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  1. Kinda like that Axl and Duff interview from 2016, Duff mentioned a year and Axl corrected him straight away.
  2. I love the Parisienne Walkways part in The Great Pretender
  3. I was hoping he would answer my question about the differences in touring with SMKC compared to GNR... Ah well
  4. I'd love to see Axl do something like this again like he did on this forum. Pipe dream I guess
  5. @ZoSoRose Just seen your question, love the last bit
  6. Still nothing, refreshed so many times I think i've broken my F5 key
  7. @Gibson_Guy87 cheers for link, you know if he's started it yet? Can't seem to find the thread
  8. Anyone know which subreddit the AMA is on?
  9. @GNRfanMILO Every-time i see his posts I know to skip. Usually identifiable by CAPS followed BY non CAPS
  10. Man, I'm still hoping for GNR to make another album just so I can have the memory of buying a Guns album at release since I wasn't into the band at the time of CD
  11. Axl Rose being mocked for no reason

    You're not wrong about some of those pictures... Surely Axl wouldn't even care about the pictures unless they were like that one that got made into a meme a few years back
  12. Axl Rose being mocked for no reason

    Out of interest, do you have that particular picture. Don't think I've seen it
  13. Perhaps... A little bit of Arnold for you