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  1. Has anyone noticed that the vocals are a lot lower in the mix on it from the AFD remaster set than it is on the original B-side release?
  2. The B-side from the Live and Let Die single is not the Hollywood Rose version, of SOYL, anybody know the facts on it? I assume it's from the live like a suicide sessions and that's what I was expecting to hear with the boxset.
  3. I think it was a fun idea. He's got enough friends to contribute stories probably. If they can do it cheaply and make a few bucks, they probably will.
  4. Thanks Jan. Me too. Well, if he WAS serious, I don't know if he is still. There isn't much to work with on that site they set up.
  5. Oh, sorry, Jan! I was referring to the Jungle Natives GnR Podcast my friend Christina and I recorded a few episodes of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKpTzAJ0fv4&t=531s Yeah, it’s pretty messed up. Every now and then I’ll just get that pang of loss. It never went to court. They did start paying me but nowhere near what Lawrence Spagnola made off of my work. In fact, I received a small check recently. A couple years back there was a discrepancy with the payments and I reached out to Steven’s wife. To my surprise she was very gracious and got it all worked out immediately. That’s when I felt maybe there’s really no bad blood - it was just the people around us. A few months ago a friend of mine saw Steve somewhere and put him on the phone with me. He was super nice. He said I was still one of his ten favorite people, so I think I can say we’re good. It is what it is.
  6. Yes sir, SuperGod. Here's some background info, http://www.thegnrsyndicate.com/interviews.php
  7. Because they tried getting him to work with a number of writers before me and it didn't work out. Steve would run off to party and leave them wondering where he went. They not only needed someone who already knew the band's history thoroughly, they needed someone he could hang with without having to disappear. I've said it before, and I'll say it to my grave, Lawrence Spagnola is a thief.
  8. Cool stories! I talk about this a little on the last podcast we did, I partied with the dude more times than I can remember. He even told ME to "slow down" sometimes LOL But the truth is, if I hadn't, that first book of his would NEVER have gotten written.