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  1. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Yeah, it's not easy being a teacher especially if the parents don't cooperate. Nina gets too carried away. I think Charlotte is spoiled and that's why she thinks she can bully another child. What until Liz and Lulu find out about their kids! Yeah, if Sonny keeps pushing it, Marguex will find something. I do wish she would leave PC. Her character sucks and she's not with anyone and I don't like her with Drew at all. If Drew doesn't get a bigger role soon, I think Billy Miller might leave GH. I would hate that because I do like him. Where is Valerie? she got a promotion and is Chase's new partner, but we hardly see her. Come on GH! also I wish the whole baby switch would come out so Michael can move on. It would be very cool if he did let Brad and Lucas raise his son, but after Brad's lying, who knows? Enjoy your weekend!
  2. Yes definitely. I will read it. Isn't that what a Blog is for? Talking about your personal experiences.
  3. Mustard

    lol good one.
  4. 100 Years since the End of the First World War

    My grandfather was born in 1918 after the war. It seems we are always remembering some war or another. My daughter learned about WWI in her class last week. I was glad those people are still being remembered. 100 years and we still haven't learned to not have any more wars.
  5. Victoria's Secret is...

    lol Plenty of women wear VS dude. There underwear is the best.
  6. Mustard

    I love Gulden's mustard and the spicy brown mustard. Not fond of the yellow mustard.
  7. Eli Roth

    This show is on every week after the encore presentation of TWD. It's really good. I love anything horror and I do like Eli Roth. Greg N from TWD and Rob Zombie are the guests every week. He's talked to Quentin T and Slash some weeks too.
  8. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Today the teacher said there would be consequences. I'm curious as to what they are since she didn't tell Liz nor Franco about it. Nina was out of hand today and I do love her! Oh boy, Ava is up to her old tricks again. So Curtis and Jordan are getting married on Thanksgiving day? I didn't realize that was the date? Nice of Drew to give them a honeymoon to Figi. Wow. Sonny has to stop talking to Marquex or he will definitely give himself away. The more he talks the more she can tell he's guilty. Damn it Sonny, shut up! Have a great weekend!
  9. The T.V. Show Thread

    Supernatural Legacies Superstore The Good Place Will and Grace I feel bad Guy's grocery games Seinfeld The Susie and The Apology
  10. The T.V. Show Thread

    American Horror Story It was the finale last night. I really did enjoy this season a lot. Seal Team Criminal Minds Stan VS. Evil Seinfeld The Betrayal Riverdale
  11. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Okay, my brother was bullied in school when he was in the third grade and my mom went to the Principal's office and she had the boy stay in her office for a whole week doing his work. He never bothered my brother again and became his friend in the fifth grade. Aiden's teacher is not doing her job properly regarding Charlotte bullying Aiden. Also, the policy is to have the bully's parents come up to the school too, which I see she is having Lulu come in tomorrow. Also parents should know who is bothering their child. I'm anxious to see how this will be handled. I think Lulu had gone from the classroom yesterday when Charlotte started to bother Aiden, but Michael was there, so hopefully he can be a witness. Charlotte is spoiled by her father and that's why she's bullying Aiden. Hopefully, this will be solved. Well, now Hayden mailed a letter to Finn. Wonder if she is coming back to GH? you also know she didn't lose her baby either. It would make a storyline if she comes back with her kid. Then it would be trouble for Finn and Anna and you know how soaps love to have drama. I do hope Ryan (Kevin) gives himself away soon. Glad Carly was cleared. Marquex is still going to be trouble for Sonny. I just know it.
  12. Books/Reading Thread

    Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly It's the latest Harry Bosch novel.
  13. What a cool venue! and an amazing set list.
  14. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    I wouldn't be surprised, but Judith seems very smart, but she is a child. It would be a waste of talent if JDM has nothing to do but talk from a prison cell. It looks to me like they may have moved him to another place since he has a window now. Well, maybe we haven't seen the last of Anne and those helicopter people. I mean if they have a helicopter who knows what else they may have? Like I said, I don't read the comics but sooner or later every secret comes out. I'm sure there will be another group who will mess things up. It's what humans do eventually.
  15. Concerts in 2019

    It is so awesome going to concerts with my family. Every concert we go to there are tons of families there now. it's like 3 generations of fans seeing concerts together. It's just so much fun!