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  1. 11 minutes ago, lukepowell1988 said:

    Yeah mate i'm just proud of our great nation ya know? You know what I love the most? I can sit in a pub and have a chat with a polish bloke 5 mins later a French fella then an Italian great fucking nation!!

    Its a weird ol' time right now, people are immediately suspicious of any national pride at all due to negative connotations associated to it but I don't think being proud of your nation and thinking it is superior are the same thing, I think your nation your surroundings, they're a part of who you are, you can't change them any more than you can change your race, its kinda your identity.  How can you not love the land you live on, without it you wouldn't be alive in a very direct sense i.e. you eat of its fruits, spend its money, breathe its air.  None of this is to say you should be blind to its faults or fuck ups, to the contrary I think someone who truly loves their country is duty bound to point out when its fucking up, otherwise things don't ever get better and why would you want that for something you love.

    Its difficult for me to not love this place though, don't really know anything else. 

  2. 16 minutes ago, lukepowell1988 said:

    It makes me proud wouldn't want to be anything else

    Race and culture are a funny thing and I have a certain fascination with em, through the right lens everything can be made to look cool and attractive, whether its the image of the french as suave Jean Paul Belmondo or Alain Delon type characters, of Latinos with their great skin and hairdos and machismo, or like Bruce Lee as the archetype of oriental cool, or Steve McQueen as an American archetype of it, there's something there in every culture I think, you've just got to be interested enough to find them. 

  3. 18 minutes ago, lukepowell1988 said:

    Like a white Genghis Khan fucking any oriental looking bird in sight me.

    However here is another funny story I used to knob this Filipino bird while her husband was away at work ( he worked nights and was away a lot ) she was a good shag tony tight little fanny but body like a 10 year old boy ( I ain't doing my i'm not a pedo defense routine well here am i? ) Anyway at the same time her Thai mate was fucking my best mate.


    She was also married to a bloke who found them out one night out the blue he rings my pal late one night as must have found out and she fessed up.


    He tells him if he don't stop banging his Mrs he is going to get his mates to sort him out and he said to him no bullshit " I am mates with the EDL there going to come beat you up " ... Hold on so your a member of the ENGLISH defense league obviously a bit of a patriotic racist and you married a Thai bird .. .Riiiighhhttt

    As if the EDL are some sort of organised firm and not just a bunch of pissheads who used to congregate on high streets across England every month of so :lol:

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  4. 12 minutes ago, lukepowell1988 said:

    My Mrs was sat in the back i'm in the front next him I turned to him and said " Mate do me a favor yeah look at my wife in the back seat there ... What color is she ? " Yeah i'm a massive fucking racist with a Asian wife and a half Asian kid i'm like the next Adolf 

    Thats a fair point, did he not notice the Asian bird with the wedding ring next to you? :lol:  What did he think you were doing, striking a blow for white supremacy by dilluting the purity of the asian species? :lol:

  5. 10 minutes ago, lukepowell1988 said:

    You see this is what I don't understand is the cops everywhere be it here America or anywhere all paint the picture of being racist wankers.

    And they don't help themselves with being sarky or smug like that but racism is a strange old nugget I never did understand.

    Got a bit of a racism story it's me one and only about 5 years back the EDL where marching in Aylesbury on a Saturday Lunchtime this is back when I used to work Saturdays on a half day in another depot.

    Got back to Aylesbury about 2ish met the Mrs in Aldi got a cab home ... About 5 mins from the yard the driver who was Asian goes to me " Where you been today? " So I said oh just working boss then a bit of shopping.

    " You not been in town" nahhh mate heard it's all kicked off up there " Where are you from " ... I'm English mate " Oh so where you there are you racist ? " 

    Like there the fuck did he get that from? Cos im fat and bold he thinks im some EDL skinhead .. Cunt 

    To be fair he might not've been being racist in my case, I didn't even take him to mean pakis or something, I just thought he just meant toerags...I guess looking back he could've meant pakis, don't make a lot of difference I suppose but your ones blatantly racist :lol:  I would've just gone 'look, just drive the fuckin' car alright, get me home and we can discuss you being my fuckin' biographer another time'.  Cock.

  6. 9 minutes ago, lukepowell1988 said:

    There cunts mate they will twist anything possible in there direction I swear they get a commission for hitting targets? 

    Every time I'm in a situation with coppers, whether I'm right or I'm wrong they always fuckin' fuck me about.  I got into a kick off once on the high street with my cousin against a fair few other blokes, totally unprovoked, they just started giving me the needle, I'll tell you where it was you probably know it, it was the McDonalds on Watford High Street, the one before the one at the bottom by the Harlequin enterance.  Anyway right we get out and they're questioning us and I was like look, this this and this happened and I was defending myself and ask any of the people in McDonalds who started it, they'll tell ya and this copper cunt turns to his copper mate and goes 'you know what I really hate?  when one of these lot try to tell me how to do my job'.  I just shut up after that, I knew I weren't gonna get nowhere.  And the worst thing is the cunt who actually started it, he's proper kicking off with them as they try and put the ol' bracelet on him, kicking and thrashing...they shove him in the van and you can hear him booting the walls of the van and making a racket...and there's me, calm and polite as you like answering their questions and yet I'm the one they're giving the fuckin' needle to.  Fuckin' food went cold and all :lol:

  7. 13 minutes ago, lukepowell1988 said:

    They made there mind up on nicking you waaay before the breathlizer mate minute they saw you and fought excellent easy Money Paki in a flash motor driving to fast call the office boys 

