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  1. What Are You Listening To 2017

  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yeah and you was a fuckin scrub out as well! Jokes! I love creativity in people, I feel its every human beings duty to gee each other up in that regard, I’m genuinely jealous of people with the nous to make music, I think its a beautiful thing and should be encouraged, there aint enough of it. I terrified a young blues band of teenagers once in a queue for a Paul McCartney gig, pissed as fuck, swigging from a bottle of vodka and literally berating them for not being more forward-thinking in their musical endeavours, they ended up going ‘will you be our manager?’ Coulda pissed myself laughing!
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    If you dont become a rockstar young man consider your life an abject failure, you’re a looker and can play the guitar, what more do you want from life?!? I’m a big ugly fucker and I can only do barre chords, think of my sort, do it for them, do it for the thick and incapable
  4. We need a cricket thread here

    Thats bowling well, just banging bouncers at people? I'm not being funny cuz i don't know much about cricket but ain't that just delberate dangerous play, couldn't anyone do that all game?
  5. We need a cricket thread here

    He was a big ol' boy weren't he, that Lillee? I'd've fucked knocked the cunt out after the first couple of balls. What did he actually do, back his arse onto the stumps?
  6. We need a cricket thread here

    Womens cricket, the little i've seen, strikes me as a bit like womens cricket, sort of evenly matched at time cuz everyones equally as shit.
  7. Blade Runner 2049

    I had to study that piece of shit for film studies, LITERALLY the most boring film in the world! That and Star Wars too, imagine keen little Len, running into film studies thinking WOW, school where you watch films...and they kick off with two of the biggest fuckin' turds in cinema history. I quite literally fell asleep watching Blade Runner. Fair dues I'd had a spliff but I'd always had a spliff before class and I never felt asleep before.
  8. Just a documentary on Johnny Cash, pretty good too i enjoyed it, downloaded it off a torrent, realised I’ve heard a shit ton of his music for years but never knew nothing bout the man so i sought that out.
  9. Best Film Scenes

    Goes to show you how far you money can take you cuz if that was me or you we'd be sharpening toothbrushes right now.