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  1. Oh true, any group of musicians can click with another but the overall point is musical synergy don’t grow on trees or there’d be a lot more great musicians out there, its as much to do with the time too and where each musician is at in their playing and how that clicks with the other.

    Makes me laugh when people say he cared about the team, did he fuck, he had a choice his last season(s) to work on strengthening the team as he must’ve known it needed and what does he do, lay out 30 mil on a 30 yr old Van Persie from ol’ feeder club Arsenal and guarantee himself a 30 goal season to go out with a bang and fuck the rest, I refuse to believe that a man on his footballing acumen (which is something you have to give him credit for) couldn’t think up better for a successor than David fuckin’ Moyes Fair play to him though, end of the day all this is fluff, records do the talking and his record is astounding, the red nosed cunt.
  3. We need a cricket thread here

    Someones gonna knock me out if i keep winding people up about Englands little run of success
  4. I don't think thats how everyone approaches it. The band that the world at large came to know as GnR is Axl, Slash, Iz', Steven and Duff. THATS the band, so thats Tracii and Ole Solskjaer and all those other wankers that no one except nerds have heard of off up the pictures for a start. After that they made line up adjustments when individuals fucked off to keep from breaking up, thats fair enough. But then when the whole thing falls apart and there's no one left (when there's one person left out of an entire band thats the same as no ones left because a band is a band of people, a group of people, if all but one has fucked off there is by definition no band left, one person can band together with himself) thats when a bands done. The definitive works of GnR by anyones fuckin' reckoning, even a retards, is Appetite, Lies and Illusions, they aren't this world famous fuckin' band based on Chi Dem, thats just mental illness again. Ergo, the cunts who made those albums are the best call for who the band is because the adjustments made to those line ups were made when one of a large collective left to keep the unit working, thats sort of functional necessity, I can hang with that. This is all for the perspective of a listener of music however, legally speaking the band is whoever the cunt that owns the rights to the name says is the band, which is fair enough, in a court of law. But I ain't a solicitor, I'm just a dickhead who buys CDs (or used to, buys albums, you know what I mean) and goes to gigs, I don't give a fuck for legal entities and likeness rights, appreciation of music is an entertainment thing, legal entities and likeness rights only matter to the cunts whoose bank account benefits from all that bollocks, they're nothing to do with fans or the public at large, who operate more on the basis of apparent realities as opposed to backroom manuevrings. Now the Illusions line up ain't my favourite, they ain't the one I really really really like...but I accept them as Guns n Roses because there being there is to do with the functional necessity of a particular time, to keep that band together and going. Once that band split and were done they had split and were done. I actually quite like NuGuns, I thought the original collective at least, the ones who started going out and playing, Axl, Bucket, Brain, Fortus Finck and Tommy were a pretty crazy little collective. And I'll call em Guns n Roses or NuGuns for ease of reference if the owner of the rights wants me to...but they are no more Guns n Roses than Wings were The fuckin' Beatles because they had Paul McCartney in em.
  5. RIP Doris Day

    Yeah, Terry Melcher. jay Sebring, one of the victims, was a good mate of Steve McQueens and also did Jim Morrisons hair.
  6. I suppose there's a sort of logic there, the most prominent and identifiable aspects of the racket sort of by definition define the sound, don't they? But fuck that, gotta have Iz' and the ol' Steve Davis waistcoat, thats a must!
  7. Bass, lead guitar and vocals, yeah, that'll do I suppose. Ideally I'd like to have ol' Iz' and the poodle in there but you can't be fuckin' extreme about these things. And lets face it the poodle weren't around for long and Iz' weren't around for much longer than long so, yeah, that'll do I suppose. Quite frankly though I'm not arsed, too little too late, they've had their day and they weren't arsed then so what good is it now, there's a time for everything and their times done, they can no more come back and pick up where they left of than The Stone Roses could or The New York Dolls could or The Smiths could or any number of 'oh God if only they could get back together' bands could. They don't play the same, they don't sound the same, they ain't the same and neither are the audience. Its like a boxer or a football player or a film director or, y'know, whatever, you have your time and when its your time you should take proper advantage of it and fuckin' smash it and take it all the way and compromise amongst yourself to hold that thing together. Musical chemistry is a rare and wonderful thing, a precious thing, perhaps the most precious thing musicians can ever come across in a career, you should do everything you can to keep it together because if you fuck with it its never the same again, happened to GnR, happened to The Clash, happens to em all. Quite frankly Guns barely cared when they were about and together and functioning. Get together, play gigs by all means but putting music out as a bunch of old gits when your last testament is from like, 30 years back in your prime? Nah, fuck that, setting yourself up for a tumble there.
  8. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Which is exactly my point, he was committed to art to the exclusion of money (and often common sense), he was 100% an artist, whereas your rock stars are kinda well invested smart businessmen at the head of a brand selling you lucrative product. Van Gogh forsook shit for his art, forsook just about everything. THATS a fucking artist, someone committed to the work, which isn't to say you can't be an artist and make a comfortable living at it but when you get off into that scented candles and beach towels territory then, well...
  9. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    So can I now I think about it But I was speaking specifically about his commitment to art.
  10. The Boxing Thread

