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  1. I have always wanted to go to this festival, but since I am already going to Louder Than Life and Exit 111 I might have to skip it.
  2. Slash Living The Dream signed cds available on his site now

    They were still available Friday morning. I guess they sold out Friday night or Saturday morning because when I looked Saturday they were all gone. I am really hoping to get a signed record at the show I am going to in August.
  3. This is a really good Slash interview. Not like a lot of the other recent interviews that I have heard with him. @RussTCB that is pretty cool that your friend got the official announcement on his show.
  4. Oh no, I believe it is the first “official” confirmation, which is a good thing. I am just saying that I just want some new music. It just seems like every interview people ask them all about new music. Honestly, I really don’t care how long they spend on it, as long as it is good music. We have all waited so long, I just want it to be good and not rushed. I love almost every song that all versions of this band have created so I am really looking forward to what they record.
  5. I love to hear Slash interviews, but I am really tired of the new music talk. I just want to hear some new music.
  6. Going To Nashville in August to See SMKC

    I will be there. I have seen a lot of shows there and it does have great acoustics. I have watched country and rock shows and I think I liked the rock shows better. The Deftones show actually might be my favorite of all the shows I watched there.
  7. Going To Nashville in August to See SMKC

    I really wish the Nashville show was going to have a pit.
  8. I am going to check this out later today. I am really looking forward to this documentary. I heard the Blind Melon guys talking about it on Sirius a few weeks ago and I am glad to see they finally have it ready for the world to watch.
  9. limited edition Duff

    I thought I heard an interview where she stated one of the songs included Slash, but I don't remember which interview it was. I remember thinking that was weird, because I own it and don't remember seeing his name in the credits.
  10. I bitch about GN'R a lot, but this guy is just full of shit! Fuck him and his clickbait articles.
  11. This is the first one that I’m not going to for this summer. I think two shows are enough, well at least as far as festivals go.
  12. Going to have to check this out soon. Looking forward to listening about Howie. He knows about all of the early Slash guitars.
  13. I have seen the Deftones before and they kicked ass when I saw them. I am going to see GN’R and everything else is just a bonus.
  14. I will definitely watch this. Glad to see that this is finally coming out.
  15. I should have just bought tickets for this one. Oh well, going to be a GN'R packed summer. Duff in June, SMKC in August, Louder Than Life in September, and now Exit 111 in October.
  16. https://www.exit111festival.com/tickets/ Pre-sale code is JUNGLE or EXITNOW
  17. I am just imagining how expensive the tickets would be.
  18. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    I really do hope that they release some of the videos from the UYI era. It gave me some hope when Slash commented about them in one of his recent interviews. I guess I possibly would buy a NITLT concert but wouldn’t feel as excited about it.
  19. Going to listen later today. I just received mine in the mail yesterday.
  20. For those who are interested or just want a Duff autograph to add to your collection. You can preorder it here https://www.rarebirdbooks.com/products/the-velvet-rose
  21. Well, it came today and ilI feel like it was worth $35. Pretty sure I will never read the book though 😂
  22. I got to see him at the next show, which was in Nashville. It was a great show! I remember thinking that he was going to be playing at all the shows, but I still thought it was cool. Then as the tour went on, I realized I got to see a special show. So, I would like to see Matt join them, but I'm not holding my breath. Although, I never thought I would see Slash and Axl on a stage again, so anything is possible.