    It was a fuckin' Toyota Avensis :lol:  They did proper lie on the report though, I read it in court before I had to go up, they said I was incoherent and combative, they said when they approached my car, wound down the window the first thing I said was 'i don't know whats happening', thats a fucking lie, I didn't say that, I said 'i don't know what happened', what I was trying to get across was that it was an accident.  Didn't do me any fuckin' favours though :lol:  The combative bit was because when I got out they started cuffing me, like hands behind my back cuffs, what the fucks the need of that, I weren't a violent offender, you're supposed to do that to dangerous fuckers.  So I might've said the odd word there.  I think I fell asleep in the back of the cop car actually :lol:  Weren't even driving too fast, I was just too pissed and stoned to judge the braking distance, the car in front of me was parked at a traffic light when I hit it, the cop car was the one in front of it.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, lukepowell1988 said:

    Bet like you when you get cicked for driving pissed ya cheeky cunt 

    Me, dwunk?  Why Ossifer, whatever make you thunk that? *falls on his face as a wet patch slowly spreads across the crotch of his jeans* :lol:

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  9. The thing I love about Dolezale is she got caught, bang to fuckin' rights and still wouldn't own up :lol:  Its class, its like going downstairs at night and catching your 8 yr old with the fridge door open, chocolate cake all over his mouth, his fingers mucky and goin' 'you've eaten that cake when I told you not to, haven't you Timmy?' and him going 'no I haven't' and sticking to that story :lol: 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Lio said:

    It looks horrible, but why would it be racist? There was a topic about cultural appropriation on the radio yesterday. How it's deemed racist if a white person gets a 'black' hairdo for instance, like dreads or braids. I don't get that at all. Is it racist for a black person to iron their hair then too? Or get a straight hair wig or blonde hair? Who cares? I can think about a million other cases of actual racism that are actually hurting people. By yelling racism if a white person has dreads, you're doing no one any favours. Or am I missing something?

    It was also talked about how white people shouldn't do blues or whatever, because that's black music. Like WTF? I thought the point was of seeing all of us as just human beings. When I was young, you were supposed to be colour blind. But now you have to segregate? Every colour has to stay within its own culture? What about mixed race people? Do they get to try everything, or nothing?

    Seriously, I don't get it at all.

    The idea is with this kind of shit, cultural appropriation etc is that you are sort of objectifying, trivialising and perhaps even mocking to a point, what it is to be black.  I get it meaning I get the governing concepts behind it, I just think there are instances where it is applicable and instances where its not.  Its certainly not worthy of taking people to the hanging tree over in the way it is done in some instances, this example is rather extreme but I've seen some heavily tanned white ladies who braid their hair catching hell over this shit.  I guess black people don't appreciate being taken as like...a fashion statement.  An example is the Kardashians, one of them got some heat over similar shit and the idea is that like...in an era of Black Lives Matter and all that its I guess kinda galling for black people to see themselves being objectified in the name of fashion by women who can use the idea or image of being black to make some serious bank whilst real black people experience prejudice in their life for actually being black. 

    As far as dreads, those were actually invented by people from India, gurus and such that lived up in the hills meditating, they never cut their hair and it grew into matted dreads and this was then appropriated by Rastafari as a symbolic rejection of mainstream culture so I guess the appropriation works both ways. 

    As for the blues I've been known on this very forum before now to say that whiteboys can't make authentic blues and I got a bit of heat for that but alls I meant by that was that the authentic blues music is specifically a black thing, a black American thing at that, thats not to say Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones (who are to me one of the best bands that ever existed) can make and play good blues because they can and have done, you'd be hard pushed to find a better blues guitarist than Eric Clapton.  And y'know, its not limited to whiteboys either, I don't think black English guys or black Carribean guys can make authentic blues, people like Ram John Holder, who is black of Carribean descent and from England (later to be known as Porkpie in the TV show Desmonds) began as a blues artists with songs like Brixton Blues etc, though makes good music, it isn't what I'd call authentic blues.  You kind of have to be from that good American dirt, that Mississippi Delta, even young modern black Americans to me don't really make authentic blues music because...what do they know about the Mississippi Delta of that day, of being a sharecropper, or the particular social situation that THOSE black guys were subject to to then create the blues, though an American black man of the modern age is probably better positioned than anyone else to make some shit more approaching that authenticity. 

    As far as mixed race, ever hear of one drop theory?  Its an idea that comes from the old racist dark ages that if a person had even one drop of black blood, like a grandparent or something then he was a black, thats how deep the prejudice ran.  Its kinda ironic now that the shit is almost reversed in a weird way where if you have one drop of black blood then you get to be black and the white side is kinda disregarded.  I remember people in this forum getting in a tizzy when a former forum member pointed out that Obama was as white as he was black. 

    But yeah, I agree with your overall point really but at the same time I do understand why the concept of cultural appropriation is problematic to black people but it has its problems anyway broadly speaking because...OK, say you're a well meaning white lady (which I think you are anyway, you know what I mean, shut up :lol:), you go out and buy some African mask thing as an ornamental piece and put it up in your house cuz you like it and some know-it-all comes in and gives you a bunch of stick and calls you a racist because 'what the hell do you know about the significance of that mask and what it means to the people of Benin and did you know that the originals of those masks were stolen from Africa and are now housed in British museums as priceless artefacts when in truth they should be officially returned to the people of Benin and you are just proliferating the rape of the continent of Africa'...when all you did was see something in a furniture store that you quite liked the look of.

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