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  1. Are you a nostalgic person?

    Yeah, i think it's a vocabulary issue. Some non-native english speakers may struggle with some of @DieselDaisy words. If i don't know a word then i ask him or google it. It's not an issue for me (thank fuck for google) Edit: What @killuridols said
  2. Are you a nostalgic person?

    I feel i need to apologise for my Britishness
  3. Funny or offensive? *NSFW*

    Jim Carrey ain't funny. He ain't offensive either.
  4. Living in Other Countries

    Welcome home @Graeme your post made me feel happy, i don't venture out of England but for a few minutes in my mind i was in Mexico, i liked it
  5. They might be, or they could have an informer. Post all links by PM only way to be sure.
  6. Are you a nostalgic person?

    @DieselDaisy that looks like a house in Watford or Luton Sorry @Len Cnut only joking I don't think we have houses without a front and back garden round here
  7. Are you a nostalgic person?

    I'm very nostalgic about GNR. Axl was sexy, a great singer and now...he's not Slash is still sexy @DieselDaisy that looks like the house i grew up in
  8. Are you a nostalgic person?

    I love old music like 60s/70s but i guess that's what i grew up with. I like to remember good times with friends and family but doesn't everyone? I have more years behind me than in front...omg that's heavy shit
  9. I'd pay £1000+ for all the UYI concerts and Perfect Crime documentary on Bluray. Then i'd get @FRANSAD to copy and release it to everybody
  10. This video must be the 'something' that Fandango said as his reply to the new music question...
  11. Do it today (i did) and i'll remind you to cancel when i cancel
  12. yeah i just watched it, and it's better quality and filmed from various shows
  13. AFD original vinyl

    My AFD is real but i had it framed so i can't play it
  14. you can do the free trial for 3 months, just cancel before the trial is up, you don't pay up front
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    @Padme my question was... @Fernando with what line up will GNR continue to tour? Are Slash and Duff staying or will there be any changes in regards to the band? I thought his replies to others were very vague. His answer to new music didn't seem like a 'yes' to me either, he just said "something" not 'Yes, we will have new music'