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  1. The money thing could easily be seen as greed. But think of this: being a musician, living the rock & roll life, drugs, women, making absurds amounts of money, playing for thousands of people every night... and being I don’t know... how old was he around that time? It must be mindblowing. Anyone in his position would do the same calculations in their head, Matt just happened to say it out loud. Also, unlike Axl, Slash, Izzy and Duff, Sorum kinda walked into that situation when it was already set up. The other guys transitioned to it with their own decisions, working hard, composing, touring, etc, they gradually (although very quickly) went from being on the streets to being millionaires. I don’t see that situation with the kid as a dick move. ”hey kid, i’m workig here, come back in 20 minutes and i’ll sign your shit”. You can’t please everyone all the time. I guess my point is that we can also make positive –or not so negative– assumptions based on the little info we’ve got. I do agree that Matt had a more confrontational attitude and even acted like a douche. That HOF thing was just classles and completely unnecessary.
  2. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    All the material that was allegedly recorded by the band through those years and didn’t have vocals. I’m sorry I can’t provide a source or specific member/interview, but if I remember correctly, it was mentioned that there were A LOT of ideas and songs recorded that didn’t have lyrics or vocals.
  3. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    I liked it when I first listened to it as a teenager. Nowadays, while I don’t hate it, I rarely go back to that album. It’s just cockrock, but the music is still enjoyable. I guess I grew out of it.
  4. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    Funny thing is that most likely 99.9% of the material recorded after UYI has no vocals.
  5. It’s an incredible song, but I truly believe GNR should get someone more creative for their big screen videos/graphics. Everything they’ve used looks dated and tacky as fuck. I know GNR have never been an artsy band, but there is a lot of wasted potential there to improve the stage setting.
  6. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    Your post gave me herpes and super AIDS.
  7. Great compilation @RONIN! Thanks for the time and effort. What happened during the HOF between Matt and Steven? I disn’t care for that whole event, so I never bothered to watch it
  8. Not just that. It’s funny how he projects himself (or his old self) on Izzy, making him look unreliable, like never knowing if he would even show up or not. It’s laughable.
  9. I never said that it was Axl’s fault that Slash and Duff were fucked up on drugs and alcohol. In a weird way, it was heroin and alcohol what kept GNR from imploding way earlier.
  10. More like a coping mechanism. If Slash and Duff hadn’t been so fucked up on heroin and booze, GNR would have ended during the UYI tour.
  11. Well, we don’t know for sure. It could have been a tantrum, or an epic discusion with Axl because Iz told Beta to shut up when she was telling him what to do? Who knows. The stars were not aligned, it just wasn’t meant to happen. With the gag order in place and running we will never know what happened.
  12. I didn’t read any insults or offensive language of high caliber, not even a “fuck” intended as an insult. I guess I missed it, or people here are too sensitive. Fuck it.
  13. That seems unnecessary and excessive. The guy has a point of view, as respectable as anyone else’s. I find that’s the whole point of a forum, otherwise it’s just a circle jerk or a bunch of guys sucking each other off and patting each other on the back just because they have the same opinion.
  14. But we do have already a more or less clear picture of how dysfunctional that whole era was, from the recording of UYI to all the shit going on on tour (the theme parties, axl showing up late or not showing up at all, rants, legal issues, etc). He could bring another angle of the same stories, butI doubt there will be anything new from that era. What interests me more is the aftermath of the UYI tour, the period he was in gnr after that until he was out. Also having giving us more insight on VR, which to be honest I know nothing about.
  15. Absolutely irrelevant.
  16. Funny thing is that it is very likely only fans think and feel this way, while those actually involved in the whole situation are over it and getting along well. They seem to have moved on, maybe it is time for some fans to do the same.
  17. They got it all wrong. NIN owed their label a greatest hits album (and I think they still do), but TR didn’t give a shit about it. When it was about to happen, TR released 3 compilation albums online for free on torrent sites (singles, deep cuts, quiet tracks, IIRC) and that stopped the label from releasing it. I guess the lesson is where there is a will, there is a way.
  18. What we hear is concrete, can be perceived objectively and can also be analyzed. We're not talking about something abstract as in "the way it makes me feel", but what it actually is: a certain note, or chord, or progression, pitch, timbre, tone, tempo, etc. It either is or isn't. Now, the interpetation, the "mood", "vibe" or "feel" is completely subjective, and yeah, in that regard we can "hear things differently". But a C5 on a grand piano is a C5 on a grand piano, not an F#4 in a guitar with chorus and delay.
  19. But you’re probably not as familiar with NIN music. I meant being familiar with both, not either/or. I read what you wrote and I don’t hear what you are hearing, that’s all. And I agree 100% with what @RONIN said.
  20. I did, and it doesn’t make sense to me. I mean no disrespect, I just think that when you are more familiar with the material (in this case NIN and gnr music), you can really see and hear how different they are in so many ways that they don’t have much in common at all. But if I played THTF, Shackler’s and Man in the Box to some random 60-y/o lady, she would probably say they all sound the same. Not because she’s old, but because she’s not familiar with the songs and it will all sound like distorted electric guitars and screaming.
  21. I didn’t mean to patronize. But I still don’t get what in Shackler’s resembles any NIN song, and I say this as a fan of both bands and everything Trent Reznor has put his hands on. Maybe to the casual NIN listener, Shackler’s might sound closer to NIN just because of all the references we got in the media back then and because it doesn’t resemble much what we used to associate with the GNR sound. Personally, I think they are 2 completely different beasts. If people were more clear about how/why any gnr music sounds like NIN we could have a more productive discusion about it.
  22. I think that people just repeat what they’ve read without putting much thought into it. Shackler’s has as much NIN in it as The Garden has Millie Vanillie.
  23. I’m with @Order of Nine To my ears, NOTHING in the whole Chinese Democracy album makes me think of or resembles NIN (even remotely!). The only thing that could be close-ish is that given the many different influences that we can hear all over CD, there are guitar tones that are closer to industrial rock and that abortion of a genre called “Nu Metal”; and the production (all those sexy boner-inducing layers). Other than that there is nothing going on. CD did get a lot of NIN references when it came out, I assume mostly because of Robin Finck. There is also the fact that Axl was (maybe still is?) a fan of NIN. I still dream of the possibility of a colaboration between Axl and Trent Reznor, with Trent as a producer. I truly believe that the Rose-Navarro-Reznor combo would have been absolutely incredible back then.
  24. They were 2 very different scenes. The LA scene was more closely related to glam and hard rock. They had an amazing underground scene there with bands like Jane’s Addiction. Seattle was a different story, the music style brewing there was closer to punk. I think that they give Nirvana and grunge in general more credit because it was new and fresh, as opposed to what was going on in LA that was more like the last breaths of a music scene that was slowly dying.