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  1. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    I want this kinda outro
  2. only that middleeast god would send trump
  3. at least it will be Guns N Roses, not this abomination.
  4. gnr is a joke at the moment, just a rip off nostalgia act. 1- BRING IZZY AND STEVEN BACK AND BE THE PROPER GNR. 2- RELEASE NEW MUSIC if you dont do these you are a joke. FUCK YOU!
  5. I want Axl to sing everything and Slash to play everything.
  6. Izzy is GNR. I still cant believe how he is not back in the band, and Steven too. This is just rip off. That's why I'll only see them once this time.
  7. Dizzy Reed on Mitch Lafon

    He's quite talented, and was awesome live during 91-93 and on UYI's.
  8. Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler.
  9. Josh or Brain

  10. Happy Bday CD!

    It is one of the best albums ever, and I'm in love with everything about it, especially the wait. And you know what? I waited for Lies, which was ok, but it never felt like a real album, and waited for UYIs, and the wait for UYIs felt a lot longer than the wait for Chin Dem. But when the wait was over for Chin Dem, it was something a lot more special to me, cant describe it properly, but I was never that much happy about an album that much before. Long live Chin Dem.
  11. Mate, this is awesome, and I really liked your vocals, maybe just because you didnt commit it, you know what I mean Groove and instruments are perfect!
  12. GNR did pretty good videos, my fav is defo Dead Horse. NR is cool, and an awesome tune, but the reason it hit 1 bn before Estranged is why we have trump, erdogan, boris and stuff
  13. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    Let's cut the crap and think for a second that we dont have Axl and GNR any more. Still have negativity? We NEED him. But we also need him to make music, bring back Izzy and Steven, and have a proper management too.