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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    tell him to prove it
  2. AXS "premiere" of London 2012

    I really like that hat...for a woman
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    That is the best feeling...i'm a bit jealous
  4. skin n bones tour meaning back to basics, no horn section, no tracey and roberta and no Axl costume changes. They needed to recoup the money they made during the illusions leg as most of the money got wasted on after-parties and fines for being late.
  5. how old do you have to be to have a beer?
  6. Weird dreams/Nightmares

    i often have a dream where i'm going down a load of steps really quickly and then i can sort of 'speedhover' down them like i'm on an invisible skateboard.
  7. Gardening

    oops, i dunno i never used it, i'm not very good at that stuff (that's why i became a member-it's so easy) @soon help!!! show @cineater how you post pics with the thing you use
  8. 93 had some great shows though
  9. This. As a mod i should fucking know better....sorry
  10. Please stay on topic or open a Brit thread 🇬🇧
  11. Gardening

    Hope this helps @cineater
  12. blame @EvanG he started it