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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Not really... yes in 87/88 as it was their only album but the UYI tour they played 5 songs regularly every night. For 3 hour show I wouldnt exactly say that was focussed. They actually play more on the NITL tour.
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I couldn't agree more. Set list Appetite and LLAS focussed, drop Estranged, Coma and November Rain, one or two ballads - maybe Dont Cry and Sweet Child, no songs over 5 mins except Rocket Queen and Locomotive, no extended solos, no covers except Nice Boys and Reckless Life followed by ISE to open....and I'd probably cut it down to 90 mins. I think Axl was leaning in this direction in 2001/02 but it all started to become bloated again like the '92 shows. I love most of their songs and would have been disappointed if they'd dropped some of the classics when I went to see them and I understand the need to give value for money but the current show is boring. They need to mix it up like they did with the Skin and Bones tour.
  3. Quick Question...

    Half of them, they alternated it with Don't cry in the encore.
  4. Elvis would probably be a good opener for this line up.

    Im old enough to remember singing that.....(Manager not player)
  6. Guns n roses aren't an opening band, doesn't matter who's the headliner.