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  1. But they could be working on new music now. Myles is in the studio with AB. I'm sure Slash is keeping busy somehow.
  2. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators - Appreciation Thread

    The thing that was uncool about Creed was the Jesus impersonator frontman, Scott Stapp. I was in high school when Creed was huge and most people hated them, probably more than Nickelback. But I don't recall anyone saying the guitar player or bass player or drummer was stupid or uncool. I was and still am a fan of Creed's music, just the instrumentals -- I can't stand Stapp's voice, lyrics or personality. So I don't listen to Creed at all anymore but the music on "My Own Prison" and "Human Clay" especially is great. Amazing riffs. I think the songs "Faceless Man" and "To Whom It May Concern" are great 1990s-era tunes. Mark Tremonti wrote all of the music and most of the melodies for Creed songs, including the mega hits. All Stapp did was put his stupid Jesus lyrics on it. Tremonti has gone on to produce a very impressive catalog with Alter Bridge (recording sixth album now) and four very solid solo albums under his own name. Stapp has released several solo albums that absolutely nobody has listened to. He's awful. That's what made Creed uncool. If by "cool" you're talking looks/attire, well, I don't care about that. As a rock fan, I think a talented and prolific musician is cool. So count me in the camp that says Alter Bridge is cool, just like the many other rock bands I like, including GNR and SMKC.
  3. So Myles is official working on a new Alter Bridge album Knowing Slash is a workaholic, I think it's a safe bet he's taking this time to work with Axl, Duff and the gang on some GNR material before the final leg of the Living The Dream tour.
  4. Fortus should be replaced with....Myles Kennedy
  5. Myles is on the album. The song didn't impress me much, though. Not as good as AB, SMKC or MK solo record.
  6. Will we ever hear SMKC cover of "Rocket Man"?

    Same here. I thought Myles sounded great on the "Levon" cover he did during his solo tour:
  7. It's been reported that SMKC covered Elton John's "Rocket Man" for a documentary called "Stuntman." There are even pictures of them in the studio - https://gnrcentral.com/2018/04/16/remember-how-slash-and-myles-kennedy-were-going-to-record-elton-johns-rocket-man-a-few-years-ago-well-it-maybe-coming-out-soon/ The IMDB page for the documentary says it was released last September -- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6539830/ But I can't find the film anywhere, and I certainly can't find the song. Anyone think we'll ever hear this? It'd be a shame if not, since it apparently has already been recorded.