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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    I could never do it man, I'm properly little city boy poofter That graft man, fuck that shit, it drives me fuckin' crackers man. First of all the locations of these places, out in the middle of nowhere, I just feel like I ain't on the planet if I ain't near a big city. And then the repetitive drudgery, ugh. I kinda like it from the romantic angle, like I wish I had a bit of that in me to where I could do that shit but I don't think I got it in me. Perhaps my experience of it was culturally sort of different so its not the same thing, if there was at least some booze at the end of the day I could maybe get by
  2. British Politics

    Either that or it shows that you need a little mayonaise to make that good sandwich But nah, yeah, I see your point, especially in regards to the past and that, though we're talking about western culture here specifically.
  3. British Politics

    How'd you work that one out?
  4. Music to be Murdered By - Eminem

    Heard a bit of Darkness...seems a bit of a moaney one, hope the whole albums not like that.
  5. Music to be Murdered By - Eminem

    Anyone heard this yet?
  6. British Politics

    Same with Barack Obama.
  7. British Politics

    Its a sociological curiosity I've always thought. Like inverted one drop theory, like back in the day if you had ANY drop of black blood in you, half caste or whatever, then you were considered black and as such subject to a degree of prejudice as a result. I guess you just pick a side. Take someone like Slash, he's never really made himself out to be black. Or white particularly.
  8. General Chat / Random Musings

    What would you do if you were not working? There are those that say a man is defined by his work. Nah, poor people are the only people with proper friends, when neither of you are worth shit thats proper friendship I've always thought society was a weird dehumanizing concept in general. You probably can but let me tell ya lad, that fuckin' graft is a lot more romantic in your head than the reality of it. Background-wise I come from poor farmers whoose worldy possessions amount to the three room house they have and a little patch of land on which they grow corn and wheat, with like a small amount of cattle on the side, like one cow or a buffalo, maybe a couple of chickens, trust me when I tell you bruv you don't want that shit
  9. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    I'd take the pussy over the cupcake any day
  10. British Politics

    I learnt that from Til Death Us Do Part when Mike the scouse son in law is reading the royal lineage book belonging to Alf: 'ere, Mohommed, 'e's one of yer coons, ain't he?' *cue rauccous laughter*
  11. Music to be Murdered By - Eminem

    Its has a lot of Hitchcock about it.
  12. Celebrities you want to shag.

    Really? Shit man, how cool is that?
  13. Music to be Murdered By - Eminem

    It was little more than a lyrical metaphor, hip hop is rife with them, rappers have compared themselves, in verse, with everyone from Hitler to Peewee Herman.
  14. Music to be Murdered By - Eminem

    Pushing 50.
  15. British Politics

    If I'm understanding the question correctly you're asking why ladies are called birds? Y'know what, I ain't got a fuckin' clue, never thought about it. Same reason yanks call em chicks, fuck knows. Thinking off the top of my admittedly very dim head perhaps that like...y'know, people think of birds/chicks as sort of pretty and not very strong? Perhaps thats it? Fuck knows man, I don't make the rules, I just play along. As early as 1300, bird was used for ‘girl’, but this was probably owing to confusion with another similar middle English word, burde, which also meant ‘young woman’. The usage crops up from time to time in later centuries, clearly as an independent metaphorical application, but there does not really seem to be an unbroken chain of occurrences leading up to the sudden explosion in the use of bird for ‘young woman’ in the 20th century. There you go, thats what google reckons. Apparently my guesstimation was a load of bollocks, oh well, tommorows another day!
  16. British Politics

    I meant an opposite member of the contradictory gender young man. Adams rib. The other side. One of them. a woMAN, a feMALE.
  17. British Politics

    Padmes a bird ain't she?
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    Rios a fuckin’ poof, Adams mate, thats what a proper English defender looks like, a big pale faced scruffy haired donkey with an alcohol problem, its all about Tony Adams.
  19. British Politics

  20. British Politics

    I knew one of em had nazi rumours but I couldn't remember if it was him.
  21. British Politics

    He was a poof? Or a nazi? Or a nazi poof? Am I close?
  22. General Chat / Random Musings

    you win this round spunk breath but I’ll have my day yet, just you wait and see
  23. General Chat / Random Musings

    Rios a wanker.
  24. General Chat / Random Musings

    I found myself, oddly, getting into the blues stuff first, I don't know how. The Stones, Cream I got into late in the day, relatively recently but blues I kinda picked up gradually before anything else. I think it began with Leadbelly leading off from Dylan/Woody Guthrie. Then I distinctly remember buying a John Lee Hooker album. After that it was Muddy Waters, Little Walter...then it was game over. I never really knew the connection with Led Zeppelin and the blues until I listened to Zep, prior to that I only heard of them in a Waynes World-ish context and assumed they were metal. Jimi Hendrix kinda preceded everything for me, some sort of greatest hits of his.
  25. General Chat / Random Musings

    Tony Adams.