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  1. The hardest working guitar player in the world! He can never stop and take time off!
  2. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    So many good ones, but for me, my personal favorite was getting to see Steven in Nashville. He was so fucking happy during the few songs he did. If only he could keep his big mouth shut.
  3. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    Yes, teams 5-10 play each other in the consolation ladder. The top 4 teams play in the playoffs.
  4. Really fucking cool! This website gets me more obsessed evey day.
  5. Wish I could stay up and enjoy the show with everyone but I have to be up early. Hope Sirius has it on demand on the app so I can listen tomorrow.
  6. I like it but I see what you are saying, especially if you have all 3 on the wall together. I loved the Duff and Slash. If this wasn't part of a trilogy it wouldn't be bad. It is almost like the New York ones where Slash's looked more like Gangs of New York character, cool but not as cool as the other 2. If I was at the show I would buy it for sure. It is great compared to some of the arena leg lithos.
  7. 11/29 Show To Be Broadcast On SiriusXM

    I was getting hyped up for the show but now I might just wait and listen to the full show on my Sirius app tomorrow at work to pass the day away.
  8. 11/29 Show To Be Broadcast On SiriusXM

    I am hoping to listen to some of it tonight. I'm really not sure though, I might just listen in full tomorrow on the app to help pass the time at work. I just hope Axl fucking kills it tonight!
  9. I was surprised by that Buhler. Not one I particularly love but I would buy it if I was there.