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  1. The world needs an AFD2, nothing else. AFD 5 goes to studio, Brian May and Steve Jones as their bosses. And do a damn record.
  2. Steven is right about being in a GNR reunion, but this is a business, not GNR anymore. And to people dissing him, his fart is more of a drummer then Ferrer. I'll always dream of seeing AFD 5 and jerk off to it till I die.
  3. even fake axl can take a mediocre song and takes it over the roof.
  4. GNR is the best band ever and we are fans of simple tastes, we are always satisfied with the best. Forum thing is just bcuz most of us are old fartz.
  5. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    His only guilt is being criminally good on GNR records and gigs till Farmaid.
  6. Zombie Guns t-shirt

    some1 put a pic pls?
  7. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    Steven rulz! Fuck the haters. He's the drummer of Guns N Roses and parties with Daltrey, suck on that!
  8. Tim Cook at apple, fuck you, suck my fucking dick youre ripping off the kids with their hard earned gbs with the shitty service you do, you wanna antagonize me? delete my catalogue motherfucker...
  9. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    https://www.ebay.ca/itm/AC-DC-4CD-TRADING-PUNCHES/183104986692?hash=item2aa1e85e44:g:ZJwAAOSwl5tamdMw this mite be a clue
  10. WASP! Kudo to granpa!
  11. Slash Solo, Rocket Queen 2014

    I think myles is like the only person that I cant stand his voice, got nothing against him, and he may be and prolly is a good vocalist, but his voice...I just wanna turn it off.
  12. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    First 5 seconds was like Burzum Awesome Troccoli, thx a bunch!
  13. GNR made rock big and popular again, and they'd keep on doin' so if they didnt fuck the band up.
  14. awesome! Apart from GNR-BM, GNR-SG-FNM is prolly the biggest tour ever for me