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  1. They will just ask crazy high prices for the floor and seats in the 100 sections of the football stadiums that are closest to the stage. Seats in the other endzone will be $100 or a little more. Most prices will go down as the seating sections go up.At least that is how all the concerts at Nissan Stadium have been, like the Stones last year and Beyonce this year. That is how the prices were. Hopefully this will follow suit. 

    I don't care, I am just ready to know the date and that I have my seat. Then I will calm down. My wife doesn't understand the obsession lol.

  2. I am really starting to think the couple of shows that have been announced are to just try out the chemistry and see if they can get along before they completely commit to a large tour.


    Also didn't the Conspirators bass player say they were going to record their new album in May or sometime during the summer?


    God I hope they are doing a major tour and just havent made the announcement.


  3. On 2/15/2016 at 7:42 AM, Tom-Ass said:

    I really can't answer that. Slash and Duff are the two most important elements, but alone they definitely are not Guns N' Roses. Duff's presence makes it that more legit having 3 original members. I don't think Duff is any more important than Steven or Izzy would be. If Anything, I would probably take them over Duff if I had the choice. Izzy for sure and that isn't a knock on Duff. Duff is the man.

    We all know what Axl and Slash bring..

    Duff punchy baselines and backing vocals helped carve a piece of the sound. Same with Izzy's backing vocals and rhythm guitar. No one has really replicated his rhythm parts. And from the Steven thread, it is pretty apparent how much his drumming worked with these guys more than anyone else.  Watching that My Michelle video from 2 weeks ago was just awesome.. Not sure I would get that much enjoyment watching Duff play a song to a backing track.


    Could not have said it better myself