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  1. Concerts in 2020

    Foreigner, Kansas and Europe
  2. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    My mom told me the guy who is playing Taggert was on GH a while ago and he was a PC cop. He had it in for Sonny and also Jason. Called him "anger boy" which he said to Jason again. Anyway, it seems he is connected to someone in PC. More trouble on this show. Still hoping someone gets rid of Nelle because she won't stop causing trouble and Brad is going to have a nervous breakdown. Yeah, love the Q's. Ned is also doing double duty as Justin on Days. So good to see him on both shows. Enjoy your weekend. I don't think any weather person can figure out what the weather will do anymore. As long as the world keeps changing with crazy weather patterns, no one knows for sure about what will happen next?
  3. The T.V. Show Thread

    Dr. Pimple Popper Wow! Dr. Lee popped a huge lypoma that weighted over 9 pounds that a man had on his right shoulder. My feet are killing me Gross but I love it! Supernatural Superstore Will and Grace Dead of Winter Evil This show is awesome and it keeps you on your toes every week. The ending was weird and I'm not sure what's real and what isn't! Love it! Love this show. Didn't read the SK book, but I'm very impressed with this show. I have a few theories, but who knows? it's King so he can go any way he wants to. All I know is it keeps me thinking and I love shows like this! Glad it's on HBO. The murder scene was brutal.
  4. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Got to watch yesterday's episode on demand. Brooklynn put Nell in her place. I have a feeling Nelle is not long for GH. I think someone will be killing her. Everytime a soap talks about getting rid of a character, it usually happens. I can't wait! lol Have a great weekend. Supposed to be cooler and sunny. My kind of weather. BTW, the pictures you posted of the beautiful snow covered roads and tress were so beautiful. What a view!
  5. RIP Neil Peart

    Just read about Sully Erna from Godsmack talking about Neil Peart. They were friends for years and he saw him before he died. I know Sully was a huge fan and had read Neil's books which helped him in his own life. I lost my grandma and a good friend to brain cancer. It's not an easy way to die. I honestly feel if you know you are dying you should be able to decide how you want to go and not prolong your suffering. This might be wrong, but after seeing my grandma suffer and my friend, I don't why this has to be?
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The impeachment trial starts on Tuesday. I still don't know why regular tv stations have to air it when we have so many cable news channels. I know this is important, but I do miss my soaps and am sick and tired of hearing all this bullshit and not reaching a verdict. How long will this shit take? Don't remember Clinton's trial at all. I'm afraid Putin will kill all of them and their families. I mean who would stop him? I'm surprised these people resigned. It's like Nazi Germany all over again.
  7. Books/Reading Thread

    James Patterson's The Lost Well, I've been reading for a long time, and I have many favorite authors. Most of them like James Patterson write a book a month or so, so that's how I decide on books to read. I love Dean Koontz and mostly mystery and horror writers. I have found many new writers on amazon, just by them suggesting books based on what I usually read. I love reading. It helps me relax and I love to try to solve who the murderer may be. If you have any favorite writers or a certain genre you like, try reading past books from your authors or anything that is similar. I'm never without a book. lol
  8. Concerts in 2020

    I think I saw Skid Row but with a different singer. Not sure could have been another band. lol Might catch Bach when he returns to Dallas in May. I would like to see him. I do love those Skid Row songs and Bach still sounds great. Foreigner is coming to Dallas with Europe and kansas. The show is Friday, 9/11. Tickets aren't too expensive, but it's an outdoor venue and it sucks in the heat. Will have to think about it, but I do like all three bands and Kelly Hanson sounds very good singing for Foreigner
  9. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    I hope Nelle is gone soon. After she tells the truth and then maybe someone will kill her! My money is on Julian. lol Today's episode was interrupted by the signing or something for the impeachment trial. The trial starts on Tuesday which means our soaps will probably be interrupted for a while. This sucks. I know Days of our lives puts their new episodes on demand and on the internet after 5 my time. Not sure about GH. Today's episode will be on demand either tonight or tomorrow. I know this is important, but again, with all the news channels why does regular tv have to show this too? Brooklynn must have told Nelle off, but I missed that part. Will try to watch it before tomorrow's episode. Thursday night is a huge tv night for me. lol
  10. British Politics

    Back in the 40's when a royal married a divorced American woman, he was out! Thank goodness things have changed. lol I say Harry and Megan should do what they feel is right for their family, but Megan should have realized how much her life would change being in the royal family and having certain duties that you are supposed to do. I hope the Queen lives for her retirement and has some peace in her last days. Charles will be King and the family will go on.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Nancy Pelosi interrupted by soap again and honestly I have no idea what the hell she was talking about? She sounded confused and was constantly messing her words up and what she was saying? OMG, is everyone in this government confused over everything? We are in HUGE trouble. The votes will be announced later on today. I honestly hope if there is an impeachment trial all the channels don't air it. I'm so sick of looking and hearing all these politicians yelling at each other.
  12. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    K thanks. I hope some cable channel gets it soon. Not sure why some movies don't get bought by the premium channels? Maybe amazon will have it on sale and I will buy it. lol
  13. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Yeah, not feeling Brooklynn either. Not sure why she is back, but if it shows more Q's I'm all for it. OMG! Guess who came back today? Another pain in the ass! lol I just hope that by next month the whole Wylie story comes out. I hope that manager of Brooklynn's doesn't hand around. Not liking him at all. I know Sonny wants to help Mike, but I think it'll just add to everyone's pain to prolong Mike's treatment when it probably won't help for long and only make Mike more stressful. Today is humid and rainy. Hate it. Thank goodness a cold front is coming again. I want cold weather and it to stay this way. I do like Neil, but I think GH wants Alexis to go back with Julian. I do love Julian too, but Neil was so cute with her. I think he and Alexis would have made a super couple.
  14. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Thanks for the heads up. Wish Wesley Snipes was playing Blade again, but I'll give it a try. Love those movies. I hope this will be a new movie and not a remake of the other Blades My brother watched this movie and was very confused. Did you understand it? Thanks. I wish it would come on a cable channel, I would like to see it.
  15. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    going to listen to some Rush today in honor of Neil. Still can't believe he's gone. So many amazing Rush songs to choose from.