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  1. Happy Birthday Izzy!

  2. R.I.P. to the man who gave Slash his name
  3. Happy Birthday Izzy!

  4. Happy Birthday Izzy!

  5. Punk Interview with Duff and more

    But is it "Punk as Fuck" ?
  6. Oh okay, well then I am happy to have purchased the GA pass
  7. I wonder how long until we know times and stages? I am sure it will probably be closer to the show date, but I know some people were waiting to get VIP until they found out if they were going to be at the main stage where GN'R is playing.
  8. There are actually a lot of acts I would like to see all 3 days. Oh well, I am still only going on Saturday. Really kind of regret not getting VIP though.
  9. Nothing makes a day complete like Ice Cube and GN'R!
  10. Looks like Saturday VIP is sold out for right now. I was thinking about seeing if there was a way that I could upgrade from the regular tickets to VIP, but I think I am going to be fine with just keeping regular GA. I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity to see them later on in the next year or two, that is not outside, around a bunch of other closely crowded sweaty people.
  11. You can get them with a Nightrain code or use the presale code- Community
  12. It isn't, I would have just kept it to use in case more dates are announced. Some times they only give you a certain amount of shows that you can use your presale codes for.
  13. Well, after debating for about 3 minutes. I bought tickets. Fuck it, my wife has family near by, so it is a win for us both lol Damn, I just used my nightrain code. I would have kept it if I knew I could use that lol.
  14. If GNR headlined an important world event

    Also The Seeker
  15. I watched this and almost didn't even watch the 2nd part. The first part made me feel I needed a shower, but decided to watch the second part only to complete the whole thing. The whole show was pretty sick! It doesn't even matter who is lying anymore. It is just nasty. It is a no win situation. I am a fan of Michael, but if he did anything close to any of this, fuck him. If these kids are making all this sick shit up about Michael for no reason, fuck them. I just can't even pay any more attention to these accusations and stories any more.
  16. The Dirt (Motley Crue)

    I watched the movie twice, partly because I fell asleep in a few spots, after a long night lol. It was okay, but like a lot of movies, I think the book is a lot better. They just didn't have enough time to cram all the crazy things in to a few hours during the movie.
  17. If this turns out to be true, I would not be surprised. We all know they will probably tour pretty soon. I don’t think I want to got LTLF, although it is not much of a drive for me. If they are supposedly planning this show, I am pretty sure there will be plenty of other shows to follow.
  18. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Already got tickets, but it doesn't hurt to try anyway.
  19. He also has signed copies available on Duff online for anyone who is interested.
  20. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    You can pre-order a signed copy on his site for those who are interested https://shop.duffonline.com/