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  1. I was 9 when UYI came out, and it blew my mind in every way imaginable. Their looks, their attitude. They looked and behaved in a way that scared my parents, and that was awesome, the defiance in their fucking rock n roll attitude. They were dangerous. And their music, it touched me in all the right places, and that led me to translating all their lyrics, and that blew my mind too. I FELT this band in the same way i felt Nirvana. It's pretty intense when music touches your soul, it becomes a companion. I was devastated when they went to Chile and i couldn't go, but i watched and recorded their concert from tv. What a fucking ride! Axl threatening on ending the show because for some reason it was cool to spit at the performers (Patton had a beautiful spit exchange with the crowd). A fan got trampled and died when they opened the gates. Then I listened to AFD and LIES, and as much as I really liked them, it was not (and still isn't) the same connection/experience. Share!