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  1. Y'know the weirdest fuckin' thing I ever heard about Tarantino?  I dunno if anyone has seen or heard of the Confessions movie with Robin Askwith, Confessions of a Window Cleaner, Confessions of a Driving Instructor etc etc, they were 1970s British sex comedies, sort of a passe curiosity now, deemed by one of the broadsheets as '...from the dark days of British cinema...' I assume they mean cuz they're sexist or something, anyway, I heard Tarantino was going to do a sequel to them, with Robin Askwith reprising the role of Timmy Lea (who is the central character of the Confessions movies) in space or with a time machine or something.  I dunno if it was a crazy rumour or what but it  was Robin Askwith himself who said it in an interview, now THAT would be fuckin' weird.

  2. 4 minutes ago, spunko12345 said:

    I have a day to myself today no child responsibilities until Saturday. So I'm in Cardiff going from pub to pub with my Take A Break crossword book. 2 down so far. I'm planning my journey via betting shops. At the moment I've got an in play double bet on the opening rounds an Israeli Women's tennis tournament. 

    Booked the day off to do something productive while they are away 😄

    I love you :lol: 

  3. 40 minutes ago, Towelie said:

    And he looks like he has a micro-penis. You know how with some guys ya just know?

    Same goes for guys with big schlongs. You just know Steven Tyler and Lenny Kravitz are packing it, the same way you know you'd need a magnified glass to see Moby's.

    Apologies Len, was this insensitive of me?

    Nah, it warmed me up an added half an inch for a second :lol:  Absolutely spot on about the micro penis too :lol:  He’s got that vegetarian fraggle look about him.

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  4. 9 hours ago, Hollywood Gunner said:

    moby is a fucktard. not cuz axl wont talk to him. hes just fuckin weird. too many hellucagenics will do that to you i guess... and although i think he woulda fit in with the sideshow which included buckethead and fincks reverse mullet, im kinda glad he wasnt involved in CD, because it woulda made it even harder for gnr to recover from that album than it already was

    As childish as this is gonna sound you gotta have one eye on coolness, Moby was never fuckin' cool. 

  5. Quote

    I find Rogan a waste of time and extremely overrated.  

    This is why journalism is an actual profession, an art even and furthermore why its dangerous that, in this day and age, a certain cross-section are inclined to turn to a podcast to get informed or, worse still, when real estate sharks become presidents.  To illustrate how far we've fallen, David Frost is pretty respected in journalistic circles, on the back of Nixon/Frost and various other things...and he was considered a third rate satirist and a bit of a journalistic lightweight back in the day.  Cut to 2019 and Joe Rogan is doing a similar job, and Tommy Robinson too, he's a journalist too apparently :lol:  Joe Rogan puts my fuckin' brain to sleep.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Tom2112 said:

    But there's a reason I haven't had the same moment with Slash solo material or even Izzy's.

    Probably for much the same reason you ain't had the same from Axl.


    I don't give a toss, how good the guitar, bass, drums, keys are if the singer doesn't do the business, the rest of the guys are wasting their time without a great voice. 

    I can listen to jazz bands all day with no vocals.  Reminds me of a line I heard in a movie the other day 'nobody wants to listen to music anymore, you know who buys records these days?  Little girls, they take em home and memorize the words', mind you that film was made in 1951 :lol: 

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  7. 42 minutes ago, Oldest Goat said:

    Arny handled that like a champ.

    Why don't you go clone yourself...so you can go jostle yourself.

    ‘The man is known for orchestrating similar incidents in the past’, what on earth could be a similar incident to that, kicking Sly Stallone in the bollocks?  Slapping Bruce Willises head? :lol: 

  8. 10 hours ago, RussTCB said:

    Haha, I know you're joking but many, many users have said the same thing and they were being serious. 

    I can't imagine its beyond the realm of possibility, I mean for the money he's getting I'd say I liked Dark Side of the Moon...




















































































    Nah, fuck that, a mans gotta have standards :lol:

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  9. 8 hours ago, moreblack said:

    Wilder's reaction to that was priceless. He had every right to think it was over... crazier still that Gipsy came back to win the round.


    I'm not sure he won the round but he certainly came back.  I really wish he wouldn't do those silly little dances when he drops someone, he looks like such a pranny.

  10. 11 hours ago, janrichmond said:

    Batty boy

    He lives with a vicar whoose his 'friend and advisor', yeah, we've heard that one before :lol: I know a lady who claimed to have some sort of dealings with him WAAAAY back in the day, like back in the 50s.  She said she had some pretty bad dealings with him but she absolutely wouldn't tell me what it was, which I found odd because we talked about a load of stuff but for some reason that subject was off limits, must've been something grim.  When I saw she clearly didn't wanna say I tried not to push but its odd isn't it, when someones generally so frank but then suddenly they shut down on something. 

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  11. 51 minutes ago, Free Bird said:


    It took 7 rounds for AJ against Breazeale but that was an impressive KO by Deontay Wilder.

    What did Breazeale think? That he's able to walk through Wilders punches?

    Was it 7?  My memory must be fading, at any rate it was longer that two minutes.  I think the plan was to back him up, as Wilder doesn’t fight very well backing up, as Luis Ortiz proved, the problem there is Ortiz is a wily ol’ Cuban pro that can walk a man down without eating shots whereas Brazeale has zero head movement, you could tell what his plan was the minute he took the centre of the ring when the bell rang.