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  1. I'm watching the Australia/France game and the video ref bullshit ruins the game. You get some dodgy penalties, you give some away, it evens itself out...that's life...like Australia getting one 2 minutes after France. I'd also like to add Ronaldo's a little prick, but a talented one. I'm not watching on BBC so when he scored his last goal they went to a break and I had to see his fucking aftershave advert... I won't be buying it...im assuming it smells like a whores handbag.
  2. Reddit has a gunsnroses subforum, you should check it out.
  3. The weird part of YouTube

    There's definitely something Black lodge/Laura Palmer/TMFAP about this one.....I can't recall exactly what scene though
  4. That conversions not correct, I think you got a good deal! Should be more like $240 in australian.
  5. Help with probability question

    Ha, we're obviously both on the same page. To be honest I'm an accountant and one thing I've learned in my many years is that if you're confident in your numbers people accept them. They can't be bothered googling 'poisson distributed' ( I did but it looked too hard) they'd rather just accept it. So the answer is 14. Unless anyone can show me a calculation that says it's wrong... I believe if you pulled the balls from a hat one by one the answer would be different, much like the odds of getting red in roulette
  6. Help with probability question

    14. Probablility is 30%, so 47 x .3 This could be the idiot's answer though.
  7. http://i67.tinypic.com/2z3xesg.jpg Collingwood, Melbourne.
  8. It's there on corner of Smith and Charles in Collingwood. I'd upload a pic if I knew how....
  9. Looks like its half way up smith street, I'll go have a look and see if I can find it
  10. Vikings are awesome

    Doesn't that work both ways though, wasn't Kiwi onion dip invented by an Australian?
  11. Best concerts by year

    I agree with this. The days before you just went on the internet or live streamed, I had it on vhs and must have watched a hundred times. This was the first show I ever saw and inspired me to start collecting more live shows, which weren't that easy to get, you had to send away to get a list from the adverts in Kerrang and then I had to get my mum to write me a cheque to get them by mail order!
  12. Twin Peaks returns (Confirmed)

    This is an excellent, well written post that basically sums up my feelings towards The Return. That's another thing I don't get, Lynch's work, including what we've all just watched is visually stunning, whats with the shitty CGI?? It's been annoying me since Dougie followed the stupid flying black lodge symbol to the winning slot machines!
  13. Twin Peaks returns (Confirmed)

    He must be setting up for a new season, no matter what he says in the media. That ending is kick in the teeth to long time fans, it's not like it's one of his two hour movies that you can walk away from going wtf, oh well and move on.... most fans have devoted repeated hours to Twin Peaks and to leave it all hanging like that is bullshit.