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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    Damn you're smart today
  2. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 43.
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    @Len Cnut We don't discuss banned members because it's a rule. @spunko12345 Was that 'poem' for Snakepit? @Len Cnut Do as i say not as i do
  4. A quick question

    Hell NO!!!!
  5. Best Buckethead Ballad-esque Songs From Pikes?

    There is a thread for Buckethead, you may find your questions are answered there
  6. A quick question

    Is that from the DVD they released?? Holy shit!! So cringe...Axl's out of breath, DJ acts like an extra from School of Rock, it's like a parody of a once great band
  7. Pets!

    My cats broke their one, i think they may have been fighting over who got the hammock. I need a four hammock cat tree
  8. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 42.
  9. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    I'm shit at coming up with ideas like this, sorry...I'm happy with anything you pick (apart from the geography one) This was a good one so maybe something along the same lines? Thank you for doing all these challenges x
  10. They had Versace stuff for the UYI tour, the second part. I'm sure I remember that
  11. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 41.
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    Oi matey, I wasn't talking about me, i'll have you know i'm posh and loaded *not posh or loaded
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    @spunko12345 I'd cancel that DD, when or if they get in touch tell them you can't afford it and need to lower the payments, they will send you forms to fill out and if you keep delaying them they WILL give up. I've seen it done numerous times.
  14. Thanks to Fede, he was a hero on the forum for that
  15. That was a good vid @sidman69 i want all the silver jewellery please I didn't like the ending btw
  16. Axl believes a hell of a lot of shit that most rational thinking people would not. He's been quoted (back in the day) about all this stuff but i wonder if he still believes it all as fact, or has his opinion changed on regression therapy.
  17. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 40.
  18. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    day 39. I was there and i was here too
  19. @Tom-Ass I googled 'nunchuck guitar' after i posted... i thought maybe he had some sort of hybrid guitar that i'd never heard of The first thing listed was a Bumblehead video, he was giving presents to the audience too So lucky i never saw that era
  20. It's In the Title Song Challenge #5

    Day 38.
  21. How do you play a nunchuck? like a martial arts nunchuck?
  22. The 6 Nations thread.

    mon frere est dans la jardin, a la mode, faux pas FIN
  23. The 6 Nations thread.

    L'air du temps mon petit pois