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  1. it's gonna be so beautiful in those leopardskin limosines when they spread you out in white all over Harpers and Queens

  2. Mama look a boo boo, they shout, their mother tell dem shut up your mouth, that is your daddy, oh no, my daddy can't be ugly so!

  3. Merry Christmas cunts!  Shhhmile, we're all alive on the same planet together :D 

  4. After all this time, to believe in Jesus, after all these drugs i thought i was him, after all my lyin' n cryin' n sufferin' I ain't good enough, I ain't clean enough to be him.

  5. Please remember Victor Jara, in the Santiago Stadium, es verdad.

  6. i don't wanna hear any of that commie talk around here @soon stirrin' up the good christian folk of MyGnR!

  7. i used to have to pack a mac in the back of the Ac' but now I relax and stack platinum plaques in the shack but don't think i won't counter act cuz n!ggaz is strapped and quick to lay a bitch on his back.

  8. weed lacer, 97 Burgundy Blazer, wanted for burglary so i had to ditchthe Mercury Tracer

    1. Oldest Goat

      Oldest Goat

      Don't forget public indecency and the numerous sexual assaults of swans and probably other water bird species too.

      :no: For shame, Leonard.

    2. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Probably other water bird species?  Well, that'll hold up in court eh? :lol:

    3. Oldest Goat

      Oldest Goat

      Probably Definitely.

  9. 'no man who never did nothin' never made any mistakes'

  10. Jesus inner monologue: Dad, talk to these dickheads, their gettin' on my wick now.

    1. Oldest Goat

      Oldest Goat

      *no response as he's talking to himself*


  12. Anyone, anytime, anyhow, whoever buys this shit is a fuckin' jerk, playin' it all wrong, the drums are too slow the bass is too loud, makin' the ending too long, ahhh I quit..

  13. we probably in hell already, our dumb asses not knowin'...

  14. don't kiss them hoes in the mouth unless you got to

  15. ...and we'll need the cocaine

  16. Well my fathers fathers fathers father by nature he was bendy, we are the chi-chine tribe and we are over-friendly!

  17. There's nothin' more sinister than ministers in dresses

  18. Let me tell you the truth.  The truth is what is.  And what should be is a fantasy, a terrible terrible lie that someone gave the people long ago.

  19. i ain't got no idols, i aint got much taste..

    1. Oldest Goat

      Oldest Goat

      (Made me think of this lol)