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  1. DMT

    Its just environmental innit, psychedelics and that were popularised by a particular kind of literature and music which predominately more like...white people or intellectuals were into in the times it came to prevalence whereas other ethnicities and the culture that it came from used drugs more as a thing to chill out with rather than have religious experiences and blow their fuckin' minds etc, though rastafari etc believe in the propensities of weed in that regard but thats a limited group. On the street the kind of drugs you get are not ones conducive to a spiritual experience. Coke, weed etc. Ups and downs but no inside outs. Its a different kinda outlook on life. Then like across the world in Asia or Africa and all these cultures, explaining the concept of tripping to them is like explaining a nightmare, people don't pay to do that shit to themselves in those parts of the world, they want a release from the fucked up-ness of the hardships of life, no some 18 hour ordeal where they're sweating like a cow and seeing visions of their Mum climbing the walls like Spiderman or whatever
  2. DMT

    Thing about E's is they dont really do fuck all unless you're in a place conducive to them, do em in a club just two'll have you whizzing hard but i got to a point where i was just going around bangin' em out during the day, which is silliness cuz you have to do a load more than usual to actually tell you've done anything...and since they were a quid a pop so cheaper than buying an 8th of solid I got quite fond of em for a solid 18 month stretch of my life. E's and lager, thats the ticket
  3. DMT

    You’d be amazed at my tolerance levels in that regard. I’ve never really got my hands on any of the way out shit but I’ve done enough acid and E’s in my time to knock out a horse. Who knows though I suppose, I guess its got to be tried, these are kinda whiteboy hippie drugs though, you kinda gotta know a certain kind of person to get em around here, even then its rare.
  4. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Tried listening to it again to check if time has been kind to it, got 50 secs in, couldn’t hack it.
  5. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Billy Grahams dead...Mick Jagger lives on We’ll call that 1-0 for Satan shall we? Oi, Rolling Stones if you dont mind!
  6. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Right well I’m off out to kill some prostitutes, we’ll do that Skype guitar lesson later!
  7. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    No he wasn't. He was a murderer though
  8. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I do, its why i secretly fancy you
  9. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Cheers mate, I appreciate the sentiment I got an identical thing actually, the satan thing is on my left wrist and on my right forearm is an islamic tattoo, though i didn't know that at the time, not being able to read arabic
  10. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I got a tattoo of the mark of Satan. No shit, got it done on a wind up to annoy a believer friend of mine, bit of a whim thing and fair dues I'd have a few at the time, the reaction was worth it Y'know what the problem with this whole argument is though, I'm never gonna win, I'll never get to say 'see? told you so!' cuz in my ending, the real one, we all end up in pine boxes, in your ending you'll at least be able to stop at the pearly gates, look down the escalator and go 'HA HA!'
  11. Trouble is their style rarely does justice to their choice of covers. Though I've got to say their takes on Heartbreak Hotel and Jumping Jack Flash were pretty cool. Since I Don't Have You too...just don't for Godssakes ask them to cover any punk songs, Jesus Lord
  12. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Oh shit, so I'm an agent of Satan? Nice one! Keep talking to me long enough and I'll drag you into the fold It is mildly condemning though isn't it? I mean if you believe I'm hellbound for being the way I am, and Gods whole set up is perfect which by definition it is then, well, you can't get more condemned than that, can you? Its cool though because uh...its bullshit
  13. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Fair dues if thats what you believe Michael but hand on heart here, not talking about your religious beliefs here, I'm talking about the occult...its all a load of bollocks. Fuckin' show me this place where I can sell my soul and I will fuckin' do it right now and I guarantee you I'll wake up tommorow morning the same twat I went to bed as, its all a load of fuckin' flannel, its fuckin' geek stuff, thats all it is. I understand its an on-going thing in human history and its valuable in that sense, from like a historian point of view but in terms of their being any substance to it, do me a fuckin' favour I'll read any fuckin' book, bring the fuckin' Ladybird book of Witches out and all that, its bollocks. Seriously, tell me how to sell my soul and I'll do it right fuckin' now As far as I'm concerned we're all flesh and bone and when thats done they'll stick us in the ground and we're fuckin' worm food, the end and if there is any fuckin' devil, any satan out there I hope you're listening son because if i can sell my fuckin' soul to play guitar like Robert Johnson you can have it, come get it now, there's a fuckin' soul going begging here Satan, I'm your fuckin' man, come on Fuckin' Tarot Cards, my sister used to do that bollocks, Wicca and all that, its fuckin' hilairious Y'know where she is now? Living in town raising two fuckin' kids, thats where she is, fuck all happened to her
  14. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    There are those y'know, within the Christian faith, who believe that all music inherently encourages sin or else takes you away from Godly thoughts, except that which praises the Lord. Even dancing too, which apparently is inherently sexual in nature. There's only one way they're allowed to dance and its something to do with like, some thing in the bible where someone prances or something, I remember reference to a lamb in there but I might be wrong on that count. Its like a very particular kind of dancing that you can do that the Bible allows, fuck knows what it is but I'm pretty sure it ain't twerking In Islam, if you go by the exact letter of what the religion states, so I've heard, all music, anything with like, a rhythm or whatever is bad because like...rhythm is like intoxication, it takes over your mind and takes you away from praising the Lord, which apparently is the function of the human race. No one I ever heard of actually lives like that but I wouldn't be surprised if they're out there. Thats why they don't go for meditation and the repeating of mantras and that, cuz of the same principle, it apparently takes you away from your senses. Mental innit?
  15. I cant talk, I'm all for the American gun laws personally. Not that its any of my fuckin' business.