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  1. RIP Dick Dale

    Wow! RIP. He was in those beach movies from the 60's. He also appeared in Back to the Beach with Frankie and Annette. Amazing guitar player.
  2. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Very good episode last night. We found out how Michonne and Daryl got those scars on their back. Very shocking! Only two episodes left and it looks to be crazy! Good to see Negan again. Would love for him to join the group. I think he can be trusted now and would be glad to help against the Whisperers. On another note: Ride with Norman Reedus last night had his good friend Sean Patrick Flannery from The Boondocks Saints movies and they visited Dallas and Oliver Peck, the tattoo artist who has his shop in Deep Ellum. My brother is also a friend of his and his g/f. Oliver is a very cool guy. They met in his shop and also had a cook out in his home. What a home! Oliver is a very unique guy. Last night was the season finale with Marilyn Manson.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Whoopi was back on the View today after a long bout with pneumonia that almost killed her. I'm so glad she is okay. She was glad to be back but saddened to see that President Trump is still doing his shit on twitter. She stated that being the President he should be taking care of more pressing matters instead of worrying about how SNL makes fun of him. Whoopi is so right. I'm so glad she is back because she is and has always been the "voice of reason" on this show. Welcome back Whoopi!
  4. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    I cannot believe this! Another hate crime towards a group of innocent people. How does one get to feel such hatred for people you don't personally know? It just saddens me to no end that in our society this continues to happen. I was taught tolerance of all people and I teach my daughter the same thing. why is it so hard for people to just stop hating blindly and maybe just try to understand that people are different and we can still try to be tolerant of each other? Just too sad. Yet again.
  5. Ghost

    At the Dallas show, Cardinal said goodnight and then left the stage. People were chanting for Ghost to play more. Cardinal comes out and says "the show is over, go home" lol But Ghost came on to do an encore and finish with Monstrose clock as usual. Sometimes it's hard to hear when the Cardinal speaks and he usually laughs at his own jokes. lol At the end of the Dallas show their was a young girl in the front and the Cardinal took her hand and was speaking to her. I thought the jesture was very sweet and felt he was telling her things to help her out. I just felt like he was sincere in what he was saying to her and thought it was very sweet
  6. Ghost

    I totally agree with you. I'm surprised the Grammy's gave Ghost a grammy last year. Most of those people don't know any other artists except the pop ones. The real rock and metal bands get no respect at all.
  7. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Well, that sucks! Now that Ava is alone again, I think she and Nicolas would have been a good couple. They had good chemistry the little time they acted together. Maybe Tyler has some personal issues to clear up and then he might come back to GH. You never know? Loved seeing Dante and you know he's not going to kill Sonny! lol I bet that Shiloh is the father of Willow's dead baby. Once I saw her tattoo, which is horrible by the way, and doesn't look like any real tattoo I've every seen. It looks like tape across their back. Anyway, I'm hoping this whole baby switch thing is over with soon. I wouldn't be surprised if Michael would like Brad and Lucas raise his kid since he's single and could still be a part of his son's life. Anyway, was Willow a part of the cult back in Beecher's corner? I do hope Sam and Jason and maybe even Drew find out what Shiloh is up to. Is it for the money? probably part of it. The other part is he loves the power he has over people. Every cult leader is like that. Kristina is in over her head and wouldn't be surprised is Shiloh seduces her too. Just once I would love for her to think before she jumps into stuff! lol I'm with Ava, I hope ryan is still alive, so she can catch him or kill him! He has to die this time.
  8. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Oh yeah, I'm sure there will be a major death before the season is up. Alpha wants her daughter back, not for love, but because she owns her and doesn't like to lose. You can see she's just a psycho. I'm sure Beta will be the one to kill some character before the end. Doubt it'll be Daryl. He'll be on until the end. I would love to see someone maybe Carol, kick Alpha's ass. Maggie might have been able to do it, but who knows where she is? Still don't trust Lydia. I do hope I'm wrong about her and she's not just messing with Henry's mind, but he is still annoying.
  9. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Took my daughter to see "Wonder Park". Very good movie. Some sad parts, so if your child is young, it might upset them. My daughter is 8 and she was sad over a few parts. Watched: The First Purge I actually liked this movie. Plenty of action and good storyline Searching Another awesome movie. It's playing on Starz this month. Tons of twists and turns. It's about a dad who is looking for his missing daughter through all her contacts on her computer. Really very good story and like I said plenty of twists and a shocking ending. I recommend this movie. Beverly Hills 20210 is on the POP channel every day. It has 3 episodes on each day. Loved this show back in the day and Dylan was my favorite character. Brandon second.
  10. Ghost

    In a recent interview, Tobias talked about how the Cardinal will still be around for the next Ghost cd. I just love when he talks about this guy in the third person. lol
  11. What Are You Listening To 2019

    A Kiss double cd set of some of their greatest hits.
  12. What is your quintessential Guns N' Roses song?

    I agree. Welcome to the Jungle is my go to song for GNR. Never get tired of hearing this song. At the time of it's release, this was the one song that everyone knew represented GNR to a T! I'm sure it still does!
  13. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Yeah, I guess. I guess that's why they whisper? Whatever! I love when one of them gets shot with an arrow and cries out and then the real walkers jump on them and eat them. lol
  14. The T.V. Show Thread

    Riverdale The flash Roswell, New Mexico Single Parents See No evil
  15. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    I know what would Liz want Franco to do? I mean he had to help Jordan or he would still be in jail. Yeah, Ava is doing an excellent job. It's heartbreaking to see her relive Kiki's murder all over again. She needs her brother Julian. I figured Dante would be coming on this week since sonny is looking for him. Yeah, I read he's doing some shows and would be open to doing more if they needed him, so I doubt they will kill off his character. Willow is getting on my nerves too. I wish the whole Wylie thing would come out that he's not her baby because it just annoys me when she corners Brad all the time. Maybe Julian will tell her, but it still won't solve that Wylie is Michael's son. How long will this go on? lol If Ryan isn't dead, I hope he tries to contact Ava, so she can kill him. I think that would be awesome! He deserves to die a slow death. He's a monster.