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  1. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    Rio Bravo - John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson
  2. British Politics

    Well, to paraphrase Snoop, he a dead m'fucka now so aint nobody askin'

    Come on West Ham, you got a red with 20 mins to go, make use of it for fuckssake!
  4. The Boxing Thread

    Hughie boys goin' up against Joseph Parker today, another potential British Heavyweight Champion, GO ON HUGHIE! Also, in the wee hours, British Olympian Luke Campbell goes up against Jorge Linares for the World Lightweight strap. Good luck Cool Hand cuz you're gonna fuckin' need it.
  5. Last full album you listened to?

    With His Hot & Blue Guitar - Johnny Cash
  6. The whining thread

    I'd fuckin' love a bird that sorted me out with fuckin' E's and weed, I always get lumbered with the puritanical teetotallers that end up giving me the elbow cuz 'you smoke to much weeeeed', moaning fuckin' cows I find myself being glad I've been dumped cuz I can have a fuckin' drink in peace
  7. The whining thread

    Thats it, drug the fucker first, that'll work
  8. The whining thread

    Don't leave him alone, use the time to sit with him and like...y'know, have a chat, say you're sorry for snapping or whatever but you've been feeling like this, this and this lately but you wanna make your relationship work cuz you really love him, like you said earlier. If you're gonna do all that cleaning and takeaway getting then you might as well get something out of that shit You know what I mean, some progress. Its better than letting him fuck off out and then sitting around on mygnrforum talking to dickheads like me or perhaps having a drink.
  9. The whining thread

    Us lisping homosexuals are generally good folk
  10. The whining thread

    How has your relationship been in recent times though? I mean if you've been so fucked that you've been difficult to talk to over the years perhaps he's developed a tendency to share his woes with other people? All you've gotta do is claw that back slowly and, hopefully, if he's not a cunt, once you start doing that he'll reciprocate. I mean if the guy said he wanted to have a kid with you (or was it marriage? i forget!) then that shows he obviously still has a shitload of feelings for ya, so thats as good a starting point as you could hope for.
  11. The whining thread

    Well then there's your answer presh. Don't have to change necessary, nobody expects you to form like Voltron, it's probably just minor shit, like yourself I'm quite snappy like that too but...how can i put this? Sometimes it ain't all about you y'know? It took me a long fuckin' time to learn that and believe me you suffer for it, so little things like putting the leftovers in the fridge or whatever, perhaps try and not to cause a big kick off over it? It ain't cool to be tripping all the time. Carry on like that and you'll wake up one morning realising you've become an arsehole. You might think it's like...y'know, following through on your feelings but some people in this world needs to work to contain or else manage their feelings properly. Not act on impulse and all that, y'know? Sometimes its better to just say nothing than say something you're gonna regret 10 mins later. Its not an overnight process and it doesn't necessarily mean compromising yourself or being some other person, he obviously likes who you are or you wouldn't be together right now, right? And thats what lifes about innit, growing, changing, getting better everyday, working to maintain the cunty side of your personality (which we all have, not being rude to you personally) and accentuate the nice side. You'll be alright kiddo, don't stress so much, you kinda know what needs to be done so just set about doing it.
  12. The whining thread

    Whats bothering you? If yous two don't get along maybe you're better off splitting up?
  13. The whining thread

    Not to state the bleedin' obvious dearie but perhaps it's time to stop drinking. Or at least stop drinking for no reason. Drink when you go out or something. And don't drink to get fucked up, drink as part of an occasion. It's worth bearing in mind y'know that everybody ain't built for everything, some people just can't drink every day and keep things on an even keel. If you drink and it makes you act fucked up to where you start messing up relationships and keep puking up or what have you its a good sign that you can't really hack it. Also, no offence but sitting around on your own drinking to you're fucked every day is kinda tragic.
  14. New Wu Tang