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  1. Peter Fonda dead at 79

    Thats the one, Wild Angels, I remember the cover of the VHS for some reason but not the fuckin’ name, work that one out.
  2. Peter Fonda dead at 79

    I remember seeing some Hells Angelsy kinda film with Peter Fonda that was pretty good, I'm fucked if I can remember the name though, which gets on my fuckin' tits cuz I used to be a fuckin' encyclopedia of films.
  3. PiL live on Check it Out

    Johns a funny one. He can be quite aggressive in interviews but if you look at that interview, they're pretty much having a pop at him from the off. I mean 'have you sold out?' is basically their line of questioning. And this is the case with a lot of Johns interviews, he's sort of deliberately wound up by people expecting a certain response from him, even back then. Also, he's someone who has been burned by his interactions with the media, he's extremely unique in his particular position as being, if not the most vilified than certainly in the top 3 (as far as the mainstream media goes) of all time, a lot of it extremely unfairly and at a time where he wasn't really protected as a person or afforded the support structure that most people in his position did. I mean can you imagine being such an obvious and visible figure as he was, at the time of God Save the Queen...and having to get the London Underground home, he was pretty much attacked on sight. And most of this can basically be put down to an unbalanced image of who/what he was by the media. He isn't really someone who, by usual standards, should ever have been put in the position he was, he was a sort of skinny runty sort of kid put at the forefront of this thing that he wasn't really equipped to handle, bless him. Not just him but all of The Pistols, it really was the first and the last time that proper off the streets lads like that were put in the position they were. There is a reason he acts like he does and surrounds himself with a bunch of Arsenal hooligans (who many have claimed are the reason he acts as he does). He always appeared to me as a naturally very shy person, even in that video, right before John lets off a volley at the interviewer you can see Wobble almost pushing him to do it (go on tell him then, tell him, open your mouth and tell him!) The media storm around The Sex Pistols, having to handle that, from a very young age, with there being really no prescedent in place as to how to handle such a thing, must colour a persons perception of the media/interviewers and have you very much on guard around them. And when you're talking about some lad off a council estate in Finsbury Park you're not good get all sweetness and light from him if he's pushed.
  4. PiL live on Check it Out

    John often seems odd in these stroppy interviews but they are usually because something has happened beforehand. With this one there was a massive argument over allowing the band to be interviewed, they just wanted Johnny Rotten whereas he didn't want PiL to be the Johnny Rotten show so there was an argument in getting that sorted. Then the Angelic Upstarts thing happened...plus they are sort of accusing him of being a sellout and insinuating that PiL, because they didn't make 3 chord rock music, were basically just an elaborate joke of a band designed to take the piss and rip people off. They purposely got the Angelic Upstarts on their to slag Johnny off and thereby illicit the sort of response that the Sex Pistols gave on that infamous BBC show. And apparently John weren't having it. Personally I loved Wobble there more than even John. Wobble was about to knock the interviewer out
  5. PiL live on Check it Out

    The mythic interview that no one has seen the complete version of since it was first broadcast.
  6. British Politics

    I had to google Gemma Collins...some fat slag apparently.
  7. The Boxing Thread

    Anthony Yarde seems a reasonable punt at those odds.
  8. The Boxing Thread

    He’s not a very bright kid but he wants to learn. You know you get those people who took heed to ‘listen and learn’ but don’t have the brains to process the info so they just end up spouting a load of bollocks? Thats him. He’s a listener though, I’ll give him that, too much of one even, no independent though, thats why you had him in the corner that night goin’ ‘why am i feeling like this?’ to whatsisface the trainer. I think losing hurt him profoundly and all this bollocks is a reaction to it.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Happy birthday fat arse, have a good one! Although its the next day so you’re probably fucked by now, anyroad, God bless you atheist cunt
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Don’t knock it, you’d be amazed what it fetches after a fish poo jar and a night in the fridge
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    I can't imagine how, I ain't lived there since 1987, must've been the most memorable piece of 4 yr old arse they ever had
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    I don't think its expressly racist in the sense that it can be used to refer to gyppos but its often said by people that it ain't meant as racist. Used it all my life as a lad and its only in recent years that its occured to me that its racist, I didn't even know, honest to God, never thought about it. But then if you think about it when was it ever used in a complimentary manner? Did yous have 'gyp-scrag' up North, thats one I remember being chucked about a bit at school It was used either to refer to a gypsy or to call someone when they're being cheap or dirty or low rent. Whats more to the point though is do we give a fuck? To be every word is fair game, I don't mind Rik Mayall saying gyppo anymore than I mind Alf Garnett saying nig nogs and coons. Its trivial really, especially when context provides a perfectly airtight justification in those cases. People make too much of a big deal of things, its what your thinking that counts, not whether you use the word gyppo or refer to someone as a dirty white smelly smoggy cunt
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    Itsgyppos, you can heard its dubbed over, later BBC dvd releases put yobbos cuz gyppos is racist. Whats funny is the following rant is 100 times more ‘racist’ than just the word gyppos.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    Fuck off, I know my Bottom back to front
  15. General Chat / Random Musings

    I’m at work over here and I couldn’t be arsed to type the whole thing out but if you wanna make a point of it the line goes ‘fish poo your dukeness, it comes from a very expensive fishes bottom!’ Ritchie: I knew the aristocracy were depraved but I didn’t know this had gotten etc etc fuck you, I know Bottom better than you