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  1. So it’s the age, not a lack of commitment, training and/or practice. Does Axl have a time machine that brought a younger Axl to play shows with AC/DC? So it’s the age, not a lack of commitment, training and/or practice. Does Axl have a time machine that brought a younger Axl to play shows with AC/DC? So it’s the age, not a lack of commitment, training and/or practice. Does Axl have a time machine that brought a younger Axl to play shows with AC/DC? So it’s the age, not a lack of commitment, training and/or practice. Does Axl have a time machine that brought a younger Axl to play shows with AC/DC? So it’s the age, not a lack of commitment, training and/or practice. Does Axl have a time machine that brought a younger Axl to play shows with AC/DC?
  2. It’s perspective, as you say. Considering his capabilities, he half-assed the CD material. His take on Sorry comes to mind. I know a big part is the vibe, the excitement of the moment, being there when the light go out and you feel that thrill cause you know your favourite band is taking the stage, and the ecstasy and euphoria of watching them perform... I guess I have been spoiled. I’ve never been to a single NIN show that has been short of amazing, same goes to My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, Sigur Ros and many others. Impeccable in every aspect: stage, performance, setlist, vibe, etc. So allow me to be disappointed when Axl and co. go on stage and he can barely sing and Slash just noodles without much care for structure or what works for some of those songs. Now, THAT part (performance) depends on the band only. Orher aspects are less strict and depend on the energy between the band and the audience, and I have nothing to say against them in that department: Axl is a good showman, he knows how to get a crowd going, and so does Slash, and they’re good playing that game of feedback with the audience (except for RIR, not sure what happened there, they seemed disengaged). That is probably the biggest part of what makes a concert memorable, the “vibe”. But please, that doesn’t mean other aspects are not important or are not to be considered when you evaluate the quality of a show. So, considering how much they are charging, I expect the band to put more effort and care on those aspects that depend solely on them, and I think that has been lacking, regardless of the intensity and “feel” of the shows they’ve put on.
  3. No. If they’re gonna do a half-assed job playing that CD material, they should just not play it and replace it with more UYI or AFD songs. I didn’t criticize Slash’s whay of playing ild gnr material, he always changes things around and he’s great at it, cause he knows those songs and he knows how/what to play in a way that it works for the songs. With CD songs it’s just a disaster, and not because I think he’s not capable –he is– but because he doesn’t seem to care about those songs. If that’s the case, why even bother? So, I stand by my previous answer: No.
  4. Why do you have to bring your credentials? They mean absolutely nothing, they don’t make your point any stronger and they are honestly laughable. Sorry, but just that’s just hilarious, authority fallacy, and even worse, you claim to be the authority... get your head out of your own ass and stop patting yourself on the back. Funny thing is with your music major and all your credentials, you have nothing to say about Axl’s vocal performance (in timbre and pitch), and Slash’s lazy take on the CD material. But I guess none of that matters as long as you feel good even if you have to convince yourself of the opposite. Way to go!
  5. No. I never said it shouldn’t be successful. Either your reading comprehension is crap or you are blatantly lying. Your post says absolutely nothing about the points I mentioned, you avoid the subject entirely because I guess there’s nothing you can say, but since this is the internet, you have to look like you have the last word. And no, they haven’t proven to be capable of doing it that way, not because I say so, because they just haven’t done it.
  6. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    Wow! I’m impressed! The singer is almost as bad as Axl. He has the timbre, but his pitch is terrible.
  7. I love how you completely avoid the points I’m presenting, and instead focus on low standards to say the band is not lazy, and bring up meaningless crap like Adler not being there or Axl’s hats. Pure gold.
  8. I love CD, but it will always bother me that it closes in such a low note. Prostitute has to be one of the –if not THE– blandest songs in the GNR catalog. Other than that it is a great record, with balls, and a pleasure to listen to and discover something new in it every time.
  9. I agree with pretty much everything you said, except that I find it irrelevant if they play 2 hours or 8 if Axl can barely sing and a good chunk of the songs are covers. Whatever Axl was doing with AC/DC has nothing to do with this. The quality isn’t there.
  10. Don’t give me the age bs. There are almost countless examples of musicians who have been crushing it on stage way past their early 50s. Axl’s voice is the most clear example. And I don’t mean The Rasp vs Mickey, I mean the guy’s pitch is horrendous. I do understand that singing some of those songs today poses a bigger challenge because as you age, your vocal cords can’t pull the same tricks as easily, especially if you don’t train constantly. BUT Axl is knowledgeable enough about music, keys, harmonies, etc so he could adapt the songs to his voice so he could make them work on his favour instead of struggling. But the guy doesn’t seem to put any effort in it. Slash doesn’t seem to prepare for some of the songs. Especially the CD material. Just noodling and improvised arrangements that sound horrible and don’t service the songs properly. Dude, you’re getting paid millions, listen to the fucking songs, work on something that sounds good and that shows that you put some fucking effort and dedication in it. He’s absolutely capable of doing it, the guy could do wonders!! I remember when this whole thing started and fans were wondering (and hopeful) about the renditions of the CD material with this new band, mostly about how Slash could turn those new songs into something special. And what happened... just lazy improvisation. They have not been bringing their top game to the shows, and that is insulting considering how much they are charging for the tickets. I don’t care if people who attend the shows think it’s the best show they’ve seen in their lives. Once again, I’m not seeing it from a “customer satisfaction” perspective (since to many just having A and S on stage is more than enough, regardless of everything else), but from how the shows have been half-assed considering their skills and what they are actually capable of. I’ve made this point pretty clear in previous posts. If you still don’t want to or can’t understand, it’s beyond me.
