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  1. What Are You Listening To 2017

    greatest band there ever was..
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    *Tillerson hangs up* Well ain't that some shit!
  3. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    He just looks sleepy there, mildly irritated that he cant fit his arse comfortably on that space so you can nod off in peace
  4. Last full album you listened to?

    I like this album very much. That is all.
  5. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    He looks in an OK mood in that actually...the controversy rolls on!
  6. American Valhalla - a documentary about the making of Iggy Pops last album, Post Punk Depression
  7. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    Cat food cheaper was it? Dont worry, the puppies aren’t picky i find...i mean, I’m told!
  8. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    Well personally I find that sort of behaviour appalling, I'd drop dead before doing anything of like!
  9. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    Its a sex practise which involves dropping your keks, rubbing Pedigree Chum on your bollocks and getting a puppy to lick it off
  10. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    To be fair once you reach 50 you should probably lose the fuckin trainers
  11. The British Kim and Kanye

    Go on, where? Balmain?
  12. The love/sex/relationship thread

    You loved that song didn't you, it's like your new favourite track
  13. The British Kim and Kanye

    Its a toss up whoose worse, such is my dislike for Kim and Kanye.