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  1. The question is why anyone on a GN'R forum would care about your "type"?
  2. It's Paul Tobias trying break out from the vault!
  3. Since Oh My God was on the alternate setlist last summer one could assume that a reworked OMG with Slash and Duff is very possible!
  4. Where is @Fede when you need him? We need a nice Periscope from Malibu for old times sake
  5. Love Blind Melon, Shannon and I'm fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes of successful bands so this will be definitely be interesting to watch!
  6. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    That seems unlikely, why would a live video of Coma be related to new material?
  7. Duff's new single release: 'Don't Look Behind You'

    This is the best single released from this album imo! It's the only one if them that I've actually gone out of my way to listened to more that once or twice.
  8. Well this fall can't come soon enough!
  9. All I keep thinking about when I read this thread title is the radio broadcast/bootleg from Chile '92 where a radio voice over says "Futuro" over and over again...
  10. New Slash interview: New album hasn't started yet

    "We had to do this tour in order to do what’s next” Well, they have to the first tour in other to do the next tour
  11. I'm exited might fly in for this one, I'm going to NC in October anyways so why not get there a couple of days early!
  12. You know you're a die hard fan...

    Is there any reason as to why GN’R don’t release music?