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  1. I am all for anything that inspires him to get in the studio
  2. Halloween (2018)

    I am looking forward to seeing this
  3. Has Frank gotten worse?

    I think he has drastically improved! When NITLT started, I hated a lot of the extra up tempo, but I think he is okay now.
  4. But then you will miss out on the tattoos
  5. What a steal ! SLASH SIGNED 1958 LES PAUL STANDARD "BRAZILIAN DREAM" $12,999.00 The Guitar of Slash's Dreams Signed by Slash Limited Edition Dark Burst VOS Finish Replica '58 C-shape Profile Neck Solid Brazilian Rosewood, Hide Glue Fit Fingerboard Custombucker (Alnico III) - Double Black Bridge & Neck Pickups Lightweight Solid Mahogany Body, 2 Piece Plain Maple Top, Hide Glue Fit Body Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish Custom Slash Lacquered Lifton™ Case Included Gibson Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity Included Made in USA This very special instrument is the result of a collaboration between Slash and the skilled artisans at Gibson Custom Shop to create the ultimate Les Paul Standard based on Slash’s favorite Historic specifications and appointments, including a genuine solid Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. The coveted sonic and visual appeal of this species of Rosewood, along with the fact that it has not been widely available for over 50 years, helps ensure that this Les Paul is both an accurate replica of a priceless golden-era instrument and a timeless collectible as well. It is, using Slash’s words, a “Brazilian Dream.” Each will be hand-signed and numbered by the man himself, and each includes an exclusive green-lined Lifton™ lacquered case and a variety of fun Slash case candy. Limited run, while supplies last. Available to purchase in the United States only. https://store.gibson.com/products/slash-signed-1958-les-paul-standard-brazilian-dream/?utm_source=Gibson+Newsletter&utm_campaign=39adceb2ef-EMAIL_SLASH_2018_10_03_2018&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d5d26bcb8d-39adceb2ef-50790473&ct=t()&goal=0_d5d26bcb8d-39adceb2ef-50790473&mc_cid=39adceb2ef&mc_eid=fdb9868080
  6. I hope I am wrong. Please Axl, prove me wrong. I hope there is something and I hope it is good.
  7. There will, it will just be some rehashed bullshit that we have all had demos of for years Hopefully it has more tattoos and hair spray for $2,000
  8. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    I did that! I also switched out Carson for Henry, but not too worried about it. I have been killing it in my other 2 leagues and they are money leagues so I am happy. Lots of time to make corrections.
  9. I see London, Cash, and Meegan. He must have accidentally forgot to put Perla in there
  10. I still listen to and love World On Fire, if that counts
  11. Roadrunner emailed me today and said that the backorder email for the autograph was an accident lol. Then this came, made my fucking day. This book really is cool. I probably would have kept it, even if they didn't send the autograph. If this was something GN'R put out it would be $700. I don't think I will ever use the Slash picks, but they are better than the temporary tattoos in the Locked and Loaded set Oh and I still like WOF better.
  12. Slash Will Be Doing a Reddit AMA on September 20th

    I am going to ask if I am still getting my signed insert from Road Runner Records and what happened
  13. I was coming in here to share this. It is a good interview. I always enjoy hearing how the artist comes up with the different songs, and ideas.