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  1. Ritz 88 - Best Vinyl?

    Are there any out there without the censored parts?
  2. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Setlist for Bangkok?
  3. Definitely him... What the Fuck lol
  4. Can I pull a random unknown source out of my ass?
  5. Definitely seeing Slither, one of my favourite songs and never got to see VR play it. I was like a little kid when I turned to my brother and said 'Slither, Slither Holy Fuck!'
  6. Oh My God on Vinyl!

    Thanks Russ
  7. Oh My God on Vinyl!

    Am I being stupid? Can't seem to find an option to buy it
  8. Now been announced to play Download Festival 2019, hope to god he plays on same day as Slash otherwise I may have to invest in the whole weekend
  9. Can we not just trade this lol
  10. I wonder if these same 'fans' would criticise Dave Grohl if he pulled off the same thing
  11. Why couldn't we have had something like this at Donington instead of the crazy frog on drugs
  12. Just ordered it off Amazon UK