  11. It’s funny that you avoid the “quality” aspect and speak only from one perspective: the fan that is all forgiving because all that matters is Axl ans Slash playing WTTJ and SCOM. I meant it from the band perspective. Despite how much you and others have enjoyed the tour, it doesn’t feel GNR have given it their 100%, that or their standard. I don’t care much about how the whole thing transpired, and I don’t claim to know. It’s all just guessing. And I meant people saying he’s irrelevant to GNR, that he can’t play... lots of trolls around here.
  12. It seems pretty obvious to me that Izzy wanted to be a part of this. I think that when the unthinkable happened (Axl and Slash talking again and wanting to tour/reunite the band), Izzy might have thought that maybe that meant that Axl had become more flexible and wasn’t the tyrant he had become when he (Izzy) was still in the band; and why wouldn’t he –or anyone for that matter– think that? It seemed doubtful that Slash and Duff would go back to GNR if it was going to be the same old story all over again. Then there were talks and what was presented to Izzy led him to believe that this new version of GNR wasn’t that different from what it used to be: it’s Axl calling the shots, not everyone being seen or considered as an equally important part of the equation, etc. Izzy doesn’t come accross as an irrational guy who will send it all to hell if things don’t go exactly the way he wants. He had a very bad experience being in a band with a nutjob of a singer, it just makes sense if he wants to avoid putting himself in the same scenario again; that’s a guy who learned from his own experience and is not willing to go through anything that resembles what he had to put up with back then. And in all honesty, what does GNR have to show since this tour started? Just nostalgia, ticket sales and profit. Oh and Coma. Other than that... what? Performances have been mediocre, Axl hasn’t given it his best on stage. Lots of cringeworthy moments, a very stale setlist, an incredibly low performance at RIR. This was the biggest rock comeback of the century, and it has been very bland compared to what it could and should have been: the big 3 on top of their game, absolutely crushing it every night. But since the money is somewhat guaranteed, why bother, right? It makes me wonder about the real motivations behind this whole thing. I don’t get why some people here like to shit on Izzy. The guy has been a class act about this whole thing, he’s just minding his own business, making music, not whoring himself out to the media, etc. I guess those people see things in black and white and are so polarized it’s impossible for them to have a bit of perspective instead of taking sides. I don’t think the dynamics in the current band are the same as they were in 91-93, but it seems clear who had to compromise more to make this happen. Money talks after all.
  13. Lol Now try to give me a serious argument instead of this load of nonsense. I fon’t know why you bring Fortus to the topic. In my opinion he is an amazing guitar player, way better than Slash, and incredibly underrated. I’d love to hear his compositions though, sort of “a Fortus song by gnr”. Izzy is an accomplished guitar player. He might not be your cup of tea, but he’s great at what he does: songwriting and rhythm guitar. For the record, I don’t want Izzy in gnr, I think that’s part of the past. I’m more interested in his solo material and what this incarnation of gnr might be able to deliver. I see more chances of the former, though. Expecting new tunes from Izzy is more realistic than expecting new music from gnr anytime soon.
  14. What is there to talk about Axl, Slash, Fortus and Duff that is current and/or relevant? Absolutely nothing.
  15. No no no... you can’t use that as the basis of your argument. It’s completely backwards! Tell me what are your indications that Izzy wouldn’t want to commit to a 2-year world tour?
  16. Right, Izzy always showed up to his shows and did his duty. And when he got on stage a few hours late was because Axl was playing the primadonna role, holding everyone back and being disrespectful to the fans. Who is unreliable? Way to twist the facts to make them fit your narrative. The reason Izzy left grn was because Axl was not reliable and they were not willing to put their shit together, plus all the pompous shit he didn’t care about or even want but still had to pay for since it was Lord Axl’s desire to make expensive videos, throw theme parties and all that crap.
  17. For sure your perspective is different. I expect to get my money’s worth in terms of quality. Axl wasn’t giving it his best. In some shows Slash wasn’t really up there fully into it, but he was still good, although my biggest criticism is the lack of interest in giving the CD songs a proper treatment, most of his solos in those songs were improvised noodling with no direction. But still the main issue was Axl’s voice and stale setlist and that is undeniable. If you bought into the hype and had a fabulous time, great for you! But that doesn’t mean the performances were as good as they could have been. About Izzy... to those who care about Izzy, as simple as that.
