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  1. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Someone else was back today and it was nice to see them. I still felt bad for Ava. She's right about everyone else having done terrible things too. It's not fair to judge her all the time. Anyway, I read that Lucas was supposed to be coming back. I hope he and Brad become central characters on GH. I know the actor who plays Brad will be in the upcoming horror movie, Victor Crowley. He was in all the first 3 movies too. If you like horror movies, check the Hatchet movies out. So crazy gory. The writer/director Adam Green doesn't use CGI. The blood is so over the top and so is the killings. lol
  2. Your concerts in 2018

    Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria on February 16 I want to see A7X and Bullet for my Valentine, but there's no Texas dates yet.
  3. cranberries singer dead

    Never liked this band, but sad about the singer dying. The news said she was diagnosed as being bi polar, but no cause of death. The police said it was suspicious, so I guess it was natural causes. So many musicians dying. She was too young.
  4. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    I saw tomorrow's GH preview and someone returns for a brief visit. It would have been cool if GH didn't show who it was yet. I didn't read anything about this person coming back, but it's nice to see them. I think the guy working for Sam and Drew is Faison's other son. GH seems to be pointing to it. I wonder if the actor who plays Faison is up for a visit? I know he lives in Europe, but he always said he would love to return to GH anytime. Tyler Christopher is doing a great job on DOOL. So good to see him back on a show. Yeah, Julian was very good with Kim. Guess GH is testing the waters. It would nice to see Michael and Jason bonding again today. Tomorrow's episode is all about Ava and her surgery. Maura is such a great actress it should be a very good show. Normally when you have surgery you don't dream. At least I never did, but it's a soap so here we go.
  5. Gardening

    I have no skills in gardening. I wish I did. My great grandfather had a beautiful garden when my mom was little. He even had a fig tree. He had roses of all colors and other beautiful flowers. My grandfather would plant tomatoes, corn and peppers in the summer when we lived in New York. They were so good. I never got that gene. lol
  6. Are they touring different European cities or some of the same ones they already toured? I hope GNR comes back to the US again too. I only saw the reunion tour once and since GNR have added more songs, I would love to see them again.
  7. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

    Sorry I meant no offence. If you're a guy, sorry. You're name is very unique. Plus how could you fuck me up, if you don't know me or whatever I am. Cool out okay. This should be a cool place to discuss stuff not make enemies.
  8. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Okay, well Carl's death will be a major influence as to where the show goes next. I will continue to watch it until the end. Also I'm glad I stuck with FTWD since Morgan and new characters will be introduced this season. it's not as good as TWD and honestly I wasn't crazy about any of the people, but Madison has grown on me. This show has lost many major characters in the couple of seasons it's been on. Guess they weren't scared to kill off whoever they wanted to from the get go.
  9. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

    Okay girl! Nick Jonas was okay. Even if you don't like Nick, the movie is worth seeing. He actually was good in it. The main characters rock. It's worth seeing, really. And I said I liked when they met Nick Jonas because of Allan's name carved on the treehouse he lived in. It was nice to remember Robin Williams.
  10. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    Love the John Carpenter version. it was so gross. I love Kurt Russell too. Yeah, I got the blue ray of Get Out and there's an alternate ending, which I didn't like. I thought the original one rocked! I watched IT blue ray. I loved the original version which was made for tv, but I thought this version was amazing. It was creepy, sad, scary and loved the difference from one movie to the next. The kids were likable and the clown with those teeth. The scene with little Georgie just made me feel so sad and terror at the same time. Having the clown be a younger version was a cool idea. Of course, the clown's big mistake was scarring all the "Loser" group. They were and always would be stronger together. Having shown what the line "We all float down here" gave new meaning to that line now. That part made me sad because of all the missing kids. Also the scene with the sheep. OMG! I think it might make me a vegan now. Poor thing. Anyway, I fast forwarded it to the end after all the credits and there was a little something there. Since the blue ray said "IT chapter 1" I know there will be a chapter 2 coming, hopefully soon. Can't wait to see what actors will play the adult versions of these amazing kid actors. The bully kid was just so easy to hate. What a little bastard he was. Very good scary movie and did justice to the original movie and SK's book. Then I watched "Deadly Delusions" another loser Lifetime movie. Why do I watch this shit? Loved this movie. Loved that Rocket and baby Groot had bigger parts. I can' watch those two all day long. Can't wait for the new Avenger movie because the Guardians are in it too!
  11. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

    Loved this movie. Love Kevin Hart and Jack Black was so funny! Hearing WTTJ at the end was awesome! I was rocking out the whole time! lol I loved the part when they met Nick Jonas and carved on the tree was Alan's name. It was a nice nob to the late Robin Williams, who made the original Jumanji such a great movie and can still be considered great today. My daughter loves this movie too. She also loved the new one. She also knows who Axl Rose and GNR are.
  12. Awesome! My mom has a copy of the original AFD from the 80's. AFD is still one of the all time best rock albums ever. Amazing back then and still going strong. Songs still rock!
  13. Well, we know GNR will be touring Europe again in the summer. Hopefully, there will be more dates in the US to come. Another Vegas residency? when do we know the dates yet?
  14. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    This movie was so good. I kind of guessed what was going on, but still a good movie. I thought the plot was crazy, but then again, it was a horror movie, so it made sense. I liked the original ending, not the alternative one. Have you watched both endings?
  15. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    All the boys love Mandy Lane Don't bother! This movie sucked. Amber Heard was in it. Boy she can't act for shit. I knew who the killer was and how this whole crap movie would end and I was right. Damn! Did you watch the 1950's one of the John Carpenter one from the 80's. Both were cool.