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  1. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    Shit like social media makes it seem bigger than it is, more news, every opinion has a voice and a name to it...but out there in the real world it ain't shit, thats my feeling. Or it ain't much anyway.
  2. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    My friend I watched it with said the exact same thing back in the day. I loved it. Its sort of painfully real but then almost bordering on trippy in a weird way. Based on some true shit too, the guy killed his mate and then got found hours later, alive.
  3. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    I think what she's getting at is 'cancel culture' is essentially a set of rules.
  4. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    A certain someone enlightened me on the matter actually, once upon a time not too long ago
  5. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    The questions isn't 'should there be rules' but more questioning of the validity of the notion that if something offends it should be censored. Personally I think EVERYTHING should be allowed in art. Literally everything. As long as no unwilling of helpless person or minor or whatever is harmed in the making of it, then go for it. Its not about the thing its the point behind the thing, truths that need to be told are almost always offensive to someone and if so, well, tough shit. He'd have to be a right cock eh?
  6. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Love that film.
  7. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    To keep people from spamming the forum with pictures of great big cocks?
  8. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    See, this is my point, some fuckin' pussy on the internet saying shit about you, big wow, fuck em, you been to plenty GnR shows I'm guessing right? Anybody ever run up on you at one? I'm guessing but I bet they haven't. What would one say to you in that regard, 'i don't like the way you moderate your forum motherfucker' Uh...OK?
  9. The Boxing Thread

    So...the night is upon us Latest episode of All Access: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9GqEtmzPtw
  10. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    Well there's an easy solution to that, tell em to fuck off back There's loads of other white rapper y'know.
  11. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    I don't really understand it, you're cancelled so...what exactly? A bunch of people don't like you basically? Well isn't that just about every worthwhile contentious figure in culture? Thats a badge of honour right, thats how you get a contentious counter culture.
  12. Kindness

    I've got nothing against taking good advice from a bad or imperfect (as we all are) person but at the same time I don't feel that its without value to point out that I don't think their intent has to do with the matter at hand, I honestly think that its more to do with projecting a certain image of themselves for the furtherance of their career, THAT then taints the well. Also, I don't need them to tell me that shit, I don't think anybody does, there are not Matt Sorum fans booting kittens around their living rooms that suddenly, because Matt Sorum or Ricky Gervais says so, have some kind of internal revelation about cruelty to animals, nobody with any common sense need to be told that shit, its just stating broad obviously moral concepts to people to make themselves look like they're Charlie Big Potatoes, I don't need, as Dies' said, the replacement drummer from Guns n Roses to tell me not to be cruel to animals, I've known better than that since I was an infant. Also, on the original argument, it could be said that once you take the position that you have the authority to kill a living being, after that being cruel to it while its living isn't much of a stretch for the bad people that might do such a thing.
  13. Kindness

    I'm speaking about people that, OK, they'll have a pop at the chinks for their dog fry ups, they'll have a pop at Jews over Kosher butchery, Muslims over halal butchery etc, stuff they consider inhumane...yet all the while, still eating animals, its murderers arguing over their chosen form of murder and attempting to position themselves as some sort of moral authority over each other on the basis of that shit, I think thats crooked as fuck. I am frequently astounded by our ability to sheild our conscience. I don't find that to be a bad thing, its just when you (not you personally) start moralizing and givin' it the fuckin' biggun it gets annoying. I'm not saying that people shouldn't take care of animals that they kill for food, do that, by all means, its essential...just don't think it makes you fuckin' Jesus fucking Christ or something, cuz it don't and when you wanna get into an argument about it it amounts to this, arguing your form of murder over anothers, if you do have some kind of moral authority (and maybe you do) it is razor fuckin' thin. Its two abusive husbands arguing over open hand vs closed fist. nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, thats backwards cuz see I didn't begin any conversation here waving my dick around like I'm fuckin' holier than thou, I'm a cunt and any argument I make on this matter of have previously made around here on this matter have begun with the premise firmly established, I ain't no fuckin' moral authority on the matter because I eat SHITLOADS of meat. It is absolutely bigger than etc etc but that wasn't the argument I was making. I need fuckin' Ricky Gervais and Matt Sorum to dictate morality to me, I don't fuckin' think so. If there's one thing that gets on my thrupenny bits its listening to some jumped up fuckin' celebrity twat explain to the world how much of a carey sharey little lovebug they are using the little animules as their bait, go fuck yourself. This shit is a set up, a PR exercise, its presented to you with the express purpose of elliciting a positive response towards 'x' celebrity, its an exercise in the projection of image and I find it patronizing. I actually respect Morrissey and the hardcore PETA motherfuckers more than anybody in regards to all this, at least they are consistent to a point of view.
  14. Kindness

    Well, yes, on some level you can...but if you’re gonna go from there, with leather shoes on your feet and a gutful of dead cow you start to look a bit of a cunt trying to position yourself as St Soulie of the Church of the Sacred Cow and lecturing people on the basis of their chosen type of murder. We are all part of the same immorality here and if you want my attention you need be consistent to a point of view. Or, you could, y’know, not preach...I understand thats asking a lot of some people. I care about animals...not so much that I won’t kill em, skin em, season and roast their flesh, eat it and throw their bones in the bin. But I care, I care enough to bestow upon them the easiest death I can fathom, well how fucking big of you Yes, I guess that is caring on some level, like a rapist laying down a blanket over the grass before he does some bird in the local park.
  15. Kindness

    I never argued that animals are innocent, I argued that the people making those types of stands say they are, or often say they say, personally I’m not a veggie or a vegan or any of that shit and i don’t preach about nothing.
  16. General Chat / Random Musings

    Cuz your Nan went for Mick and nearly had his knackers off
  17. We need a cricket thread here

    Why not, whats the matter with ya?
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    These lot look at the nowadays generation and think they’re pussies which, they reckon, makes em hard by default, forgetting that they are basically what you just mentioned, a bunch of Pearl Jam wankers that ended up working in IT, the way they go on you’d think they fought a world war
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    Generation X were a bunch of benders
  20. We need a cricket thread here

    @DieselDaisy where can i watch the cricket for free?
  21. General Chat / Random Musings

    Well yeah because my primary school had Infants and Juniors all in one...and no because I got expelled in year 9 of secondary school.
  22. General Chat / Random Musings

    Down here its Primary School (divided into Infants and Juniors) then Secondary School Only place I heard the term high school used is on American TV shows and films.
  23. General Chat / Random Musings

    I think I've found the confusion here, high school and secondary school are the same thing, you call them something different where you're from apparently. High school is what yanks call secondary school, it ain't a term that used here, or weren't when I was a kid anyway. You start at nursery, then you have infant school, junior school (both of which come under primary school) then secondary school. I thought thats what it was called across the country, apparently not, apparently you're bit a yankified in Northumberland.
  24. General Chat / Random Musings

    Born in 82 right? in 1994 you are 12 years old. Secondary school, unless they call it something different up North is like 1st year to 5th (or 6 form if you end up going). So if I'm born 83 and started secondary school in 94 then in 94 you'd be 2nd year of secondary school at best. Maths ain't your strong suit, is it? It ain't mine either but fuckin' hell
  25. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Nah, I like the act of inhaling and all that, I don't just want the nicotine hit. It just feels right y'know, like the way smoking felt. Fags are like 12 pound a pack, 12 fuckin' pounds, I get a months worth of smoking out of 25 quid with this thing, plus its stronger than cigs.