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  1. Lots of old Recordings

    I jerked to this photo and still hard
  2. Those fuckeRs made gazillions from this tour, and all we'll get are gonna be boring as fuck smkc albums and duff solo? fuck!
  3. Axl is beyond himself on this album vocally. My fav is I dont care about you.
  4. I'm an orthodox AFD 5 fan, but this album kicked serious butt. Critics and most fans say they hate it, but they actually dont.
  5. I love this competition between the middle east stories' believers , they all win! Axl was so rite to move to LA.
  6. Locked n Loaded Box Set for 799 GBP

    I just missed this :(((((( that turntable alone wets my pants! And them announcing this sale as I got my boxes :DDD
  7. Brand new, price 699 GBP, collection in Nottingham or +postage in UK. Ask for overseas. Got 2 boxes.
  8. I dont care how you fit guys with frank and rich, just bring izzy and steven back for fucks sake.
  9. That made me wet my pant. Writing here made that too. Oops, i did it again. Ok, I'll quit posting here.
  10. Guns N' Roses and the orangutan protest

    All animals love Guns N Roses.
  11. The only logical thing is bringing Izzy and Steven back. But GNR never had any logic.
  12. What reality? THis is a GNR fans' forum.
  13. ISTANBUL ROCK CITY! Horniest fans, get GNR once in a decade The only thing I hate there is that EVERY one sings EVERY song screaming. I didn't hear Axl in 2006.
  14. I got nothing but sympathy and respect for Fortus, he is a very nice guy and apart from being an awesome player, personally he's my 3rd fav nugnr guitarist. He did very well in nugnr and doing absolutely well with FAKE reunion. But, at the end of the day, he's there cuz he's cheaper than Izzy. That's all. Frank is not worth mentioning. Slash can play Fortus songs instead of Izzy songs at fake reunion btw, so he can get more best guitar playing.