    Shit, I'm on EE and all, nice one! In other news: https://www.worldboxingnews.net/2019/05/13/mayweather-canelo-opponent-rape-daughter/ WHAT the fuck Baldomir?! Jesus fuckin' Christ! If he done that he's some next fuckin' sick cunt.
  11. The Boxing Thread

    What, for like, just the one off? I never knew that, how? Its not a PPV event, its just something on BT Sports, if it was a PPV event you can just buy it as a standalone thing.
  12. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    Exactly this. These things are just a business and quite frankly they were never really that much about art in the first place, thats kind of the root of these sorts of mentalities, these old ideas that used to exist about rock musicians that they were artists and as such one should expect some sort of puritanical behaviour from them or in their approach to the art. This just isn't the case though, same goes for cinema, these things are about business and money and turnover, they supply a product and you purchase that product and thats about the extent of your relationship with them. Furthermore, in a day where pop music has kind of fallen from prominence as a cultural force these things become all the more about money because its not the inexhaustible stream of money that it was for a period there, therefore these guys are a lot more stringent in their approach to protecting their investment. And the older they get the worse it gets. Would I LIKE it to be more about art? Yeah, I would but its not and it won't ever be so why piss and moan about this shit? Either deal with it or go listen to Beethoven, you want art and purity of intent and expression, there it is folks, distilled genius...but if you want rock stars that sing about sex money and fast cars you can't expect Van Gogh type behaviour from them.
  13. The Boxing Thread

    Deontay Wilder vs Dominic Brazeale this weekend, I'll have to get a Sky day pass for that and do a dodgy stream for Billy Joe Saunders cuz thats on BT Sports and I ain't got that and I don't think there's like a one day way to get that shit.

    I don't think he gives a fuck, I think it just makes him look all the better as a manager, like it was him that pulled them up and kept them up. If you look at United history its not exactly outstanding outside of Fergies era. Not that there's nothing there, you ain't Tottenham or anything but its not exactly that rich either. Couple of titles in the 50s, couple in the 60s...the rest was all Fergie.

    Right well then fine em, fine em heavy, proper heavy, the kind of heavy that feels like a kick in the bollocks even to a Sheikh...but don't take it out on the players and rob them of a right they have worked for and worked hard for.
  16. British Politics

    One of The Sex Pistols early gigs was in a working mens club in West Ham. It did not end well

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/what-man-city-champions-league-15741074 What a load of fuckin' bollocks, they've won the league fair and square, didn't flinch all the way down the line and they might get a fuckin' ban cuz of 'financial irregularities'? Hows it the players fault that the suits fucked around, why should they be penalized, thats fuckin' bollocks that is.
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    More like prostate
  19. RIP Doris Day

    And Kirk Douglas lives on That fuckin' guy man, he's seen everybody off. What is he, like 103/104? His Dad was a rag and bone man, he's an actual Harold Steptoe!
  20. General Chat / Random Musings

    looks more like he's grabbed him by the nuts and leaned in to whisper a threat, hence the fellas pained expression.
  21. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    The 400 Blows (1959)
  22. General Chat / Random Musings

    Nah, see, there has to be limits I fuckin’ knew when I was making that post I was gonna get a lisp reference out of it
  23. General Chat / Random Musings

    I don't hate anyone, I just never miss an oppertunity to take the mickey. Race, gender, sexuality, nationality, ginger hair, a bald head, a fat arse, anything I can use to have a pop