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  1. Love these! Great work man
  2. I like Catcher a lot but I prefer the album version to the demo. I like Bumbles solo A LOT more than Brian Mays, and I really like Queen so I'm kinda bummed out by this myself . The drums and Axl's vocals are imo better on the album as well. Overall the demo version feels to unfinished and messy for my taste. I think a lot of why I prefer the album versions of most CD song to the demos and pre-CD live versions is because I wasn't around during the early CD era, I became a fan after CD was released so those version are what I'm used to.
  3. He played guitar during the solo of Madagascar in 2001
  4. Without Slash there would be no Welcome To The Jungle, Welcome To The Jungle was the song that allegedly melted MTV's phone lines. Without Slash there would be no Sweet Child O' Mine, Sweet Child O' Mine was the song that broke Guns N' Roses big time. With Tracii, Guns N' Roses was a fun side project by the band members of L.A Guns. With Tracii, Guns N' Roses would have stayed a fun side project by the members of L.A Guns.
  5. I'm not sure that I can agree with you on picking St Louis. It actually is a very bad show in my opinion and that's not taking the riot into concideration. The band plays sloppy all night and Axl's voice is way to raspy (like a lot of the spring/early summer of 1991 shows were) as well. I spent last summer listening to every single 1991 recording and I find that the St Louis show is one of the worst shows of that year, but that's just my opinion.
  6. Guns N' Roses Calgary 1988 Bootleg

    Is there a link to download a FLAC or MP3 version of this bootleg yet or is downloading the low quality YouTube audio the only way to get it?
  7. 1986-09-20 - L.A Street Scene 1987-06-28 - Marquee, London (Soundboard) 1987-10-02 - Paradiso, Holland 1987-10-30 - CBGB, NY 1988-06-05 - Shoreline Amphitheatre, CA 1988-12-07 - Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo (Soundboard) 1989-10-18 - Los Angeles Coliseum, CA 1991-01-20 - Rock in Rio II (Soundboard) 1991-07-19 - Shoreline Amphitheatre, CA 1991-08-16 - Stockholm, Sweden 1991-08-31 - Wembley Stadium, London 1992-04-09 - Rosemont Horizon, Chicago (Soundboard) 1992-07-18 - Giants Stadium, NJ 1993-03-09 - Hartford Civic Center, CT 1993-07-16 - Estadio de River Plate, Argentina (Soundboard) Here are some of my favorite shows from 1986-1993. They are either good Soundboards or great audience recordings! Enjoy
  8. WTTJ Scream

    This is not the best WTTJ scream but it is definitely one of the best WTTJ introductions ever in my opinion! I love how dark, laid back and demonic he sounds.
  9. The best part of the show though was Skypeing with @Oldest Goat @AxlRoseCDII @lpgnr and @AslatIE! Loved your company guys!
  10. I've finally finished watching the show. It took me three times, I had a hard time watching it in one sitting... I'm not saying that to make fun of Axl's voice or the band but more because I feel sadness seeing my band like this. When my friend asked me what I though about the show I answered by saying that it felt like watching someone I love get beaten up, and I honestly feel that way. I want to be proud over the performance these guys puts on but at this point I'm starting to feel embarrassed. Of the 32 songs played I only find myself thinking that CD, DTTJ, Attitude, WL, WYWH and The Seeker were enjoyable performances. There were so many things that made me feel like this. Axl's voice being one of them but I would almost have been okay with that if the band had been good but sadly even they made a lot of mistakes that a band of this magnitude, playing a show of this magnitude, shouldn't do. I enjoyed the Apollo show, yes, Axl wasn't amazing there either but the band made up for it in my opinion, in Rio they sounded unrehearsed, tired and frankly, bored. Again, I hate seeing my all time favorite band like this but after this show I almost feel like it would be good for them if they retired from touring when this fall leg is over.
  11. The whining thread

    It was great! Thanks for hosting!
  12. I'm tempted to go back to bed as this just seems like another NITL show, and quite a rough one at that...
  13. Fucking epic Better course right there!
  14. I've missed Axl talking in between songs!