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  1. Slash - Sirius XM Show tonight at the Whisky 11/9/2018

    Listening to it on Sirius On Demand right now! Great show!
  2. Man, seeing Fortus on stage at a SMKC concert is still weird to me! I love it, but damn it feels odd.
  3. I’ve only given the record 3 or 4 spins but I must say that I really dig it! I knew that I would enjoy the record but it’s actually really, really good Read Between The Lines, Boulevard of Broken Hearts, The Great Pretender and Slow Grind are all musical homeruns as far as l’m concerned!
  4. Giving the record my first listen right now, LOVING “Lost Inside The Girl”! It has such a Snakepit vibe!
  5. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Just got a ticket for the Stockholm show!
  6. The song Keep On Swinging is amazing!
  7. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/439-duff-mckagan-guns-n-roses/id546210508?i=1000419877936&mt=2 I haven't listened to the podcast yet but this should be interesting! Edit: They are talking a bit about how NITL came together and THE Izzy question gets asked (around 20/25 min in to the episode) as well but Duff tries to get away from the question the best he can
  8. Really looking forward to this, hopefully we will hear some new GN'R stuff/stories as well since the majority of the questions probably will be about that!
  9. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    I really hope that they add Shadow Life to the setlist! Would love to hear it live again
  10. Just finished Mindhunter on Netflix, kick ass show!
  11. This show is gold, AFD era GN'R at their peak! We should all be eternally grateful to the person who recorded it.
  12. Love COTW, would have preferred chorus more in the vain of the verses though but still kick ass!
  13. Slash - Sirius XM Show tonight at the Whisky 11/9/2018

    I wonder if RQ was included that unbarring long solo/jam part? Maybe @kevinb can fill us in!
  14. Kings Of Chaos Nightrain

    Fuck, I misd the UYI line-up...