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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    The fuckin' letter than came with it said you had to be 'an active participant', time wasting parasites.

    And then done em 3-0, thats not luck, thats not showing up in the first leg cuz you reckon you're Charlie Big Bollocks when you're not and then turning up and actually putting a shift in for the second leg
  3. the eating stuff thread

    Any particular reason or...?
  4. The Boxing Thread

    Wilder vs Brazeale
  5. British Politics

    Why would that make him a pedo? He's probably been wanting to do that to Rog' for years!
  6. British Politics

    Oh, you were calling me a cunt
  7. British Politics

    Whats one of them? Is it a good thing?
  8. I think perhaps your labouring under the misapprehension that I'm excluding myself from the comment regarding GnR fans being considered as lacking in intellect, sorry that hurt your feelings but I think it might be valuable to remind you that you were the one who began slinging his dick about the place going on about intellect.
  9. Do I give a fuck? Listening to GnR doesn't speak for ones intellect There's one born every minute I guess, thats how these fuckin' rackets tick over. Fake pseudo therapy and fuckin' crystals and past life regression and 'oooh, I'm possessed by the spirit of John Bonham', yeah, course you are sweetheart
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    The people that go on so much and moan about their generation v snowflakes are generally a bunch of wankers who ain't some big fuckin' Robert Mitchum type characters. I mean constantly whingeing hardly fits the stoic mans man getting on with the task at hand archetype, does it? 80s kids moaning on about that shit are the biggest joke ever, 80s was the first fuckin' raised on cable and Nintendo weenie generation.
  11. Yeah poor ol' Gene would've ended up doing porridge and we would've never found out what a cunt Glitter was.
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    Load of fuckin' flannel innit? Went to sleep at 2am last night and woke up at 6am to get down to fuckin' Cheshunt, I was fuckin' falling asleep in there.

    Whatcha mean lucky you cunt we done em 3-0

    I don't dispute that at all Shit, BATE Borisov could send us home!

    Go fuck yourself, what Arsenal fan ever said that?! Its your lot who won the Europe League under Mourinho and started playing with yourself about it!
  16. I never heard that story! Any particular reason or did the fuckin’ silver spacesuit shit just get on his tits?
  17. British Politics

    He never had no child porn on his laptop though. Like I said, if they'd actually caught him he'd've been in the Scrubs quicker than you can Tommy can ya hear meeee.
  18. Blaming your Dad cuz he slapped you about when you were a kid is bollocks, grow some fuckin' nuts, plenty of fuckin' people got that didn't turn out to be nutters. Shit, Roy Joneses Dad beat the fuckin' brakes off him on a regular basis, you don't hear him in the media crying and complaining about it or using it as an excuse everytime he does something stupid. Yeah yeah, not everyone responds the same way, damn right they don't, some don't get it used as an excuse when they get clocked fingering little boys. In fact Roy Jones even said he doesn't regret it cuz it taught him a lot i.e. the fact that, in life, there are consequences to fucking up. Now did those fucks ups warrant a high grade pasting? Perhaps not but its all about how you take shit.
  19. Part of being mega fuckin’ famous I guess is that, to a point, you ain’t a stranger to no one. Shit, I know more about say Mick Jagger in a way than I do members of my own family, if I met him it’d be like ‘yeah, I know him, thats Mick’ though you don’t really, do you? But then I guess in that sense who do you REALLY know to trust with your kids or whatever?
  20. General Chat / Random Musings

    Off to a fuckin’ drivers course today, cost me 90 quid to avoid 3 points and a fine for running a red light, fuckin’ tedious bollocks..
  21. RIP Dick Dale

    Well fuck me, you of all people should know, its your game Isn't it a fuckin' bitch being lefty? Worst mistake I made was learning lefty, I should've learned righty like Joe Strummer did, who was a natural lefty. Then again he did say he hindered his ability to really grow and do more complex shit with it by virtue of learning righty cuz the shit just comes less natural.
  22. RIP Dick Dale

    being a lefty I tried that re-stringing shit myself, its not just as simple as putting the shit backwards My problem is i always try to do shit myself instead of using my brain and calling a professional. First of all the grooves on the fuckin' nut don't fit when the strings are backwards. Also, and this bit I'm still not sure of, does the pickup (that is the thingie that the strings go in on the other end right) work the same when the strings are in reverse? I snapped the fuckin' neck of a guitar once trying to do quarter turns with the wrench to adjust the action on it, the thing ended up looking like something you'd expect to find being played by one of the Master Musicians of fuckin' Joujouka.
  23. Thank you, I do try I try to balance these things out by not doing myself in favours in my self assessment either
  24. We're wasted on this forum, we need to start a performance art troupe cum death cult We're certainly we positioned to be highly offensive as a duo, a socialist Christian and a left leaning punk rocker with ties to Islam