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  1. Pink Floyd - The Wall. Audio question

    Thanks mate, this is just what I'm looking for. I'm not a huge fan of Geldofs singing either (not that Rodger Waters is Pavarotti), it was just an example but I am after the different versions of the songs, funnily enough I just finished watching it and it was the stripped down version of Mother that made me ask the question! Thanks for your help
  2. Pink Floyd - The Wall. Audio question

    Hi, This might be a simple answer and I apologise in advance if it's on iTunes or something and I just cant find it but does anyone know if there's a film version of the audio available anywhere, ie with Geldof singing and the different mixes of the songs?
  3. Your view, right now

    British history museum?
  4. Help needed - I've fucked up my phone and storage.

    Try logging into google photos on a computer, all my pictures and videos back up automatically to it and if you've wiped the phone they should still be saved on the cloud under your gmail account.
  5. Is he the second best drummer or does that just prove Adler wasn't essential to the music if the drummer just learned the songs properly? I cant tell the difference between him and Adler when I listen to the Passedena shows, so you're probably correct. I do like Matt however.
  6. They have good songs and bad songs like most albums...great songs even. I think they're pretty fucking good.
  7. VPN recommendations

    Thanks for letting me know, Nord has a 30 day trial so I'll give it a shot and see if I can get it to work, bbc is the one player I could never get to work with vpns and it's really the one I want.
  8. VPN recommendations

    Most countries tv sites only let you watch the programs if you're based in the country. So if you're running through a server in that country they think you're actually there and allow you to watch it. I think Netflix are the most active at trying to block VPN servers. As I'm in Australia I can download torrents with no problems but I would pay to be able to watch Match of the day on bbc every week as well as all the other quality programming. $2.75 a month seems very reasonable, I think I'll get this in the next few days, will let you know if it works if you're interested in viewing British tv!
  9. VPN recommendations

    Sorry to jump on the back of @31illusions post but does anyone know if I can access UK tv channels like bbc Iview, all4, etc from nordvpn? I've had vpns before, albeit free, and it never seems to work on certain things.
  10. Limulus and unreleased UYI proshots

    I'd agree with the Pantages show. I'd also like a pro shot of the second night in Mountain View in 1991, that was a real high energy show like Indiana but Axls vocals were a lot better.
  11. These are the two songs I never get bored of. Good choice!
  12. [Request] Guns N' Roses Live In Modena, Italy, 06.30.1993 Audio

    No worries
  13. [Request] Guns N' Roses Live In Modena, Italy, 06.30.1993 Audio

  14. [Request] Guns N' Roses Live In Modena, Italy, 06.30.1993 Audio

    Its three years old.....

    I'm watching the Australia/France game and the video ref bullshit ruins the game. You get some dodgy penalties, you give some away, it evens itself out...that's life...like Australia getting one 2 minutes after France. I'd also like to add Ronaldo's a little prick, but a talented one. I'm not watching on BBC so when he scored his last goal they went to a break and I had to see his fucking aftershave advert... I won't be buying it...im assuming it smells like a whores handbag.