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  1. I don't know what exactly helped him ( reunion with Slash the most to me, and of course meds) , but I'm really glad he found peace. Just look how many people suffer from depression and they end up killing themselves. Axl fought his demons and he is fine, that's the most important. As a social worker myself, I can tell you that you need huge balls and luck to get over it or just find peace and control that awful thing.
  2. Good show. Some really tough moments (TIL,Coma outro) , Slither and Shadow were highlights for me , they just getting better and better. Axl tried a lot and gave his all in each song. Need to have a change in the second part of the set, long songs,ballads, intros, solos they're just mood killers for a festival. The sound must have been good , Axl was really loud. We should get this SOYL on ProShot. Spikey Spike , may your hands be blessed. Thank you.
  3. I see opinions like 1) "90's Axl would nail Slither". Congrats, you just discovered planet Earth. 90's are almost 30 years ago. Axl is 56 , he has not sound like the 90's since then and he will never be. 2) "Axl is disrespectful to the fans". We talk about the same Axl that last year played 3+ hours every night. Was he disrespectful then ? Was he disrespectful when he sang the shit out of him for 4 hours in LA ? 3) Axl is lazy, he doesn't rehearse or work with a vocal coach. Well, we already know that for around.....20 years now? More? You can't change that, I can't , nobody can. If it was up to us, we would change that, but it's not. So we live with what we have. As for Slither : Can we just appreciate the fact that Slash ,Duff and Axl played this live? Just like we did it when Slash n Duff played the CD stuff ? Slash sounded bad on CD stuff for some time but we appreciated the moment. Now Axl sounds bad in the 1st time they played Slither and it's the end of the world? No. He sounded bad on Black Hole Sun on the first shows too. We all know, as we are following this band for a long time ,that Axl sounds bad in the first shows. Not an excuse, just a fact. Is it because he doesn't rehearse? Is it because he likes sitting on his couch than working with a vocal coach ? Maybe . As I said before, we -unfortunately- can't change that. Berlin was not the only bad night Axl had, he had worse like the Bridge School, RIR 2011,MTV 2002, RIR 2017. And I'm sure more off nights will come. There is no need for bitter comments and THAT much negativity . Peace , you mad GNR world.