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  1. Honestly, I didn't think this was bad at all. Not sure what the big problem is. Here's my only issue with the continuous Adler playing AFD for years thing: If he would randomly hammer out Coma or Chinese Democracy for the heck of it, he could erase a lot of arguments about him not being able to handle the new stuff. Surely someone in the business has told him this...
  2. Let Izzy into the "business" of GNR. Put him in charge of Copyright notices. "You can't own music, man."
  3. People always ripping on Dizzy, but lezbionest, if any of y'all knew how to play keys, and Axl called you up, you'd do it. Not sure what more he has to do since 1991 to validate himself, but to each their own. Met him at a H&B show in Houston last month. Nice guy.
  4. 1) Another great episode as always. 2) Totally unrelated to this episode, but do you think Matt Sorum would come on the podcast if you let him use some of the time to plug his Adopt the Arts charity? (Sorry - had to throw that idea out there before I forgot later on)
  5. Izzy AND Steven... though it would probably be Steven talking and Izzy nodding.
  6. Trying to picture a conversation between Niven and Goldstein is harder to imagine than when we wondered if Axl and Slash would ever have a conversation again.
  7. And then when Izzy sees a million people trying to buy tickets, he goes surfing instead lol. This interview had got to be Slash or Izzy.
  8. Wait... Axl and Adriana aren't re-recording their part for this? I'm out.
  9. Quick post in between work meetings, so my apologies if this is in the wrong section. Anyone going to any of the Dizzy Reed H&B tour dates and want to meet? Forum might be a good place to make that happen. I'll be at the one one Houston (Stafford) this Friday night. Question for those who have already attended - Does Dizzy meet and greet fans after?
  10. Thinking back, I remember a couple of folks claiming they saw Izzy in Kansas City.
  11. This all just makes it all the more amazing that this happened (and regrettable that Steven mouthed off about it afterward). I still wish we could get an interview with one of these guys to ask what it was like to have this combination on stage again.
  12. Haven't finished the album yet, but I love it so far. The piano-heavy rock really reminds me of UYI. But then again, I'm a Dizzy supporter, so my opinion and 50 cents will buy you a cup of coffee lol.