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  1. If you listen to it its actually got a really Stone Rosesey beat
  2. 30 Day Song Challenge #3

    Day 5:
  3. Oreo cookies

    Those go down a treat with a big cup of tea for dunking. I was way off, thought you meant the glacier mints
  4. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I meant egotistical in the Freudian sense that we're kinda driven by ego and looking at things from that mindset. I just feel like, after analysing it every which way up, there's a number of different things it could be. See I like when you say thats it's 'been evolved to strengthen group bonds' and so it's about you and them. But are these things really that easy and neat? I always question the answer that sits well with me because, well, that's easy isn't it? That could easily be self-serving. What if we don't necessarily accept the theory that it has been evolved to strengthen group bonds, what then? Is it pity? Do we pity these people? Or is it that we perhaps look at them and see the potential for what's happening to them in ourselves? Or are some people disgusted and then perhaps drawn to emotional states in recognition and response to their own callousness? OR...perhaps deep inside ourselves we relate to them in the sense of perhaps, at our weakest moments, we've thought of ourselves as inadequate, damaged etc and in seeing them it triggers subconsciously repressed notions that we feel or felt about ourselves and that triggers the emotional response? Or perhaps none of those, I dunno. Maybe I over-think shit.
  5. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I ask because I do the same thing, in terms of like the kids and your reaction. I guess I over-think things cuz I always like...try to work out why the reaction is as it is, or whether it is as extreme in other people as it is in me, or whether mine is even that extreme. I've found myself considering the notion that it's perhaps slightly egocentric on some level. I mean human beings are kinda innately egocentric but I kinda think like, is it me or is it the kids? Do you kinda get what I mean, its sorta like the principle I was putting across in our discussion earlier with the animals thing, whether it's really about us or the animals. I never seem to reach satisfactory conclusions so I was just wondering how other people do. Or whether they do. I feel that way...then I find myself kinda feeling bad for feeling that way. I really like soons reaction...but I don't share it.
  6. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    What do you think is behind empathy? Like what fuels it? Not empathy in general but rather that specific form of empathy, looking at those kids and feeling the way you did?
  7. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    How do you reconcile yourself with it? The sad feeling I mean, not the empathy.
  8. I always assumed 'seems all our heroes were born to lose' was a Johnny Thunders reference.
  9. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

  10. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Sondra Locke has died.
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    I was thinking more along the lines of: But I like yours too!
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    There's nothing to understand, its not really about you, nor is there any kind of real though process about it, its just a case of 'lets take the piss out of that cunt' and then when they've passed they don't give it another seconds thought. Were there brains behind such sort of behaviour then it wouldn't happen. In my head i envisioned Death Wish
  13. Fair play to ya, everything ain't for everybody and ain't meant to be, for my part I think Metalica are dreadful, though AC/DC are alright and Motorhead I never really gave a chance though Lemmy was a cool guy judging by this documentary I saw. I'd take Robert Johnson all day long, Sweet Home Chicago, Love in Vain, 32/20. And Clapton, the guitar player, fuck man, the guys brilliant, never seen a more precise guitar player who at the same time has so much feel, kinda like BB King in that way. He's kinda better when he's in a band though, like Cream or Blind Faith etc, solowise I can see your point about the boring. Page ain't much my cup of tea either, another stalwart of the dark lord You could argue that, for the modern age, The Stones kinda bought all this devil shit into play cuz lets face it no one would've heard of Robert Johnson were it not for the British blues boom. Not no one but I mean he wouldn't be this world famous thing. Robert Johnson is so good it hurts inside. Robert Johnson to me is like...compared to other performers its like the difference between Tupac and...I dunno, say Kendrick Lamar or J Cole, I might appreciate what the latter two do but I don't feel em like I feel Tupac. There's just something about the way with which he plays, in that measured kinda way, something to do with the pacing of it, it has me hanging by a thread every time. It might be worth entertaining the notion though that to some people, a great many people even, thats it not an academic thing or a case of going for the academic over entertainment cuz it entertains the fuck out of me, I ain't thinkin' about academia when I get the bug to go listen to 'x' artist, I'm goin' it cuz in that moment I need that shit.
  14. Keith is well associated with the dark lord as well. And Clapton and especially Robert Johnson are class.
  15. Oreo cookies

    You made that one up