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  1. It looks like an acoustic guitar mic, he is probably recording something on an acoustic and the mic is in head level because they haven't adjusted it yet!
  2. From Stevens official Instagram story...
  3. MyGNRForum Videogame Club

    Platforms: Xbox 360, PS4, PC, Xbox, PS2, PS1, SEGA GENESIS
  4. Well I don't know either but being friends with someone and regularly playing with someone is two different things! They may just want to keep in contact with him as an old friend but not necessarily have him in the band. When Izzy left they didn't invite West Arkeen as a rhythm guitarist, they probably didn't want to be in a band with him either although they were good friends :)
  5. Maybe, just maybe, they just doesn't want Adler around? You can't assume that just because a group of guys played together 30 years ago they want to do it again... Hell, there is a bunch of people I've played with for years that I wouldn't want to play with again. Axl, Slash and Duff not wanting to play with Adler doesn't make them assholes, they may just not want to be in a band with him again.
  6. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    One can always hope that it's because the want to include them on a box set of some sort
  7. I agree with this! Matt is in my opinion a better fit than both Adler and especially Frank on this tour!
  8. Might be going to this show as well, hoping that it will work out!
  9. In my opinion the lenght of the shows makes the NITL Tour less of a cashgrab! There's for sure cashgrab elements to the tour but I would not call it a full on cashgrab. Had the shows been 90 minutes long I would agree but a band that just wants to make a quick buck does not play for almost 4 hours night after night!
  10. Ask him if Adler in private would mention wanting to do a reunion with GN'R and if Chip thought it would ever happen! I'd also love to hear how he thinks Adler feels about the guys in GN'R as well as Izzy now a days!
  11. Exactly! As someone who who have listened to over 100 UYI shows I can vouch for the fact that up until the 31st of August '91 GN'R didn't follow a specific setlist. In 92 and 93 it became a lot more predictable, not as predictable as NITL but still very predictable!
  12. The Troubadour 2016 - 2 Year Anniversary

    Man, I was so happy that it wasn't Pitmans keyboard!
  13. Me and my friends will be traveling from Uppsala to Gothenburg (250 miles). Being broke 19 year olds means that we'll be sleeping 5 guys in a 2002 Audi A4...
  14. I don't get why people are so upset about this... Let Slash release and tour the album he had planned release in 2016 and then see what happens. Saying that he will tour the new album doesn't mean it will be a 2 year long tour, he could be touring until Christmas and record with GN'R on the road for example. A new GN'R album next year and a tour still isn't impossible Hell, they might even already have a record planned to be released by Christmas and tour that next spring... For me it's like this, of course I'd prefer a GN'R album but as a fan I'm not disappointed about getting new music from one of the classic members while waiting for it.