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  1. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison 2020 Stadium Tour

    Well, anytime I've seen Poison, they would fill the venue. Def Leppard and also Motley Crue. Here in Dallas everyone loves the 80's music and these bands always sell out.
  2. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison 2020 Stadium Tour

    This was supposed to be Poison headling their own tour. Now they have added the Crue. Who's headling now? I saw Poison with Def Deppard a few years ago. They played AA arena. Hope they do that place again. Don't like to be outdoors in the hot Texas summer. If the Crue has joined them, I do hope Vince loses weight and stops drinking, Tommy too. Also, I hope Vince starts to sing again. So tired of us fans having to do all the singing during a Crue concert! lol The Crue is amazing live because of Mick's guitar playing and Tommy's drumming and their awesome songs. Vince hasn't been able to sing for a long time now. If he lost some weight and stopped the drinking, he might be able to sing again. Otherwise, be prepared to sing all the songs. lol
  3. Walking Dead Season 10

    Well, last night's episode revealed something shocking! I didn't see that coming. Anyway, next week is the fall finale. I guess "fall finale" is a thing now since all the shows are saying this! lol Scott Gimple the producer of TWD said there would be more spin off shows. also, season 12 might be the last for The Walking Dead.
  4. The T.V. Show Thread

    The Walking Dead American Monster The Talking Dead Poldark Series finale It's the shows I watch every week.
  5. Which cover do you prefer to the original?

    Love GNR's versions of: Knocking on Heaven's Door Sympathy for the Devil Live an Let Die Recently when Axl added Wichita Lineman to the GNR lineup, I totally loved it, but Glen's version is still the best. I liked Marilyn Manson version of Sweet Dreams Tainted Love Hope I got this one right. lol
  6. Concerts in 2020

    Alice Cooper is awesome. I've seen him many times. When he performed "He's back" I was screaming like a crazy person. Love that song from Friday the 13Th Part 6 Jason Lives. I saw Lita open for Poison and Def Leppard and the woman can still rock it. Sorry to say Ozzy and Marilyn don't have a Dallas date. I've seen Marilyn many times and he's great. Never got to see Ozzy. Yeah, I know after the whole thing with his Queensryche band mates I wasn't fond of him either, but everytime I've seen him the guy can still perform and hit those notes. My mom's favorite song is Infra red and basically since he's doing all of Rage for Order and Empire, we have to go. I just hope he doesn't go insane on stage. If the guy has anger issues, he needs to get therapy. But Queensryche has some amazing songs.
  7. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Yeah, over the years GH has not done the best for some of their actors, but you never know? I know GH did some things to Genie Francis, but now she's back and bigger than ever. I'm glad Billy is doing something. He's an excellent actor. I thought he and kelly Monica had a relationship, but not sure? They did look cute together. Thank goodness for On Demand, so I was able to see my soaps later that night. I'm pretty sure there will be more Congress talks this week, so I will have to view Days and GH on Demand again. I hope these talks are over soon. I doubt they will impeach Trump, so this is a waste of time. I honestly wouldn't want Pence as President. He's does not support the LGBTQ community which is not right and he is too strong of a Christian. We need a President with an open mind who accepts and fights for the rights of all people. Hope you are having a good weekend. Texas temps are up a little, but the nights are cool.
  8. Concerts in 2020

    Ordered my tickets for Geoff Tate for March. He's singing all of Rage for Order and Empire. Two of Queensryche's best albums. Geoff may be crazy sometimes, but the guy can still sing.
  9. Disney+

    We rarely watch the Disney channel I have now. Not going to pay more money for another Disney channel. I have tons of channels I pay for as it is. Like disney needs the money. Please.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Temps are back up to the 60's. Very nice fall like day.
  11. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Well, GH was on the last half hour, so I on demanded DOOL and the first half of GH. I think Franco/Drew will do the experiment. He's realizing he's not the real Drew. HOnestly, I can't wait for Kim to leave. She's becoming so annoying. Monica was very nice to her, but come on! I do hope Billy Miller gets a chance to come back to GH to finish his storyline, but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't after how GH just ended his character. Not good. Well, thank goodness for on demand, so I don't miss any shows. I think this impeachment thing will go on for more days too. Julian and Alexis were funny yesterday. lol Talking about the rats. I hope Julian finds the rat poison. I wonder if there is a cure for that? Not sure? Hope Alexis will be okay and Krissy comes back and sees Kiefer's crazy sister.
  12. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Well, Days films 8 months ahead of time and even GH takes some breaks, so we'll find out for real by the spring of 2020. I've read different reports and some say that NBC will renew Days and the actors will return. Who knows? I was afraid after alot of the other soaps have been cancelled over the years this might happen one day. More and more reality and talk shows are taking over and I really hate that. Like I said, how much talking can you do? lol Anyway, looks like no soaps today either. I can on demand Days after 5 today, but GH will be behind 4 shows now. Does The Young and the Restless show their episodes online or on demand or are they behind too? Have a good weekend. Our temps are going up a bit, so it should be a nice weekend.
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    Another school shooting and yet Congress does nothing about making safer gun laws. After all this shit, if Trump isn't impeached, then Congress are a much of assholes. So sick of all the bullshit talk and yet other important issues go unaddressed and people continue to suffer and here comes Christmas a time of peace and love on earth! Yeah, right! This whole world has gone to shit.
  14. Books/Reading Thread

    "Kiss the girls and make them cry" By Mary Higgins Clark
  15. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    I know I saw that. I know he was drinking when DOOL hired him and he left to get help. He has a wife and a couple of kids, so I hope he does get the help he needs to stay sober. So glad Anna is back, but Violet is going to be a problem. Also why is Hayden married to Nick? I love Anna's new longer hair. She has such pretty hair. Well, most of the Days actors are saying the whole Days story is just a rumor, fake news, so i hope they are not lying. lol I know eventually the last soaps will probably get cancelled and more horrible talk shows will be on, but I hope by then I don't care. lol I enjoy watching my soaps. It helps take my mind off everyday problems and I love the excitment of them.