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  1. the beatles

    I’ve out-played myself out of most of my favourite bands really.
  2. I meant in football.
  3. I must admit to making such references but I’m pretty politcally ignorant, was never said in anything but jest. And I’d like to know when this time was when we were a threat to Argentina, it certainly aint been in my lifetime. Oh, the Hand of God, nevermind the next goal where he cut through half the England squad to put it in the back of the net
  4. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Slim (1937) The Bad & The Beautiful (1952) The Westerner (19 fuck knows when, I’m gettin vague on these dates, Gary Cooper/Walter Brennan)
  5. Yeah but they have special names for those people. Like retards.
  6. What I meant was we never do shit against you
  7. Nirvana "The Fourth Album" (fanmade)

    Just cuz a bunch of stuff is demoed does not reflect on any level the intention to make an album track of it, these illusory ‘next album’ things, or ‘The Beatles next album’ comprised of the best from among their solo shit is presumptuous.
  8. Rivals suggests that there was ever any competition between the two
  9. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    The Sicilian Clan (1969) Champion (1949) Detective Story (1951) Ace in the Hole (1951) Lonely Are the Brave (1962)
  10. I dont think its always the case that its depression. Its often a kind of pragmatism in accordance to a persons perspective on life, a mild parrallel to some of the ideas behind euphanasia.
  11. What is your favorite guitar solo ever?

    The best guitar solos to me are not necessarily studio stuff you can name off done track but rather ones where someone like Jimi or John Frusciante go off on one. A lot of surf music is, though not typically guitar solo but rather instrumental guitar stuff that is quite hard, like The Ventures and that. Link Wray has some wonderful stuff in that regard too. Johnny Thunders has some wonderfully simple but equally effective work on his live shit, I guess I’m not really answering the question properly. John Squire from The Stone Roses has some nice solos. Johnny Marr on Big Mouth Strikes Again is a cracking solo. Glenn Branca, Thurston Moore, Kurt Cobain were all capable or making an admirable racket too with their live solos. Wayne Kramer too from MC5. Keith Richards plays a sickeningly good one on Sympathy for the Devil.
  12. Your view, right now

    Just another sunday day in Kandahar
  13. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Mobsters (1991) Bugsy (1991) Rocco and his Brothers (1960) Un Flic (1972) Once a Thief (1965) La Piscine (1969)
  14. ‘Low in High School has quickly become one of my favourite albums...cuz my husband Towelie wont stop listening to the cunting thing!’