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  1. Here ya go Powerage, fresh and clean
  2. What's the best Michael Jackson song not on Thriller?

  3. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    The Entertainer (1960) Laurence Olivier, Alan Bates
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trumps a wanker. And if you vote for people like that you're a wanker too. My last bit of faith in the human race (which admittedly is and has been very little for a great many years) was ended the day that wanker got voted into office. I've come to the conclusion that the human race in general are cunts. So just keep your head down, mind your business and hope you make it out of life alive. Like Sidney so rightly said in 1976 'the man on the street is a cunt'. Americans have got to be the fuckin' thickest cunts on planet earth and we ain't that fuckin' far behind either if this Brexit shit is anything to go by. Actually, any tentative grasp we still had on that 'Americans are the thickest cunts' has sort of been relinquished. But Donald Trump, honestly?! Cast your mind back 10 years and imagine someone telling you Donald Trump was going to be president, you'd think they were a fuckin' retard. Its like some nightmare reality from an 80s dystopian future action movie.
  5. How did you come up with your forum name

    Thread winner
  6. How did you come up with your forum name

    I was actually gonna ask about that myself EDIT: googled it, it fuckin' was and all!

    I don't think he's suited to your game under Mourinho.

    He's had 13 mil in wages so far.
  9. The term 'admits' is also an odd one to use, Slash 'admits' songs were sexist, like they were hiding it before or something, the whole thing is deliberately trying allude to something that isn't there. Also, I'd like to know where this percieved apology is in anything Slash said.
  10. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    Listened to Dirty Work again. Its not awful or anything, just seems weird, a bit stiff, a bit flat, I can't figure out why. It doesn't bounce like The Stones do, some of the songs its there, its better than the others but it seems almost to have this sort of Phil Collins-esque 'big-ness' to it which is at the expense of their natural sense of groove.
  11. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    A Kind of Loving (1962)
  12. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    I’ve seen that somewhere, in some documentary or other. I’ve seen a shitload of Stones docus, way before back when I’d only heard a handful of their albums, I’m talking over fifteen years back, Rock n Roll Circus, Hyde Park, Charlie Is My Darling, Cocksucker Blues, some Live at IMAX thing, all sorts of em, even the newer stuffs, Shine A Light...every documentary listed on their website.
  13. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    It was only a first listen so I can't say much. Sounded a bit...whats the word? I dunno, conventional. Not necessarily in a bad way. Sounded very big, very made-for-MTV. The vocals seem quite big, quite forward in the production. I'm gonna give it a few more listens.

    Blame it on the lasagna
  15. I dunno what'chu heard about Iz But a bitch can't a dollar outta Iz No caddilac no perm, you can't see that he's a motherfuckin' P I M P

    Arsenal seem to be ticking over...I see holes though, i see issues, issues the bigger teams will exploit, bit shaky with the pass out the back shit, slow starters still. I don't actually see that a lots changed substantially, post Wenger I mean. They seem slightly more well drilled, seem to implent changes after half time.
  17. The Predator

    I dunno, the first one was a good blend of both, mostly due to the soundtrack. That and the acting talents of Jesse 'The Body' Ventura
  18. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2018 Edition

    Room At the Top (1959)
  19. What is the most underrated Stones record?

    Listened to Dirty Work today.
  20. The Boxing Thread

    So...the night is upon us Latest episode of All Access: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9GqEtmzPtw
  21. What Are You Listening To 2018

    Julies Been Working For The Drug Squad - The Clash