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  1. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 44.
  2. A quick question

    I thought they were mannequins
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    The lisp is real @Len Cnut but it's very sweet so don't worry about it tbh i'm very surprised nobody mentioned it before me. Love you!
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    Damn you're smart today
  5. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 43.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    @Len Cnut We don't discuss banned members because it's a rule. @spunko12345 Was that 'poem' for Snakepit? @Len Cnut Do as i say not as i do
  7. A quick question

    Hell NO!!!!
  8. Best Buckethead Ballad-esque Songs From Pikes?

    There is a thread for Buckethead, you may find your questions are answered there
  9. A quick question

    Is that from the DVD they released?? Holy shit!! So cringe...Axl's out of breath, DJ acts like an extra from School of Rock, it's like a parody of a once great band
  10. Pets!

    My cats broke their one, i think they may have been fighting over who got the hammock. I need a four hammock cat tree
  11. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 42.
  12. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    I'm shit at coming up with ideas like this, sorry...I'm happy with anything you pick (apart from the geography one) This was a good one so maybe something along the same lines? Thank you for doing all these challenges x
  13. They had Versace stuff for the UYI tour, the second part. I'm sure I remember that