  18. I don’t care about how full the stadiums are and how much money they have made. The tour has been of a very sub-par quality considering what it is/was (what it represents) and what it could have been. The return of Axl and Slash on stage was one of the most anticipated and desired reunions in rock history. This should have been just the ignition and motivation, bit it ended up being the only focus. Who cares about quality of performance? Who cares about the stale setlist? Who cares about the endless covers in detriment of actual gnr songs? So, yeah, I guess if all that matters is that A,S and D are back playing together, sure, it’s a beautiful thing. But to me that means nothing if the effort wasn’t there to make this truly memorable. Yeah, it’s cool to hear Coma being played live, bit it’s cringeworthy when Axl can’t pull it off. It’s lazy, and specially disrespectful to those people paying good money for a quality show. And it kinda shows that in the end it doesn’t matter: they get the big bucks, people get Axl and Slash together on stage. Apparently that’s more than enough. To me it’s a disappointment and mediocre. ... when you got a job to do you gotta do it well...
  19. No, I didn’t state that was wrong, that is your interpretation. When I talk about his integrity, what I mean is what I have said 3or 4 times Lready in this thread: Izzy is a musician and he wants to make music and release it. If Izzy joined GNR just to tour, with very mediocre performances, at such high prices, and not release ONE song in 2 years... Yeah, that would tarnish his reputation and integrity as the kind of musician he has always been. It’s not the case of Axl, he’s been doing it for a while and it has never been a problem. It is the way it is, and I don’t think that doing so tarnishes his reputation, because we are talking about 2 different people, and he built his own rep a while ago. This is more in line with what we can expect from him. Same about Slash. It wouldn’t stain his reputation or integrity if he played in the next Bieber or Rihanna records, he’s been collaborating with pop recording “artists” since early on, it’s part of his career. I’m not saying this is wrong, it’s just what it is. Now, if Izzy played in the next Bieber or Rihanna record, it would be a big WTF and it would certainly raise many questions about his motivations and integrity. That’s all.
  20. I’m only talking from what shows from their actions and what experience tells us so far: touring, milking that nostalgia cow as much and for as long as possible. I can’t talk from facts because from the fanbase of this band the only facts are in the past, since their communication regarding what is going on is null, just like their music releases. I think it’s safe to say that’s their goal for this tour and what has been going on with gnr since this whole thing started. So far they have nothing to show for other than that. Now that is a fact.
  21. When/where did I say that doing a nostalgia tour was wrong? A, D and S are doing their thing, some people like it, others (like me) find it irrelevant. My focus is on the music. Whatever theatricals that come with it can be fun as a complement. But with GNR, the newest songs are already 10 years old (or even older). That’s why I don’t care for them and I have more respect for Izzy. My interest will come back when new material is released.
  22. I’m not complaining Izzy is not part of this reunion. Considering how and whatnit turned out to be, he’s better out. His credibility and reputation intact. I think there’s this romantic idea of what the full reunion of gnr (with steven or matt) would be like, but the reality is far from that. No matter the members, gnr does not operate like a normal band and never will. Izzy wants to make music and release it, therefore gnr is not the right place for him. There is no way he would be able to be as prolific in that environment. And gnr really doesn’t need Izzy for what they have been doing in the last 2 years... even if you go all the way back to 1993. I’m not saying that it’s bad or wrong for Axl, Slash and Duff to want to tour the world, charge insane amounts of money for a pretty sub-par show, have a huge stage with big screens and enjoy the rock & roll cliche, if they can do it, good for them! Gnr’s goals, Axl’s goals, Duff and Slash’s goals are very different from Izzy’s. From a selfish perspective and what interests me, I’m kinda glad Izzy is not in gnr and that he’s doing his own thing. At this point my interest in gnr is absolutely zero... until they release new music, then I’m sure i’ll care for them again.
  23. He just wants to make music, and that’s what he has been doing since day one. Got an idea? Work on it, make a song out of it, record it, release it. Boom! That’s it. He’s not worried or concerned about making the best-selling album of the year, or indulging in overproduction to make a record sound like it has everything in it. The guy just wants to make music, and that’s what he does. If he wanted money as much as you mention, he would whore himself out the way many other musicians have. The guy is low key and doesn’t seem concerned with the perks of being a rockstar, he clearly doesn’t give a fuck about that. As simple as that. The guy understands music and rock&roll, that’s why he has released so much music instead of fucking around with 5 song ideas for 20 years or playing the business side of things. He just wants to make music, not fit in someone else’s agenda, he’s not trying to be the biggest name in the industry, and he doesn’t have to put up with big egos and bullshit because he doesn’t need to in order to do what he wants to do: make music. You seem to be projecting Axl and Gnr’s behaviour on Izzy.