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  1. What Are You Listening To 2017

    greatest band there ever was..
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    *Tillerson hangs up* Well ain't that some shit!
  3. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    He just looks sleepy there, mildly irritated that he cant fit his arse comfortably on that space so you can nod off in peace
  4. Last full album you listened to?

    I like this album very much. That is all.
  5. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    He looks in an OK mood in that actually...the controversy rolls on!
  6. American Valhalla - a documentary about the making of Iggy Pops last album, Post Punk Depression
  7. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    Cat food cheaper was it? Dont worry, the puppies aren’t picky i find...i mean, I’m told!
  8. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    Well personally I find that sort of behaviour appalling, I'd drop dead before doing anything of like!
  9. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    Its a sex practise which involves dropping your keks, rubbing Pedigree Chum on your bollocks and getting a puppy to lick it off
  10. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    To be fair once you reach 50 you should probably lose the fuckin trainers
  11. The British Kim and Kanye

    Go on, where? Balmain?
  12. The love/sex/relationship thread

    You loved that song didn't you, it's like your new favourite track
  13. The British Kim and Kanye

    Its a toss up whoose worse, such is my dislike for Kim and Kanye.
  14. The love/sex/relationship thread

    Look I had a good time and everything too but...you’ve just gotta let go darlin’. I’m gonna walk away now and I’m not gonna look back...whatever else happens, we’ll always have Blackpool Illuminations
  15. Last full album you listened to?

    Well you've gotta have a bit of that, haven't you
  16. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    As if someone had mistook me for fuckin' Lord Muck around here before now
  17. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    Crackin trainers
  18. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    Jordan aint dribbled a ball in decades but he still wears the cunts Honestly, fashion advice from a man that wears Russian army couture
  19. The love/sex/relationship thread

    You’re a good girl Also, respect for liking The Buzzcocks!
  20. The love/sex/relationship thread

    Thats just called thinking presh, we all do it! I bought that album when it came out, the best punk album in the world. Questionable fuckin' title to say the least, i think it had The fuckin' Boomtown Rats on it. And Jilted John, have you ever heard Jilted John? Actually, thinking about it you should have a listen, quite apart from being the worst song on planet earth ever it might be what your old man'll be singing at kareoke, pissed as fuck, in floods of tears in some ghastly northern pub somewhere, cop an earful of this, you don't wanna do this to him, do ya?
  21. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    Right, well thats dealt with 90% of the western worlds population, Barack Obamas a chav, Mick Jaggers a chav, Michael Jordans a chav
  22. Kurt Cobain hated Italians ?

    You’d be stunned how much ire that used to provoke back in the day, threads going off topic, it was as if you’d derailed the northern Ireland peace process