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  1. There's a lot of footage of GNR on blabbermouth.net. Of course, some talk of Axl's weight. OMG!
  2. If you could interview...

    Axl! He hardly ever gives interviews so there's tons of things to talk about.
  3. Honestly, how can any of you say you're tired of hearing GNR's songs. I can listen to them forever. Many amazing rocking songs. I never tire of listening to them. A lot of bands make new music, but then you see their concerts and they still play the hits. That's the way it is for most bands. GNR is back! Love it or leave it! But stop your bitching about Axl looks and how he sings and whatever.
  4. Okay, some of you are younger, but once you hit your 50's most people put on weight. It's just the way it is! Let it go! Axl was still rocking it and that's all that matters. I think Axl is just fine for his age and from what I saw most of the fans didn't care and weren't all a size 2 either. it's life people! Deal with it!
  5. God why? This is the world today. I saw the footage for Paradise City and their phones were up and recording. I think the performance rocked and the fans seemed pleased. I think GNR know by now you can't stop people from recording. Madonna wants fans to leave their phones at home or the door. She doesn't want anyone putting her concerts on youtube. Good luck with that! I bet she loses alot of fans over this. A lot of fans put their tickets on their phones and who would want to leave their phones with security? Axl has a new hair cut! God love him!
  6. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Hustlers was awesome. Very good storyline and J Lo's poll dance was amazing. All the actresses in the movie got their chance to shine. Yeah, good because I've just about had it with Shiloh and honestly Franco/Drew too. I'm sure Shiloh will die but by who? My tv grid said Jason was being questioned this week. Maybe the guy that Peter hired kills him. I don't care who but do it! lol I guess we'll have to wait longer for the Wylie parents to come out. Maybe GH wants Nell to be the one to tell Michael. I also think the Dev storyline needs to go too. If Sonny and Carly have a disabled child this story needs to be told correctly and show how hard it is, but done with love. I also think Joss should live with Jax for a bit. I think the change would do her good. Hope you had a good weekend. I'm having a quiet Sunday!
  7. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Hustlers with Jennifer Lopez I give it a 4/5 Good storyline. The characters were awesome. All the actresses got to shine. J Lo's poll dance was freaking outrageous. Hard to believe she had only days to learn it! Unreal! I've seen so many movies, mostly horror and action, and they never get good reviews. But yet these movies have the most loyal fans who always support them. I do want to see this movie too. Zombieland 2 is coming up too. So many movies so little time. Not to mention Frozen and other kids movies I take my daughter to!
  8. God I would love to hear Axl perform this song! I hope there's plenty of concert footage on here and youtube. Wish i was going! Think about you is my mom's ringtone. lol She has an old phone. Axl needs quiet time away from everything. That's how I see it. I bet he looks and sounds amazing!
  9. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Bumblebee He's always been my favorite transformer. A very cute movie. It's Sly as Rambo. That's enough for me to see it! I love Sly and this character. From what I've seen it's a bloody good time!
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    duane "dog" the bounty hunter had a health scare. He feels it's from a broken heart. I do believe that when you lose someone you love, especially a spouse, you can die of a broken heart. I feel so badly for him. He loved Beth so much and it has to be weighing on his health too. I wish him the best. He does amazing work tracking down those fugitives.
  11. Rod Stewart

    I highly doubt Rod the Mod was gay! But not that theres anything wrong with it! What a man!
  12. Last full album you listened to?

    GNR AFD Kiss 20th anniversary
  13. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    I saw some politician in Trump's cabinet saying that we should let Saudi Arabia deal with Iran and I totally agree. One of the Prince's in SA said if Iran ever attacked them they would get a nuclear weapon the bomb them. So what's stopping them? All talk and no action. I just don't get how these Arab nations have all the money to go after the US and our Allies and still have time to fight themselves. Aren't they tired of wagging war all the time? I mean it's been centuries of war for these people and the innocent lives are always the ones to suffer. When is enough enough? Let them fight Iran themselves. I know we get oil from these nations, but come on? A lot of the terrorists that blew up the WTC were from SA, what more do we need to know they are not our friends? Yeah, definitely Israel will attack Iran in a minute. They've already done it. My money's on them. They never back down and don't take any shit.
  14. Books/Reading Thread

    Iris Johanson's Smoke Screen It's the latest Eve Duncan novels
  15. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Yeah, got news from Soap Opera digest. I think he might be connected to Cassandra. She called someone yesterday for help. I bet he will be a Cassadine. Don't know if that would mean no Nicholas coming back, but you never know? God! I really want Shiloh gone! lol Too long now. I think if Peter is found out, his days on GH will be numbered. I really hope Julian breaks it off with Kim. She's out of control. Also, I hope they do the procedure on Franco because now he's annoying the hell out of me! Have a great weekend! Going to see J Lo in Hustlers. I am excited to see this movie. I also want to see Rambo. Watched Sly on the tonight show and Kelly and Ryan. God he's still so handsome and so funny!