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  1. Estranged was not a new song in 2011. New music...?
  2. I don't believe this is the right section for this.
  3. I think Axl tried to do what Trent Reznor was (and still is) doing with Nine Inch Nails. The difference is that GNR never was a one-man show. What made their music great was the incredible chemistry between the 5 of them. NIN on the other hand was TR, and the musicians brought to the band were just touring members, and some guest musicians here and there for the creative process of recording albums. Axl couldn't pull it off, I think he overrated his abilities at the time and never had the balls to admit he bit off more than he could chew. He saw (maybe still sees) himself as the mastermind behind GNR, but the truth is they were a collective effort.
  4. Excited About GNR future

    I think the premise of WHY fans show up to the shows is ridiculous. Metallica and U2 are relevant bands nowadays when it comes to evaluate them as artists. They have continued their careers creating and delivering art. Whether people like it better than their previous work or not is a different story (which i consider irrelevant). GNR as artists are has beens (not individually, but as a band). They rested on their laurels, time went by and now it's over. How many people attend each show is irrelevant, since it's a one-off kind of thing. Everything else are just lame-ass excuses to try to justify the mediocrity and lack of integrity of this band. Having 1 good album, 1 good EP and 2 bloated albums with too much filler doesn't account for much. "Oh I'd rather have no music than an album that is less than perfect", "Axl is a perfectionist", and all that bs is laughable. Axl talked too much and never delivered since 93, and he shot himself on both feet. Comparing GNR to bands like Metallica or U2 is pointless, they are on completely different levels.
  5. I still don't understand why they didn't do something cool about it. It didn't have to be something huge, just a cool release for the fetishist fan. A beautiful box with all the goodies and rarities of the era. And that could have led to something similar for UYI. I don't get it. I know the vibe in the fanbase has a lot of negativity, but they (gnr) could change that in a heartbeat. All they have to do is listen to the fans and throw us a bone once in a while. These long silences from GNR stopped building up a mistique a long time ago. Now it's just a disregard for the fans and not caring.
  6. Excited About GNR future

    So, playing covers is "adding new stuff" and exciting... To me it's just proof that this b(r)and is stale.
  7. A "deluxe" re-release in limited numbers for the fans. A small one-off show in a theatre or small venue would have sold out in minutes. This doesn't have much to do with the appreciation of AFD by the casual listener, in fact my point is to shine some light on the management and just another huge missed opportunity gone by; it's just to show how the dysfunctionality of this band has a lot to do with bad management, and how Fernando is not a natural talent, and that the only reason he is there is because he is his mother's son, not because of his credentials or long list of achievements.
  8. In all honesty, most people going to GNR shows are going to listen to AFD/Lies songs first, UYI second, and CD third. Saying people outside forums don't give a fuck about AFD is ridiculous. My point about that is that they could have done something amazing, just once, and they would have completely blown everyone away. The most ambitious thing would have been a secret show (sort of like what happened at the Troubadour), just ONE show, small venue, Axl, Adler, Izzy, Slash, Duff. AFD from beginning to end, no encores, no filler, no covers. For that ONE show, split the loot in a "fair way". Have special merchandise at the venue for those lucky enough to get tickets, something special to commemorate. And on the side, release a special AFD "definitive edition" box kinda thing: the original album with the original cover on vinyl, a remastered version on vinyl, extended booklet with lyrics, credits, cool pics of the band during the AFD era, a statement from the AFD band, or even just Axl, an old press article about the album release/reception. An extra CD with demos of the songs of the album and some outtakes. A DVD/Blu-ray remastered version of an old show from the AFD era. All content coupled with digital downloads of all the tracks. Pack it all ina. Beautiful fancy box with the AFD cross embedded on top. Release it as a limited edition of 3000 units, sell it for $300 or whatever it might be worth. Release more affordable versions with less fancy. Now, that would have been a treat for the fans and it would have created a frenzy out of this world. The re-release would have been 200% possible. The one-off live show would have required more logistics, but it was possible given that it was a one-off not to change the band, but to commemorate a groundbreaking album that is not just pivotal in the career if GNR, but in the whole popular/rock music history. A good manager would have managed to pull that off. Having Duff and Slash already on board, all it would have taken was a negotiation with Adler and Izzy. But then again, why try hard when you can just deliver half-assed shit that the hordes will consume anyway.
  9. Point is that whoever has been managing the band for the last 3-4 years has been doing a terrible job. The manager has wasted an incredible oportunity –probably the biggest in the history of GNR– to put the band out there, to get close to the fans, to get Axl in good vocal shape to deliver outstanding performances, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of AFD... it has been nothing but a disaster in every single department imaginable. Why even bring up the obvious problem regarding new music... So, no. Fernando doesn't have a natural talent for management and he doesn't have a natural talent for marketing, and he doesn't have a natural talent for PR, brand placement, etc. He does seem to have a decent talent for business. I mean, they are making money no matter how shitty everything related to GNR is at the time. They put out a fashion line of very expensive clothes, and I assume they are selling like hot cakes, otherwise it would be just another failure to the list.
  10. Cover Ratio

