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  1. Ballad of Death

    I think AFD is just their first album. Lies was already a deviation from AFD, and UYI pushed things even further. Can you imagine if we were so obtuse we decided to limit or define an artist by their first or most popular work? We wouldn’t have Bowie’s Berlin trilogy, Aladdin Sane, Hunky Dory, TMWSTW... I get that a lot of fans have a special attachment to AFD, but Axl always wanted to distance himself from that, his vision of GNR is what ultimately defines de band. I would consider there are only 2 ballads in CD: SOD and TIL. Sure, there are more slow songs, but those are sort of a thing of their own individually. I’ll take whatever the ginger throws my way. Sure, I wish CD was released in 2003 with song along the vein of OMG, but as I said, I’ll take anything, and since Axl likes to venture into different territories, setting one’s mind on something specific when it comes to expectations is sort of shooting oneself on the foot. Personally, I love that, I like being surprised, I find it exciting when an artist doesn’t play it safe and comfy. Also it could be that gnr discography is so limited, we’ve heard the staple ballads over 20 million times each and now they feel boring and even tedious to listen to, but that’s their fault for not releasing new stuff. As tired as you might be of the ballads and slow songs, i’m sure you and a lot of fans felt a jolt of excitement when you listened to The Blues or Maddy for the first time. To me even great heavier songs feel boring... but that’s only because of the lack of new material. I’m hanging onto the more “obscure” tracks but even those are losing their spark.
  2. Ballad of Death

    3.- way to project yourself on everybody else. You don’t get to define the nature of GNR, although you do get to enjoy their music or bitch about what doesn’t fit in what you consider defines GNR. The song is pretty generic and flat, it starts in point A, it stays there and it ends there.
  3. How old is Melissa? I don’t mean it in a bad way (for the oversensitive mod or adm that deleted my super funny post). She looks like she is in her early 30’s. I’m in my mid 30’s and never managed to make the transition into the whole “speak in hashtags” social media thing. But then again, I’m not famous and I’ve never used social media as a promo tool... I guess her pics are her just being a girl (just check the social media pics of pretty much any girl) and taking advantage of social media to promote herself and her work... she’s just playing by the rules of the game. Still though... Melissa: #hello I am #superhappy and #grateful for the #life i have #touring with this super #LIT band all over the #world. #Thanks to our #fans, you guys are #rad #NITL #GnFnR #starbucks #fam #asdfqwerty #lol #yolo Tremolo: Melissa please stop with the hashtags or I’m gonna strangle you with your own hair baby, ok?
  4. I’ve only listenedto Pawnshop Guitars. As you say, he can write a good song, but his style is what Axl was trying to move away from. Gilby would have fit in GNR for creative purposes if the idea weas to release an album along the same vein of UYI. Axl had something else in mind.
  5. I think drugs were a HUGE part, isn’t that what fueled the whole legal bs so Axl could take ownership from them? In a way to secure the whole thing before the drunkies/junkies/cokeheads pissed it all away with bad decisions (marriages, wifes taking part of it, etc)? Today it is more clear than ever that Axl always saw GNR as his band. There’s no way Axl would have risked leaving the fate of his baby to a bunch of drug addicts.
  6. Come on, Panwshop Guitars is a nice album, but that’s it. It’s just derivative rock n roll. The song Black alone kills that whole album, it’s like a fucking simple plan song lol. Based on that album (the only one of his that i’ve listened to), he composes good music, but his lyrics are crap.
  7. I love both songs, I enjoy them in different ways. Locomotive locks you in a groove from the get go with that great drum intro and doesn’t let you go for the whole 8+ minutes. Coma is more experimental and it’s more of a “mood” song with a production that reflects the lyrics in each step of the song. What is interesting is that Locomotive is high-paced and for the outro everything slows down. Kinda like a fast car chase that ends in a big crash in slow motion. Coma is more of a rollercoaster with ups and downs, and the outro propels you into space... the lyrical content in Coma is so powerful, too. Either way, I think most fans would agree that both songs are fucking amazing and a high point in GNR’s creative output. Funny thing, both songs are a clear departure from the rigid structure of AFD.
  8. Far superior? It’s the saaaaaaaaame (cool) riff over and over and over and over. Very basic structure (verse chorus verse chorus verse...). Great song, but after 5 minutes it becomes too repetitive. Coma has no well-defined (or standard) structure, it is way deeper in lyrical content, and it tells an amazing story. Plus, the use of dialogue (doctors, bitches), and the swing in moods during the song make it a better crafted piece of art. And Axl’s delivery is impeccable.
  9. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    UYI was also a display of Axl exploring new territory for GNR standards. CD is beautifully mixed. Go listen to AFD and Back in Black. You’re not ready to appreciate anything outside a very limited frame.
  10. They’re big all over the world. They’re a stadium band. Also the fact that Dave has always been a cool funny guy helps their case. I guess having Pat Smear might make it feel like the closest to Nirvana we can get. But they don’t have an equivalent to AFD. They have a lot of great songs, but not a single great album. I love their first one (Dave’s solo album), and The Colour and the Shape, but they lack something. One by One might be my favourite, it’s darker and reflects the dysfunctionality of the band back then. Also, they sort of found their sound and they’ve stuck to it. I wouldn’t expect any innovation from them. They’re a solid rock band. GNR though... they have (had?) magic, and Axl dared to experiment and get away with it. People hung the “hard rock and ballads” on him and expected him to confine himself between those walls, but he was always moving forward, probably listening to a variety of styles, getting influenced by them and coming up with his own version of it. My World is such a fucking ballsy move. He didn’t give a fuck about what was expected of him. That is defiance at its best. That is what I miss so much in him, his conviction and balls to dare to go to new territory. I hope we get to witness more of his creative side
  11. The FF are way bigger than GNR, and have been for a while. Not necessarily because they’re better, but because they’ve kept a steady pace releasing bew material and touring. People forget that when the whole Nirvana/GNR feud happened they were still young immature kids who all of a sudden got extremely successful, popular, famous, and rich. How do you deal with all of that overnight? It goes to your head, but that’s all it was, a mix of success, immaturity, and a good dose of assholery from both parts. Nowadays it means absolutely NOTHING to all of those involved, it’s all in the past and I’m sure they can laugh at it today. They are all in a better emotional and mental space. I find it silly how some fans take sides and take this kind of crap so seriously, even more than those who were actually involved and affected by it.
  12. I’m not so sure about that. I think Axl will completely redeem himself when he releases new music. I think the pressure of the idea is what’s keeping him from doing it, the high expectations and all that... but it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece that will climb to the top of the charts and stay there forever. As long as it is a fresh album of unheard material fans will be happy. We know he is capable of that, even moreso with Slash in the fold. I still think he somewhat lost his muse, but who knows... it is entertaining to watch someone on the edge, unpredictable, angry and ready to unleash his frustrations, but I’d rather have happy Axl. I just hope he finds inspiration to surprise us with new music.
  13. Given the state of the band, maybe Steven, he would make those songs sound good again, but I know it wouldn’t work. I guess Gilby or Roberta or who cares... in the end it’s just another person on stage with the band.