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  1. On 2/15/2016 at 7:42 AM, Tom-Ass said:

    I really can't answer that. Slash and Duff are the two most important elements, but alone they definitely are not Guns N' Roses. Duff's presence makes it that more legit having 3 original members. I don't think Duff is any more important than Steven or Izzy would be. If Anything, I would probably take them over Duff if I had the choice. Izzy for sure and that isn't a knock on Duff. Duff is the man.

    We all know what Axl and Slash bring..

    Duff punchy baselines and backing vocals helped carve a piece of the sound. Same with Izzy's backing vocals and rhythm guitar. No one has really replicated his rhythm parts. And from the Steven thread, it is pretty apparent how much his drumming worked with these guys more than anyone else.  Watching that My Michelle video from 2 weeks ago was just awesome.. Not sure I would get that much enjoyment watching Duff play a song to a backing track.


    Could not have said it better myself

  2. Your average citizen or guy in a band thinks reunions are just normal. Listening Nita Strauss interview and she was talking about all these bands like Whitesnake and Cooper that have so many guitarists and they all love each other and it's just an industry business. Hardly ever does anyone go "well it's not really Whitesnake". That's how musicians like Ron or Dj, even Finck probably see. Here's this band that tours, will be a cool gig. It's like football in premiership, no loyalty, it's all a bit meaningless. Lampard can play for Chelsea then play for City.

    It's like Morrison says in The Doors movie, "You know what people want? Something sacred."

    But nobody cares or it doesn't work like that in reality.

    Very well put. I agree 100%

  3. In spirit, Kurt was closer to Jimi than Satriani, Vai or any of those dumb virtuosos.

    So he was closer then those who share very little musically with Jimi.

    Jimi invented a completely new way of playing the guitar, and his music is timeless and was original and unique. Kurt got out of his guitar exactly what he wanted and every guitar part always sounds like it should be there, all fucked up exactly like that.

    But Nirvana was retro in the sense that what was brought to the table was fresh, exciting, and good music, good tunes with great lyrics but it wasn't anywhere near as influential, important, or unique as what Hendrix accomplished. Especially not as original.

    It's not that Kurt wasn't a good guitar player. In his genre he was great. It's just that Jimi was the best at what he did, surpassing everyone and still undefeated in the value of his musical contributions to the world as a guitar player to this day.

    Even if it's apples to oranges, it's still just another Steven brain fart. It's silly and untrue.

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I am a huge fan of both

  4. I find it frustrating that he works with a singer who doesn't compliment his guitar tone. Myles fits better with Alter Bridge / Tremonti. I think his talent is wasted with Myles as a singer. Also, I always liked Slash better as a band member than a solo artist, so I hope he finds or starts a band again.

    I really like a lot of his songs but Myles's voice sometimes irritates me. Almost like it throws the song off, and Like you said his voice is better suited for AB. We all know Slash has problems finding a singer so I guess he saw someone with a wide range and said lets do this.