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  1. Can you really blame him though? That shit goes on for like 15 minutes, that's at least 10 to many
  2. Gonna go ahead and spin some Van Halen vinyl for the next 20 minutes and should be back after Sweet Child
  3. Coma outro sounds pretty good! I'm surprised!
  4. Preferred Democracy

    I assume it's the regular TIL but just without the lead guitar track, probably made with the Rockband multitracks.
  5. Preferred Democracy

    I just made a playlist with these versions (well, all except for TIL without lead guitar because ain't nobody removing Robin from my CD ) and will check it out!!
  6. I find it odd that there is a gap between KOHD and Nightrain on that setlist. Makes me think they may play something from the alt setlist there but I won't get my hopes up!
  7. Preferred Democracy

    For the album I'd prefer the 2002 line up but then touring the album I prefer the 2006 line up. Had they released the album in late 2005 with the 2002 line up playing all the parts and then having the 2006 line up tour the album from 2006-2008 I think that would have been better for the band, the fans and the public image of GN'R! If this had happened I'm sure that we would've seen a 2nd CD era album by the early '10s.
  8. Mind Your Manners Music Video

    I like the concept of the video and to some extent how it turned out, I just wish that they'd used the actual studio track instead of the live recording.
  9. Brando, you're killing it with the guests recently! Really looking forward to listening to this episode after I've finished listening to the GN'R bootleg that's in my headphones right now
  10. How fucking cool is Duff? Contrary to Axl and Slash, Duff has imo never looked, played and behaved in a better, cooler and more confident manner! I love the guy!
  11. Zooming in on Fernando just proves your point even further!
  12. This has NOTHING to do with Guns N' Roses and/or Axl's tweets... Why is this posted in the Social Media thread?
  13. I was just watching some videos from the Gothenburg show last summer, this is a kick ass performance of Slither!