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  1. South American crowds are the best. No wonder bands like going there. The energy is always amazing. My favourite is RATM in Chile in 2010. Fucking unreal.
  2. Nope. The correct answer is: when ticketmaster and livenation merged and scalping became legal/acceptable.
  3. 10M? You are just guesstimating. With guns? Not really.
  4. That doesn't justify anything. The only reason they charge such outrageous ticket prices is because they can get away with it.
  5. Maybe if your girlfriend payed for her ticket it would be easier on your pocket.
  6. Oh I don't underestimate them at all. I love Krist's style. Lounge Act and Lithium have amazing bass lines. Dave didn't shine much in Nirvana, I think, mostly because of the unspoken rule of "no drum fills", so the drumming was in general pretty simple, but powerful as a motherfucker, and it was the right style for the band. I really like his drumming in Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip.
  7. Difference is Nirvana was always kurt's band. He was the sole songwriter except for a couple songs in In Utero (Scentless Apprentice comes to mind). Nirvana could have happened with Kurt and any other bandmembers, but there is no way it would have happened without him. The same can't be said about GNR, where every member played a vital part and the end product was bigger than the sum of its parts. Nirvana was Kurt Cobain.
  8. You guys need to take context into consideration. 1991-1992: GNR wereat their peak. They were the most dangerous band in the world. Nirvana were taking over in popularity. Two great bands with a huge following. Kurt was about 24-25. Axl was what... 26-27? They were kids...old kids/very young adults, both dealing with a HUGE amount of fame that came pretty much overnight, plus their own personal issues and demons. Kurt was a feminist, with pretty progressive thinking and ideas. Axl was a womanizer, violent, volatile and aggressive. They were pretty much polar opposites in their behaviour/image. Kurt hated what Axl represented and all the cliches of the hard rock scene and its cliches. Axl's temper made him an easy target for Kurt's quick wit. Kurt not only said NO to a man that was going on a huge ego trip at the time and surrounding himself with yes-men, he also trashed him in the media. A lot of guns fans seem to turn a blind eye to all of that and kinda see this feud as something that happened between 2 mature grown-up men, and when you see it that way, of course it's childish and pretty lame. It is the context what made/makes this funny.
  9. Because when you consider the level of income in SA, ticket prices become prohibitive. So, people will be likely to do a sacrifice and spend the big bucks to see the big 3 once. There is no doubt they have a huge following in SA, Brasil and Argentina being on top of the list. If they didn't charge such outrageous prices, those SA shows would have had a much higher attendance. Add to the mix the fact that Axl's performance was sub-par. Not worth a repeat.
  10. This is just irrelevant. What would that record mean? Absolutely nothing important. These figures are what matter to business executives, and they have no impact in the band's artistic legacy. In an odd way it makes sense though: time to start seeing and evaluating gnr as what they are: a company that has to be profitable to remain in business. How long until we start discussing GNR using charts and spread sheets to compare assets, income, profit, and net worth compared to previous years?
  11. I don'tthink I would. I would probably go to youtube to listen to some of the tracks just to check Axl's voice and that's it. Even if his vocals are outstanding and phenomenal, the music will still be ac/dc. the funny/sad thing is that Most likely Acl would only contribute lyrics and vocal melodies to that album. While in GNR they've been sitting on mountains of material for 25 years, waiting for those lyrics and vocal melodies to be done. I guess deep inside his heart, Axl doesn't trust the quality of the material recorded by his own band.
  12. What does that have to do with anything being discussed here?
  13. Who gives a fuck about axl/dc? I've always found ac/dc boring as shit, formulaic and extremely derivative. But it seems like Axl has found his comfort zone there. I couldn't care less.