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  1. Cuz there's more English and yanks in Anything Goes? Maybe? I dunno. Fair point though.
  2. Ive seen Holmes, seen bits and pieces of Berbick. As for who allowed him in, mate, if there were money in it we'd see retard wrestling.
  3. I've not listened to em without Moon. Not a single song, except one called Real Good Lookin' Boy which came out a lot after the Kenny Jones era. In fact I think it was after even Entwhistles death. Not cuz of some sort of righteous indignation regarding cash grabs, I just can't bring myself to fuckin' do it, in the same way I've never watched Ali vs Berbick properly, it's just emotionally troubling.
  4. The Who have been saying farewell for fuckin' yonks!
  5. Shit, I'd vote for him on the strength of that!
  6. Someone thing about what that particular cocktail of drink and drugs did to your system made you fuckin' see straight or something, should've wrote all that shit down
  7. The way i see it is bands, boxers, football players, film directors, artists, they all have a prime and while you're in that prime you gotta exploit it. Do whatever you can do to hold the fuckin' formula together and move it forward, particularly in a band where you got a bunch of personalities to cater to. And I don't mean exploit for money, I mean for all the mileage you can get out of your creative output. GnR unfortunately didn't do that.
  8. Fours your fuckin number so far this season eh?
  9. What the fuck, two more!
  10. Come on Swansea, make a fuckin game of it eh, you're playing at home. EDIT: And as soon as i post that
  11. I read that entire article thinking 'what the fuck are they selling?!?'. Turns out it meant third rate clobber with the Appetite album cover on it, unless I'm mistaken?
  12. Not a big Jacko fan but he could've vanished after...shit, he could've vanished early on and his legacy was set in stone, he could've vanished after Thriller and still been thought of as the bollocks...and he made some top drawer shit, very top drawer shit after that, I don't think you can reasonably look at a career like Jackos and feel short changed.
  13. And people wonder whether theres gonna be new music
  14. They do designer jeans?!? Who the fuck thats into designer clothes is gonna lay out for a pair of designer GnR jeans ahead of the other designers out there? 'where'd you get them jeans man, Balmain, True Religion, D squared?' 'uh, no, Guns n Roses!'