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  1. All I know is Dead Horse sounded better than when Duff played it this summer on his tour
  2. I thought Slash said in his book that he froze those genital warts off.
  3. True, but a lot of people don’t like the album. I don’t know why. I have always enjoyed it since the early leaks first started. No it wasn’t Appetite but it was it’s own animal. Now we need something different.
  4. No, I would feel the same way, but I am going to be in Vegas, so I hope it goes 4,and has the greatest lithos ever from Mr.Buhler I am also realistic,so i am not actually thinking either will happen
  5. I agree, they have to go out with a bang, especially after some of the ones that have been on this leg.
  6. You got me, I clicked on it while at work, and said I need to look at this when I get home. So, no, you caught me again. I do like to look at it, it has just been a long time I really do hope he does both Vegas lithos this year. He is really talented and I would love to finally buy one of his lithos at a show.
  7. Wow! I wasn't aware that Arian was the one who designed this. I like almost all of his previous designs.
  8. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    I was just listening to Eddie Trunk on Sirius and he is talking Exit 111. He said GN"R is the only band he didn't watch and he seems very upset He said they came came thru with security like the president and Richard told Eddie he could watch from the side of the stage and that a security guy said that he could not So Eddie seems a little butt hurt that his "friends" wouldn't let him hang out I love it! Everyone was asking why Eddie didn't announce GN'R and why he disappeared, and this must be the answer.
  9. Man, I had forgotten all about that site.
  10. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    It is the official! Here is some info on the woman Frida from the litho and shirt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frida_Kahlo
  11. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    The person who posted it said it was the official shirt. I haven't seen anything else, so it might be.
  12. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Just saw this in a fb group. Not my picture
  13. Just saw this on FB. Not my picture.
  14. 10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

    At least at Exit 111 he called the crowd a bunch of frost bitten motherfuckers lol. That was more crowd interaction than what I have been use to at the other shows I have attended.
  15. I think he would do fine with Hard School probably just like all the other songs he would sounds good on some shows and not so great on others. Either way I would like to hear him try Hard School.
  16. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Went with Coma but it was really cool to see Locomotive live.
  17. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Yeah I remember thinking he was about to cuss somebody but he was just telling him to turn him up. Right after he did that the guy leaned over and adjusted something.
  18. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    He was really happy almost the entire show of Exit 111. All of the guys were smiling and laughing almost the whole time.
  19. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Here is a review from the Tennessean news paper https://amp.tennessean.com/amp/3897123002