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  1. Good interview again @Gambit83. I have been listening since episode 2 and think you have been doing a great job with the podcast. I actually use to post them before you guys would get them up here, but then I quit, when I realized that you were posting them minutes later lol. Keep up the good work. I am torn with Niven and Doug going back and forth. I think they just need to get together and talk it out. It just seems like GN'R had, and still has a lot of crazy shit going on with the people around them.
  2. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    I finally pulled the trigger on a "fuck cancer" shirt. Not really sure when or where I can wear it, but at least it is a statement that I believe in.
  3. I just want the Duff autograph. Don’t care about anything else.
  4. Wow, what a skilled and original writer I am sure this is going to be an amazing book. Punk as Fuck!
  5. For those who are interested or just want a Duff autograph to add to your collection. You can preorder it here https://www.rarebirdbooks.com/products/the-velvet-rose
  6. Surprise guys it was..... Hope everyone enjoyed it
  7. I have been listening to CD a lot lately. I really would like to hear more of the other cds one day, but I also wanted Slash back in the band.
  8. I would hands down have wanted the reunion and I am glad they did it! Now I would like to see some new music.
  9. already a thread on this
  10. I would like to see it about $300-$350 and I am all in. I just don’t think it will ever be that low, but if it does get that low, I am in.
  11. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    This must be what Fernando has been so excited about
  12. It took long enough to come . Oh well, that makes it even better now that you have it. Enjoy and congrats on the deal. I still want it but I don’t have to have it. I am going to see if a better deal comes and if it doesn’t I am okay. I just could not justify the money this time of year.