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  1. 'A Chinese Democracy Tale: The 28 Hour Journey to Save the World'
  2. I think if you buy one of them you need your hard drive checking
  3. Fuck yes! We're finally gonna hear Slash on Silkworms!
  4. 'Gentleman, it's time to re-rock the rock'
  5. £47.50 to see Duff in London? Punk as Fuck my ass
  6. Plot twist... Slash is really re-recording Paul Tobias' parts on Sympathy for the Devil
  7. Thanks for the reply, really enjoyed this podcast, keep up the good work
  8. Is there any chance for podcasts to get uploaded to Spotify in the future? @Gambit83
  9. Using the phrase 'All things considered' every time you say a sentence
  10. Ritz 88 - best audio version?

    What are the opinions on this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GUNS-N-ROSES-LIVE-AT-THE-RITZ-NY-2-FEB-88-Vinyl-Album-LP-BRAND-NEW-SEALED/292956572779?hash=item4435928c6b:g:zUgAAOSwobJcYUT8&frcectupt=true
  11. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    Thats the studio version