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  1. I would possibly be in for $50 for the Super Deluxe. $300 for the L&L
  2. In 2015 Susan and her friend actually said something about GN’R getting back together when it was still just a rumor. So it wouldn’t be surprising if she just did the same thing with that post. All I know is, I would listen to a live album, but it doesn’t excite me.
  3. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    Good luck to everyone in the playoffs. My team was fucking terrible all year and I could not stand to even look from week to week. This might be the worst team I have ever drafted in 10 years . I have had better drunk mock drafts.
  4. When Brando tweeted out having a cohost and I saw the picture I thought that was you. As always cool show.
  5. Sorry, just saw someone posted the info above, but here is the tweet.
  6. Not In This Lifetime Tour: Best Moments

    I agree with all of the above, but also have to add Nashville, as my personal favorite. It was my first time seeing Axl,Slash,and Duff together and I was in the pit. The show gave me chills because I never thought I would ever see them together. It gave me flashbacks to when I was a kid and it was a really strange feeling. Oh.... and Steven came out and fucking killed it.
  7. Arian has definitely made a lot of my favorite liths from NITLT
  8. I understand being disappointed, because they thought they would see a 3 to 4 hr show, but to get all over social media saying the things that some of these people are saying is ridiculous. The man was clearly sick and still came out and performed. The same people would have been complaining if they cancelled the show. He is a human, he was sick, and he chose to play for about the same amount of time that most bands play.