bridge, all types of madness. Don't get me wrong, I'm not insensitive to the fact that, y'know, everyone has a blind spot about something but at the same time I think its good to not submit to every kind of instinct or impulse of something that you find kinda challenging because you weaken yourself as a person. Its kinda like food...some people limit themselves so much over shit cuz they're just a slave to taste. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying be a fuckin' pig but I'm saying like, OK, brocolli don't taste good, or, y'know, whatever fuckin' thing it is that ain't your favourite and its good for you...is it really THAT fuckin' bad? Just fuckin' deal with it, do it, who cares if it don't taste brilliant, its like 5/10 mins of your life. Or like people who can't stop eating sweets or whatever, these things are kinda related I think, its about a sort of...I dunno, discipline, willpower, all that fuckin' Mr Motivator bullshit. Naturally I think I am afraid of heights but its something I've dealt with and handled. I'm kinda afraid of animals too, or I was but its fixed. Fighting too I kinda have a problem with, I guess thats everybody, I ain't afraid of it like petrified but I mean like...a lot of nervous energy and fuckin' like...adrenaline etc. Where I know people who can throw hands like calm as a coma.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    She's the one whoose arse was a big deal for some reason for a while there isn't she? Hey, a royal baby is always gonna be a big deal, isn't it?