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  1. Well, there's nothing like an experts opinion, is there? No one cares what this mad old cunt says, he's been talking bollocks for decades now, there's no more sense coming out of him than some pissed old tramped laying semi-concious in an alleyway somewhere pissing his pants and mumbling.
  2. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    The Babadook (2014) The Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
  3. COVID-19 Outbreak

    We were somewhere around day 6 of lockdown, to paraphrase Dr Thompson, when the drugs began to take their toll.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7JXtdwhAkM&t=347s Nah, it was a cracking show though weren't it?
  4. The Boxing Thread

    Its only a wind up though, quite obviously.
  5. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I don’t give a fuck to be honest. I mean obviously I don’t want no one to die or myself and obviously we should do what we can with the washing of our hands and such but other than that fuck it, if its on the cards its on the cards innit, statistically unlikely if you’re the average aged reasonably healthy person you’ll be alright. But its never no good shitting yourself, even if you get a fuckin’ advanced cancer diagnosis. Easy for me to say I suppose.
  6. The Boxing Thread

    He had a little thing on a plane the other day saying one of his mates had Coronavirus or something. Spare time is not good for this man
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    Its a fuckin' minor little thing really innit, overall, I mean its not like you shat on his rug, shot his Nan or shagged his dog, apologise the one time like you did but keep going on and you're kinda extending the thing and lengthening its lifespan instead of just letting it get brushed under the carpet, its really not that big a deal, bit of a faux pas perhaps but nothing worth doin' your nut in over.
  8. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I took your advice (minus the Motorhead), I have a headache
  9. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Karate Kid (1984) Heathers ( too pissed to tell you the date) Metropolis (19 twenty something)
  10. COVID-19 Outbreak

    So bored, sitting indoors sipping at JD, fuck all doing, getting on my fuckin’ tits.
  11. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Where the fuck is Dies? I hope he ain’t dead, I liked him.
  12. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    I'll say this about Cobain, he couldn't half belt out a fuckin' tune, I fuckin' loved that cunt. Still do. Thats the ticket, just fuckin' lay into it like you fuckin' mean it, thats all I ask of music, that you just make me fuckin' feel it. UHMA AALAGAYTURRRRRRR