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  1. First time CD tracks were played

    It's mind blowing that Coma has been played more than Yesterdays!
  2. *fan made* The General?

    It's a fan made version by @evader, it was created using the cellphone leak and the CD multi tracks if I remember correctly!
  3. Lots of old Recordings

    The people in this thread being upset with OP because he didn't illegally share what's on these tapes is pathetic... Why would @Slapshot61 risk his career and multiple lawsuits to please a bunch of GN'R fans? It's both stupid and unrealistic!
  4. I like Monster Energy, I like November Rain, I don’t want them anywhere near each other again!
  5. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    I see this in the same light that I see the KISS song "Don't Touch My Ascot" from their Scooby Doo movie. It's just a song for the episode/movie, nothing more, nothing less, and for that purpose it's fucking great!
  6. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    I have no problem with how Axl sounds here but this should be all the evidence we need that SOYL wasn't re-recorded. He sounds like current Axl on this track, not bad just obviously older than he did in the 80's. Oh and also I'm not sure we've heard the kind of vocals he uses in the 1st verse before, it's mid-range but not the usual Axl mid-range!
  7. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    Rock the rock?
  8. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    This is so odd but I love it, not the song itself per se, but it’s nice to see that Axl doesn’t take everything super seriously!
  9. Some people believe that the fact that Slash played the same chords in a somewhat similar rhythm as part of a jam back in '88 somehow proves that Slash actually wrote that riff. It's just a coincidence as far as I'm concerned. GN'R played 400+ shows between 1985 and 1993 so it really isn't that crazy that those three chords would be played in a similar pattern in one of those jams.
  10. I was expecting this to be a joke but holy shit that was actually a great scream!
  11. Whatever happened to the GN'R biopic?

    I'd love this, imagine a Spinal Tap-like mockumentary! That could be great!
  12. Thanks for these years guys! It's been a wild ride!
  13. I'm really, really scared of hearing Axl singing the chorus to Children of the Revolution, it's practically written for mickey...
  14. I could see them releasing a tribute EP in the beginning of 2019 to make sure that they have some form of recorded music while NITL is still in people's memories and then record a original album with a 2020 release date during the rest of the year!
  15. Great show as usual! Both @ZoSoRose and @Gambit83 were great, but am I the only one who thinks that Danko came across as somewhat of a dick during the interview? At points it felt like he was looking for things to be offended by or that he went out of his way to pick apart what Brando was saying like he didn’t know what he was talking about... It may be just me though!