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  1. My brothers taken the renault 5 but my Astra is still in the drive Nah, on the real though i proper fancy it right now

    Who the fuck gave Pardew a commentating job? Fuckin’ pussy.
  3. Its funny you should say that cuz I’m 9 pints into the night and theres an early 90s Renault 5 GT Turbo in my drive and I’m debating whether to take it for a spin...and Lacazette just fluffed a sitter..offside though but still should’ve buried it.
  4. Mind the cloth Trotsky, mind the cloth

  5. Whats a naughty list? I’m a tad pissed and this feels like it should be obvious
  6. The Boxing Thread

    We'll never know cuz he ain't in a division good enough to test the theory...and if we were he'd most likely get outboxed or starched...several times.
  7. I think its much ado about nothing, based on what you've told me. I don't think gollywog toys or this kinda shit being banned does much, if anything at all, in terms of curbing racism. They are remnants of a racist past, OK...but that past is there no matter how much you remove its remnants, how about just accepting that it is what it is and, if your interest is attacking racism, attack aspects of it in the real world today, stuff that actually effects peoples, this kinda stuff is just comical really.
  8. I think they should keep it for comedy value
  9. Thats possibly the best reaction I've seen to this sort of stuff ever, 'how about we make them a little less black?' There you go, there's a middle ground, make them transsexual children, problem solved
  10. Oh he has little black slaves Hey, why not
  11. Out of Our Heads might be the best Stones album ever.
  12. Whats a bunch of people with cack on their faces got to do with Sinterklaas, God you Dutch are confusing!
  13. So where's the racist bit? If your one had a drinking problem then I might prefer Sinterklaas, slightly senile with a drinking problem has great potential.
  14. He comes from Spain? Why Spain?! Then again, why the fuckin' North Pole I suppose!
  15. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    https://apple.news/A2PB8CAmjQBKN6x32SPv2KQ if a cunt like Clarkson don’t like her she must have something about her.