    I think they are just having fun, and it has nothing to do with sharing ideas. If they were sharing ideas, they would be playing new songs instead.
  11. What happened to Steven Adler?

    It's all in the groove, and his drumming in that album is memorable, the equivalent of great riffs in the guitar universe. It's too bad he couldn't manage to get through his emotional hell faster. I'm happy he got the closure he needed. I hope he can move on from this whole thing and have a happy life.
  12. Learning on the job is the best way to learn. Of course studying management and marketing helps a lot, and it is necessary for anyone who wants to build a career on that field, but learning hands on, learning from experience puts you way ahead of the game compared to those who rely solely on books. But also depends who you are learning from. Fernando learned from his mother. And who are we kidding... what does his mother know? No disrespect intended, but come on... It's safe to say management in GNR has been absolute shit for a long while. The same applies to marketing. It is the way it is and it would be naive to expect any different. Iovine? Come on, for fucks sake, that guy has a natural talent and that showed from very early in his career. He didn't get where he is because he was someone's son. The guy has proven himself to have the right mindset for what he does. Comparing Fernando and Iovine is plain nonsense. One got where he is because of his talent. The other got where he is because he is Beta's son.
  13. Going "his way"? You seem to forget who was going on a massive ego trip, using GNR as his own device for self-indulgence, trying to demote his "buddies", and doing everything he could to take control. Hint hint... his name is William. What was he supposed to do? Drag Slash and Duff to rehab, flush Matt's baggies of coke down the toilet, kill yoda, kidnap Axl and force him into locked-in psychotherapy? It's funny how you use words to twist things around, change facts and blatantly lie. Have you thought about having a career in politics? You'd be perfect for that.
  14. What a load of poop. Izzy was bad and mean because he didn't bow to Axl's whims... boo-hoo! I think that in short, Izzy had/has a low tolerance for bullshit, that's what drove him away from the band. He was sober enough to realise that Axl was trying to take over and he decided not to be a part of it.
  15. I know what you mean. I think we would love to have Izzy back in GNR, but the stars were not aligned and the circumstances weren't right for it to happen. At this point, I think it's safe to say it will not happen.
  16. I think context is everything. The band at that point (UYI recordings) was a trainwreck. I've worked in the music business, I've been in recording studios, and I have been lucky enough to share those spaces with great artists and producers. From my experience, the standard is: show up with your songs ready, record in a few takes and get out. If a record takes longer than 2 weeks, someone is fucking up! Music is pretty much a time capsule, you capture a vibe, a mood, a story in the form of sound. You can't fuck around for months with an idea, or you lose that. Izzy just wanted to get shit done the way it is supposed to be done. But it was a shitshow, mostly because of Axl, because based on what has been written, as fucked up as Duff and Slash were, they got their takes done quickly, same goes for Matt. But if you are in a functional band, you can't record your songs individually, one track at a time whenever someone decides to show up. About the videos, he saw how the focus shifted from making music to these self-indulgent extravagant ideas that were nobody's but Axl's. The rest of the band didn't give a shot about it, but they compromised. My guess is that they were too fucked up to care much. The "problem" is that Izzy was sober, and the guy just wanted to do what he signed up for in the first place: make and play music. And since he was sober, he could clearly see where the whole thing was heading, and he didn't want to be a part of it, and the restnis history. Now, with the reunion that didn't happen, I guess there was hope that after all these years, and with Slash back in the fold, things would be different. The fact that Slash and Axl were in good terms again opened the door to the possibility that this would be back to being a more or less functional band, that after all that was said and done for so many years, the fact those 2 were cool again meant that gnr was not a dictatorship anymore, cause Slash wouldn't put up with that crap, because he didn't have to, after all he built a name for himself and has a very successful career. But then you show up, hoping for the best, and you realise that nothing has changed, that the dynamics are pretty much the same, and the only difference is that Slash and Duff are now sober. It's still Axl's b(r)and, "the loot" is split according to what he considers fair, he is the one calling the shots. For those who claim that it's Izzy's own greed that kept him out of this so-called reunion, I think that the way the loot was to be split wasn't the one and only problem in itself, but it clearly set the tone of how the b(r)and is managed. It was the writing on the wall, Izzy read it, and he didn't want to deal with the same shit that made him quit the band more than 1/4 of a century ago.
  17. What if - 2014 Guns now

