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  1. No, I’m gonna chop it back to The Real Football Thread 2018-2019 when they’ve had enough
  2. Here ya go Powerage, fresh and clean
  3. Photography

    Nice motor.
  4. The Weed Thread

    I'm callin' it Smoochy Poochy for the rest of my life now
  5. I've not heard that accoustic before, that was pretty good.
  6. Who is America?

    But then it gets into that messy argument of deserves it according to who? I think nobody should be safe.
  7. the eating stuff thread

    18, you dirty bastard, hows your head?
  8. Cpos vs Criminal Element

    There's nothing worse than coppers tryna act cool.
  9. Last full album you listened to?

    Talk Is Cheap - Keith Richards
  10. He's the football player than this chant is directed at
  11. Weird dreams/Nightmares

    How'd you get on?
  12. Weird dreams/Nightmares

    I dream a shitload...a few a night. But its almost always obvious, at least to me, where they came from. People I met during the day, things that occured to me, thoughts I had, something I saw on the telly, something I talked about, just a weird unrelated mish mash. I had one the other day that included a bird I spent the day with, Michaelangelo (the Sistine Chapel one, I was watching a documentary) and Neymar. All round the house I grew up with I stopped smoking skunk in November and it made me dream tons. A lot more than usual.
  13. And they were quite musically contemporary for their time most of em, derivative definitely but certainly not in the way some like an Appetite was, which is a brilliant album in itself but honestly i wouldn't put it in the league of any of the above, except maybe Some Girls.
  14. Always thought he was Millwall, certainly comes from a Millwall family.
  15. The whining thread

    Perhaps the problem isn't the world and their values in regards to beauty/ugliness but your own belief in those distorted values. Just fuck it man, you are what you are and you got two choices, either get on with your life or crawl under a rock and option two don't do nobody no favours, know what I mean? Basically you're cool with girls, you can get a date, you can presumably get laid but you're annoyed that you don't look like James Dean or something? Well hey man, who the fuck does? Everybody has feelings, thats normal...but why are you such a slave to them? Lets assume for a moment that you're ugly...so what? Take a look at the world around you man, how many fuckin' stunners do you see walking the streets day in day out? Most folks are just average looking and, look, you can get hung up about anything, you got to look at your own priorities otherwise they'll be something bugging you even if you had a magic wand to somehow make yourself look like James Dean. Some folks are short, some folks are tall, some are fat, some don't like their thighs, on the scale of things its kinda trivial stuff. No one gives a shit that you're ugly, if in fact you are. And I'm not saying that to sound rude I'm being honest, people are busy with their lives, they don't walk the streets giving a shit what someone looks like, its all in your head, people really ain't bothered, people have shit to do, passions and pursuits...and thats what you should preoccupy yourself with, what you're gonna do/doing with your life, not how you look whilst doing it.
  16. Last full album you listened to?

    First Meditations - John Coltrane
  17. The Jewish quarter of Paris, no less.
  18. There he goes, my role model in life, bless him.
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    Its about time we had a discourse about Christianity that McLeod was involved in, go on lad
  20. By the time 76 came along none of em were cool thanks to 4 gentlemen down the road
  21. Do me a fuckin' favour! Those wankers more cooler than The Stones in the 70s, the fuckin' Exile Stones! Pfft! The Stones were fuckin' G'ed up in the 70s.
  22. What Zep cooler than The Stones or the other way round? i hope you mean the fuckin' other way round!
  23. That happened to me at a Champions League game a season or two ago, they wouldn't serve booze. Ain't been to a CL game since, fuck em.
  24. Well, 13 is my lucky number!
  25. I've always felt that about most of America...it all looks a bit pre-fab. These vast expanses of land with these little townships dotted about, almost like they don't belong.