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  1. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    I would love to hear Axl on a Slash's song , but I would prefer the first Slaxl song since 1991 , to be for GNR.
  2. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    If they ever make new music, it has to be for Guns N' Roses. Simple as that.
  3. What Are You Listening To 2017

    I spent a period listening to Radiohead-Live from the Basement thing everyday. Phenomenal. A bit of Frusciante's Curtains stuff and I also checked WALLS from Kings Of Leon. Didn't thought I would like it but i found it awesome- Conversation Piece, Muchacho and Walls are my favorite.
  4. Happy Birthday, Axl!!

    Happy Bday Axl Love him or hate him,you can't ignore his achievements.The guy has gone through some really difficult situations in his life and I'm really glad he is happy and enjoying life right now,so HUGE respect.Others would be dead,or criminals if they had that childhood times. Happy belated Bday Duff. One of the coolest guys and big thanks for getting the band together.
  5. Slash in movies / tv series (apart from the Deadpool)

    Slash ain't real...#south_park
  6. Is Guns N' Roses your favorite band?

    Guns N' Roses tops my list easily.Don't Cry was the first song I heard from GNR,and even if I didn't understand shit 'cause I was 9, I fell in love with it.Then my sister bought me "Lies",and "Welcome To The Videos" as birthday presents..It was the first band to discover,so I guess no one will ever overcome them. Other bands I love :Nirvana,Placebo,Pearl Jam,Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin,Queen,AC/DC,Madrugada,RHCP
  7. setlist for 2017

    They play all of their classics,so every casual fan will be pleased with the show. Songs I would love to hear : You're Crazy,Since I Don't Have You,Madagascar,Think About You. The Seeker is an easy song for Axl, he rests his voice for PC there, so I don't think they will change it. BUT I will be happy enough if they just keep playin' COMA. PS: Merry Christmas to all the members. Peace and Love,to you and your families.
  8. "Without Paul,there would be no more Guns N' Roses"
  9. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Fuck. I hope the dates are not true. Since i consider it impossible to come to Greece, I hoped for something nearby.Serbia, Bulgaria or even Romania. The only date I could think of going is in Budapest. It could also be Milan but I have exams and my sister is getting married in that time. So, Not int his lifetime for me haha
  10. 11/04/16 - Buenos Aires, AR - River Plate Stadium

    Not so long ago we thought Axl and Slash would never be on the same stage. They made it. All these years we NEVER-EVER thought Steven would have even a guest appearence on Axl's side. He made it. Let's appreciate what we have this year. Steven is so happy being there just for 1 song.And I am happy about it. 1 song with Steven is better than a no Steven. Plus, there is a second show in Buenos Aires i think,so he may play again 1 or more. Peace and love to everyone.