    Hat was the lineup of GNR inc. in 2014? Bumble, ashba, fortus, pitman, dizzy, tommy, frank and rose? What if... what if... it's so sad that all we can do as fans of this band is to look at the past and think of alternative timelines where things would have been different. Answering your question: nothing. They would have continued playing Vegas residences like any other performing past their prime, recording "IDEA #374936484 guitar & drums, take #6" and not releasing any music.
  18. I Feel Good Discussion Thread

    Another cover... At times (a bit too often) it feels this is just a bar/pub cover band with a great guitar player.
  19. The Spaghetti Incident 2?

    Because an album (even if it's just covers) means going to the studio and recording music, which is normal for a band, but not for gnr. Also, it would be almost insulting to release another cover album. That would mean that almost 1/3 of gnr studio releases are covers.
  20. Sorry (Apollo)

    Melodically his licks on the verses are good, but he doesn't get the structure, but that has nothing to do with his skills as a guitarist (which i'm not questioning), but more to do with how (un)familiar he is with the song. I still find it's an odd choice considering the lyrics.
  21. Sorry (Apollo)

    But it's not just about playing for the sake of playing, it's playing what works for the song, whether you prepare it in advance or you come up with it on the spot. Of course it's easier and more natural to improvise on the spot when you are playing a song you are familiar with. Dave Navarro does it too. What an underrated guitarist.
  22. Sorry (Apollo)

    He doesn't know how to make room for himself. If that song is a 5 at its best, Slash brings it down to a 3.5. He could work on a great solo and a new arrangement for the verses if he is so desperate to "shine" instead of serving the song, but he is just aimlessly noodling, and not knowing when to stop. I wouldn't mind him working on the song and giving it his own twist, I believe he is totally capable of doing that and making it sound fucking amazing, but it really feels like he doesn't give 2 fucks about the song and he is only playing it because he has to. I find it odd that they chose to play that song of all the CD tracks, especially considering the lyric content. What comes to mind is that it was Axl's decision and it is his way to show who has the biggest cock of the 3 of them, a passive-aggressive dick move. So, Slash is just playing it, not caring about it, just fulfilling his side of the contract. Of course this is mere especulation, but I can't find another plausible reason for Slash to pull off a half-assed version of the song when we all know he is capable of doing something better.
  23. Sorry (Apollo)

    It just doesn't fit. The verses have very "spacey" guitars, just a few notes to create an atmosphere. The chorus are pretty much just sustained chords. The solo is the only spot of the song where Slash can actually be himself, but he still can't pull it of, it just doesn't sound right, he is not aiming towards a melody, motif, or structure, he is just noodling and keeps on noodling on the verse after the solo... he needs a spotlight to be himself and play the way he plays and a song like Sorry doesn't have that room for him. Noodling just for the sake of noodling becomes boring and derivative pretty quickly. I'm only comenting based on the videos/audios posted, and it just doesn't sound right.
  24. Sorry (Apollo)

    I'm not debating that point or whether CD songs should be played by Slash. My point is that for whatever reason, Slash and Sorry don't mix well, he can't adapt his playing to the song and the end result is crap.
  25. Sorry (Apollo)

    Too much noodling... The solo is sort of lost in the middle of the song, with no direction, and Slash not knowing when to stop. I don't know if he is not familiar enough with the song structure, or if he has a hard time fitting his playing to the style of the song. I think that Slash is too much of a lead guitarist for a song like Sorry, which is more about an atmosphere, a vibe, where the guitars are relatively simple and don't stand out with memorable riffs. The guitars on Sorry have one purpose: serve the song, stand in the back, just serve the song, don't try to fill in the gaps with unnecessary notes, just serve the song. There is no room in that song to give Slash the spotlight, and he doesn't seem comfortable with that.