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  1. I like that he changed it and made the song his own. I like covers when the artist makes the song their own, and doesn't make the song sound like a bad attempt of trying to sound exactly like the original song.
  2. I think I am going to wear the bicycle shorts under the kilt for the full effect

    I bought it, maybe a month ago. They shipped it the day after I ordered it. It came pretty quick. I was very surprised. The official store has never been know to be too fast on shipping things. Hopefully they continue to ship things that fast.
  4. Shannon Hoon documentary 'All I Can Say'

    I watched it last weekend. I liked it, but didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. I think that is my own fault though because I think I completely over hyped myself for it. I think if you like Blind Melon and Shannon then you will enjoy it. There were many pieces of it that took me back in time to the 90’s.
  5. Reckless Road podcast!

    Just got an email saying that I won a signed copy of the book, very cool.
  6. Reckless Road podcast!

    Went ahead and did the survey. I like Marc, and I wish he would come back here and talk more, but can also understand why he doesn't.
  7. Need your help!

    As much video from all of the things that they recorded during that tour! Everyone has know they have it all in the vault and now would be a great time to release it. Also thanks for your contributions @troccoli to the Locked and Loaded set.

    If anyone is looking for a Slash signed SMKC album they are available again. https://www.merchbar.com/rock-alternative/slash/slash-signed-living-the-dream-vinyl
  9. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I preordered mine a long time ago and can’t wait to get it and read it. Nice review! I wonder if he is changing anything with the book being pushed back to July?
  10. Like most fans of this band, I think that I just want some good sounding Guns music! It is long overdue.
  11. RIP Jimmy Webb

  12. RIP Jimmy Webb

  13. RIP Jimmy Webb

  14. But the majority of it sounded good!
  15. God dammit, and I missed that too! Hold in there in a few shows they will throw something in there. On this last leg I got to see Locomotive and one of my favorites, Dead Horse! Just saying that there is a chance we see new shit!
  16. That really is all that matters. I watched 10-15 shows online before my show and was expecting the worse, but it was great. This has happened multiple times. I love this shit....but add some new songs!!!
  17. I saw 3 shows on the last leg and loved them all, my wife, not so much. I will tell you this, they were all good shows, also on future dates she won't be there lol! We do need some new music though!!! Hoping to see some Hard School soon in future shows!
  18. If Black Hole Sun and the Seeker are gone I will be surprised.....I hope I am surprised tonight, but don't expect to be.
  19. I would agree on some nights, but mostly all I see in my late 30s now, is my heroes playing the shit that made me love them as a kid. The shit I thought I would never see in my whole life. It is a "little" drawn out though. Fuck it, I will take it, but we do need some new music.
  20. That is usually how it happens. I know from experience, but that also means that most of the time they will play them later on in the tour or the next tour. All that really matters is that they play them! Eventually, hopefully they do.........but I want HARD SCHOOL tonight GD it!
  21. Axl is killing it tonight, especially for a first show. I can not hear these fucking songs enough, although we do need some" NEW FUCKING MUSIC" ! Also Slash is my hero!