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  1. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    Wtf. I get you don’t have to like the guy’s playing, but going from that to statements such as the shock over ability in the NIN/Manson crowds is ridiculous. Twiggy is an amazing songwriter, Manson used to be an amazing lyricist and singer. John5 is an incredible guitar player. NIN has had incredibly skilled musicians in its different incarnations (Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Cortini, Freese, Clouser, Dillon, Rubin, etc.), and even Trent Reznor himself has more musical skills and creativity than Axl and gnr could hope for. I can understand how his interpretation of classic gnr songs could upset fans, but I give him a medal for having the balls to do his own shit instead of playing other people’s solos note by note. From that point on is just a matter of taste. And yeah, I do play guitar, and have been doing it for 30 years. But I don’t know how that makes my opinion any more or less valid.
  2. No way. without a new album, it’s fucking pointless.
  3. To me an artist is an alchemist. The craftsman doesn’t conveythe same level of depth/transformation. Anyone can “create” music, even a computer can do it by itself using theory, math and algorythms, but I wouldn’t call it art. That’s where I draw the line: anyone can create music, a sculpture, a painting or literary work. The true work and meaning of an artist has more to do with something that is very hard to put in words because of its own subjective nature. That ability or “gift” that some people have that gives them the power to turn the unperceivable, ethereal and subjective into a work that exists outside those boundaries. It’s just my perception though, at the end of the day everyone has their own guidelines to say what is art and what is not.
  4. I agree with Corgan, and I respect him for delivering new music despite the hopes and bitching of SP fans. I guess there’s a big difference between a craftsman and an artist, which is the artist’s neverending quest to transform the inner realm of the abstract into the concrete world that can be perceived through either of the 5 senses. And the artist’s inner world is always changing (just like everybody’s), therefore what comes out of their creative process is constantly evolving, and the fact that it once resonated with thousands or millions of people, doesn’t mean that those paths will run parallel to each other forever. The artist has a need to make that transformation of abstract into concrete, from within to the outside where others can perceive, relate to, and appreciate it. Billy is one of those, so is Axl (although overwhelmed by his own demons to the point of inability to release anything), so is Trent Reznor. The Young brothers, Dave Grohl and so many others are closer to being craftsmen than to be artists. And it’s alright to expect artists to produce material, not from a position of entitlement, but because it’s in that process that artists end up finding themselves and overcoming their demons. It’s mutually beneficial, for the artists and their own healing process and for those who relate to it. Most of the time, the “peak” of an artist is nothing but a marketing/business perspective which is somewhat irrelevant when it comes to the appreciation of art.
  5. I think he was talking about the band as a unit being past their prime. I didn’t get he was talking about the musical skills of individual members. And he is absolutely right.
  6. Dijon and Dexter's Twitter Accounts

    TL;DR Having social media accounts for your pets or kids is creepy as fuck.
  7. If D’arcy fucks up, I’d be happy to have Melissa on bass.
  8. Oceania is a very underrated album. It is a beautiful trip from the beginning to the end, and by far the best SP album after the original band left. It feels like BC stopped trying to make a record that would hold up to the SP legacy and just made a beautiful album beyond what he thought was expected from him.
  9. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    Robin is a soulful player. He’s not the most skilled, his solos are all about melody and modulation (bends and vibratos). Simple, but very effective! His stage presence is beyond anything we’ve seen and will ever see in GNR. He doesn’t have to try to be cool or try to get the spotlight, he just has an incredible presence. His weirdness is not off-putting, it’s magnetic because it’s cool and humble, not cool and “i am the shit”. His personality on stage is closer to Izzy: cool guy in the background, but with awesome hair and dressing style. There’s plenty of videos on youtube of Finck performing with GNR and NIN. I like him better in NIN, it always felt like something big was missing when he was being replaced by Aaron North.
  10. Without a new album to support, this will be just more of the same.
  11. Tour statistics

    Like it or not, CD is part of GNR history and discography. They should drop some of those covers and instead play more obscure tracks from UYI. CD songs being played is kinda understandable (maybe not the best idea for a “reunion tour”), but playing so many covers when they have a bunch of great songs from UYI is just bullshit. Fans go to GNR shows to see GNR perform GNR material, not to watch a cover band playing someone else’s music.
  12. Anything they do that is not new music or calling it a day is complete BS.
  13. South American crowds are the best. No wonder bands like going there. The energy is always amazing. My favourite is RATM in Chile in 2010. Fucking unreal.
  14. Nope. The correct answer is: when ticketmaster and livenation merged and scalping became legal/acceptable.
  15. 10M? You are just guesstimating. With guns? Not really.
  16. That doesn't justify anything. The only reason they charge such outrageous ticket prices is because they can get away with it.
  17. Maybe if your girlfriend payed for her ticket it would be easier on your pocket.
  18. Oh I don't underestimate them at all. I love Krist's style. Lounge Act and Lithium have amazing bass lines. Dave didn't shine much in Nirvana, I think, mostly because of the unspoken rule of "no drum fills", so the drumming was in general pretty simple, but powerful as a motherfucker, and it was the right style for the band. I really like his drumming in Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip.
  19. Difference is Nirvana was always kurt's band. He was the sole songwriter except for a couple songs in In Utero (Scentless Apprentice comes to mind). Nirvana could have happened with Kurt and any other bandmembers, but there is no way it would have happened without him. The same can't be said about GNR, where every member played a vital part and the end product was bigger than the sum of its parts. Nirvana was Kurt Cobain.
  20. You guys need to take context into consideration. 1991-1992: GNR wereat their peak. They were the most dangerous band in the world. Nirvana were taking over in popularity. Two great bands with a huge following. Kurt was about 24-25. Axl was what... 26-27? They were kids...old kids/very young adults, both dealing with a HUGE amount of fame that came pretty much overnight, plus their own personal issues and demons. Kurt was a feminist, with pretty progressive thinking and ideas. Axl was a womanizer, violent, volatile and aggressive. They were pretty much polar opposites in their behaviour/image. Kurt hated what Axl represented and all the cliches of the hard rock scene and its cliches. Axl's temper made him an easy target for Kurt's quick wit. Kurt not only said NO to a man that was going on a huge ego trip at the time and surrounding himself with yes-men, he also trashed him in the media. A lot of guns fans seem to turn a blind eye to all of that and kinda see this feud as something that happened between 2 mature grown-up men, and when you see it that way, of course it's childish and pretty lame. It is the context what made/makes this funny.
  21. Because when you consider the level of income in SA, ticket prices become prohibitive. So, people will be likely to do a sacrifice and spend the big bucks to see the big 3 once. There is no doubt they have a huge following in SA, Brasil and Argentina being on top of the list. If they didn't charge such outrageous prices, those SA shows would have had a much higher attendance. Add to the mix the fact that Axl's performance was sub-par. Not worth a repeat.
  22. This is just irrelevant. What would that record mean? Absolutely nothing important. These figures are what matter to business executives, and they have no impact in the band's artistic legacy. In an odd way it makes sense though: time to start seeing and evaluating gnr as what they are: a company that has to be profitable to remain in business. How long until we start discussing GNR using charts and spread sheets to compare assets, income, profit, and net worth compared to previous years?