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  1. 11/17/17 - Las Vegas, NV - T-Mobile Arena

    Actually the concert was in Arlington, which is a different county than Dallas. Anyway, hope they do come back to Dallas and play AT&T stadium and not Cowboy stadium. The parking is too damn high and I hate driving over an hour to get there. Maybe GNR will play the new Toyota stadium in Irving. That's now too far and lots of bands seem to be performing there lately. Wherever GNR play in the Dallas area, I will definitely be there even if I do have to drive over an hour to see them. I was wondering if DJ Ashba was at the GNR concert in Vegas? I was hoping maybe he would get on stage with them. Too bad.
  2. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Yeah, Jesus is taking his name too literally. lol You have to kill every savior you find. They can not be redeemed. Kill the move on. Food and water is scarce in this world and Jesus wants to keep some saviors in the Hilltop. I guess his share will go to them. If anything this world has shown how horrible some people can be to each other. I mean look at the real world. I'm not surprised by any of this shit. RIP Shiva. I will miss her even though she was CGI. This will destroy the king's confidence now for sure. Go Jerry! What a bad ass! Don't kill him off ever!
  3. RIP Malcolm Young

    RIP Malcolm. Again another rock musician gone before his time. He had dementia and cancer. Well, this sucks.
  4. American Horror Story:Cult

    Sarah was manipulating all the people that Evan Peter's character was, so it makes sense to me that she became just like him. I also think she was crazy too. lol I mean how can you kill people and be okay about it? I hope that kid of hers get some therapy or he'll be another future serial killer. Either way, it's over the done with. I think Ryan Murphy is losing his edge. Maybe he should take some years off. I did like Scream Queens a lot, but that's been cancelled.
  5. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Well, it's always nice to see Robin. Kimberly just had her first baby and she's very busy with her directing career. We should all wish her well. I love that she always makes time to come back and visit GH. It was nice to see her and Jason today. I want to see how long it will take Franco to confess or will Curtis find out the truth first? Franco will be in big trouble if he continues to keep the secret of who really is Jason? It better be Steve Burton or this will be all a waste of everyone's time. Billy Miller can continue as the brother and hopefully the two will have a relationship one day. I think Maxie is pregnant, but since Nell broke the whole Man Landers story, she'll probably keep it from Nathan for a bit. Hope she carries this baby to term. I would love to see them have a baby. Ava looking for a doctor on the internet? lol Come on. If he's doing illegal surgeries I don't think Ava should trust them. I hope she doesn't make her scars worse. I would love to see Heather try to keep quiet for any length of time. Hope she comes back and helps clear the mystery of the two Jasons. Wow! the 3 amazing actresses who play or played Carly. Sonny was a lucky guy!
  6. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Pretty sure Sonny contacted Robin and she'll be in PC tomorrow to see "Jason". Poor Ava. She got ripped today by several characters. I still like her though. Nell is a real bitch. She is going to destroy lives and she could care less. Michael will never take her back now and he'll be the one to call her out. Maxie might be pregnant. Pretty sure, she messed up the test today. Not for nothing, but the whole Amy's brother story is annoying me. Well, Oscar and his mom are having Thanksgiving dinner with Joss's mom and Sonny. Can't wait for this show. Will the Q's have both Jason's at their "pizza" dinner or will Olivia try to break the turkey curse? I hope she does. More Olivia and Ned ,please.
  7. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Carol is just amazing! lol Yeah, but some didn't get out alive and I'm still pissed by it.
  8. Well, there are some songs GNR has added to this tour that I've not heard or seen live, so no matter what the set list will be, if GNR come back to the Dallas area I will definitely be there.
  9. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Cool. I love when people you contact actually take the time to answer you. I've had a few people I've tweeted answer me. Still waiting for Axl to answer me. lol Nell is plotting and planning again. She's going after Man Landers, which will hurt Maxie and Nina. What a bitch! She really needs to leave. Nina making nice with Cassandra, but getting her point across was awesome. Nina is one touch cookie. Nora from OLTL was on again. There's not enough room for GH taking on more characters from other soaps. It's too much. Looks like Julian might be getting out of jail soon. Wait until Sonny hears about this.
  10. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Because Rick can't die. he's the hero! lol How the hell is Rick and Daryl going to carry those guns back to the Kingdom or Hilltop or wherever the hell they are going next? Next week is about Negan and his people. Oh joy! I need more time to process the deaths from last week. Still upset by one.
  11. American Horror Story:Cult

    Well, looks like the season finale, traded one cult leader for another one. Sarah's character looked like the green arrow in the ending. lol Does she think she's going to be a super hero? I'm glad this season is done. I think it went on too long as it was.
  12. Shootings in California

    Well, you should study world history. Every country on earth has a violent past, present and I'm sure future. Man is a violent creature always was and always will be. Remember, Americans all came from another country which includes Europe and most of the world. It's in every man's nature to be violent. Unfortunately, it's always the innocents who are hurt or killed. Look at most of the wars. They were not started by the US.
  13. American Horror Story:Cult

    Well, I felt some episodes were annoying. Once the killing started it got good again. lol I'm glad it's ending this season tonight. I've had enough of this show. I don't know if it'll be back next year, but if it is I hope the writers come up with something new and different. This year's show was annoying when Evan Peter's character (I never remember names) kept talking about past serial killers and then we had to see it played out. I mean come on already. Did they run out of storylines?
  14. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    My mom saw the one from the 1970's. She said it was very good and the ending was very cool. Guess they followed the same storyline? Anyway, great cast in this new version too.
  15. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Awesome GNR is my favorite band. So cool Steve went to one too. Yeah, GNR is one amazing band! Well, mostly every character on GH believe Steve Burton is the real Jason. it would be a shock if they made Steve Andrew and Billy the real Jason. Even Sam is beginning to believe Steve is Jason. Monica meeting "Jason" was very touching today. It would be sad for both characters to find out who's who and how they will adjust to being brothers? Yeah, Nell is now going to blackmail Laura into giving her a job. Not sure why? I guess because Lulu is Maxie's best friend? Not sure why she doesn't blackmail Maxie but maybe because her husband is a cop? Anyway, Nell needs to get out of town. I'm beginning to really hate her. yeah, I liked Liz and Franco too, but he's keeping a very important secret and that's not cool. Either way, once the truth comes out and it will be revealed that Franco knew, he will probably get dumped and get his ass kicked by both brothers. lol At one time, I watched every soap except for Another World and Guilding Light. It was crazy. Now I just watch DOOL and GH.