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  1. Maybe but I did see a scene where the murders are carrying the guns and knives and walking up to Sharon's house. I hope it's not too graphic. Don't want to see Sharon getting murdered and them cutting the baby from her and then hanging her up. Gross! Yeah, loved the dead of Hitler in IB. Would have been so cool if he did die that way. I would love to see this movie. Have to check my schedule. But I have loved all quentin's movies since the first one. I love how he starts slow and then kills it with action towards the end of all his movies. I saw a special on the Manson murders and it said he knew that producer wasn't there, but he said to kill anyone who was there just to make a point. It was one of histories worse murders. that's what I feel anyway. Anytime a baby is killed it's sickens me. I commend the prosecuter for making Manson pay for his crimes.
  2. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    I know this is Michonne's last year, so TWK might be done soon. this is the last season for Preacher. I love that show. FTWD ends it's season tomorrow night and The talking dead show is on at 10 central time to discuss the show.
  3. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Hotel Artimes on cable with Dave Batista and a lot of other well know actors. it was weird, but good entertainment. Was this good? it looked cool in the previews. I would like to see it when it comes on cable. I love Bill Murray.
  4. The T.V. Show Thread

    Dr. Pimple Popper is really Dr. Lee who is an excellent dermotologist. People all over the US go to see her for their skin problems. I love when she cuts and squeezes out all the dead skin cells that cause lumps on people's bodies. lol She has a show on the TLC channel on Thursday nights. I just love her. She's so sweet and friendly to everyone and knows her stuff! I knew Keturah was leaving. She had a bad night. I tell you I couldn't do what those cooks do. I know how hard it can be doing different dishes and foods you don't normally cook with or even know? Joe is the judge that scares me the most. I do love when he likes something because he always is very blunt with his words. lol There are still a few good cooks yet, so I'm not sure who will take it this year? As it gets nearer to the end, you can usually tell who will be the winner. I think the blonde woman who won the cook out this week is a good contender.
  5. The T.V. Show Thread

    Reef Break Murder Board
  6. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Yeah, I like Billy and seeing Drew and Jason on Friday together, you can see they have a lot in common as brothers and in their feelings. Yeah, I hate Shiloh, but the actor really showed a lot of range with his acting on Friday. I think because GH has been interrupted a lot in the past few months, the Friday episodes are still Thursdays. lol Well, since we saw Shiloh injured during the war and Drew with his original face I guess some of his story is true. I can't wait to see the rest of it. Even though everyone was ragging on him, I still don't feel sorry for him. lol Well, about Billy leaving. I hope it's not true, but if it is, I hope he gets another job soon. He's a good actor and i will be sorry to see him go. yeah, we've lost so many people famous and not famous in those small plane crashes. There was one here a few weeks ago in Addison, Texas. That's only about a half hour from me. So sad. I got my daughter this weekend and we got out toe nails done. going to get her her school supplies and then dinner with my mom. Probably play board games too. Take care and enjoy your weekend. Stay cool!
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    lol try to do some exercises to tighten those muscles. lol Made me smile! Thanks.

    I do hope they sell the 2020 GNR calendar. I have pre-ordered some calendars on calendars.com, but none for GNR. Got my brother a Motorhead calendar. Very cool! I will probably get an email and order it right away. I know they sold out quickly last year.
  9. I remember we didn't have cable at the time, but my uncle would record the Headbanger's ball every Saturday night and we would watch it on Sunday's after dinner. My mom freaked out the first time she saw the video. At first seeing them and Axl's hair was like WTF? My uncle was like wait the song is really cool! The rest as they say is history because they became my mom's favorite band and changed the course of rock music forever! Yeah, it was on during the night sometime. The HB would begin at midnight and go on until 3. I guess WTTJ must have come on around 2 a.m. or so.
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Was watching "Metal Mania" last night and saw a Ratt video as well as Winger and Dave. I never noticed how damn stupid these videos were in the 80's. Guess I was too young to realize. I mean Winger's "Seventeen" lol Come on man! You would have been arrested for being with a minor. lol anyway, I'm sure those bands really miss the 80's because I doubt they are having the same fun as they did then. Also, some of them are dead. Well, ever since I had my daughter, I have to pee at least once. I think women have that problem more because of being pregnant and even afterwards. Men have that problem when they hit 60 or so. I know my dad is going to be 70 and he pees a lot. lol It sucks to get old. Everything breaks down. I guess it's nature's way of you wanting to die after awhile. lol
  11. Books/Reading Thread

    Lock every door by Riley Sager
  12. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Wow! So cool he's aware of GH mentioning Nicholas. I do love the character and I did love him and Ava together, even for the short period of time. I think they would make a cool couple and give Valentin a run for his money. Plus Valentin would lose all the Cassidine money and the mansion would go back to Nick and Spencer. I would love to see this happen. Today was cool seeing Drew and Jason connect. They both hate Shiloh, so it was cool to see them discussing him and how to protect Oscar's memory. I do hope Jordan stops asking questions about her kidney. Ryan is a murder and too bad they tricked him into giving up his kidney. She needs to drop it and be happy she's alive and so many people went to bat for her. Loved seeing Sonny and Krissy and how they handled Shiloh. I really want the truth to come out about Michael's baby so either Shiloh will go to jail or just leave town. Also wait until you see the ending to GH. We might finally find out the true nature of Drew's and Shiloh's relationship. Can't wait. Have a wonderful weekend! Heard about the plane crash in Alaska. So sad to hear. Those small planes freak me out.
  13. The T.V. Show Thread

    Master Chef Primal Instinct Elementary Dr. Pimple Popper
  14. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    Also these damn sites re-sell the tickets and then their own sites don't have any more tickets and if you really want to see an artists you'll be paying twice or three times as much as the tickets are in the beginning. I want to see Queen with Adam Lambert and I waited too long to get my tickets. Ticketmaster says "sold out", but all the other ticket sites have tons of tickets going from $300 for the suck seats to over $1000 to $2000 for the floor and 100 section. How is this fair to fans?
  15. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    I saw a news interview talking about all the hidden fees that different companies and websites charge like Live Nation and every other ticket site. You order tickets and don't know what the so called convenience charge is until you commit to buying the tickets. I've paid almost $20 for this fee and it's such a rip off. It's my damn computer, so why this fee? The news said the government was doing to try to get these companies to drop these charges. let's see how that goes? It's obvious many of these artists don't need the damn money. They are fucking their fans over and it sucks!