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  1. I just think they're like hustlers. I don't think its specifically a right wing thing either. The parallels I'm about to draw are not precise but there's a common thread there. These people just have their little books to sell and they give a certain cross-section of the population what they want to hear and make a lot of money out of it, I don't think 99% of them honestly believe the shit that they are pimping, in fact I think for some of them whether or not they believe it has never even crossed their minds. Take for example something like a lot of these televangelists, I'm talking now about people like Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, whats that idiot from Singapores name? I can't remember, anyway, some of these guys ride off the concept of 'prosperity gospel', to explain why they drive around in Ferraris and own mansions and private jets, cuz its what Jesus has given them, in fact its what he would want, backed up by some vague Bible quote that has nothing to do with any of it, I mean its just SO obvious. SO much, perhaps even the key lessons of the life of Jesus, to me, were a specific rejection of the capitalist mode of thinking. Or even people like I think her name is Laura Southern? And Tommy Robinson here in England, these people use the current climate to exploit the fears of the populous for, yeah, money pretty much. I mean take Tommy Robinson for example, you think this guy gives a shit about the British population and British culture and respect for this way of life, this guys a fuckin' ex coke dealer/football hooligan, he's gone down for mortgage fraud, all kindsa shady shit. There was actually a point where, out of fear, he was ready to jack this shit in, around about the time when he broke up the EDL...but then after a couple of months off he's back, and i think it's because, look, without this who is he? Tommy Robinson the nobody, with it he don't have to work, he don't have to do anything for a living, he's funded by supporters and backers, it's a career, it's a life for him. That Laura or Lauren bird is the same too, she was all over youtube making those race/muslim baiting vids then suddenly she disappears and 'oh don't worry youtubers, I'm making movies now, documentaries etc etc...so she's got herself a nice little earner out of all this youtube bullshit? Katie Hopkins is another, Ann Coulter is another, these are people are just snakes and it's so obvious that I don't get how people don't see it. I really hate also that the notion of debate, discussion, these kinda muslim debates christian shit and such and such debates such and such shit has kinda degenerated to this playground level, you can see it in just the titles of videos 'BEN SHAPIRO EVISCERATES LIBERAL', or such and such 'DESTROYS CONSERVATIVE', its like people have taken the notion of debate from this exchange of information where two parties learn something and just turned it into this cheap WWE thing, its just pathetic and all it serves to do is expose the dishonourable motives of certain parties, shows what they're really about. Its about winning, its about the satisfaction of thinking that you've made the other person look small in comparison to your towering force of reason, its cheap and it stinks. When you are coming from that perspective you immediately devalue your own point because if your motives are not honourable how honourable can the information you present be? And often they're not geniuses either as it's often presented. And by that I don't mean uneducated, I mean original thought, which to me is the true yardstick of like...that other level of intellect. And people see it in a lot of people where it isn't there, people like Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens, both of whom are reasonably intelligent guys but it's just academia. I don't mean to run down academia cuz I think education is the most important thing in the world but again, if Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens are presented as the best minds of a generation then I don't have a lot of hope for that generation. And of course, they too have books to sell. Its all so cheap and uninteresting, just this perverse merry-go-round of people wanting to hear their preconceived notions corroborated and championed by what are essentially, as you say, snake oil salesmen. I think a key life skill is the ability to assess danger or dishonesty, the ability to look at someone and listen to them and discern whether or not you are being sold pink lemonade posing as love potion number 9. All these people have an angle and they're all out for your money and the lines are blurred now with youtube to a point because they have this thing in their back pocket where its like 'these are the honest men and women of public access', whereas on TV or the traditional news you kinda knew that behind this big machine is money. News is not presented to us in order of importance, or gravity or humanity, it is presented to us in order of earning potential. Like they teach you in any two bit salesman course, things are prioritised in order of which will make you the most money and if Britney Spears boob job will sell more papers than the fact thousands of people are being slaughtered and have been for years in Burma then its Britney's tits that'll make the front page. If the youtube cowboys were a little less greedy they would be able to mask their motives too but they rarely can, or do. This all sounds very cynical, there are good folks on these platforms too, don't get me wrong, I was just pointing towards some of the aforementioned.
  2. The Boxing Thread

  3. The Boxing Thread

    Gimme a sec i’ll dig one out https://www.vipbox.live/james-degale-vs-chris-eubank-jr.-1-live There ya are!
  4. The Boxing Thread

    Come Selbz, don’t fuck about!
  5. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    You should REALLY watch it, Goatie off this forum reccomended it and its honestly a work of art. Its so good I took it upon myself to download the sequel. I think its the first New Zealand film I’ve ever seen and its an absolute belter. Its sort of like a kiwi Nil by Mouth.
  6. I don't have any opinion about any of it one way or the other, I was just challenging the false assertion of your sig. I'm not informed enough to pontificate about the rest. I didn't know you cared
  7. I'm always terribly suspicious of these new kids on the block that inspire this 'fuck yeah' following based on spurious vagueisms and a percieved intellect that is often spurious and doesn't bear scrutiny. They're often found selling glorified self help books backed up by distorted readings of various academia.
  8. I try not to comment about things that I don’t know about, sorry fella.
  9. What are you suggesting, that American anti capitalists fight to make it a North Korea-esque state?

  11. So basically the only way you can be an anti-capitalist is to essentially ghettoize yourself? Well some people don't want to settle for that, some people want a world where capitalism is not the governing economic ideology and to go about that one must actively engage in society in a functional to bring about those changes, that is not indicative of hypocrisy. In fact that sort of rhetoric is actually kinda dangerous because what it leaves you with is very little options, one of them is to go live in a handmade tent living off the land and the trees and the other is radical militant action, like start firebombing. Because as the comment implies you can't really live in this society within the parameters of and benefitting from what capitalism offers and consider yourself anti-capitalist. I should be very careful before putting across those sorts of propositions.
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    How much for a gram?
  13. Why is Kurt Cobain called a Feminist ?

    Like anything in life human beings do things wrong, make mistakes etc etc I consider myself more or less a fucking feminist, you'll find me making all kinds of sexist remarks on here, I haven't always been nice to girls in my life, that doesn't mean to say that in a rational sober normal state I don't agree with the principles of feminism, I'm just a cunt who does or has done cunty things at times. Why is Rape Me related to feminism anyway? You can rape guys. Anyway, its an anti-rape song that ultilizes rape imagery to make its point, its not meant to be comfortable listening. He was arrested for domestic assault, not convicted, ergo he's not committed the crime. I've been arrested for GBH, weren't convicted. As for whether Axl is or not you'd have to ask him, I don't think Axls stance on any issue is governed by where he stands in relation to a musician thats been dead for over a quarter of a century. Also, I'd probably guard against this tendency to look to people in bands for consistency of morals
  14. Anti-capitalism is not a stance which dictates that any and every thing that comes about in a capital society is wholly and fundamentally evil, as a notion it functions on the basis that somewhere along the capitalist food chain it relies on a part or parties of demographic getting fucked over, it does not refute the idea that good functional products can be produced by capitalism or that said products, inanimate objects basically, become evil by association. Tell me, in your estimation, how would a successful anti-capitalist work, how then can one actually become anti-capitalist? Is it even possible according to your thinking?
  15. General Chat / Random Musings

    There's some fucking good ching knocking about lately actually, the time I stopped the quality was slowing down immensely, got back on the horse a few months ago and fuck me it took my head off.